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Yuzuru makes sure he teases Nobu even on news XD

成長(Seichou) - a word Yuzu uses at the frequency only second to ‘kuyashii’, means growth. Based on that word, he used the kanji「成」for his kanji of the year, which implies ‘growth’ and can be read sei/naru/nari, so he just made a little joke right there with 信成(Nobunari) :3

Return the favor

(Obviously, credit to whoever made this gif)

Pairing: McKirk

Summary: Leonard’s not ready to give Jim a blowjob and the conversation that ensues. Sort of a deleted scene from “What are we even doing?” x

Warnings: NSFW conversation and moments

Word count: 1,321

Beta’d: No

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A/N: Since this straight up starts with smut, I’m gonna just stick it all under read more. 

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Throwback Sunday - Jack talking about the channel (shortly after reaching 250k subs) and his fears of ending up getting lazy and not doing the best he could.

It’s funny to see how this fear has always been there but has never stopped him from putting all his energy into his work. If anything, it has made him stronger and more motivated, I think! And I really don’t think he’s messed it all up at all :D

(from “Thank You for All Your Support!”)


6.04 // 6.06

🐺 There’s only one place we can go. Home. Should we tell the Boltons to pack up and leave? We’ll take it back from them.[…] Winterfell is our home. It’s ours and Arya’s and Bran’s and Rickon’s. Wherever they are, it belongs to our family. We have to fight for it.

🐯 Stand at the head of our army where you belong, where Father wanted you. Show our men where their loyalties belong. Show them what lannisters are, what we do to our enemies. And take that stupid little castle back because it’s ours and because you can.


You were able to reach within everybody’s souls with every song you write and every melody you create. And although you have a way with words that makes it seem like every song you write is a story that everyone has personally been through even if they haven’t., the creative combination of notes and elements you create even without the words is enough to make a person emotional and I think that’s why I truly believe that you’re meant to be where you are right now.  But you know what makes people—your members, your colleagues, your fans and even non-fans—regard you with respect shining in their eyes? It’s the blatant truth you say, the unfiltered thoughts that slip past your lips, and even the reality in jokes you spout.. It’s quite endearing and refreshing to see someone like you—an idol. a celebrity—so, so relatable that unknowingly, in a way, you blur the line between you and us, your fans. Honestly, I could go on and on and on that I’d even rap on the spot about how precious you are to me and to everyone else. *clears throat and bobs head to the imaginary beat* Uhuh. Yeah. Okay. Let’s go. This is a rap. I am rapping now.  About Min Yoongi. And his gummy smile. And his—OKAYYYYY I think that was enough. But just know that I’d do it….. lol. 

Never stop showing the same burning passion you have for music (and your dream to become a rock) because that’s how you’ve inspired people in different parts of the world. Never stop letting people believe to keep dreaming and dreaming and dreaming. Never stop saying the truth as it is. And I hope you continue to share parts of yourself in every music you create. Suga. Agust D. Min Yoongi. Min Yoonji. I love you so much. You deserve the world and nothing lesser than the world. The universe even. Happy Birthday, my grumps! #HappySugaDay


→ Catherine de Medici + Francis II, for @cassanabaratheon, Happy Birthday sweet <3