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PARINING- reader x avengers 


WARNINGS- non unless you count fluff as a warning :P  

Hello everyone, thank you for reading my last post, it makes me feel all warm and happy when I see you guys have liked what i wrote, now I have another one for you yay!!! Although I should probably be doing my Uni assignments whoops, all well, I hope you like it, you can read this as a continuation of Moving in which you can read here  or you can read it as a stand alone, what ever floats your boat :) anyway here it is, hope you guys like it! 

I also made have made this slight Bucky x reader, but i am so Bucky trash at the moment forgive me 


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The mornings after a mission that didn’t go so well were always the quite ones. Having gotten a decent amount of sleep you knew that today would be a day of reflection, a day of wondering what went wrong or what you could have done better. Of course the rest of the team felt the same way, but they all displayed their disappointment and anger in different ways, something you picked up on very quickly. You’d be one of the first ones up, which surprised even you; normally you would dare fight anyone who woke you up before 10am. Only the likes of Thor, Bucky or Nat would be brave enough to step over the threshold of your room and risk a flying lamp or well-aimed shoe. But eventually you would be pulled out of the warmness of your bed; Thor had learned that physical force was needed on the odd occasion and it was no strange sight to see you slumped over the God of Thunder’s shoulder in defeat as he carried you into the kitchen.  But on these mornings you would be up well before the rest of the team.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think we'll see Dean and Jody discuss Cas? Does Jody even know Cas exists? They told her s8 angels exits and she was claire but still i thibk textually they never mentioned his name around her? Im guessing they are gonna discuss Deans feeling about Mary since Jody knew her but Cas?

I don’t know, which I know I say to like basically all questions about speculation but this one is something I don’t really have a clue about and I’m not even sitting on my thumbs pretending not to have an opinion because I’d rather not say anything on the record until I know I’m right or not… I really, genuinely, to the best of my ability to sound it all out and guess from the available information, don’t know :P 

It depends how they handle Cas being gone overall, whether Dean’s openly, loudly mourning him all the time every episode constantly, which is a detail where I’d only be able to offer you a confident speculation on the eve of this episode anyway after seeing the first 2. If Dean goes stoic and jaw-twitchy but quiet about it then probably not but that’s just like… super obvious and short term.

In the mean time, please assume the tin foil hat position you’d take to listen to a conversation that sounds like this:

There’s quite a lot to pack in with meeting Patience, and getting our guys some good face to face time with Jody for any emotional support they need to sponge off her. Sam doesn’t seem to be around so he may be off with Jack, but if he wasn’t, he’d probably want to learn how to be a mom to him from Jody, for all we know :P Thematically it might sort of be that way anyhow - if Patience doesn’t come in direct contact with Sam it seems ridiculously unlikely she’s not going to be thematically connected to him and therefore Jack through an extremely easy join the dots between 13x03 and 1x09. (Sam already kinda went one round with this sort of thing in 12x04 so in a way he’s got his booster shot of dealing with it directly so it can just be storytelling mirrors for him :P)

Certainly Jody is more connected to Mary symbolically and in general the Wayward Sisters stuff has been more about parenting and those dynamics recently, with 11x12 looking at how Jody copes and teasing us with hindsight for Mary’s return with Dean talking to her about wishing his mom had been around, and in 12x06 and 12x22 she and Mary sort of bounce off each other as moms directly in a continuation of that - in 12x16 she’s not around except on the other end of phonecalls but Dean’s carrying on parenting Claire as a hunter a lil bit. 

Of all of those, 11x12 was the only one to make a nod to Cas with Claire holding grumpy cat in one of her scenes, but the show has decided to treat him a lot as just the inciting incident to get her onto the road hunting by dragging her into the life, while Dean does the thing he does around feisty wayward teenagers, and probably was mostly responsible for switching Claire’s amateur detective attempt onto a hunting thing in 10x20. I don’t want to make Claire cringe but I think she thought he was actually kinda cool and inspired her or something, because she had not had any interest in the supernatural side of things before that episode… 

Despite all her connections to Cas I think Dean sort of birthed hunter!Claire, so the story sort of wanders that direction and leaves Cas behind because he’s more like Azazel in Claire’s story than anything, even if a very sad soft squishy Azazel who gave her a stuffed toy for her birthday :P Still they played it like her forgiving and hugging Cas was about the same as Dean finally getting to shoot Azazel, in both case freeing them to go do their job with the angsty backstory resolved…

In any case, I think Cas is probably an emergency contact Jody has for Claire-related stuff, although whether they told her to or not, she’d probably always call Sam and Dean first because she knows and understands them (and has met them), and I think the story is asking us to believe that with this symbolism of Claire getting past what Cas did to her family, she’s in a new stage of life he’s not a part of in the same way even if she does cling onto grumpy cat, and Cas is still family to people who consider Jody as family, who she considers family. Sort of shunting him from awkward dad no. 3 of 4 as per 10x20′s recap and symbolism to a weird uncle or something. (Although if Jody has mom symbolism to both Claire and Dean, that makes them siblings and Cas her brother in law… this found family stuff is really difficult :P)

So there’s all that shaping my expectations - Claire’s not in the episode and she’s our connection between Cas and Jody. Previous episodes have made it clear that Sam and Dean really hate calling even beloved friends with their shit and don’t tell Jody alarmingly huge things like that Mary came back from death. She’s been offering a shoulder to Dean personally while he’s been going through all his stuff, and in 9x08 I think Sam did open up to Jody more than Dean even when they were all in the same room, never mind in that and 7x12 they got split up from Dean and actually bonded (And I think this is also a quote from Kim Rhodes but also just something fairly obvious, that because Sam was the one connected to her more in her intro episode and ended up shooting her zombie son for her, they’ve always had a closer emotional bond via shared trauma). 

I don’t think it’s showing that Sam and Jody aren’t as close now to have her switch focus to Dean but that Jody is determined to get Dean to open up to her *too*. In 12x06 they have really different attitudes about her when Sam makes the comment about Dean’s “animated Japanese erotica” which show how they’ve grown in different directions with Jody. So I think Sam’s closeness to her is fairly accepted fact and now Dean’s the tough nut to crack for her :P Anyway she’s made the offer two or three times now that she’s there to talk if Dean in particular needs her (definitely 10x08 and 12x06… Can’t remember if she said as much in 11x12 although they did also have an actual personal conversation in that episode, so one point to Jody there). I think 12x06 made it clear there’s still an owed conversation of greater than that opening up and spilling the beans on what’s making him emo right now, so there’s that.

And Cas and Mary have been connected all through season 12, in their arcs, in the subtext, in basically everything, and Dean textually named that in 12x22 that in the start of the season he’d “got Cas back, got Mom back” and in 12x23 of course he loses both, again, in a highly inter-connected way, and so again they’re going to be parallel lines to him, though again I think showing how he feels differently about one and the other and hopefully we get to unpack what those individual losses mean by the way of having both at once (and Crowley, who often in these cases is included to put a finger on the scale :P). 

