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Truth or Dare?

Member: Mingyu
Genre: Suggestive/Humor
Word Count: 1,668

“Let’s play truth or dare!” Soonyoung suggested. The rest of the members groaned. “Oh, come on, guys, it’ll be fun! Right, (y/n)?” Soonyoung asked you. You snapped your head up and looked at him with wide eyes.

“Don’t turn this on me!”

Soonyoung pouted and quickly got on his knees in front of you. “Please? If you do it, then maybe at least Mingyu will too!”

You sighed and bit your bottom lip slightly. Would it be worth it? The first time you get to come over to the dorm after quite a while, and the boys only to play a silly game? Soonyoung looked up you with hopeful eyes. “Soonyoung…” you started, but then you noticed how his face already fell, as though you’ve already told him that you didn’t want to play. It killed you. “…Fine. We can play. And that goes for the rest of you guys too.” Again, the guys groaned.

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Ascendance of a Bookworm – 046

We Made It At Once

As soon as we finish with dinner, my father heads immediately for bed, since he has to work the dawn shift tomorrow. In order to make sure we don’t disturb him while he’s trying to sleep, the rest of us relocate to the kitchen, where we can quietly busy ourselves with whatever work we can do, quietly, to kill time before we need to go to bed as well.

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cheerleaders; yoonseok

genre: fluff

words: 2.8K

summary: your boyfriends, Hoseok and Yoongi, just love to embarrass you, especially at your soccer games.

members: yoongi & hoseok from bts

Originally posted by bangthebae

A/N: this scenario was requested by an anonnie! i hope both the anonnie and you precious baby stars enjoy this scenario and are pleased with what I wrote! happy reading!

yours truly, admin tina.

The bright orange sun was beginning to set, starting its slow descent into the hands of temporary death to allow the moon to have its turn at life again. There was a slight gust of cool wind blowing past every once in a while, goosebumps decorating your exposed skin as you stood in the tunnel with all your teammates that led to the soccer pitch you would be playing on that late afternoon.

 "If we win this game, we’ll be a shoe-in for the final game,“ Your best friend and star striker for your team, Tzuyu enthusiastically cheered, clapping her small hands together in an excited manner while all you could do was smile in amusement over your shoulder.

  "Correction, when we win,” You confidently notified your best friend, hearing a chorus of hollers and whistles coming from your teammates who presumably heard your cocky comment.

 "Looks like someone is very confident in today’s game,“ Your coach mentioned to you with a playful smirk, crossing her arms over her pastel pink tracksuit covered chest as her gaze laid upon you standing right in front of your team.

"Well, we have been winning every game since this competition started, plus we’re working hard at what we do, so I think it’s okay for me to be just a little bit confident,” You insisted, mirroring the playful smirk on your coach’s face, just with a pinch of cockiness added to the smirk.

 "I guess you’re right, Captain,“ Your coach winked your way, added fuel to the confident and mighty fire that was burning inside of you and circulating through your veins. You heard cheers of excitement behind you and received a few claps on the shoulder, your cocky smirk being replaced with a genuine and flustered smile you would regularly flash whenever your team won a championship match or important match in general.

 "Come on girls, they’re waiting for us outside,” Your coach informed your team, adrenaline pumping thorough everyone’s body as you all began to walk—no, strut your way out of the tunnel and onto the grassy pitch, your skin immediately being hit with the blinding rays of the stadium, as well as your ears ringing at the cheers and roars of fans and people who drove the long way to watch the game take place.

 Among those chaotic fans and ordinary people who attended the soccer game, were your boyfriends, Hoseok and Yoongi. Like any other supportive and loving boyfriend, they always made sure to show their faces at your soccer matches because they knew how much those matches meant to you, and how much weight they lifted off your shoulders when you spotted Hoseok happily cheering you on like the ball of sunshine he is, while Yoongi threw fits about the referee being unfair on your team’s behalf.

 Despite the disruption they caused at your games, you didn’t mind it one bit because as cheesy as it might sound, they felt like your lucky charms during your game. If they didn’t attend a match, your team would suffer an embarrassing and unusual loss, so they really didn’t have a choice when it came to attending your matches.

