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For Trish (aka @socktrollqueen) who’s had a really shitty week. I know it’s super short but I hope you love it anyway. Hope everything gets better.

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     Victor isn’t exactly known for grand romantic gestures so Trish is a little nervous when she opens the door of her apartment to find a brand new Coach purse siting at her doorstep. Stuffed inside is a gorgeous black dress made from the softest silk she’s ever felt. Well, maybe second softest if Victor’s bedsheets count… which they do… obviously. Attached to the dress is a note written in Victor’s messy albeit charming scrawl.

     Dinner. 8:00. Be ready.

     Because that’s not intimidating or terrifying at all. Trish knows better than to expect anything different. You don’t date an assassin and get rainbows and cupcakes 24/7. Sometimes Victor forgets how to act like a human and yeah, it gets scary, but he always makes it up to her. Usually with a night of unforgettable sex. But Victor’s been sweet all week. Doting even. Why the sudden dinner date?

     Oh no, Trish thinks. He’s going to break up with me. But why buy her all this new, expensive stuff? Consolation prizes. Thanks for playing the game, babe. You lose. No, stop thinking like that. There’s no reason to think like that.

     But Anxiety is a deaf bitch who doesn’t understand sign language either, so she shows up unwanted and never leaves.

     Almost never leaves.

Victor knocks on the front door (even though it’s also his apartment, so there’s literally no need for him to do that unless he’s lost his keys again… which is a whole other story). Trish has one last final though of ohgodohgodohgod before Anxiety decides she’s now a bored bitch and heads home for a while. Until Victor drives the car to the richest part of town and stops at the nicest restaurant Trish has ever seen in her life. Then Anxiety decides she’s once again deaf and pops back up for round two.

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anonymous asked:

I really admire your qualities and I learn a lot from reading your blog. I was wondering if you could give me any advice on taking care of myself since I've been dealing with my usual anxiety as well as depression recently. I have support but I still often feel very alone and I wanted to ask you about some things I could do to feel more secure when I'm down. Thanks for teaching me so much :) all the best

This isn’t mine, but it’s the best response I’ve seen and you can find it here (x)

So, since I deal with anxiety a lot, and occasionally depression, and am prone to anxiety attacks; as well as having a lot of friends who struggle with anxiety, depression, and anxiety and panic attacks; I’ve been very interested in various relaxation/stress relief methods. Now, obviously, the most effective things are finding a good therapist and maybe discussing prescription medications, but not everyone has access to that, or perhaps the situation doesn’t require it right that second, and then it’s useful to have some alternative methods.

I’ve seen a lot of posts on tumblr with links to various calming sites, and while some I really like, some don’t help me personally so much. Plus I’ve found other sites elsewhere around the web that also help that I haven’t seen here yet. So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to post my personal list.

The more I’ve worked on this, too, the more it’s become a masterpost for all kinds of helpful websites for understanding and coping with anxiety and depression. So, the sites near the top are more for immediate stress relief, while the sites near the bottom are more for long-term mental health care. I hope this is helpful for somebody. ^__^

  • Nature Sounds For Me - I know rainymood.com is pretty popular right now, but I just found this site and I think I like it better. It lets you mix your own set of up to 4 ambient tracks of nature and other calming sounds, and lets you adjust volumes and frequencies for them, and then they just keep playing nonstop. I have one going right now that’s rain, thunder, wind through leaves, and crickets.
  • AudioEntrainment - In case you don’t know what they are, isochronic tones and binaural beats are ambient sounds with specific frequencies/pulse rates that are meant to coax your brain rhythms into syncing up and inducing different energy states. From what I’ve read, I believe they have been shown in studies to help with relaxation, meditation, and sleep at the very least, though some claim to do everything from help you quit smoking to astral projection. If nothing else, it’s nice white noise. Here’s one that’s specifically designed for anxiety and depression.
  • Top 10 Most Relaxing Songs - If you aren’t on a site or video with included music, this article has links to youtube videos for 10 songs that studies have concluded to be the most relaxing.
  • Stress Analyst - A site designed to help talk you down from a stressful experience.
  • Player 2 - This site helps talk you through conflicts with other people.
  • The Thoughts Room - If the above two sites don’t provide what you’re looking for, this site is a place to just pour out all the things you’re thinking and want to say but feel like you can’t or shouldn’t.
  • Calm.com - Guided relaxation sessions up to 20 minutes with nature sounds and calming graphics.
  • MoodGym - Haven’t tried this myself, but it’s supposed to be an interactive site with various ‘modules’ to help with depression and anxiety.
  • The Nicest Place On The Internet - A website full of people giving you hugs! I know it’s not actual physical hugs, but it never fails to make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Calming Manatee - The most heartwarming place for comforting and encouraging words.
  • Automatic Flatterer - compliments for you!
  • Self-Help Anxiety Management - This is a smartphone app to help track your anxiety over time, identify stressful situations, and manage your anxiety. I haven’t used it much yet, but I just downloaded it. It’s available on both droids and iphones.