One of the things confusing me right now is of last night’s behind the scenes set peeking which revealed a Turducken Slammer relaunch from the ever-hopeful Biggerson’s, which is not letting frequent murder and mayhem and dodgy meat recalls on its premises stop it from trying. Even if it’s as overall irrelevant to the story in the sense of being mentioned or actually explored as the Mystery Spot sign in 12x01, it’s still telling us something and making connections. I mean yeah it can just be worldbuilding continuity but it’s always picked for a reason and they know what all these signs mean and how to connect them, which is why we have the beer language for example. 

And Jody is pretty deeply connected to season 7 and Dean’s arc. And this connection was obliquely referenced in 12x06 in that moment I already mentioned, where Sam outs Dean’s porn habits to Jody. It was a nod from Yockey that he’d watched past Jody episodes because in every way it was a season 12 style rehash of Sam’s “strictly into Dick” comment, which was from a Jody episode. And… look, maybe this is the best way to explain how I felt the season 12 references were kind of out of this world in their scope and intelligence :P 

For starters, that comment was not just a run of the mill Dick joke, that was a Robbie level Dick joke, which collected up a hilarious character thing for Sam (his fucked up moment when he should have made the barb, his determination to hang onto the Best Zinger Of His Life until Dean next gave him an opportunity and bless Sam’s cotton socks he delivered it like a pro :P) and Dean’s spiralling obsession with Dick as a Dick or Anime thing. Dean’s anime-watching was from 7x01, when he was waiting for Godstiel to blow up the planet in despair, and was at just about the lowest point we’ve ever seen him. In 7x02 Bobby gives him the “You just lost your best friend” pep talk, which is a role of comforting parental figure Dean then went and lost that season when Bobby died. And in the end of 7x02 Dean reveals how Not Fine he is to Bobby’s answerphone, which is important that it’s never commented on again but I think affects how Bobby treats him and in the subtext of 7x09 you have to know all that happened. 

In 7x09 Bobby’s on his farewell tour of comforting advice to his adopted sons, in the last great set of retconning episodes to embed him permanently into their backstory as having always been there for them, to make it hurt juuust that much more than it already does. Towards the end of the episode he has another talk with Dean that mirrors advice Dean will get from Frank and Ness in 7x11 and 7x12, and *that* is opened up by Dean getting drugged by the turducken slammer and going on about how he doesn’t care about how he doesn’t care, and that he feels great for the first time since Cas and the black goo. Like, wow, his depression and hurt and betrayal didn’t go anywhere just because he said he was fine, who knew :P 

And that’s the backstory to Dean’s obsession over killing Dick, who has taken everything from him by this point in season 7, told through the medium of anime and sandwiches and somehow always ending up about Cas and Dean’s feelings for him. The anime was an attempt to not care and not think about it that the slammer actually inflicted on Dean, and was used to get Dean to tell us how he really felt. By 7x12 it’s a joke for Sam to make implying Dean’s into lowercase dick, with one of those false binaries the show loves making. And like in season 13 Dean’s lost a love interest and a parental figure, and now things are really blurry about which one hurts more in this short run of episodes before they both reappear in the narrative and make it confusing. 7x11 makes the hurt most about Bobby. 7x12 subtextually tells us rather a lot about Cas, especially by making a Bobby figure to contrast in the background with the lady in the shop who literally calls Dean an idjit at some point, I think, or some other Bobby-ism, to make it clear that Ness is definitely not standing in for that and all those Cas parallels are probably where it’s at while Dean fangirls over him :P 

And nope I’m not even done unpacking the Yockey Robbie Edlund turducken because of course JODY is all tied up in this completely. She’s incidentally in 7x02 as a useful local beloved character who can get menaced by Dr Sexy and let them know there’s leviathan nearby, and so she’s pretty embedded in the early Leviathan worldbuilding. Of course Edlund being Edlund, while the lil girl leviathan is channel surfing for ideas, there’s a Biggerson’s advert, I think the same one that plays in 7x03 or 7x22 about their pie salad bar (it’s like a salad bar, but pie!) and in the end she lands on wanting to be a Dr Sexy when she grows up. 

(Stop me when you think this might somehow subtextually be about Dean :P)

The Dr Sexy leviathan has an amusingly childlike view on being a surgeon as a result of forming its opinions on that job while being a little girl, and apparently not listening to the memories of the poor guy it ate except to get a frightening knowledge of anatomy. It very much acts the part of being a doctor on TV who can just wheel patients off to perform unnecessary surgery, as per the malpractice of our favourite sexy doctor on TV - and there’s a thing to contemplate about “I’m not a doctor, I just play one one TV” but that’s digressing :P But it goes and menaces Jody and Bobby goes and saves her, and Robbie brings her back 2 more times in season 7, once in 7x06 to thank Bobby for saving her, and to link them romantically so she can even more handily take over the parental role by being romantically linked to their adopted father, which is just a sort of easy association to help. And in 7x12 of course she’s just there and helping and mourning Bobby a lil bit with Sam (since Dean was the one in the focus for mourning Bobby in 7x11), drinking his dubiously won scotch from 11x16 (… Rufus didn’t have to let him have that one, Bobby WAS insisting it was a ghost :P I think he just wanted Bobby to have a win after seeing how down he was.) But that IS a Jody episode so it would have been on Yockey’s list for homework for 12x06 and it contained the anime/Dick thing. 

And, if he’d watched the deleted scene, at the end of the episode Dean makes it clear that he’s not sitting alone in the dark watching anime, he is strictly into Dick, and goes and reads an article on Dick “erecting” a tower.

(I hope it is clear how much I love the Dick references in season 7 by now and I’m not sorry, they started it :P)

So yeah. Jody is already intrinsically linked into a ridiculous chunk of the Dean/Cas subtext from season 7, the absolute wild nonsense that Edlund and Robbie were messing around with with pie and turducken and Dr Sexy and anime and Dick, to create the absolutely most ridiculous, like… no one part of it on its own in isolation doesn’t make you cry laughing, bit of storytelling (that, of course, added up into a full picture, just makes you cry a lot in earnest for poor Dean right then).

To me this is the picture of Dean mourning Cas in season 7, and the unique elements to season 7 are the anime (already referenced in season 12 just as an aside and I don’t think as anything more than a witty reference to past canon except that Dean was “kinda bummed” about Cas being gone (and don’t worry, I’m getting to Berens :P)) and the turducken, and Jody as one of the key characters wandering through all this picking up the emotional baton from Bobby, which she has been attempting to use on them ever since season 9, when they got back in contact with her after neglecting her all of season 8. 

(And, oh gosh, I stared out the window to try and collect my thoughts for the next paragraph and washed up on thinking about Sam going and crashing out on Jody over the Dean in Purgatory period instead of hitting a dog and ending up with Amelia, like Dean with Lisa except by the time Dean gets back Sam’s probably been whipped into shape and is wandering around Sioux Falls in a deputy uniform…)

Anyway yeah, to go back to 13x03 finally… If the Turducken sign isn’t portentous of anything, I’m still seeing the Gas n Sip sign, in the maroon colours rather than blue one, but still, in a Berens episode. And if you can’t get mourning Cas in season 7 via Jody and a turducken related things to stick, you can totally shortcut through the fairly simple steps of Berens + Gas n Sip = 9x06 and assume whatever personal feelings stuff Dean and Jody talk about, this is a great way to cram Cas into the background via the enormous glowing yellow sun that has come to represent him. (And, of course, it was Berens who had the “morning, Sunshine” line for us in 12x03.)