 Unlike the other times where they just showed up, they showed up sporting eye-catching orange track suits that matched your soccer kit, with your surname and number on the back of their tracksuits. Unfazed by the judgemental stares of some people in the stands, Hoseok happily snacked on his Skittles while Yoongi glanced out of the corner of his eyes to meet some stares from rude people attending the game, which was about to start.

 "People are staring,“ Yoongi finally decided to say, glancing out of the corner of his eyes yet again to find that same grandma that was staring at him minutes ago still gazing in his and Hoseok’s direction.

  "And? What’s so bad about that?” Hoseok asked as he decided to put his packet of Skittles away and grabbed the large packet of popcorn to snack on.

“It’s annoying,” Yoongi answered with an uncomfortable facial expression spreading across his face, “And rude, might I add.”

“Look, I know it sucks for you being stared at because of your insecurities you deny having, but some people are rude and ignorant, and they will stare at you. I know it’s not the greatest thing ever, but who cares? You look great anyways, people are probably staring at you because they want your number,” Hoseok explained to his boyfriend, watching Yoongi let out a reluctant sigh as he slouched into his cold seat with a pout.

 "I don’t think that grandma at nine o'clock wants this Agust D,“ Yoongi chuckled with an amused smirk, both him and Hoseok taking a proper look at the old grandma who stared at them with curiosity.

 "Hey, you! He’s mine, as well as someone else’s. Not yours. So, stop staring!” Hoseok yelled out to the elder women, her false teeth falling out of her mouth as her jaw dropped to the depths of hell in the act of pure shock.

 "Oh my gosh,“ Yoongi expressed the extreme amount of humiliation he was feeling at that point in time, slouching even further in his seat to hide himself away from everyone, yet still laughing behind the hand placed over his eyes.

"Oh, look! They’re coming out now!” Hoseok exclaimed eagerly, Yoongi removing his hand from his eyes as he looked at the grass green pitch and witnessed you walking out first, leading your team as you all made your way onto the pitch and stood in a straight line facing his side of the crowd.

 "Woohoo! That’s my girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N!“ Hoseok proudly shouted out loud, pumping his fists into the air as Yoongi watched your cheeks even from where he was seated turn a shade of dark pink, a clear sign of how flustered you felt.

"Come on, Yoongi, help me out!” Hoseok suggested to his boyfriend, instantly being told no, only to grab Yoongi’s arm and pull him up onto his feet.

  “Go, Y/N, Go! Go, Fierce Lions, Go! Go, Y/N, Go!” Both Hoseok and Yoongi cheered, Hoseok being the most enthusiastic out of the pair while Yoongi just cheered along unwillingly because he knew what type of hell he would go through later on if he didn’t do what Hoseok wanted. Meanwhile, on the pitch, your teammates happily laughed at the very much excited cheers coming from your boyfriends while you hung your head in shame, face palming yourself and thinking; Why am I even dating these supportive dorks?

Lucky for you, the sounds of the national anthem being played silenced their embarrassing cheers. However, your luck didn’t last long as the anthem ended and your team shook hands with the team you were up against, a humiliated smile gracing your face as you heard their cheers yet again from behind you.

Soon, the match was in full swing and their cheers were on and off like a light switch. But, you weren’t necessarily complaining this time around because whenever you heard their loud cheers for you, they were somewhat was a confidence boost in your system that made you want to do better, to improve your game and win the match for your team, for your boyfriends, but most importantly, for yourself.

 Unfortunately, that hope of yours as to winning the match demolished with a pained screech. Your head whipped into the direction of the screech, your mouth dropping open and eyes widening as you watched your best friend, Tzuyu, clutching onto her ankle as she cried out loud and clear, all the while another girl from the team you were up against threw a big tantrum to convince the referee that she had nothing to do with your injured striker.

 The same fuel of confidence you had earlier was quickly replaced with anger as you stormed over to the scene, firstly checking on Tzuyu to find out that she had tears glistening in her eyes and was in urgent need of medical attention. Once players from your team alerted the emergency team of the incident, you were quick to make your way over to the girl who injured Tzuyu and the referee, demanding to know what happened.

