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can we talk about something?? i saw a lot of updates from exo`s concert and i saw the hall wasn`t full there were empty areas and empty seats and i noticed how exo didn`t change for a second. they stayed the same funny, extra boys they were on every other concert. i saw videos of jongin hE WENT SO HARD ohmygod. what i wanna say is, exo literallly has the best boys ever- hardworking, never stopping, always giving the best- doesn`t matter if it`s seoul full stadium, full tokyo dome or not full hall in new york. professionalism 

I don’t usually post my comic diaries out of sequence like this, but this felt too important to wait around on so here we are!

So yes! I’ll be stopping the strip as of May 22nd. It’s scary and it’s emotional but DARN IT! I’m doing it!

This is something I’ve been considering for a month or two now based on a number of factors: 

-whether or not the project has run it’s course or is the best it can be

- it’ll give myself more hours for rest due to a very stressful freelance lifestyle and will give my (often) wavering mental health some relief

-most importantly, it’ll give me the time and energy to do something more ambitious

I want to take the accumulative hours spent on these strips and channel them into something new and more well-made. I really want more time to work on ambitious comics exclusive to my Patreon audience that I can feel proud of in a whole new way. 

I’m hungry! I wanna do something big and new and I just can’t do that if these strips remain ongoing. It’s sad but true. 

5 years seems like a good place to stop. It would scare me to only ever be associated with this one project, however important it has been to me all these years. The fact is, I’m still young enough to create so much more and I still want to get better in terms of craft. I don’t want to get too comfortable at this stage in my career.

Muggy Ebes began in 2012 as a way for me to actually take part regularly in the medium that I love so much. I didn’t have any online presence and nobody aside from me saw my drawings. Now it’s 2017 and I’ve met so many wonderful people, artists and readers alike. If past me could see that people actually look forward to my strip, she’d be floored! Plus, it got my foot in the door and my name is out there in the comic sphere! At least, on small underground comix scale haha. But even then, I never actually thought that would happen to me! It’s bananas!

I’m proud that I can say that at the age of 24, I already have a 5-year daily project under my belt. Me ending the strip is absolutely and by no means me “quitting comics”. It’s me wanting to move on to the next stage and new things, and I can’t wait to show folks what else I can do. As I stated earlier, I’m looking to work with Patreon in mind. I really like the idea of creating comics with a genuine patron feedback system. It’s exciting and feels like the next step in maintaining this ambitious momentum.

I guess I want to say thank you so much for following me or reading this strip over the years. I know some folks here have been following me since day 1 pretty much, and trust me, I know who you are and appreciate it a ton! I’ll keep posting strips (obviously) until the 22nd May. The schedule will be spread out because of work but they’re coming dw.

I’m not super eloquent, but I try!




@painterofhorizons asked: Lenny please share screenshot of Jaal and Saskia with us (me) immediately for reasons. Like: now. Okay?

Well, this sounds like and urgent and critical situation, so I hope this will do :-D

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Drunk me really likes to clean/has a natural tendency to clean and I think my calling is drunk asexual trophy wife, who wants to marry me

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Could I please have headcanons about what Yumeno (Q) might think about the other members of the Mafia? Thank you ahead! ^^

I made this a bit more general than I wanted, whoooops


  • As much as I want to make this happy and fluffy, Q probably did not have a good time in the mafia. Even within the mafia, his ability was probably seen as that of a freak’s, especially if Dazai himself was fearful when he heard that Q was released.
  • And that’s another thing: they had to lock him up. Actually, I don’t even know if they had to or if they just locked him up because it was easier to deal with him in that manner.
  • So honestly, he’s probably not all too fond of anyone within the mafia. There were people who tortured him and people who didn’t interact with him.
  • Q’s never had healthy relationships with anyone around him. While Kyouka at least was given a purpose (killing), that was never reinforced for Q. His ability was seen as a last resort, a trump card that Mori pulled out whenever he felt cornered.
  • People avoided Q, afraid of accidentally hurting him and being under the effects of his curse the next time he activates it.
  • For reasons that aren’t unjustified, Q saw the Port Mafia as his family because it’s the only thing he knows, but he literally does not know what affection is. This might be me reading into things too much, but I saw his brief interaction with Haruno as very revealing of his background. He seemed taken aback at even basic respectful interaction, which indicates how he’s treated back at the mafia.
To my person

Whoever you are, wherever you are.. please know that I can’t fall in love without you. I know you’ll be bad for my health but I don’t care I want you anyway. All I want is something like seeing you smile. So whatever you do, just don’t believe what they say cause they won’t believe you like I believe in you anyway. I know we’ll have our disagreements, and we’ll be fighting for no reason but I won’t change it for the world. Sometime in the future, we can share our stories of how we were feeling nervous trying to find the words to get to each others side someday. But I’ve got high hopes since you make my heart feels like its summer when the rain is pouring down. You make my whole world feels so right when it’s wrong. I’ve made more mistakes that I can even and I can’t make you understand how it feels like but I thank God for you even though I haven’t met you yet. Just please, don’t fall in love with someone else. Don’t have somebody waiting for you..

The Hero and the Fairy: Welcome to Madness