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Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, arts, gifsets, whatever.

@terryfphanatics​ tagged me! 

A NOVEL! I took a break from it for the past month or so but I’m hoping to return in July. I take breaks like this sometimes so it’s taking me fucking forever to write, but it just gets really heavy and personal for me and I’m too close to it to be objective so I either get really emotional and lose steam or I get mad at myself cause I hate everything I make and I keep losing confidence in it LOL. It’s my goal to plow through and just FINISH it though and fix it later cause finishing it is my #1 priority right now but ugh I keep losing motivation LOL. I don’t want to talk about it too much on here but it’s about a ghost and it was heavily inspired by two of my friends dying within three months of each other back in 2013.

SOME TUMBLR STUFF I’m sitting on some asks that I wanna give proper attention to and it’s just, yknow, MY THING to sit on asks for a really long time so. lmfao one day. I also have a draft comparing Louis & Lestat’s relationship to Beauty & the Beast which I wrote like MONTHS ago because some SJW got in my face because they thought I was making Stockholm Syndrome jokes in a shorter/sillier post about the same topic and I had written it was a response and then decided NOT TO ENGAGE lolol. But I thought really hard about it so I’ll post it on its own at some point. I’m also working on more Bad VC Aesthetics. I’m also working on some headcanon lists. I’ll post all that shit at some point I guess.

PHOTOGRAPHY STUFF I have a couple photoshoots in Lightroom that I have to process and get back to my clients in the next couple weeks so I’ve been chiseling away at those the past few days. One of them is @justsomespacedust​‘s engagement party. sorrynotsorry 80% of the photos are of her corgi.

FANFICTION I’ve been doing these drabble prompts  as warmups, feel free to send me more! I’ll post them at some point. The first one I happened to tackle listed a few so I’m trying to get them all written so I can put them all in the same post when I answer the ask. But send as many as you want and I’ll post them periodically whenever. I’M ALSO WORKING ON A VC AU. I’m trying to keep it a little close to the chest for now because I want to make sure I can actually finish it. It’s gonna be multi-chaptered and I won’t start dripping the chapters out until the whole story is done cause I hate when unfinished fanfics rot on the internet and get your hopes up forever LOL. I will say it features them as humans in a modern setting and I’ve made Thorne a cute metalhead and I’m really happy about it. Here look:  He’s always wearing melodeath t-shirts and you can get the occasional glimpse of a Mjölnir necklace when his huge red beard isn’t in the way. I will also reveal that it is heavily inspired by Graveyard, but that’s a super vague clue that basically means nothing. I guess you could say my goal for this story is that I want it to make you feel the way that song makes me feel when I listen to it. 

Anyway I guess that mostly covers it LOL. Tagging @firelight-fading @superhiki @yureiyume @vampatoire @scriptedwithprecision @justsomespacedust

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You should link me to some cute wolfstar AUS without them dying PLS thank

i am deeply sorrowed by how incomplete this list is because of FICS I READ LONG AGO THAT HAVE DISAPPEARED FROM THE INTERNET but i tried my best. some of these have dying but THERE IS A FIX IT AND THEY LIVE AND ARE HAPPY. also i realize not all of these are fluff but i was in sirius/remus mode and am just throwing at you fics i have enjoyed

  • The Shoebox Project by ladyjaida and dorkorific (26 chapters) A multimedia fic with art, letters, cards, diary entries, and many beautiful memories.
  • The moon’s significant tremble by setissma (E, 6k)AU fic in which Remus and Sirius are muggles and meet on a train and Remus is, in fact, a school teacher and Sirius is, like, an investment banker, and then, you know, it all goes downhill from there.
  • Long live living (if living can be this) by excaliburned (T, 50k) It’s the final summer before university, and Sirius has a sneaking suspicion he’s missing something. A summer of pillow-forts, drinking & numerous re-watches of Dirty Dancing ensues. Non-magical AU set in Warwick Castle.
  • Apogee by llamajoy (M, 2k) apogee, n. 1 : the point in the orbit of an object (as a satellite) orbiting the earth that is at the greatest distance from the center of the earth; also : the point farthest from a planet or a satellite (as the moon) reached by an object orbiting it.  2 : the farthest or highest point : culmination. 

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Fifty Things I Learned From Sports Night

In honor of my rewatch, I thought I’d post this list I made a million years ago for my LJ. (And because it’s old, some of it is outdated, like poor number 26. But oh well!)

1. You don’t mess with the statute of limitations.

2. Sometimes it’s worth taking all the pies in the face, but sometimes you just stand there hip-deep in pie.

3. They don’t say things about people in Connecticut.

4. A lot of great and distinguished men have worn goatees.

5. 238 feet, 6 inches in the pole vault would be a record.

6. A second and a half is longer than you think.

7. Birds don’t roost.

8. A perfect game is good.

9. Always expect an eleventh-hour trade.

10. The World Series is played by two different teams whose players are alive at the same time.

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Can you rec some Jaeson fanfics? 😁 and Jaemark, jjp if you can?

I would love to! Unfortunately I won’t be able to rec you any JJ Project because I don’t ship them and haven’t read any fics including them as an exclusive pair but there are a fics that I have enjoyed that do include them somehow.

key: ☼ = personal faves | nsfw = contains smut | pwp = porn without plot

31 fics under the cut, enjoy <3

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Jeff x Lj canons or Lj x Candy pop?

((Haven’t finished Candy Pop’s story -Can’t find it- so here’s LJ and Jeff))

Jeff has finally gotten to like candy, since his boyfriend introduced him to tons of it. I mean TONS.

LJ has made a smile like Jeff’s on his face with food colouring dyed licorice

LJ and Jeff like to kill together, mainly since Jeff can do the killing and LJ can do the stalking

Jeff is like a tsundere, but when another couple kisses he has to find LJ and makeout with him to be better

LJ adores Jeff’s personality, calling him cute over and over