i made it:)

[please do not repost this anywhere else! thank you!]

i came back to check on my tumblr after a while and i was honestly very surprised to find that i have over a hundred asks – not to mention that i had also received emails on my gmail account. every single message was a message of encouragement and kindness, and i was very surprised by the fact that so many people stood by me and my art ♥ your support is overwhelming and i would like to say that i appreciate it all so much!

ps: i have a small request – if you see the art in question on any facebook page, could you please kindly tell the admin to take it down? i would prefer that the artwork isn’t uploaded on facebook especially.

+story under the cut! ; right click and open the picture in a new tab for full-view

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anonymous asked:

what are some of your favorite poems your friends have written?