So I think the set stuff and character stuff all have some fairly good slap to the back of the head things for Dean to maybe open up to Jody or at the very least for whatever he says to her to be heavily subtextually about Cas even if Jody asks about Mary. Because Dean’s wearing weirdly Cas-coded clothes, and Jody is wearing the family unity red n blue plaid colours. The maroon Gas n Sip seems to be more about family and even Wayward Sisters, since it was prominently used behind Claire in 12x16 and maroon has been a lot about family because of the infamous red hoodie that Kevin, Charlie and Cas all wore, and that Mary was put in maroon within an episode of getting back (and Chuck tried to cash in on it in 11x21 to make himself look harmless and cute and relatable in the same hoodie). But even in 12x16 having the Gas n Sip sun looking over Claire, with her connections to Cas, made it seem like he was watching over her too. The colours change the meaning in some ways but the overall message is the same. I think in 13x03 we have to remember it’s also going to be about the Wayward Sisters so whether Jody and Dean are having a personal conversation or not, the sun might be about Cas but the overall thing might be a more neutral family building thing for the main arc stuff. If it was a blue Gas n Sip I’d immediately think it was all about Cas and oozing tragic subtext *everywhere* and completely unavoidably.

(it might also just be that they’re maroon because Biggerson’s are and maybe there’s some sort of corporate alliance of Gas n Sips connected to Biggerson’s, because, after all, Dick Roman ended up owning both franchises and by 7x23 you can see that both are involved in his masterplan, which is part of why I love so much Cas is then intimately connected to both later while still in a gloomy penance mood about the whole thing and everything he’s ever done since…)

… So to actually answer your question, I can see some really really convoluted reasons in the history of the show that if Dean and Jody have their big important “seriously how are you” talk in this exact location while hanging out and hugging in front of all these signs, that they might either not mention Cas at all because he’s not a part of the openly stated story going on between Dean and Jody and all this family stuff and Wayward Sisters and everything absorbed into the entire chunk of the show about parental relationships, of which Jody has been a part since 7x06 thanks to Robbie. Or it’s a part of the emotional backstory to Dean losing Cas which Edlund kicked into high gear in 7x02 while dibsing all the important Dean and Bobby conversations which shine a light on Dean’s loss and Cas, also dragging Jody into a ridiculous web of Dr Sexy and stuff that Robbie and then much much later Yockey were playing around with.

Either way,

P A P E R   H E A R T S [3]

P A P E R   H E A R T S [2] | M A S T E R L I S T | P A P E R   H E A R T S [4]

Summary: Every week you wrote a letter of what you wish you could say to your crush and folded it into a origami heart, letting it fly off in the wind. But you never knew they would fly off to who your heart belonged to.

Word Count: 1.1k (I’m pretty proud this one was a decent length)

Warnings: There’s no letter in this one. *GASP* I know, I wanted to save it for the next one.

Note: I’ve been obssesed with this couple part series lately and I couldn’t help but laugh when I read one of the scenes. And thank you all so much for liking the series, I’m glad you all do, it means a lot to me. Anyway, enjoy this mediocre Part 3

ALSO SOMEONE MADE ME A PLAYLIST FOR P A P E R   H E A R T S! @andreagracing (If the @ isnt working search her up, she’s amazing) I’ll be linking the playlist for now until I know how to put it straight on tumblr. Eitherway the playlist is amazing and it fits perfectly to the series in mah opinion.


“I say we try something new.” You looked up surprised at the statement coming from your best friend. “New as in Skydiving? Or new as in trying a new flavor.” You said worriedly.

Michelle wasn’t really the type of person to go out and try new things ‘just because’, so when she said this it made you suspicious at what she might be up to.

“Like sit in the cafeteria new.” You felt your eyebrows raise without even thinking. “Since when were you the type of person to sit in the cafeteria?”

The two of you were heading to the library like you normally did when Michelle started bringing this up, which caught you off guard. “And since when were you the type of person to tell you crush you liked them?” She fired back, turning around and heading towards the cafeteria.

“Touche, but why are we really going to the cafeteria?” You knew there was some reason why, but Michelle refused to answer you, forcing you to follow her to the one place you dreaded most.

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4 Tier Survival
4 Tier Survival

4-Tier Survival. The tiers are as follows:

  • TIER ONE: This is your everyday carry (EDC) on person. You should have this with you 24/7 or as close to 24/7 seven as possible. Basically, if you have pants on, you should have these items with you.
  • TIER TWO: This is your EDC bag. You should have this with you or within reach 24/7. Take it with you to work, the grocery store, running to the gas station, etc. If you walk out the door of your house, it should be with you.
  • TIER THREE: This is your 72 hour kit, bug out bag, SHTF bag, or any of those other catchy names for them. At a minimum you need one. If you only have the funds for one, so be it. But, eventually I would suggest having one for the house, the vehicle and possibly at work if you have the space to store one.
  • TIER FOUR: This is for long term preparedness. This is long-term food and water storage and procurement methods. Always prepare your home to shelter-in-place first. Then, if you have a secondary bug out location, prepare it. Depending on the disaster or emergency you may or may not be able to bug out. On the other hand, you may be forced to evacuate or bug out.

Before I go any farther in this article I want to give you a great piece of advice:Develop and hone your knowledge, ability and skills over the knives, tools and kits. A vast amount of knowledge and skills with a minimum amount of tools will keep you and your family alive a lot longer than a vast amount of tools and minimum amount knowledge and skills will.This may seem contradictory to what this article is about. But, do not lose sight of this advice. Everyone knows someone who has the newest, best whatever it is but no clue how to use it. This makes them look like a fool. Don’t be a fool.
When creating the tiers, I kept in mind the basic needs of a survival situation, shelter, water, fire, food and I am going to add protection. In a the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) situation, protecting yourself, your family, home, supplies and gear could be a paramount priority. The first three tiers will enable you to get to your fourth tier. We all find ourselves away from 
Now, let’s discuss the tools and supplies I feel are needed for each tier. This is by no means the end all, be all list of what is needed. This is what I have come up with for my kits. Feel free to add or take away as you feel necessary. This is based off of my skill set and my family needs. I wanted to condense a lot of information into a single article and basically get you thinking about what you will need. I want you to come up with your own kits. I also wanted to show you that all of the tiers are possible. They will take some time, energy and money, but anyone can do this.
Note: I will not get very technical in the types/brands of items to carry. Use your own judgment; remember, most times you get what you pay for. Also, I go by the mantra, “Two is one, one is none.”
TIER ONE: On-person EDC

