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skating tumblr recs

every once in a while people ask me to recommend skating blogs to follow, which is hard because there aren’t that many general skating blogs on tumblr. but i’m taking a semi-organized stab at this. obviously, there is a lot of bias towards my favorite skaters here. i also tend to include blogs that post original content instead of ones that mostly reblog (unless they reblog with a specific theme in mind). this is not a comprehensive list, only a partial sampling of blogs i like or find useful (or at least interact with sometimes). there are many other skating blogs out there!

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I am so. pissed. right now. I spent about an hour and half updating my resource list and ALL THE LINKS DISAPPEARED.

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Silver lining: I had SUSPICIOUS FEELING that some of this typical tumblr bullshit would happen, so I made a backup of my original resource list on LJ, but I added so many new links just now. ;____;

At least all the items are there, I just need to hunt down the URLs again. Sigh.

The wonderful @laughablelament tagged me. Thank you, sweetie! <333

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

I’m so uninspired and lazy lately…

Here’s the incredibly short list of things I’m working on:

  • Recap of “Citizen Fang” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” for my episode rewatch series on LJ. I already made the gifs for that lightyears ago, so it feels kind of overdue.
  • A Dean/Crowley fic probably titled “Devotion” which started out as a coda to 12x07, and which is now meant to become a three-part story encompassing the events up to 12x15. But if I continue to write at this pace, the S13 premiere is going to air before I finish it…
  • Technically, I’m not working on this yet, but tomorrow I’m going to sign up for my second favourite challenge in the SPN fandom: @supernaturalspringfling. Really looking forward to that!

Tagging @anactorya, @rivkat, @hunenka, @deanghostchester, @caranfindel and anyone else who wants to do this.

So, it only took me six years…ish, but this is the photo I always wanted for Pet lol, I tried to make it forever but if the always lovely dreambastion hadn’t edited Pnut et al out of TH’s pic I never would have finally got them together as it were lol, I’ll never be a proper manip-maker but GUH, so bloody happy to finally have the pic I always wanted for it, I love the banner that LJ user Climb made me but thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis is what I wanted lol stupid as it be I LUFFS it *posts it like a bonkers & besotted numpty*

Agent Carter: A Field Guide to Peggy's Male Co-Workers

I made a version of this on LJ for a friend who’s face-blind and was having an understandably difficult time telling the SSR guys apart. Despite not being face-blind myself, I had a pretty hard time in the beginning because they’re a) a sea of generally average-looking white guys who are b) all wearing period clothing and (mostly) being jerks. So here’s a more polished version of the SSR Agent Field Guide – I’ve tried to avoid spoilers, since this will be most useful for new viewers!

It helps a lot to know there are only three major players (Sousa, Thompson, and Dooley) and two minor ones (Krzeminski and Yauch) <– I may be spelling these last two wrong. 

Almost invariably if someone has a speaking role, it’s one of these five, usually one of the first three, with Krzeminski or Yauch coming in to bulk out the ranks.

The Major Players

Daniel Sousa
Sousa is usually pretty easy to recognize because a) he’s got the crutch, and b) he’s nice. Other identifying features: dark hair, usually wears light suits (brown or gray) with a vest underneath.

Jack Thompson
Dark blond hair (the only blond among the named agents). Light suits - usually gray, sometimes blue or brown; generally is wearing suspenders when his jacket’s off. Also sometimes wears a hat. Second in command after Dooley. Tall/slender compared to most of the others.

Chief Roger Dooley
Older than the rest. Dark hair, graying slightly. Wears (usually) dark suits; generally wears a hat outside. Kind of heavyset/broad, though not as much as Krzeminski.

The Minor Players

Dark hair. Heavyset. Slob - the only one who doesn’t wear a tie. Can usually be found insulting somebody and/or making comments that make it clear he fails to understand the situation.

Dark hair, dark suit. Distinguished mainly by being utterly generic.

Please feel free to reblog/add to this if it’s useful!