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How's the music au coming? c:

“Yuri on Music!”

click on the image and zoom in if you have difficulties reading or click here

Kelly (my wonderful musical friend) and I have finished planning (which includes research and writing)! These are the intro reference sheets > v < We plan on revealing more about the musicians over the weeks to come!

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;lostmyhead (m)

pairing— kim seokjin x reader x min yoongi
genre/warnings—smut, threesome, fuckboy! Seokjin, dom! Seokjin, dom! Yoongi, dicks with photo filters, dirty talk
words— 13, 332

:: summary— Kim Seokjin is the worst thing you’ve ever done, quite literally. Hooking up with him—continuously, for months, is something you regret doing. Mainly because you now have a boyfriend and have seen the error of your ways (mistake!). However, even then, you can’t seem to escape him…or say no for that matter…


→ Jin somehow convinces you and Yoongi to have a threesome with him…

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plz imagine tiny bby taako making mud pies and then actually trying to get people to eat them

baby taako: it’s okay it’s a real pie, i cast.. uh… prezz…idation on it

aunt: uh… can i eat it later?

taako: i want to watch you eat it

aunt: :( 

also can you imagine taako made like a chocolate pie, and lup’s like ‘hey taako remember when you used to try and make people eat your mud pies?’ and taako’s like ‘oh, i still do homie’ while everyone has a mouth full of chocolate and he like… just watches it unfold. 

The Arrangement (pt 10)

You woke up around 6 in the morning. Though you were incredibly tired, you had too much on your mind and sleep didn’t consume you like you thought it would. It was still dark outside at this time, and you were slightly hungry. Now that you were eating for two, you were eating more frequently. 

You were scared to go out into the kitchen though. What if Jimin was also awake? You weren’t ready to face him yet. There were so many things that he had said and you wondered how long he had his doubts about your relationship. Did he still love you? Did he still love your baby? 

You tried to calm down again. You sat down and thought about the situation at hand. If you were in his shoes, what would you have thought? It was a little ridiculous to plan for a birthday party about two months in advance, you had to admit it. But it was the only way you could pull off the party with your work schedule. You thought back to all the times you tried to hide your phone away from Jimin or closed your laptop when he came and sat next to you. I guess you really did seem suspicious. 

But did that warrant the things he had said. The hurtful things? If you were in his shoes…. you would have talked to him. You would have asked him straight up. Why? Because you love him and trust him. Sure, things were moving fast between you two, but didn’t he always assure you that he felt the same way you did? That you both were on the same page?

Clearly not. You realized that maybe he didn’t trust you as much as you trust him. So maybe your love him outweighed his love for you. So where exactly did that leave you and your baby?

You rubbed your hand over your growing stomach. You had been busy for the past few months sure, but your love for the baby grew each and every single second. When you first heard the heartbeat, you cried. You made the baby your number one priority. You still worked hard at work and tried to balance your new life. Clearly you didn’t do such a good job. But like you said, the baby was your first priority. You were determined to work things out with Jimin for the sake of the baby. But you still needed time to settle your emotions. You needed time.

Jimin had made his way back to his shared room with you after trying to get you to open the door. He felt terrible. He should have just talked to you first! He should have never doubted you. Why then, did he? He decided that it was because he was too afraid. Too afraid to lose you. And as these thoughts flooded his mind, he eventually fell asleep on the empty bed, wishing so much that you were there in his arms. 

When he woke up, the sun was shining and he turned to the clock. It was already 9! He jumped out of bed and quickly brushed his teeth. He ran out the room hoping to find you. Your door was open! He ran in, only to find it empty. As he walked back towards the kitchen, he noticed breakfast already on the table. So you were awake. Where the hell did you go on a Sunday morning?

A little note caught his eye on the table though. It read “I need time before we can talk about this. Please just give me that much”. He didn’t know how he felt after reading it. At least you were willing to talk to him at some point in the future. But he just wanted to hold you, hug you, and kiss you at this very moment. But he knew that he shouldn’t push you or his luck. So with some gratitude, he ate the breakfast made for him and sauntered back to his room, wasting his day away.

You went to your best friend, Suji’s house and decided to spend your day there. She could tell you were upset, and you finally told her everything. Everything from the beginning. About how the marriage was forced, how Jimin and you were so unhappy at the beginning of the marriage. Even everything that happened last night. 

To say that Suji was shocked was an understatement. She listened patiently and she was crying along with you by the time you were done. “How could you have not told me anything till now! You’re my best friend and I didn’t know you were struggling like this!” she all but yelled at you. You gave her a sad smile. 

“Sorry” you said. “It was hard not telling you, trust me. But I couldn’t you risk telling my parents, I know how close you are with them” you reasoned. 

“What makes you think I won’t tell them all this now?” she questioned. Your smile fell. 

“Suji please don’t. I just couldn’t take it anymore and I told you everything. I can’t deal with the stress of you telling my parents. Please, I’m begging you” you said. 

“I’m just messing with you. I won’t tell them. But you need to start telling me everything too! I swear to god, if I see Jimin I’m going to slap him silly” she said, trying to lighten the mood. “Are you going to forgive him?” she asks.

“I need to talk things through with him honestly. But I can see where he could have had his doubts. But I’m still really hurt with what he said. But I…I just love him so much Suji. I don’t want us to fall apart because of this. I think we can get through it. He did look really apologetic afterall” you reasoned. 

“Ok, but if he pulls anything else I won’t keep quiet” she says. 