 "From what I saw, this girl over here purposely tripped the injured player since she was very close to the goal post,“ The referee informed you, and only hearing this made you even more mad. You turned to face the girl, all rules of the game vanishing from your mind as you started to see was red, red, red.

 You approached the girl, anger evident in your facial expression and burning eyes, as you stretched your arms out to shove her, frustratedly yelling, "What the fuck is your problem?”

“You wanna go, bitch?” She demanded with a nasty growl, seeming to not be fazed by your shove as she shoved you back, having you stumble a bit before regained your balance.

 "Come at me, hoe. Fight me! You’ll regret ever hurting my best friend,“ You retorted while screaming out your response, angrily shoving her with all your might, sending her crashing down onto the dry pitch.

 You heard a whistle being blown in the distance, but all you could focus on was the girl you had just shoved to the ground. You watched her hit the ground, letting out a curse as she fell, all before she got herself up and came to pounce on you. Luckily, you stepped back just in time for her not to cause any serious damage, just a scratch against your cheek. Players on the pitch came rushing to the two of you, holding the two of you back from scratching each other’s eyes out as the referee stood between the two of you.

 He pulled out a yellow card to the girl, followed by a red card since she earned herself a yellow card previously during your match. Infuriated, she tore herself away from her team member’s grip, coming after you with a hand that was ready to slap the life out of you, only to slap another one of your team members, Sana, at the last second.

Since you were so focused on her approaching you, you hadn’t noticed Sana running from a distance and jumping in front of you, earning herself a five-finger smack against the cheek.

 Another whistle was blown and the girl had to be escorted off the pitch by her team mates. Completely stunned, you only watched as Sana attempted to recover from the ground-shaking smack she received, and only when she happened to look in your direction, did you finally move and bombard her with questions.

  ”Oh my gosh, are you okay, Sana? Why would you do that, anyways?“ Questions like this kept flowing from your mouth like a river, all the while the girl walked off the pitch, receiving obvious boos from the crowd and a, ”Fight me, she devil,“ from a overly frustrated Yoongi.

  "You’re always taking hits for our team, it’s about time we took some for you,” Sana sweetly replied with an angelic smile and red hand mark on her cheek.

  “You’re stupid, but I love you,” You told her with a grateful and flattered smile, going ahead and giving her a hug that you felt was very much needed at this point in time.

 "I love you too,“ She giggled happily, hugging you back, giving you her signature tight squeeze before you two released from your loving embrace, learning both good and bad news afterwards.

Bad news was that you received a yellow card for your violent actions, but the good news was that you didn’t get a red card and could continue to participate in the match, and your team was given a penalty kick. Seeing as the match was tied and your match was running into overtime, receiving a penalty kick was a miracle.

 "You should kick the ball,” You insisted to Sana after finding out your little miracle that would put an end to the never-ending match and put your team in the finals.

“But, you’re the captain. You always do penalty kicks in our team,” Sana tried to reason with you, but her reasoning fell onto deaf ears as you dismissed what she said and answered her with, “Right now, I don’t deserve that honour of doing this penalty kick. But, you do. Go on, Sana.”

With a small hesitation, Sana thanked you in a quiet voice, leaving you to walk towards the soccer ball. It seemed as if all sounds died in the blink of an eye, and all eyes were on Sana as she stood before what separated her from winning your team a chance at getting to the finals that year.

You watched her fingers graze over the hand print on her cheek, the blonde beauty wincing at her own touch before she took a deep breath and looked ahead of her. She began to jog on the spot, getting herself prepared for what was to come before she began to run, and before she even realised it, the goalkeeper completely went in the opposite direction of the ball and the ball went straight in.

 Cheers filled the entire stadium, people in the stands losing their minds at the luck of Sana scoring a goal for her team. You, as well as the rest of your team, rushed over to her, engulfing her in eager hugs that had you all piling up on one another, attempting to hug each other as you all basked in the glory of winning the game and having a chance at winning the final game again.