  • Blades/Tools
    • Quality folding knife of your choice. Make sure it is sharp. You are more likely to injure yourself trying to cut something with a dull knife than you are using a sharp knife.
    • Quality multi-tool. There are many options available. Look at the type of environment you spend the majority of time in, consider your skills, and use this to decide the brand/style of tool you want to carry.
    • Lock picks/Bogota – I choose NOT to carry these as of now. Remember what I said about skills earlier. I know I don’t have the skills needed to use these. Now, once I develop the skills, they will be added to my EDC.
    • Small compass. Just to get a general direction if needed.
    • Pen and small notepad. I personally like the waterproof kind. Nothing like getting caught in the rain and losing everything you have made notes of.
    • Small survival whistle.
    • Cotton bandana.
    • P-38 can opener. I carry one on my key ring. I forget it is even there, until I need it.
  • Cell Phone
    • Pretty self-explanatory. Pretty much everyone has a cell phone that they carry anyway. [JWR Adds: It is important to also keep a 12 VDC cell phone “car charger” handy.]
  • Cordage
    • 550 Cord. There are lots of different, creative ways to carry. There are bracelets, key fobs, zipper pulls, belts, even lacing your boots/shoes with it. Learn how to braid your own items.
  • Fire
    • Small brand name lighter. Cheap and easy to carry way to start a fire.
    • Small firesteel. Another cheap, easy to carry way to start a fire.
    • Tinder. Could be a magnesium rod, dryer lint, or any brand of quick tinder that is out on the market now, you should know what works. I prefer magnesium rods; they take up less room and are light.
  • Firearm
    • I am not going to start the never-ending conversation of discussing brands and calibers.
    • Find a gun that you can comfortably carry and shoot.
    • Shoot, a lot.
    • Shoot from behind cover, kneeling, sitting, lying down, standing, off hand, from one yard to 25 yards.
    • Shoot some more.
    • Practice reloading, practice reloading behind cover, practice reloading standing, kneeling, lying down, off hand.
    • Practice some more.
  • Light
    • Small flashlight. I personally look for an LED version that runs off of AA or AAA batteries. Look for one that is waterproof or at the very least water resistant.
    • Keychain LED light. Look for one that has a locking on/off switch. These are easier to use in the fact that they do not have to have constant pressure on the switch to illuminate.
  • USB Drive
    • I use my USB drive to store all types of important documents and other information I run across and want to save. I have encrypted my USB drive in case it falls into the wrong hands. (I strongly suggest doing this.) Also, save the information under nondescript names. In other words, don’t save the file as: “Insurance Papers” or “Social Security Cards”, etc.
    • Birth/Marriage Certificates
    • Social Security Cards
    • Driver’s License
    • Insurance Policies/Cards
    • Vehicle Registrations/Insurance
    • Medical/Shot Record
    • Recent Check Stubs/Bank Statements
    • Stocks/Bonds
    • Property Description
    • Another option/addition to this is online file storage. There are many places available on the internet to store files on a remote server and be able to access from any computer or cell phone with internet access.

Some people I have seen carry as much as possible on their keychain. The only thing with that is if you lose your keys, you have lost a lot of your gear. I carry some stuff on my belt, some in pockets and some on a keychain. I have even seen and thought about carrying some items around my neck. Whatever you feel comfortable with and what works for you is best.

Tier two is going to contain pretty much everything from tier one except bigger and better.

  • Blades/Tools
    • Quality fixed blade knife of your choice. Again make sure it is sharp.
    • Sharpening stone.
    • Quality multi-tool. I would look at one to complement the one from tier one. A little larger and possibly features that the other does not have. I personally wouldn’t want the exact same model from tier one. Look at the ones that have the screwdriver possibilities.
    • Small entry bar or pry bar.
    • Larger more reliable compass. Possibly a GPS system if you are so inclined. If you are in a large urban environment, I would have a city map in my EDC bag.
    • Pens and notepad again. Plenty of pens and permanent markers.
    • P-51 can opener.(A scaled-up version of the P-38.)
  • Cell Phone/Communications
    • This is where I would keep a wall charger for my cell phone.
    • I would also think about one of the emergency chargers that run off of batteries at this point.
    • I also carry a pay-as-you go phone in my EDC bag. On some occasions when one service is down, others are still up and running. It’s a cheap insurance policy.
    • Radio of some sort. Depends on your location and abilities.
  • Cordage
    • I would carry no less than 25 feet of 550 cord in my EDC bag. The more the better. Again, options here, braid it to take up less space, key fobs, I’ve seen some braided water bottle carriers. Use your imagination
    • I have run across Kevlar cord, no personal experience with it. But, something I will check out.
    • I would toss in some duct tape and electrical tape here. You can take it off of the cardboard roll and roll it onto itself and it takes up very little room.
    • Possibly some wire, picture hanging wire works well.
    • Possibly some zip ties. Various sizes as you see fit.
    • I also have a couple of carabiners clipped to my bag.
  • Fire
    • Another cheap lighter.
    • Larger firesteel.
    • More tinder. Personally I prefer the magnesium, but whatever you are comfortable with.
  • Firearm
    • I personally don’t see the need to carry a second firearm.
    • I would however warrant the carrying of at least two spare magazines for the handgun in tier one.
  • First-Aid
    • Basic first aid kit.
    • Package of quick slotting agent.
    • Basic EMT shears.
    • Basic pain relievers, fever reducers, upset stomach tablets etc.
    • Small bottle of hand sanitizer.
    • Baby wipes.
  • Food
    • I always carry a couple of energy or meal replacement bars in my bag. If nothing else, I may have to work through lunch and need a snack.
    • Some people will toss a freeze-dried meal or MRE if they have room. Personally, I don’t.
    • A small pack of hard candy.
  • Light
    • I personally prefer a headlamp at this stage. You can use a headlamp as a flashlight; you can’t use a flashlight as a headlamp.
    • If you don’t go the headlamp route, choose a higher quality flashlight than tier one.
    • Extra batteries. On the subject of batteries, do your best to acquire electronic items that use the same size of battery.
    • Another keychain light. I have one attached to the inside of my bag to aid in finding items inside in low-light situations.
    • Some people carry chemical light sticks in their EDC bag. I have found battery operated light sticks that also have a small flashlight in one end I prefer to carry.
  • Shelter
    • I keep a packable rain jacket at all times and depending on the weather a packable pair of rain pants. Remember, your clothing is your first form of shelter.
    • I also keep a couple of “survival” blankets in my bag.
    • I keep a couple of contractor style garbage bags as well.
  • Water
    • I have a stainless steel water bottle that stays in my pack at all times. If I am traveling longer than my normal commute, I will toss in a small collapsible water container.
    • Ziploc bags.
    • Two-part chemical water purifier.
    • Filtering drinking straw.
    • Toss in a couple of standard coffee filters to filter sediment if needed.

Now, bear in mind, my EDC bag is not for long-term survival. I feel like I could sustain myself for several days if I needed to with the contents of my pack. However, that is not its intended use. All of the tiers are designed to sustain you until you can “make it” to the next tier.

My EDC bag is the same bag I use for school every day. Granted I cannot carry a weapon or ammunition into the school building. My point is you don’t want all of your Tier Two items to be so big and bulky that you can’t comfortably carry them. All of this stuff is in addition to my school books and papers and tablet. For those of you that are curious, I prefer a messenger style bag. But, again, whatever works for you and is the most comfortable.

TIER THREE: Larger rucksack or backpack

A lot of people would call this the 72 hour kit. I feel that this is a bit of a misnomer. Granted, 72 hours is a good figure for most people to shoot for. However, I feel that in this stage of the game, you should be able to carry enough to survive indefinitely.

