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Hey y’all,

With the most recent tumblr update to mobile apparently completely decimating the tumblr careers of every artist and creator on this site, I figure this is as good a time as any to issue a reminder that reblogging the work of artists you admire on this website is arguably the best way you can support them.

to this day, i still wonder how exactly the production for the 2012 lorax really went down. there’s not much record about it, at least that i could find, but honestly, looking at the earlier concepts, you can see that it was originally intended to be pretty different than what ended up on screen.

which by itself it’s pretty normal, of course. movies often change greatly from their original concept during production, sometimes retaining only the most basic set-up of what once was, but what i truly mean is that we know for sure that the lorax was, at one point, a movie that seriously considered including a rock opera villain ballad such as this

yet somehow the song intended for this exact same sequence ended up being. well. this 

and i just want to know what was lost in the transition there because in my opinion, there is no way that the cutesy and sickeningly cheery lorax that we know could have even intended to include a song like the first one in it. this belongs to a very different movie.


some of my favourite moments from S21E02 (cause trust me there’s even more than this) contains spoilers for the episode obviously so if you haven’t watched it yet go do that now!!!

Friendly reminder that just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that it’s shit/looks like shit.

Same thing goes for what Jack reblogs: don’t say stuff like “he reblogs shitty things whereas he never reblogs my awesome stuff” because 1) he’s allowed to like things that you dislike and 2) it’s very disrespectful towards the people who create things and put passion and effort into them. It also promotes a shitty message of competition within the community that we just don’t need nor condone.

Bring each other up, don’t tear each other apart.

for cypher pt.3: killer stage today, namjoon changed the lyrics of his part from “when guys are smoking and girls are cheating / i smoke beat this a beat smoke” to “when somebody is smoking and somebody is cheating /…”

shiro: unwillingly responsible older brother

keith: willingly irresponsible younger brother

lance: responsible friend who no one expected to be responsible

hunk: perpetually distressed mom friend

pidge: frightfully independent yet irresponsible youngest sibling

allura: impulsive yet determined older sister

coran: actual dad

I’m doing Garnet +4 other gems, she’s the most done so far! : ]