I also like to employ aromatherapy candles and diffusers, and calming herbal teas when they’re available. Those would likely require their own masterpost, however, and aren’t always available to someone in need of immediate calming, so they’re not on this list. If/when I get a post about those made, though, I’ll link it here.

Quick Distractions

  • Cute Roulette - Videos of adorable animals
  • Cute Overload - photos and videos of adorable animals
  • Pusheen - adorable comics about an adorable cat
  • Simon’s Cat - adorable videos about an adorable animated cat
  • Puppy Livecam and Kitten Livecam - watch baby animals be cute in real time.
  • MuguMogu - cute videos of web-famous Maru the cat
  • Silk - An interactive art site that is very meditative. Reminds me of those posts about how drawing the infinity/figure eight or watching fish swim is a therapeutic technique. It also has lovely music.
  • NeonFlames - Another cool drawing site.
  • Musical Squares - a simple music making site
  • Soy Tu Aire - move a paintbrush to the beat of a song, and make a unique visual depiction of the music.
  • Virtual Bubble Wrap - a virtual sheet of bubble wrap you can pop
  • Doll Divine - A website full of doll makers and dress-up games, which I find can be quite fun and engrossing.
  • So Fetch! - An avatar visualizer for the website Subeta, but I like to use it as an excessively extensive doll maker.
  • Zynga - maker of some of the most addicting facebook games.
  • New Grounds - host for a lot of flash games.
  • AddictingGames - resource for a lot of flash games.
  • Neopets Games - This site has a lot of variations on classic games, as well as a number of games they’ve created themselves, and then can be played without needing an account.
  • RPG Maker games - RPG games made by people using the RPG Maker program.
  • YoYo Games - Games made by people using the Game Maker program.
  • Puzzles.com - A website of various puzzle games
  • Jigzone - Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Crossword Puzzles database
  • Web Sudoku - online sudoku puzzles
  • World Of Solitaire - a bunch of solitaire games you can play in-browser
  • Cookie Clicker - An objectiveless game that can provide some cheap distraction and time wasting.
  • Candy Box - Another distracting time-passing game.
  • Rogue - One of the first RPG games. Descend through a dungeon fighting monsters and retrieving loot.
  • Cubefield - An avoiding-obstacles game
  • Cat Planet - A cute little game with lots of cats. There’s also a highly entertaining and well-knownLet’s Play of the game that always cheers me up.
  • Some more game links
  • Read Any Book - a resource for online books.
  • Project Gutenberg - another resource for free online books, in the public domain.
  • Writing promptsand exercises
  • Cracked.com and TV Tropes - two websites I can get lost all day reading.

If these aren’t doing it for you, check out some of the suggestions in the Additional Resources links, such as making a glitter jar, cooking comfort food, doing crafts or art projects, taking a walk, etc. I also enjoy distracting myself by researching and reading about topics that interest me and/or making pointless lists of things (TV shows I like, game mods I’d like to download, ingredients for recipes, etc.).