  • Blades/Tools
    • Quality fixed blade knife. If you want you can double up from tier two. Depends on your requirements. Remember, two is one, one is none.
    • Small quality folding shovel.
    • Quality hatchet.
    • Small machete. If you feel that your knife is up to the task of clearing brush, no need for one. Also, if you are in a true bug out situation where people could be looking for you, you don’t want to clear a highway through the brush.
    • Some type of saw or saw blades. There are some nice pocket chain saws on the market now. Or you could carry blades and fashion your own handle or frame.
    • Tools for forced entry if warranted. Pry bars, bolt cutters, etc.
    • Tool kit. Depends on your location and environment. At the bare minimum carry enough tools to repair anything that you are depending on in a survival situation.
  • Cell Phone/Communications
    • Depending on the level of the disaster cell phones may or may or may not be working.
    • Again, depending on your location and abilities, depends on the type of communications you should carry.
    • One thing I have not seen widely talked about is two way radios. Obviously this would be if more than one person is in your party. However, now you start talking about batteries and chargers.
  • Cordage
    • At least 100 feet of 550 cord.
    • Depending on your environment, climbing rope, harness and gear may be warranted.
    • Tape, electrical and duct.
    • Zip ties, various sizes
    • Wire, picture wire.
    • Carabiners, various sizes.
  • Fire
    • Cheap lighter.
    • Firesteel.
    • Tinder.
    • Camp stove. Small, lightweight, portable. A lot of good information about this out there. Pay special attention to the type of fuel that the stove you select uses.
  • Firearm

This depends on the type of situation you are in. I will list the types of firearms I would have, not necessarily carry, and reasons why. If this is a true bug out situation obviously the adults in your party could carry at least one, more than likely two, long guns.

  • We have already discussed a handgun.
  • “Modern Sporting Rifle”. Be it an AR based platform, an AK-47, Mini-14 etc. I personally like the AR platform. However, A’s can be a bit finicky if not properly cleaned and maintained. Something you may not be able to do well in a TEOTWAWKI situation. So, I would grab an AK-47. Whatever your budget and preference lead you to.
  • .22 caliber rifle. There are many options, I personally recommend the Ruger 10-22. There are several collapsible stocks available. This is for hunting small game.
  • Home defense shotgun. I would suggest a 12 gauge. The options and setups are endless. You can go as mild or as wild as your budget and imagination allow. This is not something I would necessarily always grab. However, this is something I feel that no home should be without. The sound of a shell racking into the chamber of a pump shotgun is a sound that will deter most people without even firing a shot.
  • Extra magazines and ammunition.
  • First-Aid
    • More advanced first aid kit. There are pre-made ones on the market or come up with your own.
    • Quick clotting agent.
    • EMT Shears.
    • Pain relievers, fever reducers, upset stomach pills, etc.
    • A week’s supply of any prescription medications.
    • Any supply of antibiotics or narcotics that you can procure.
    • Knowledge of natural/herbal remedies. Here is a great area where knowledge can help you a lot longer than supplies can.
  • Food
    • If you want to put in a three day supply of freeze-dried meals or MRE’s. Go for it. But here is where procuring your own food will come in handy.
    • I would suggest some type of mess style kit for cooking. Again, your choice.
    • Fishing kit. Fishing line, assortment of hooks, sinkers and artificial bait if desired.
    • Fishing “yo-yo” traps. Can be set and left alone to catch fish while you are doing some other task. I feel these are a necessity. They are light and take up little room.
    • Snare kit. I would suggest several pre-made snares and supplies to create more.
    • Traps. Connibear style traps, an assortment of sizes. 4-6 is all you should need.
    • Frog gigs. Could also be used for spearing fish, depending on your location.
    • You also have a firearm for taking small or large game.
    • Knowledge of wild edibles in your area or bug out location.
  • Light
    • Again, I would suggest a headlamp and extra batteries.
    • Use your discretion for what else you may want/need.
  • Shelter
    • Two changes of clothes. One for warm weather and one for cool/cold weather. Again depending on your environment.
    • I would suggest at least 3 pair of underwear and 6 pair of socks.
    • Packable rain gear.
    • Quality bivy style shelter or tarp.
    • Quality sleeping bag. Again, do some research. See what fits your needs and budget.
    • Sleeping pad if wanted.
    • Possibly a pocket style hammock.
  • Water
    • Stainless steel water bottle.
    • Chemical water treatment.
    • Water filter/purifier. Again, look at your budget and needs. There are several nice options out there.
    • Coffee filters for straining out sediment.
    • Collapsible water storage.

TIER FOUR: Long term preparedness.
Even though this is the largest of all the tiers, I will probably go into the least amount of detail. There are many great sources of information concerning long term preparedness, SurvivalBlog.com being one of the best, if not the best, in my opinion.

  • Blades/Tools
    • Obviously any blade or tool previously discussed. Except full size versions.
    • An ax, saws, shovels, garden hoes, rakes, etc.
    • Possibly a plow, seeder, etc, for planting a garden.
    • Variety of hand tools.
    • Automotive tools, carpentry tools, etc.
    • Sewing machine, needles, thread, clothing patterns, etc.
    • Begin thinking of ways you can use your tools and knowledge to develop a skill that can be used for trade or barter.
  • Communication
    • Short wave radios, ham radios, etc.
    • Two way radios.
  • Cordage
    • Large amounts of any cordage or supplies under cordage already discussed.
  • Fire
    • Cast iron stove.
    • Fireplace.
    • Begin thinking now about how you will be heating your home in the winter. Think about how you will be cooking your meals. Also, think about how you will get fuel for your fire.
  • Firearms
    • We discussed in tier three the types of firearms I felt were needed.
    • Begin thinking about amount of ammo you can and are willing to stockpile.
    • Begin thinking about reloading your own ammunition. Begin thinking about stockpiling supplies. This can be turned into great bartering items.
  • First Aid
    • Begin developing a large first aid supply. Think about what you will need to do without a doctor present. Suture kits, surgical kit, trauma kit, etc. There will be no running to the emergency room.
    • Begin thinking about dental supplies. Again, there will possibly be no dentists to go to.
    • Again, knowledge is key in this situation. There are some good books about this type of thing. Take a first aid class, learn CPR. Learn as much as you possibly can.
    • Study about and begin stockpiling medications.
  • Food
    • There are many more articles to be written and read on this subject alone.
    • Start developing a small reserve of foods that you eat on a regular basis that have a long shelf life. Start with a week; go to a month, then three months, then a year, then longer.
    • Begin thinking now about storage. A year’s supply of food for your family will take up a considerable amount of space.
    • Expand on the amount of items you have from tier three. Increase the number of traps and snares you have.
    • Think about obtaining a variety of seeds to plant in your garden.
    • Again, there is a vast amount of information to be found on this subject alone. The main thing I want you to understand is this is doable, on any income. Start small and work your way up to larger quantities.
    • Do not get yourself into a financial burden by going out and buying a year’s supply of food at one time.
  • Light
    • Begin obtaining lanterns, fuel, mantles, etc.
    • Begin thinking about candles and candle making.
    • If you are so inclined, begin thinking about solar panels for your home or shelter location.
  • Shelter
    • Begin making those small repairs to your home. Things that may be fairly quickly and easily fixed now may not be so easily fixed later. I’m not talking kitchen remodeling; I’m talking leaky faucets, broken windows, drafty doors, etc.
    • Think about having a metal roof installed if you don’t have one already.
    • This is the time to think about a secondary survival location. A remote, rural location. Think of this as an investment. It could be used now as a vacation spot. Use it later as a retirement home.
  • Water
    • Begin storing water. Think not only about drinking, but also cooking and cleaning.
    • Again, start small. Begin with a few days worth; then weeks and months.
    • Start thinking about long-term procurement and storage. Gutters that empty into water storage, etc. Think also about purification on a large scale.
  • Miscellaneous Things to Thing About
    • Sit down and make a list of normal, everyday things that you do around your house, cleaning, washing, “personal” business, entertainment, etc.
    • These are activities that require items that you will not be able to run down to the store to get.
    • Toiletries. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, razors, shaving cream, feminine hygiene, etc.
    • Cleaning. Bleach, disinfectant, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc.
    • Entertainment. Cards, board games, puzzles, books, etc.
    • Think about large quantity storage of fuel; for cooking, heating, anything with an internal combustion engine, etc.

