i made my first mix

A playlist of opening musical numbers.

Because the first song in a musical is what reels you in right?

i. beautiful - heathers the musical // ii. overture/and all that jazz - chicago // iii. in the heights - in the heights // iv. picture show - bonnie & clyde // v. just another day - next to normal // vi. populism, yea, yea - bloody bloody andrew jackson // vii. what if? - if/then // viii. some kinda time - dogfight // ix. no one mourns the wicked - wicked // x. carrying the banner - newsies // xi. magic to do - pippin // xii. the heat is on in saigon - miss saigon // xiii. omigod you guys - legally blonde // xiv. reefer madness - reefer madness // xv. were the world mine - were the world mine // xvi. heaven on their minds - jesus christ superstar // xvii. company - company // xviii. live in living color - catch me if you can // xix. overture/big bright beautiful world - shrek the musical // xx. nine to five - 9 to 5 // xxi. prologue: into the woods - into the woods // xxii. rent - rent // listen

[ beat you up and beat you down ! ]

– one day they’ll say the throne was made for me.

[ a guzma fanmix with a rock-influenced sound ]


( content warnings: cursing and mentions of violence throughout, alcohol mentions in track 8 )

{1. come on, come on - jet | {2. little cream soda - the white stripes | {3. uncontainable - set it off | {4. breaking the model - new medicine | {5. throne - bring me the horizon | {6. underdog - you me at six | {7. the young & the hopeless - good charlotte | {8. forever stuck in our youth - set it off | {9. i need the world - down with webster | {10. breathe, desperately - from indian lakes


Yall im fuckin crYING my sister just bought me this from waterstones

Remember the Mr Men and Little Miss books??? Those were like my entire childhood and my sister’s too! And she saw these! And they had them for each doctor but she got me my favourite doctor oh my god

{ 8tracks } / { playmoss }

{01} make me like you / desmond dennis
{02} fool for love / stefy
{03} kill the director / the wombats
{04} can’t sleep love / pentatonix
{05} daylight / oh land
{06} just impolite / plushgun
{07} heart skips a beat / lenka
{08} lisztomania / phoenix
{09} like or like like / miniature tigers
{10} i’m making eyes at you / black kids
{11} partners in crime / css
{12} bonus track: i won’t say (i’m in love) / andrew samonsky

i love you i've a drowning grip [on your adoring face]
Listen to i love you i've a drowning grip [on your adoring face] by castlenpage #np on #SoundCloud

kastle mix

my body is a cage – we take what we’re given, just cause you’re forgotten don’t mean you’re forgiven – isaac – i have never seen you look so afraid, with your head pressed against the stone – beekeeper – the sad fact is i’ve crossed a line, the sad fact is i’ve lost my mind, the devil’s got nothing on me my friend – bible belt – i’ll be at the five-four-five, you can meet me at the railway line – piazza new york catcher – i love you I’ve a drowning grip on your adoring face, i love you my responsibility has find a place, you’ll take care of her, i know it, you will do a better job, maybe but not what she deserves


Video game music is designed to keep your mind engaged and clear, allowing you to focus on your tasks. These are some of my favourite tracks to accompany you while you study, read a book or simply lie in bed daydreaming. (x)

“thanks. i couldn’t have gotten through all this without you.”
“yes, you could have. but you’re welcome.”

hey guess what this aesthetic post is for. ill give you a second. 5 seconds.

if you guessed anything other than “erek king” or “the chee” you are WRONG

(all images taken from my pinterest board)


151015 Happy Birthday, Lee Donghae!! My favourite person, my idol, my ultimate bias, my first love, my sunshine… you have ruined my life in more ways than one. But if I ever had the choice between knowing you and not knowing you at all, I would easily let you ruin me to my death. Thank you for being my source of happiness and making me smile even when I’m at my lowest. I wish “Happy Birthday” was the only thing I have to say today, but sadly it isn’t. It’s not a goodbye but a see you later, and I really will, because there is no way in hell you could get rid of me that easily! Do well, stay healthy. I’ll be here when you come back♥♥

“Promise me a place in your house of memories.” - A Forwood Fanmix (55min)


