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you're not fooling anyone victor
  • victor: hey yuri want a photo with me? no? :(
  • victor: *naked in the hot spring* hey yuri, i'm going to be your coach ;)
  • victor: so you have a girlfriend? past lover???
  • victor: i'm going to give you a sexy dance to learn for your short program because u need to learn about loooove ;)
  • victor: what do you want me to be? father figure? no? friend? no? well i /guess/ i could be your boyfriend...
  • victor: here let me fix your form while we're both naked in the hot spring
  • victor: hey, yuri. seduce me with your sexy dance i choreographed for you ;)
  • victor: you didn't sleep? here, let me nap on you. shhh. rest.
  • victor: oh shit i made you cry oh shit should i kiss you?????
  • victor: oh hey your lips are chapped. let me just rub some vaseline on there with my finger
  • victor: you just shocked the hell out of me, so i kissed you, because it would totally surprise you. right? you're surprised.

Romelza FACE 

"What's your relationship with Barry?"
  • Caitlin: Barry and I are just friends
  • Caitlin: Barry did undress me and then put me in pajamas that one time (still not sure if he saw my goods or not)
  • Caitlin: And totally was checking me out when I walked into the karaoke bar
  • Caitlin: The same karaoke bar where we sang a duet about meeting and falling in love with someone the world doesn't think you should be with
  • Caitlin: And when we were talking about getting over Ronnie and Iris and finding someone new we made really sexually charged eye contact
  • Caitlin: And when Everyman kissed me looking like Barry I kissed back
  • Caitlin: Let's not forget that when I "Frost-kissed" him he pursed his lips before I made contact
  • Caitlin: Or when I used my powers to save Barry from Savitar fully knowing that using my powers is bad for my sanity
  • Caitlin: And he talked me down from being a murderous metahuman because I couldn't stand the thought of killing him
  • Caitlin: Or that we purposefully coordinate our clothes to match
  • Caitlin: But yeah, totally friends
Say It Back - Drabble

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A/N: Based on a list of random sentences, that inspired those drabbles.

You went to a show last night. You screamed and sang at the top of your lungs for more than two hours, jumping and dancing and drinking absolutely nothing of water or any liquid.

So it makes kinda sense that you lost your voice. At least you had Bucky taking care of you.

You laid on top of comfortable pillows that smelt like Bucky, and were propped up against the headboard in his bed.

Bucky sat by your side, a bowl rested on his legs as he fed you with spoonfuls of a hot soup. He kept making plane and train noises and movements with the spoon before leading it to your mouth, which made you let out a bizarre chuckle without a sound.

He sighed, “I love you,” and a grin made its way to his lips.

As you couldn’t speak, your hand reached out to rest on his cheek, your thumb caressing its stubble gently.

“You know, doll,” Bucky said, his grin turning into a smirk, feeding you another spoonful, “It’s starting to kind of hurt my heart that you don’t say ‘I love you’ back.”

Which only served to make you release that strange sound again.

Mystic Messenger RFA domestic life HC

~chores edition~


•Loves to cook for you guys

‘Hey, babe! Try this soup I just made.’ He says while putting the spoon gently to your lips.

‘This is delicious Yoo!’ you say while kissing his cheek.

•And then you glance around the kitchen


•It’s a goddamn mess

'Hehe, but dinner will be good right?’ He says turning you away from the kitchen

•You generally take care of the aftermath

•At least your food will always be good


•jams are always blasting when you two clean

'What’s the worse thing I could saaaay? Things are better off this waaayy!’ Zen belts out while vacuuming

'So long and good night! Sooo long and goodnightttt~’ you harmonize while dusting

•You two love to duet

Zen then dramatically grabs you and finishes the song with a dip.

•It’s always quite the performance


•Militant isn’t quite the right word for it

'Okay! So you take the bathroom and kitchen, and I’ll take the bedroom and living room!

•Planning and precision

'I’ve brought these new supplies to make sure we get every single piece of god forsaken c-hair out of our house.’ Jaehee said with a glint in her eye

•It was search and destroy

•Why did you offer to watch Elizabeth for a day???

Heaving the heavy buckets and bottles you get to your battle station


'Don’t we have…people for this?’ He said as you hand him a wet plate

'We certainly don’t have to call someone to wash two plates Juju.’ You tease

•What will be a learning experience for him….

You pass him a drying towel.

'Jumin what are you doing?’

'I’m waiting for the drying towel to dry.’ He said in all seriousness

You see that he just placed the towel on top of the dishes

With a slight sigh you take his hand and place it on the towel and slowly move his hand in circles

'You’ll be the one drying Jumin.’

'I have so much to learn about the commoners way.’ He said fascinated

•….Will be a test in patience for you


'Can’t we just stay in bed all day?’ He whined in your ear

•The master distractor

'Saeyoung, the house is a complete mess. I don’t even know what the floor looks like anymore.’ You protest

'Mess? What mess? The only mess I wanna make is in your pants..’ he says trying to kiss your neck

•Sex distraction

'Oh no, mister, do you even know, seriously?’ You say while pushing him off

'It’s wood….or is it tile?’ He says while pondering with a dumb look on his face

•Comedy Distraction

'It’s not funny! I haven’t seen your brother in days! Do you even know where he is?’

•You counter with a joke and guilt move

When you say that you both hear a muffled cry from the living room.

'What the fuck?! Why are there Honey Buddha chip bags all on the floor in the bathroom?!’ Saeran screamed

'Let’s go rescue him! I’m coming Saeran!’ He leaps out of bed

•The bond of brotherhood wins


Some of my headcanons for the RFA!

I would fight anyone who doesn’t think Zen would be a former emo kid. He’s so fucking theatrical for heavens sake?! And how can you not imagine him in skinny jeans and awesome Revenge era Gerard Way eye makeup with his cherry reds?!

:deep breath:

I feel very passionate about it lol

Send me some of your HCs! Let’s dish~

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