i made it work!

here is a list of some fonts that one of my teachers from the past school year said we weren’t allowed to use

please help me make a “lazytown characters as cursed graphic design fonts” list (the above picture being a possible reference)

bonus option:

you’re the one

Based on the song Indigo Puff (LAYLA rework) by Sundara Karma… I loved this song in episode 1x03 but I really feel like it’s such a Malec song, so I wrote a little fic to go along with it.

The sun was just starting to rise, blanketing the rooftop in pastel pinks and oranges.

Alec and Magnus were standing in crouches, breathing hard. Alec had his seraph blade in hand that was drooling ichor and blood. Magnus’ hands were raw and his dark orange magic was slowly fading away in his palms. They had been on a chase most of the night following a group of Circle members wreaking havoc in the city by summoning packs of demons.

Alec dropped his blade with a clatter and leaned weakly on the railing. Magnus dropped down to his knees and tilted his face up to the sun, reveling in the warmth that caressed his skin.

Just looking at him made Alec’s breath catch in his chest. He was beautiful, bathed in soft light that made his jawline, cheekbones, and nose stand out sharply from the shadows cast across his features. He had blood and ichor spattered on his face and his cat eyes were pulsing yellow, but to Alec, he had never looked more angelic than he did now.

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can i request jinyoung from got7 for the 100 ways to make me feel small thing?

» Have me complete chores

» Jinyoung (GOT7)

» 082/100 ways to make me feel small

You sat with your legs crossed in the middle of the living room floor as if you were student while you look up at Jinyoung while he stood beside your standing white board, marking off the chores that needed to be done around your shared villa written in colorful markers.

Jinyoung mumbled each chore to himself before drawing a black check mark in the little box before each one. You were surprised at how much you two had gotten accomplished with only half the day gone by, but you didn’t hesitate to note your exhaustion.

“Okay,” your beau took in a sharp hiss as a hand went to his chin while his eyes scanned through the rest of the list, “what next?”

“Nap time?” you suggested while tipping over and eventually lied down on the clean wooden floor.

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emily please d r a g every ask that calls you spoiled/rich/etc i honestly never get those "vibes" and i understand that you've worked for what you have. ly 💕

i love you even more angel!!! 💘 you wouldn’t believe how much this means to me, thank you so much 💕

Small Things To Contact Spirits About

…If you want to flex your communication muscles but don’t want to be cutting deals or making things complicated for now. Just little things to try.

  • Let me hear a love story
  • Show me a song from your people
  • Tell me something you did today that you are proud of
  • Let me draw a portrait of you
  • Tell me a little about your culture
  • Ask me any questions you may have about human culture (and I will answer them, if I can.)
  • Look at this song/story/poem I wrote, tell me what you think.
  • Tell me my local reputation, if I have one.
  • Tell me your story (and if desired, I will record it and pass it on for more to see.)
  • Share a joke.
  • Let me admire your beauty/grace/powerful appearance/plumage/scales/wings/great personality
  • Tell me about your friends
  • What is your one big token of advice?
  • Teach me how to make my home more welcoming for you (while still being safe for me.)

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What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d

[The first one is now available as a design on my redbubble!]


“are you scared? imagine how scared she must’ve been. not that it’s any of my business…

you never had a happy past anyway. you were ridiculed and bullied all your life… and now you’ve escaped that life because for the first time, you did something for yourself.

congrats, mr. murderer.” - oh sangwoo