1. The Run and Go - Twenty One Pilots (You’ll have to watch me struggle, from several rooms away, but tonight I’ll need you to stay.) // 2. Longest Night - Howie Day (You and I, caught in a fading light, on the longest night.) //  3. Sidekick - Walk The Moon (Well it just occurred to me the one that I need could be right here by my side.) // 4.You Make Me Feel - Cobra Starship (What I been missing in my life, what I been dreaming of, you’ll be that girl.) // 5. A Drop in the Ocean - Ron Pope (A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather. I was praying that you and me might end up together.) // 6. Shelter - Birdy (I find shelter in this way, under cover, hide away. Can you hear when I say, I have never felt this way?) //  7. Tear in my Heart - Twenty One Pilots (She’s the tear in my heart, take me higher, than I’ve ever been.) // 8. When the Day Met the Night - Panic! At The Disco (When the moon fell in love with the sun, all was golden in the sky.) // 9. Ho Hey - The Lumineers (I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart.) // 10. Mirrors - Justin Timberlake (Cause I don’t wanna lose you now. I’m lookin right at the other half of me. The vacancy that sat in my heart, is a space that now you hold.) // 11. Proof - Paramore (It’s really hard. I can’t cry in your arms, cause you’re not here. It’s not your fault, and if it was I wouldn’t care.) // 12. Demons - Imagine Dragons (Don’t wanna let you down, but I am hell bound. Though this is all for you, don’t wanna hide the truth.) // 13. Say Something - A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera (I’ll be the one if you want me to. Anywhere I would’ve followed you. Say something, I’m giving up on you.) // 14. Au Revoir - OneRepublic (Let’s play a game, where all of the lives we lead can change. Let’s play a game, where nothing that we can see, the same.) // 15. House of Memories - Panic! At The Disco (And when your fantasies, become your legacy, promise me a place in your house of memories.)

D0N’T Y0U TRY TO ST0P M3 || Science will save the world, or kill us all…Don’t worry about it || A mix for a very sad hero turned a very corrupt scientist


01. Slipping [Neil Patrick Harris] // 02. Glory or Gore [Lorde] // 03. The Devil Within (Piano Cover) [Digital Daggers] // 04. I am a Scientist [The Dandy Warhols] // 05. Get Away With Murder [Jeffree Star] // 06. Down Goes Another One [McFly] // 07. Don’t Mess With Me [Temposhark] // 08. September [The Living Tombstone] // 09. Rainbow Factory (Living Tombstone remix) [WoodenToaster] // 10. This Night [Black Lab}


A L W A Y S  G O L D // { listen } a pre-winter soldier mix for steve rogers & bucky barnes; two lifelong best friends from brooklyn, there for each other through war and back again, side by side, until the end of the line.

1. gone, gone, gone - phillip phillips // 2. apartment story - the national // 3. soldiers - ben howard // 4. medicine - daughter // 5. always gold - radical face // 6. wires - athlete // 7. passenger seat - death cab for cutie // 8. tonight - lykke li // 9. samson - regina spektor // 10. somebody to die for - hurts // 11. for the widows in paradise - sufjan stevens // 12. come back when you can - barcelona // 13. dead in the water - ellie goulding 

I’m a Female Rebel: A mix about the badass ladies of the ah gta au

i. 4x4| Miley Cyrus ii. Bad Girls| MIA iii. Bad Reputation| Joan Jett ix. Bang Bang| Jessi J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj x. Boss Ass Bitch| Nicki Minaj xi. Bow Down/ I Been On| Beyonce xii. Bubblegum Bitch| Marina And The Diamonds xiii. Cherry Bomb| The Runaways ix. Going In For The Kill| La Roux x. Hit And Run| LOLO xi. Homewrecker| Marina And The Diamonds xii. IDGAF| Watsky xiii. Itty Bitty Piggy| Nicki Minaj xiv. Kill of The Night| Gin Wigmore xv. Maneater| Nelly Furtando xvi. Problem| Natalia Kills xvii. Poison| Bell Biv Devoe xviii. Power And Control| Marina And The Diamonds xiv. Run The World (Girls)| Beyonce xx. Secret| The Pierces xxi. Sick Like Me| In This Moment xxii. Tigerlily| La Roux xxiii. Trouble| Neon Jungle 

Cover by me

2013 was hella rad - a mix of really cool songs from 2013 {listen}

my songs know what you did in the darkfall out boy // car radio - twenty one pilots // tennis court - lorde // still into you - paramore // miss jackson - panic! at the disco ft. lolo // pompeii - bastille // xo - beyoncé // diane young - vampire weekend // save rock and roll - fall out boy ft. elton john // monster - imagine dragons // stay the night - zedd ft. hayley williams // safe and sound - capital cities // 2013 - arctic monkeys

anonymous asked:

will you make ravenclaw, slytherin and hufflepuff fanmixes?

how would that go tho

  • gryffindor: we can’t stop
  • ravenclaw: why is it important to you that we stop?
  • slytherin: what will you give me if we stop
  • hufflepuff: we will stop immediately sorry for bothering you