Again, I have very briefly touched on long term preparedness. There are numerous articles and books on long term preparedness. Read them. This is meant merely as a primer to get you thinking about long term survival.

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Can you make another magicstone? P.S. I like your drawings

if you mean another doodle comic with them I sure as heck am gonna, also I apologise that this next one with Donald, Fethry and Gladstone is way below usual standard but I a) made a dumb decision with how I was gonna draw it that I regret but have to stick to and b) my hands are like kinda falling apart? there’s a lot going on anyway maybe I’ll get the first part finished tomorrow if I’m lucky

Top 10 Books I Read in Summer 2017!!!!

Time for one of my favourite things to do! Definitely will be making this a tradition from now on :)

Since I had four months of summer with the university timeline, I’ve read a total of 40 books this summer, whoop whooop but I am very tired. Anyways, here is the list of my favourite books:

10. The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney - This was probably the best mystery/thriller book I read this year, part of what made it so attractive to me was its incorporation of architecture. Who knew minimalism and streamlined technology could be made into a nightmare… hahaha

9. One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus - Personal favourite YA contemporary novel. This was another mystery/thriller which tbh wasn’t exactly very “thrilling” for me. The ending was predictable and not exactly a plot twist, but the characters and their stories were so well done I couldn’t help but fall in love with this!

8. The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See - AHHH I love this so much! A historical fiction novel with a dual perspective (one in the past, one in the present) that incorporates the extremely interesting oh my lord i want to take a class on this culture of an ethnic minority within China. First of all, I love tea so learning about the production, history, and selling of tea was so cool. The story itself gets dark at times and had some heartbreaking moments but there was a happy ending and overall, it was a well crafted work!

7. Demons by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Honestly, this book is kinda ridiculous and if you feel like you don’t understand the point of what most of the people is saying, that’s ok! I think this book captured the excessive, thoughtless extravagance of the culture during this time so well! It wasn’t just a society that valued physical materialism but also superfluous political ideas. To me, this book became almost profound when you thought about how quickly ideas change, and how even the most influential revolutions are only a recurring trend in the grand scheme of themes. Highly recommend this book for a read now and probably years in the future as well!

6. The Alice Network by Kate Quinn - what would this post be without a WWI/WWII novel eh? This one is about…. wait for it… a female spy (!!!) who was recruited to the Alice Network (which was real) in WWI and a pregnant (scandalous!) American who is determined to find her lost cousin following the destruction of WWII. I don’t want to reveal too much about the characters and who is who, but their relationships are woven cleverly into the storyline and the whole plot captivated me from the very first! An amazing piece of historical fiction <3

5. Tess of the D’Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy - I DID NOT KNOW THIS WAS A TRAGEDY GOING IN AND I WAS VERY SAD FOR MUCH OF THIS BOOK. let me just say: poor Tess, she was just going through so much crap and I was much annoyed with the men in her life for much of this novel. Thank God for sexual education and increasing awareness of gender equality <3<3<3. But this was well written and was a hella fast-paced classic so if you’re into that, check this one out!

4. Uprooted by Naomi Novik - Dragons, wizards, magic, mysterious castles and isolated towers, dark woods and darker magic. Intrigued? READ THIS BOOK!!!

3. Monsters of Verity Duology by Victoria Schwab - This is technically two books but I am including it because I read both within a week and holy was it a ride. V. Schwab always amazes me with her unique storylines (a world of monsters v. human??!?!), the level of complexity and growth of her characters, and how she beautifully hands out words thAT END UP COMPLETELY DESTROYING ME! this book also raised some cool ideas about what is human? a monster? etc. etc. and it made me cry, so I recommend this 

2. Red Sister by Mark Lawrence - I don’t know what I was expecting. Maybe some nuns with knives in the dark and who knew how to kill a man. Which I guess kinda was what this book was about… but like not.

I was born for killing – the gods made me to ruin.” 

SO yeah, it was darker, the main character who enters the convent was a lot younger which added a whole other level of dark sinister bad-assery into this story and I WAS LIVING FOR IT. anxiously awaiting the second book as we speak…

1. Beartown by Fredrik Backman - I thought I would hate this book because it describes itself as a story about a community that loves hockey and a) I don’t care much for family/community dramas and b) I don’t like sports. But this book blew me away. I found it easy to keep up and sympathize, if not love, each character within this story and all the events/characters were handled with such elegance, respect, dignity, and eloquence. HOLY LORD this book just made me so emotional and I WANT TO HONOUR IT ON MY GRAVE. 

Originally posted by fraddit

I think this book is so important to read in this time and age, so here is one of my favourite quotes/excerpts to hopefully hook you in ;)

“Hate can be a deeply stimulating emotion. The world becomes easier to understand and much less terrifying if you divide everything and everyone into friends and enemies, we and they, good and evil. The easiest way to unite a group isn’t through love, because love is hard, It makes demands. Hate is simple. So the first thing that happens in a conflict is that we choose a side, because that’s easier than trying to hold two thoughts in our heads at the same time. The second thing that happens is that we seek out facts that confirm what we want to believe - comforting facts, ones that permit life to go on as normal. The third is that we dehumanize our enemy.” 

If you’re still here thanks for sticking around to the end! I won’t be reading as much in this next year but I’d love to know what your favourite books of 2017 are so far!



~Theme edit~

Long time no see-ish! While I’ve been busy with life, I’ve also been working on a few pages. One (TOU) that I made myself, the other, because I’m lazy, by another person. 

The reason why I edited the actual theme was because… I couldn’t stand the font, not how it processed things from a dash post>theme. Like the font was freaking 15px too… anyways! I went with something similair but different. 

I also introduced a thing that I had but… now way clearer and more cleaned up, which is the CC process page

Basically what I’m saying here is, I’ve been a nerd and made things easier for everyone! :D 

Enjoy~! ^-^

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I love your AU!! Luna is so cute!! And pandora is my favourite!! One question about the AU What's Pandoras song day like? Is rubriot old or,? Is he still alive Still singing I would love to see what pandoras dress is like! P.s pandora and Luna and Noah are my favourite starco kids!!