Immediate Crisis Help

Additional Resources

  • Another List of Links that includes a lot of articles and reading materials that may be helpful.
  • You Are Not Alone - a mental health support tumblr that a lot of the links from the above list are from.
  • Mental Illness Mouse - another mental health support tumblr with lots of good resources and encouraging messages.
  • List of Self-Help Channels - a list of youtube channels to help people with a number of anxiety and depression-related challenges, and other mental health needs.
  • The Safe Space Network: Tumblr List - an extensive list of support tumbles.
  • Self-Harm Alternatives - different people self-harm for different reasons, and require different alternatives. Here’s some potential ideas to help find what coping mechanism may be right for you.

Finding Professional Help

  • Depression: Finding a Doctor or Therapist -  What to look for and expect when seeking out a therapist.
  • Psychologists vs. Psychiatrists - Understanding the difference between these two types of mental health professionals. From personal experience, I would advise seeking out a psychologist over a psychiatrist for talking through stressful situations, but a psychiatrist over a family or personal doctor for obtaining and monitoring prescriptions. It is perfectly alright to have more than one doctor helping you, as well, since different doctors have different specialties. (I have both a psychologist and a psychiatrist for my anxiety)
  • Psychology Today: Find a Therapist - Search tool to find therapists near you.
  • Psychology Today: Find a Psychiatrist - Search tool to find psychiatrists near you.

If You Are Not The One In Need Of Calming

In general, remember that mental illness is a legitimate illness, their feelings are real, even if they don’t always show, and they can’t just ‘get over it’ and many cannot be ‘cured’ or ‘fixed’. If they are exhibiting self-destructive behavior, remember that it’s a coping mechanism for underlying stressors. Focus on what is causing them to feel like they need this behavior, not the behavior itself. Listen to what they say they are feeling and take it at face value, don’t dismiss or devalue their emotions. Emotions may be irrational, but they are never ‘wrong’. People with mental illnesses are human beings, are not broken, and deserve respect and love.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you ever need to talk. <3

Rainy Day in The Tower

Summary: Rainy day in the tower with the Avengers :))

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none unless you hate the rain.

A/N: As you can see, my happiness involves bucky barnes and rain

“Bucky, Bucky, Bucky!”

You ran up the stairs to your room and opened the door to reveal a sleepy Bucky. Jumping on the bed with your knees, you shook the man awake, earning a groan from the back of his throat.

“Wake up!” You said, now jumping on the bed. Bucky rolled over to one side, causing you to fall down on the cushions. “Buckyyy.” You whined.

“Mhmm..”He groaned into the pillow, fisting the fabric in his hands with his metal arm. “Go away.. M’tired.”

“But it’s raining!” You called out, ignoring the pillow that was thrown at your face by him. Hiding his face under the covers, Bucky tried kicking you off the bed but you sat flatly on top of his waist.

“But it’s 9 in the morning, (Y/N). Go away.” He shooed you away, but you stood your ground.

It was finally raining in the city, and when you woke up this morning, you rejoiced when you saw the heavy drops of water on the glass windows of the tower. It was a beautiful site since you got a view of the city in the kitchen. (Thanks, Tony as always.)

“Fine. No pancakes for you, grouchy pants.” You smiled, opening the silk curtains to reveal the cloudy skies.

“What!?” Bucky shot up. “You made pancakes?!” He asked. You laughed when he shot up as his hair flung in awkward directions, from his eyes to the back strands sticking out from left and right.

“Yes I did.” You smiled, kissing the tip of his nose. “Glad that got your attention.” You laughed, pulling one of his sweaters over your body. You watched as he quickly flung the covers off of his naked body, running to the bathroom to go change.

“It should rain every day here then.” Bucky called from the bathroom. You laughed as you waited for him to get dressed, pulling on your fuzzy socks on the way.

“And it should be cold here every day as well.” His sleepy voice said as he walked out of the bathroom, now fully dressed to see you in one of his long sweaters.

You smiled, the two of you walking out the door, downstairs into the kitchen. “This Summer I wore your tank tops, nothing new.”

“(Y/N), did you see the weather out?” Natasha asked as she walked into the kitchen with Clint trailing behind.

