i made it into a photoset oop

mad-madam-m replied to your post “would it be interesting if Paige is derek’s fear? like paige blaming…”

I think I saw someone on Twitter (IIRC) who made a photoset that showed Paige instead of Jennifer and I was like “HOLY SHIT THAT MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE.” Also, they could’ve done his mom?? Or Laura??? OR ERICA AND BOYD LIKE YOU SAID? ohgod that would’ve been so painful YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WRITE IT and I will cry like a baby

Can’t you just imagine, though, what an amazing spot that would have been for beautiful finale cameos?? Getting Sinqua and Gage back, pulling in Paige’s actress (oops I don’t know her name off the top my head, sorry) and Talia’s… damn, if they could have gotten Meghan Ory for Laura fandom would have died. Just. Dropped dead right there, too much awesome-overload.

(And tbh I didn’t see the Peter-to-stone scene but someone told me he saw M*lia… I can’t really comment on their relationship but having Talia or Laura there would have been so gut-wrenching and would bring everything full circle and just… honestly just been so good for his character??)

But like… this is something a really thoughtful, caring showrunner would have done. Using this perfect opportunity to pay homage to as many characters as possible in the final moments…

Dude I just want to be able to go back, take the helm, and make this show what it could have been.