Pandora resigned as the princess of mewni shortly (by like a day) after her 14 birthday. Luna is the only reigning heir now and yes she will have a song day. I still might design a dress anyways just because i want to 😂its a maybe tho. Thank you for the question!!

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When I was in 10 or so, my friends and I would eat clovers because we thought they would bring us good luck. The weren't even four leaf clovers, just regular ones.

that’s actually p cute :0 !!

i will share,,, the kiwi story in return bc i feel like it now

  • so,
  • when i was in fourth grade, i used to go home with a boy named sam, and his mom. we’d do our homework and then go and watch veggietales and wait for my guardian to pick me up.
  • anyway, so we’re doing that,, and sam’s mom tells us she made food. (it’s cup noodles and i love cup noodles so we happily go to the kitchen)
  • we eat the cup noodles and she tells us she’s going to make us a smoothie
  • i Love(d) smoothies !!
    • because my only experience with them had been at street fairs / mcdonalds and they had … nice smoothies tbh
  • anyway so she says this is going to be a kiwi smoothie
    • sam already is looking at me with the look of someone whose been through Things and it’s a “naive fool, you’re about to be So Disappointed” kinda look, y’know? yeah
    • i love banana kiwi smoothies. i love strawberry kiwi smoothies. this will be really cool, i think to myself.
  • in retrospect, as i look back on it now (at the ripe ol’ age of 17) i think i should’ve. noticed that she never took out a knife
  • anyway so sam’s mom just shoves the kiwis in the blender
  • and i …
  • well first off im in shock, and secondly i come to the horrifying conclusion : i have to drink this. i have to drink all of this.
    • sam has to drink this. sam has been drinking this (he’s developed an Immunity)
    • i have to drink all of this because you NEVER turn away food if you’re at someone else’s house, you have to clean your plate or Die
  • You Know What Happens
  • she places the glass cups before us
    • sam looks at me and laughs and i can’t make a face because then she will ask What Is Wrong and i will say Why’d You Do This because what else can i say??
  • so i consume this. thing. 
    • y’all im crying as i type this bc as i was drinking it (this memory is so vivid to me) i remember feeling the hair of the kiwi slide down my throat
  • and i look at sam’s mom, and look down at the empty glass of kiwi hair smoothie. and i say “thank you =)” because i was raised well
    • also i have The Worst Stomach pain which im pretty sure was my body attempting to reject that kiwi. expel it
    • to this day they say that sam is still laughing at me. i hate you, sam

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your answer to that jaehwan ask is so cute and soft and im- can you write an essay on why you love the g101 members too??

i love them all so much! I’m not gonna talk about them indiv cuz tht would be extra but. I’m so glad I’m apart of that group!! they are all incredibly nice and caring!! they support me so much and always compliment me its so kind!!! also they are all so funny omg. Kenia said “you on that group chat is like watching a toddler run around on a playground”  which is v true i go all out weird with them and i think the jaethots are kinda thankful i have a place to put all my excess energy so when i come to them I’m p chill now!! Anyway i love all the home made memes and how we roast wanna one. u guys r also all visual goals…… wow !!! and so many of u are talented also??? pls gimme??? Anyway i love it when y'all spam and i love when yall are ok with me spamming,, also i still cant get over how funny y'all are seriously. And I’m gonna give a special shout out to Jen cuz I’m her bias. A lot of us are just now going to college and we r all gonna do great i know it !! having y'all to talk to about being scared as hell rlly helps. also i love u guys. its never boring talking to u guys and omg rabbiting w y'all is SO FUN! and i actually have notifs on for u guys cuz i dont wanna miss anything and thats dedication… anyway u guys r incredible!! so glad i know all of u!! this may not be a long enough essay?? Sorry?? but @mel we meeting up during Christmas break i dont make the rules sorry :)

so anyway, i’m also very happy to announce that i’ve joined @daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin on the @ot6trans team and am currently helping her out by editing and adding subtitles to b.a.p related videos (which i’ve learned is time consuming as fuck and made me realise that dedicated sub teams deserve ten times the respect and love they get)

i’m still a little green, but i hope we’ll work well and efficiently together and that this will help speed up the rate at which international fans can access b.a.p videos. i’m also very excited to be giving the fandom something other than bad memes \o/

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I just read no names and Gotham's gift to women and omg i have such mixed feelings right now. Gotham's gift to woman was so cute they both marked territory on each other haha. Though I cried while reading no names it was so bittersweet. One of my favorites though 😭💚 poor J. may I ask if there will be a second part? Anyway your writing always made my day ten times better. Love you :)

Awww, thank you for reading honey :) I am on vacation so I had time to transcribe some things. Right now I am working on a new one .^^

I am happy you liked both. I will probably make a part 2 for “No Names” just to show how the Joker & family struggles with his illness. I already have a bunch of ideas, of course :P  Love you too sweetie <3  Muah !!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by fallenangels0504

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this is totally random, but a few weeks (months??) ago you made a post on lack of new fandoms, and I so identified with it. So now here I am, sharing my newest find, which has everything I love: witty banter and FUN characters who can also be giants balls of angst (I'll also admit I was sold the moment I read one fic where one of the characters offers to be a lube sommelier!) Anyway, the point is, have you heard about P*d Save America?

interesting, I’ve never seen podcast RPF before?  I’ll check it out :)

Cassian Andor’s heartbreaking playlist THANKS SPOTIFY

So pretty much everyone knows by now that Star Wars made playlists for the Rogue One characters and they’re incredible and the WORST bc they give some really emotional insights to the rebels okay, and anyway I made some excerpts of songs from Cassian’s playlist, which you can listen to on Spotify. These quotes were the ones that made me look through a rainy window for half an hour anyway

(Here’s my Jyn post :P)

Just a sidenote, whoever put THIS song on the playlist is going directly to hell:

Anyway Cassian has so much more depth now, and bruh he loved Jyn sm I am ….. distraught 

foxfaiiry  asked:

naruto, kakashi, itachi, and minato reacting to their s/o pranking them with the sexy jutsu!

Ooh! I love this idea~ I started writing the Kakashi one first and forgot that this was suppose to be a prank >~


Konohamaru sure was one to give such wild ideas. For instance, he had taught you—what he would say was one of his best jutsus—the sexy jutsu. At first, you refused learning something like that from a mere child, but somehow he got to you.

“How’s this, Konohamaru?” You say to him. But apparently he was too busy gawking at you to even answer.



The new voice that had chimes from behind you caused you to turn around, and so you found yourself locking your eyes on a mouth-watering Naruto.

“Hehehe, [Name]-chan, you did well one the boob compartment.” He snickers dryly.

Oh jeez, he looked like he had just seen the biggest bowl of ramen ever, and was offered it for free. The attention focused on you seemed flattering for a short while until his gaze started to creep you out.

A sigh escaped your lips, “You’re such a pervert, Naruto.”


Recently Kakashi hadn’t been paying much attention to you. His nose was always stuck in that darned orange book of his! You would constantly try to poke at him, see if he wanted to do anything, but he would always just ignore you or simply talk to you for only a minute or two.

You had to find a way to keep Kakashi’s eyes off of the devil book, which was what led you to the situation now.