Instead of your boyfriends cheering for you, they cheered for Sana and your whole team, this resulting in that genuine and flustered smile to make appearance on your face because after going through early morning and late night training sessions, injuries, fights, laughs, smiles and tears, your team were finally making their way to the finals, and you couldn’t be any more happier.

  After hearing Sana yell out she couldn’t breathe underneath the pile of limbs laying ontop of her own, your whole team got themselves back onto their feet and happily skipped, danced, you name it, to their locker rooms, celebrating there some more before you all took showers and got changed out of your sweaty and grass stained kit.

 As you walked out of the stadium, having Yoongi and Hoseok in sight, you heard your name being called out and turned to see a beaming Tzuyu and Sana, “We’re celebrating making it to the finals with going to The Steakhouse. You wanna join?”

You took a glance at your boyfriends, chuckling to yourself as you caught a glimpse of Yoongi ranting to Hoseok, who was only half paying attention. You turned your head to face them, sending them an apologetic smile as you answered, “I’ll pass. I have leftovers from there in the fridge anyways. Have a nice time, and recover quickly, Tzuyu. Otherwise Sana just might take over your place as the star striker on our team,”

 "I wouldn’t mind that one bit honestly,“ Tzuyu smiled, slinging her arm over Sana’s shoulders as she blushed a pretty pink colour in her cheeks. "Drive safely!”

“You too!” You yelled back with a giggle, hearing Sana complain about how Tzuyu shouldn’t flatter her like that as you turned your back and approached your boyfriends, who were eager to talk to you after the chaos of a match you had that night.

Oh my god, Y/N, are you okay?” Hoseok was the first to speak up, rushing towards you as his warm hands cupped your ice cold cheeks and his thumb gently ran over the scratch mark on your cheek.

“Yeah, I’m okay. It’s just a scratch mark, I’m sure I caused much more damage on that bitch anyways,” You snarled when mentioning that girl who you thankfully hadn’t seen since she was escorted off the pitch by her own teammates.

  “Oh, so sassy. I like it,” Hoseok jokingly commented, and you couldn’t resist but allow an amused smile spread across your face.

  “That’s my princess! That girl should of been given multiple red cards, and no career in soccer whatsoever with what she did,” Yoongi then began to rant to you, possibly having said the same thing to Hoseok, who rolled his eyes in annoyance while you snickered. “I mean, who the fuck does she think she is?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to know either,” You deadpanned as you let out a tired yawn. “All I know is that I’m tired, and all I want right now is just to go home and cuddle with my loving boyfriends with tacky tracksuits on,”

Yah! These aren’t tacky, they’re lit, okay?” Hoseok insisted while Yoongi and you simultaneously rolled your eyes at the same time.

 "Let’s just go home, I’m tired too,“ Yoongi suggested before the three of you climbed into Yoongi’s beaten and broken down blue pick-up truck and made your way home underneath the starry night, kissing the cheeks of your supportive boyfriends and quietly snickering at their tacky outfits before dozing off in your seat.

You came to me (bearing cookies)

Summary: It’s true what they say, that traumatic events changes you. However, what happens after said traumatic event might change your life too, especially if it’s a boy knocking at your hospital room’s door to bring you cookies.

Rated: T

Word count: 2.6k

A/N: I got the idea for this oneshot a few days ago and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Huge thanks to all the CS Writers’ Hub ladies for, as always, being so supportive and for correcting all the mistakes I made <33</p>

Tagging some friends: @villains-happy-ending, @stardusted-nymph, @the-reason-to-sail-home, @londonsbridge, @mahstatins, @ofshipsandswans, @captainwiley, @businesscasualprincess, @shoedonym, @winterbythesea, @zengoalie, @swanandapirate


“Let’s go somewhere to celebrate!”

That’s what Mary Margaret said after signing the papers for Emma’s adoption, right after her sixteenth birthday, and that’s how Emma found herself in a cabin surrounded by snow.

For the first couple of days everything was perfect; she was enjoying the peace and tranquility of that cabin in the mountains. And the snow! She loved it. That soft white blanket that covered the ground, making everything feel magical; and she could build a snowman or start a snowball war against David.