“Yes!” you said excitedly. “I’m so happy!”

Everyone knew about your obsession with dismal weather. Once you saw that it was either cloudy, rainy, stormy, or thundery outside, you’d automatically become happy, which resulted in a happy team.

She laughed at you, joining Bucky at the table. “How was the awakening?” She asked him as he chewed on his breakfast.

“Jumped on me like a trampoline.” He replied. “And not the satisfying way.” He smiled as he shook his head, earning a small swat from you.

“I smell breakfast.” You heard Tony call out. He joined the group for breakfast, taking a seat and grabbing a few stacks of pancakes. “(Y/N), you saw the weather, right?” He asked, pointing his fork towards you. You nodded.

“Don’t even…Just don’t ask.” Bucky laughed out. You rested your head on his shoulder, looking out the window of the towers as the group talked.

Steve and Sam were the last ones to come in, taking their usual seats at the table. Steve skipped happily towards you, taking a seat. “Did you see the weather?” He squealed.

If you weren’t part of the team, Steve would be the only one who would’ve enjoyed the weather. The two of you shared a fond obsession with the weather out of everyone else in the tower. You guys were like happy little schoolgirls squealing over some boys, but no. It was over weather.

Over time, the group got used to your guises obsessions, soon enough they all started liking the weather. Except for the days when Tony had to test out his experiments outside. He would complain to you guys about it.

“What should we do today?” Steve asked. “It’s so nice out.”

“Besides getting pneumonia?” Wanda walked in, causing the others to laugh.

“We should cuddle.” Bucky whispered into your ear. You smiled as his lips ghosted over your neck, sending chills down your body.

“That’s a lame excuse to go back to sleep.” You replied. “Not falling for it this time, Buck.”

“Who said anything about sleeping?” He shrugged.

“You guys are gross.” Sam said, shaking his head.

“Jealous, much?” Bucky winked. He got up from his seat, pulling you up with him as the two of you ran back upstairs, slamming the door.

“They’re so cute together.” Natasha sighed out.

“What did he mean by not cuddling?” Steve asked, obviously confused over the conversation.

Tony leaned over to him, whispering in his ear to explain. The group watched as Steve’s eyes widened, covering his mouth pretending to gag.

“Yup.” Tony smirked.


Elie Saab | Couture Spring 15’

Sometimes when gazing at Elie Saab designs I day dream that I am a princess, or better yet - a glamourous actress waving at my fans while I basked in how awesome I look on the red carpet. They just have that effect on you. Each gown exudes effortless confidence and femininity while always maintaining a high degree of detailed artistry. By always keeping the silhouettes simple, flattering and elegant, his designs stay very accessible. It is no wonder that the front row of his couture shows are lined with clients rather than the typical A-Listers and editors. 

Fifty-five heavenly garments made their way down the tree-lined runway during Paris Couture Week, each more lovely than the last. The fairytale like atmosphere made the perfect backdrop for the romantic jumpsuits, cocktail dresses and red carpet worthy gowns. For spring, his latest collection boasted a palette of ivory, rose, powder blue and mint with delicate ostrich feathers, sparkly appliqués and embroideries and intricate crystal beading. Towards the end of the presentation tulips and abstract butterflies ruled the runway. Elie Saab sited his mother as his inspiration for the collection.

“With every new collection I conceived, the striking image of my mother in this tulip-print silk dress reappeared endlessly.”

The final look, a rainbow-hued wedding gown, ended the show on a high note. Modeled by Anna Cleveland and dramatically spanning the width of the runway, the gown solidifies that Elie is never one to disappoint. 


A random selection of photos of my Aminta replica. 

In large made in late 2008 and early 2009, made of salmon silk dupioni and black lace, plus various gold and white lace, tassel ribbon, netting, sequins, trims, beads, appliquées etc. 

The main idea was to make it as close to Maria Bjørnson’s costume design as possible, but with a functional stomacher so I can a) change the stomacher if I want to change the overall look, and b) dress myself (the latter cannot be praised enough). Has been used on many iconic occasions!