i made myself hungry drawing this


* hey buddy, wanna buy a hot dog?
* only 30G. 

a while back i saw a growing trend of folks drawing sans in cute, red glasses, which, ngl, is something i can get behind 100%. problem is, i came up with 4 versions that i couldn’t choose a favourite from, so basically you guys get all of them lmao.

Close-up of the ‘dog, because i really like how it turned out:

i shouldn’t do stuff like this when i’m hungry…..
(I don’t own the characters, bla bla bla and that but i made the this thing)

I can’t draw haha Q7Q)b
pls don’t repost on other social media before asking! 
(it happend to the other shit thing i made)


Love at first fight? 

For @stormtrpo. ily. 

I’m a slave to AU’s not that anybody is that surprise I mean cmon it seems. Here’s that one nalu meat bun au comic that I created at 2pm I really don’t understand I’m 98% sure I was just hungry really but I mean me being hungry allowed for a pretty nice au with cute nalu because I’m aggressively ignoring the likes of canon rn so like two birds with one stone, amirite? 

I’m going to be posting a lineart version of this soon since it has occurred to me that I haven’t posted lineart in 9203473290 years rip.