But then the snow storm came, and it didn’t look fun at all anymore. In just one night they found themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by several feet of snow. And it didn’t look like it’d stop snowing anytime soon. It took a full day for the storm to die down a bit, making it possible for Mary Margaret to walk to the closest village and ask for help, leaving David and Emma alone inside the cabin.

Emma was in her room when it happened.

There was a loud roar, shortly followed by the ground starting to move under her feet, the window panes trembling so hard that she thought they would break in a million of pieces. She didn’t even have the time to ask her father what was happening when something crashed violently against the walls of the cabin, the force of the impact knocking her down.

And then everything went black.

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What if you found a tiny Mark?

Fourth short story (God this one is long forgive me XD)

Markiplier x Reader (no pronouns)

Written by: @draennerys

Art by: @draennerys

Based on: What if…Mark was small enough to fit in your pocket. by @markiplierswhatifs


Mark POV

Mark finished recording his video and put his headset down. He smiled to himself as he stretched his arms “That was a long day… But I’m glad I got so much work done!” He looked at the time on his computer; it was already two in the morning. “Ugh I’m too tired, screw the shower! I’m going to bed.” He walked sleepily towards his room, his hand going through his bubblegum pink hair to try to get rid of the imprint the headset had left on his head. His bedtime routine was short considering he was already not wearing any pants. He changed boxers and put on a comfortable shirt before slipping under the covers. He closed his eyes, but sleep didn’t come. He fussed and turned around, but nothing helped, his mind was elsewhere. His friends had teased him again about being short today. “I wish I was taller, everybody would shut up about it…” He sighed and brought his covers closer to his nose “It doesn’t matter… I can’t do anything about it anyway…”

Reader POV

You lay awake in your bed and turn your head to see your alarm clock; it’s two a.m. already and still you hadn’t found sleep. “Shit… I’m going to be moody tomorrow if I don’t get some sleep, and I have to go to this stupid party…” You threw your blankets and got up to your window. For a moment you watch the clouds move slowly across the night sky and the moon lighting the neighborhood in a pale light. Everything was so calm but your mind was restless. You didn’t have much in terms of friends. They were mostly doing their own things and would sometimes pop back into your world to ask you for a favor or, like today, ask you to come to their little parties. It didn’t mean you didn’t like them, but it always felt forced, you felt like the oddball of the group and you would rather stay at home alone then pretend. “I wish I had someone who really cared, a friend to talk to, even if it was just a little…” You yawned and got back to bed, maybe tomorrow would be different, maybe you would be able to talk to your friends about it at the party. You close your eyes and eventually fell asleep.

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Study Abroad...

2k word AU-ish where Bitty goes and studies abroad for fall semester of his sophomore year, which brings about Jack’s realization of his feelings.

He finds out via Lardo that Bittle isn’t coming back to Samwell at all. Well, not until after Christmas anyway. The doctors had suggested Bittle take a little longer to recover from the concussion. Jack feels guilt pierce through him again at the thought. Bittle should be moving into the room across the hall, except it’s just all unpacked boxes right now and Bittle is in another country doing a semester abroad. 

He’s not sure how he feels about it.

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franixp  asked:

Zip me

Leave an “Zip Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character dressing another, or the other way around

Note: I have no knowledge of surfing whatsoever, or surfing in cold water, so please let me know if I wrote that wrong!

Montauk is currently Fifty-Five degrees, Fahrenheit in October.

Nico doesn’t mind it. Fifty to sixty degrees is as warm as it gets in his father’s palace when Persephone is around, and it drops to the forties whenever she leaves for the spring time. People ask why he’s perpetually stuck in a jacket, but Nico sees no other way to live.

Besides—he’ll take any excuse to drink hot cocoa when he can. It makes him all warm and fuzzy inside, and he practically gulps it down by the gallon.

“Neeks! You sure you don’t want to come in?”

“For the hundredth time, yes.” Nico rolls his eyes at his ridiculous boyfriend, who’s currently wading around in the calm Montauk Sea. Nico is very satisfied with his butt mounted to the sand far, far away from the coast where icy water is washing ashore.


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