“Oh ‘Kashi-kun~” You’d be lying if you said that this wasn’t fun at all.

There in front of you was Kakashi, sitting on his bed with that book of his. He took a peek, it wouldn’t hurt to pay attention to his girlfriend now would it?

This was it, this was your moment, he was finally going to pay attention to you! You had the curves, breasts that were sure to catch his attention, and a cute voice that was alluring enough to definitely grab his attention.

Kakashi took one look at you with a brow raised, you could of sworn his eyes sparkled at the sight of you but he immediately reverted his gaze back to that damned orange book.

“K-Kakashi, YOU JERK!”


Itachi had been looking a bit down lately, more so than his usual face which always look like he was depressed. At first, you ignored it, letting it slide as if it were just another one of his mood swings.

It was getting to you though, so much that you even turn to his partner, Kisame for a little assistance. His idea of assistance had you running for miles away from him, possibly over to someone else who had a better idea of cheering Itachi up. But Kisame wanted to see Itachi’s reaction if you were to sexy it up around him, in a sort of, prankish way. Sure, it was childish but the Akatsuki could have their fun, right?

You hid behind a wall with a bucket of water in your hands (in courtesy of Kisame), with your sexy jutsu currently active. You were fully aware of what Itachi liked in woman, so this was going to be a prank you hoped would be worth something.

Itachi could be heard coming around the corner, in 3..2..1..

“Surprise, Ita-kun!” The bucket of water was dumped all over the said man and you pranced around in victory, allowing your boobs to bounce freely along with your movements.

Itachi would be lying if he said he wouldn’t bend you over and take you right there and then, but he was covered in water, and he was soaking wet, all of which boiled his anger.

Although, “[Name], it’s a shame that this isn’t real. You’re under my genjutsu.”



You knew that Minato was busy with duties, being Hokage and all. But that didn’t stop you from messing around with him, surely he needed something to get through the monotonous day.

This was your plan, you were going to trick him into thinking you’re a new resident looking for a place to stay. Sounded simple enough, although your twist had a hint or perverseness in it.

This jutsu was something that elders would look down upon, not that you cared anyways. You made sure everything was perfect, the curves. the bust size, the butt size, anything this man would fawn over.

One, two, three. Your small fists gently knocked on the Hokage’s door and you allowed your almost naked-self to saunter in his room.

“Hokage-sama, I-I want to stay in your village from now own.” Your seductive voice caught his attention. And from the moment he saw you, a dash of pink layered his skin.

“I-uh, um.” Wow, it seemed like the Hokage was having trouble with his words.

“P-Please dress yourself,” he gulped. It was difficult for him to focus when your gigantic melons were practically shoved in his face all bouncy and perky.

“But Hokage-sama~”

“[Name], please.”

“What,” you deadpanned, “You knew it was me all this time?!”

“Of course,” Minato shook his head in disappointment, “You’re pretty bad at pranking, after all.”


Happy Late Birthday to @elidoo!

If you ever wondered how I got into pavelyan hell - it’s all her fault. I remember how I’ve found Magent year ago. I haven’t played DA:I yet but I was preparing mentally. And I used to read chapter after chapter during breaks of my internship. Amzing story that made my cry like a baby. But the best part? Eli is now one of my best friends and you cannot belive how happy I am. You are a wonderful person and even better friend, Eli <3</p>

Anyway here is a little something for you. A comic made to the excerpt of Interloper, Magnet’s sequel. I simply can’t wait to read it ;D 

So I spent today canvassing door to door for a city council candidate and lemme tell u I am SO fucking bad with even slight confrontation

Like we were p much just knocking on confirmed democrats’ doors to remind them the primary’s on Tuesday: very low intensity! but every door was such a horrifying prospect 😂

Also the guy who trained me recommended a couple kind of aggro strategies to get ppl to answer the door

and I m like haha no fucking way am I doing more than knocking/ringing, waiting a minute or two, and then leaving

Wes Character Study

GDI Wes.

At first I was pretty neutral about you and then your fans made me change my mind.

I’m glad they did, though. He is so fun to draw. It felt really good to make myself exaggerate the poses a bit more than I normally would (well, in the bottom two anyway. The top one could probably be more slumped now that I’m thinking about it). Also I just wanna squish his chubby little cheeks~

I plan to do studies like this for all of the characters, so look forward to those. Wes got to be first because he just happened to be stuck in my brain when I decided to do this. :P

(EDIT: Was browsing around and realized that the bottom-left pose is really similar to one in this post. I promise it wasn’t intentional. ^^;)


Imagine Stiles feeling really guilty about Allison’s death.

>p<“It’s all my fault, I killed Allison” cried Stiles. “No, Stiles, you didn’t kill her, it was void Stiles who did and he’s not you. You had no control over that. No one couldn’t have done anything to save her.” you replied sweetly, wiping tears off of Stiles’ cheeks. “Then why do I feel terrible and alone?” muttered Stiles. “You are not alone, you will never be alone, you’ll always have me and Scott. You can always talk to us about these things. Just please stop feeling bad about yourself. Please Stiles.” you said wrapping your arms around Stiles’ neck. Seeing Stiles cry makes you also cry, it’s hard seeing one of your best friends feeling terrible without feeling the same pain as them. You couldn’t imagine how hard it was for Stiles and all you wanted to do was help, you just had no idea how. 

>p<“What can I do to help Stiles?” you offered as he cried on your shoulder. “C-can we go to A-Allison’s grave? I wanna say goodbye t-to her, Say I-I’m sorry.” Stiles requested. “Of course Stiles, we can go now if you want?” Stiles nodded as he carried on sniffling and wiping the salty tears from under his eyes. 

>p<You arrived at the grave, you’ve only seen the grave once but you could never really look at it properly because you couldn’t handle the pain of losing your first best friend in beacon Hills. Allison was the one who helped you around the town and school and she was the one who introduced you to the pack. you wouldn’t have met the pack without Allison and now she’s gone. You were never seeing her ever again and that hurt you so much, even just thinking about it hurt.

>p<”Do you want me to stay with you? Or do you want to be alone with Allison?” you asked Stiles. “Can you please stay? I don’t want to do this alone” sniffled Stiles. You walked over to Stiles until you were side by side. Stiles reached for your hand and you tightly held it. He looked at you and you softly nodded your head. “So, Allison, we miss you and w-we’re really sorry about your death. Beacon Hills will never be the same without you. I-I’m so sorry, I should’ve d-done something to help you. It’a a-all my fault. We love you, Allison.” Stiles turns to you and begins crying again, he looks at you while you quietly sob, he wraps his arms around your waist and you both cry your eyes out. You never knew loss would be this hard. 

>p<”W-we should go back, i-it’s getting pretty late now.” you said. Stiles nodded at you and you sat through the whole car journey in silence, complete silence. Even though Allison wasn’t physically there, she will always be there supporting us in everything we do. She will never be gone, never.

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A/N: This made me cry and I'm the one writing it. This turned out so sad but it’s probably one of my favorite imagines I’ve ever written. Ahhhhhhh anyway, I hope you guys are still enjoying my imagines, if you are, send me a quick message to let me know. Other than that, I love you guys and until next imagine xx