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Haven’t written in a while but with the start of Big Brother tonight I figured, why not. I can’t believe BB17 premieres tonight. I feel like BB16 just started. So much has changed in a year. I graduated college, moved back home, made some new friends lost some old ones, and my brother got engaged. When BB16 started I had just come back from a semester abroad in Europe and was looking forward to my senior year of college, and now I’m looking forward to my adult life, although I don’t know what that entails. 

A lot has happened in the BB world as well it seems. People that were hated are now loved and fan favorites are well, not so much anymore. I don’t want to dwell on that so much but since my past posts are mostly dedicated to a certain houseguest I might as well dress my thoughts on the one the only ZR. 

I think he’s changed since he left the BB house, and not in a good way. Whoever is advising him is not doing a good job. He isn’t the same person he was in the house, he’s more obnoxious and fake. He abandoned people that endlessly supported him, which is sad. I will always love the boy in the BB16 house but I am no longer a fan of who he is now. 

On the contrary while I was admittedly not a fan of hers during the season, I interact with Christine on twitter and love her. It is sad that people can not let go of what happened and move on. She has, her husband has, we all should as well and move on to BB17. 

I don’t know what to expect from BB17 and I guess that truly embraces “Expect the Unexpected.” I do think that these weekly twists are simply a way for CBS to promote their shows and are using Big Brother as a platform. Regardless I think it will be interesting. As of now I like Steve and Audrey but that could quickly change. 

I’m going to end this by saying how I find it ironic that this season is called Big Brother: Takeover, because this show truly does takeover our lives!

Until next time, 

Kable Kimmy

The time came for me to find my apartment for the coming school year and so my mother and I arranged some time off to go to Springfield and search.  This was my first time finding a place to live for myself and so of course I went about it all wrong.  Well, not wrong, just not in the most efficient way possible.  When I search for lodgings in the future, I’m going through a realtor.  
I tried to be organized about it and looked up likely apartment complexes.  I made a list of the features I found important about each one.  Of course, I waited to make the phone calls to schedule appointments until we were driving down to Springfield and I had neglected to print out a map of the area.  But it was no matter, for mama and I played count the dead armadillos and talked about everything and nothing.  I lost track of how many messages I left and only managed to make contact with two or three of the offices.  We were exhausted by the time that we got to the hotel and checked in.  Luckily we only looked at one complex that afternoon before we went out to dinner.  I was too wired to sleep through the night, though.

The next morning we looked at another complex and were impressed.  Mom felt good about me staying there and that was the bottom line, as far as she was concerned.  We also acquired an apartment guide.  From there we retreated to fill our grumbling bellies and to soothe our frazzled minds with our morning caffeinated beverage of choice.  We stopped off at Steak and Shake and we met Erni.

You know how there’s always that waitress in the movies that is so down to earth and you know she’s going to take care of you?  That swings by just when you need some more coffee or a kind word?  That was Erni.  She kept an endless supply of tea going for my mother (with real milk, just like she likes it) and refilled my sodas before I even realized I was getting low.  Baby Groot needed a drink too and he wanted a picture, so he popped his head out of my purse and went to sit by my mother.  Erni checked on us and cooed over Baby Groot and we invited her to be in the photo.  

Fortified and with a plan of attack, we left the restaurant to meet our coming ordeal head on.  We went on our way and must have passed that Steak and Shake at least fifty times throughout our wanderings that day.  I’m looking forward to seeing Erni again when I finally move to Springfield.