i made like a thousand banners you guys

ignore the banner I made in like 2 minutes but I have officially hit one thousand followers!!! I seriously cannot believe this many people follow me and have stayed here with this trash blog. I thought I would give back to you guys a little by doing make me choose edits! 


- please be following me

- reblog this post

- send me an ask making me choose between two characters, ships, places, etc.

- be patient with me please! I’m going to do them all as soon as I can, but if I get busy it may take longer!

that’s it and again thank you all so much!

welcome to my second ever tumblr awards! i recently reached over five thousand followers which is a huge accomplishment for me and one i never thought i would reach so i wanted to celebrate it and also i just wanted to to thank you guys so much for following me and sticking around and this is one of the ways i wanted to do it. (this beautiful banner was made by the lovely kingsbellamy)


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • this must reach at least forty notes or we’ll just pretend it never happened
  • there’ll be one winner and two runner ups (this may vary depending on how many notes it gets)
  • this ends on the fourteenth of august and the winners will be announced on either the fifteenth or the sixteenth


  • felicity smoak award: best url
  • chuck bass award: best icon
  • serena van der woodsen award: best theme
  • clara oswald award: best creations
  • belle french award: nicest blogger
  • blair waldorf award: best overall
  • grant ward award: personal favourite
  • leo fitz award: best agents of shield
  • thea queen award: best arrow
  • emma swan award: best once upon a time
  • octavia blake award: best the 100
  • amy pond award: best doctor who
  • hermione granger award: best harry potter
  • peggy carter award: best marvel
  • nate archibald award: best gossip girl*
  • emily thorne award: best revenge*
  • spencer hastings award: best pretty little liars*
  • harley quinn award: best dc*
  • steve rogers award: best multifandom

the categories with an * will only be considered if enough people (or anyone) that enters is eligible for it


winners will receive:

  • a follow from me if not already
  • a spot on my second hall of fame
  • a group promo when the winners are announced
  • unlimited promos upon request
  • a graphic upon request
  • my love and friendship

runners up will receive:

  • a follow from me if not already
  • a group promo when the winners are announced
  • five promos upon request
  • my love and friendship

if you guys have any questions feel free to ask me and reblog away!