i made my first photoset


Title: the greatest pretenders (in the cold morning light) 

Author: Mediawhore

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles, Louis-centric, Slight Harry Styles/Nick Grimshaw

Word Count: 41k


“I meant, worse than usual. He’s… I don’t know how to explain it, but I’ve been with him a long time and I’m telling you…”

“Okay,” Liam says. “Well, you keep watching. You watch him like a hawk and if you notice anything. Anything. No matter how big or small, you tell us. “

“He’s going to kill me,” Louis says and he hates how small his voice is.

The silence in the car only confirms Louis’ fear.

“He will,” he repeats. “He’s gonna find out who I am and he’s gonna kill me.”

“I won’t let that happen,” Liam says gripping Louis’ shoulder tightly. “You just have to hang in there. We’re so close.”

Louis and Nick are on two different sides of the law and mobster Simon Cowell is not the only person they have in common. The one where Louis is an undercover cop and Harry is the court-ordered shrink who refuses to prescribe him Valium. 

The Departed AU

read on ao3 

i don’t think i’m ever going to get used to how abled people act around me

i leave the house and people stare at my stick 

people literally laugh at me because of my mobility aids

every time i pass a group of young people they make loud jokes

i don’t get catcalled anymore, i get hurled literal abuse which people don’t even attempt to disguise as compliments

random strangers ask me what happened or what’s wrong with me like my body is their business. people presume i’ve just injured myself and demand to know why i’m using a stick

i can feel everyone’s eyes on me when i literally have to pull myself up to the back of the bus because all the disabled seating is taken by abled people

despite my walking aids when i do get to use disabled accommodations i get sighed at by old people or people with children who think they deserve the accommodations more than me because i’m young

i’m so tired of all of you, i’m tired of sitting and hearing my friends use the word cripple like it isn’t a slur shouted at me when i’m walking down the street. i’m tired of my friends making jokes because “it’s okay you find it funny!”. i’m tired of people using my illnesses as a source of banter!!

i’m tired of being constantly left out in everyone’s activism. people preach about intersectional feminism all they like but i hardly ever see those same people include us. 

i’m tired of people demanding to know why i’m wearing heels if i’m “supposedly disabled” or giving me unsolicited advice on how to deal with my own health like i’m not trying hard enough or something. 

i’m tired of people telling me i’m being negative when i say there’s no cure and i won’t get better, i’m tired of people telling me to be grateful when i talk about the literal facts of my illnesses. every time i talk about being in pain people get angry at me because they can’t help me and i should therefore just shut up. 

i’m tired of the stares, the smirks, the pitying looks, the eye rolls, the sighs. i’m tired of it all. i’m tired of the same people who describe anxiety as crippling, turning around and saying “use person first language!! they’re a person before they’re disabled!!”. i’m tired of people holding my disability at arms length, i’m tired of them putting it to the side as if i’m a whole person without my illnesses. my illnesses have shaped my existence and i’m tired of people acting like that’s not okay!! 

i’m so tired! why do you hate us so much?


Handwriting Ask- Thank you very much!! :>

20- Favorite lyric(s)?
- Because the song is in Japanese, I’ll write it in English and Japanese uwuwuwuwu (I have terrible handwriting regardless lmao)


The Royal Siblings Instagrams

Just a little something fun I made in my free time. I don’t know if this has been done yet, but I wanted to give it a try on some of my favorite cartoon children. See if you can tell what episodes are referenced in each post!

Name Aesthetics: Nicodemus

For someone who is a Greek tragedy trying to re-create themselves. 

aplague0fbitches replied to your photoset: I made a coffee table! This is my first big…


aplague0fbitches replied to your photoset: I made a coffee table! This is my first big…


aplague0fbitches replied to your photoset: I made a coffee table! This is my first big…


There’s that sweet, sweet affirmation. Keeps me young.

Yeah, so it turns out woodworking isn’t all that hard. If you watch a bunch of YouTube videos, you can pretty easily learn all the techniques you need.

"You always stop at the part where it's very beautiful...and interesting."

Here are some more pictures of me and my costume details this year going as Alexandria from Tarsem’s ’The Fall’ movie <3

If you click on the pics there are some explanations :)

first photoset I made before heading to my parties found here


Chris the IT Guy - 1
Raylan Givens - 0



Justified S5:Ep9: Raw Deal

This was one of my first photosets- you can see it below. I made many mistakes but people liked it. I was thrilled. What people really liked was the material: Chris was taking on Raylan. Raylan lost. And the crowds cheered.

I re-did the photoset because it didnt have to look so…basementy. There are still mistakes:I won’t even tell you what they are (but one is the opposite of basementy.) I’ll try to fix in the future. Thank you for liking me in my sucking state. Hope you’ll continue to in my sophomore sucking stage

First photoset below \/

In honour of my blog’s first birthday, I made a new photoset :D (Not that I need more reasons to take selfies. :P) I’ve got a long way to go still, but that doesn’t mean I’m not super proud of myself. <3

Top Left: 285. Top Right: 183.

Bottom Left: 280. Bottom Right: 183.

HW: 290 lbs. CW: 183.

This is also the first comparison I shared on Facebook so wish me luck! But I know my tumblr family is 1000x cooler, don’t worry. :)

anonymous asked:

why did you make ass-gardiangod?

When i made my first country and tumblr photoset a lot of my new followers were not in the marvel fandom so i made another sideblog so i could continue  on my marvel multishipper trash ways.

its mostly filled with fanart and gifsets