“And you won’t have to” you promised. 

The next couple of days were terrible for both you and Jimin. He was trying so so hard to give you the space you wanted, but it was eating at him. He wanted to talk to you again! Meanwhile, you didn’t know when to start talking to him again. You simply made his meals and went to work. You didn’t say anything to him but you missed him like crazy. You needed to talk to him soon. Jimin hated being at home with you when you were just going to ignore him so he would try to spend time with his friends. Usually, he would just end up drunk though. 

Taehyung meanwhile noticed the change in you both. He felt bad and he knew he shouldn’t get into it, but he hated seeing you both like this. So, he decided that he needed to get you two to talk. Jimin had texted him to meet at a bar later tonight, so he decided to ask you to get dinner around the same time. If he was lucky, he could make you two run into each other and force you two to start talking again. 

Jimin waited patiently at the bar for Taehyung to arrive. But it seemed like Taehyung was running late, so Jimin started on a drink before his friend arrive. Since the party, Taehyung didn’t bring up the situation again, and for that Jimin was thankful. He still couldn’t tell his friend what he had accused both you and him of. 

Jimin felt a pair of arms snake around his waist and he jumped at the sensation and turned around to see who it was. To his disappointment, it was his ex. 

“What are you doing here, gorgeous?” she purred. Jimin wanted to visibly gag, but he kept it in.

“None of your business” he said, turning back around and taking another sip of his drink.

“Oh come on. Clearly things aren’t going well. Otherwise why would you be here on a weekday night instead of being with the mom to be?” she asked, sitting down next to him. Jimin rolled his eyes.

“You’re the reason for this. If you.. If you hadn’t placed those thoughts in my head.. I could be.. I could be happy right now” he said, honestly. But he knew that he couldn’t really blame his ex completely. He was the one who spewed the hateful words to you and he could never take that back. Jimin downed his drink at the thought. 

Jimin stopped paying attention to his ex, who was practically drooling at him. He couldn’t get his mind off of you and anything that Jiah had said went in through one ear and out the other

Taehyung had suggested you grab drink at a local bar. You thought it was suspicious, especially since you couldn’t drink at a time like this but he assured you that they had really good food. You didn’t really think twice, and went along with him. You were quite hungry after all. 

Meanwhile Jimin was getting increasingly frustrated. Not only was Taehyung running late, but Jiah was talking his ear off. Though the alcohol calmed him down a little, it also gave him to confidence to finally tell Jiah off for good. 

“Jiminie don’t you remember all the fun trips we took together? Those were so much fun, don’t you miss those days? Remember the ski trip we took? It was so cold! Maybe we can go to Hawaii or something next, I’ve heard is absolutely gorgeous.” she rambled. It kind of amazed Jimin how dense she was. What did he ever even see in her?

“Jiah, I’m only going to say this once so listen carefully. I don’t like you. I don’t have any feelings for you left. I have a wife and a kid on the way and I love them to pieces, ok? They are my world now. There is place left for you in my life, so I kindly suggest you leave when I’m still being nice”  he said, finally facing her. 

Jiah was surprised to say the least. Jimin was never this…rude to her. Even when he broke up with her, he was pretty nice about the whole thing. But this, fueled her anger. She huffed and got up out of her seat. She made it across the bar near the entrance when she saw both you and Taehyung approaching the bar. If she couldn’t have Jimin, then no else could, she thought. 

She quicky made her way back to Jimin, who had her back faced towards her. Taehyung looked around to find Jimin, and his eyes landed on Jiah, who also made eye contact with him. Taehyung was so confused and before he could register what was going on, Jiah turns around Jimin and kisses him. Taehyung lets out a little gasp and you follow his eyes to sight in front of you. There stood Jimin, kissing another woman. 

You let out a little gasp yourself. Your eyes immediately begin to water and your heart breaks all over again. You spent the last couple of days trying to piece it back together, but it was like Jimin came and shattered your heart to even tinier pieces. 

Jiah pulls away, happily and smiles directly at you. Jimin was too shocked to process what even happened. Taehyung had seen enough though. He immediately crosses the bar to confront his friend. You stay by the entrance, not being able to move but you start to sob and people around you were starting to stare. You didn’t even care if people could recognize you at this point.

Jimin wiped away Jiah’s lipstick from his mouth, still finding it hard to believe that she had to audacity to kiss him when he had just told her to get out of his life. “Jiah, what the he-” Jimin started before someone grabbed him by the collar. 

“How fucking dare you” Taehyung all but growls as he lifts Jimin up from his seat by the collar of his shirt. “How could you do that to Y/n?” Taehyung questions still. If people weren’t looking before, they sure as hell were now.

“T-Taehyung-ah” Jimin stutters out. Jimin theoretically didn’t do anything wrong, but his friend didn’t know that. To anybody else, it would just seem like two people sharing a kiss. 

“You said you loved her. How could…how could you be kissing Jiah now?” Taehyung continued, his anger only increasing. During their little encounter, Jiah had also conveniently slipped out but not before giving you one last smirk before exiting the bar. 

Jimin ran his hands through his hair and shook his head, trying not to meet his friends eyes. Why couldn’t he just say that Jiah was the one who forcefully kissed him? While trying to formulate words, Jimin’s eyes landed on you by the entrance. HIs eyes widened in shock. “Y-Y/N” he whispered. 

You finally made eye contact with your husband and your sobs only increased. Jimin tried to break free from Taehyung’s grip, but Taehyung had pulled him right back. 

“No, I think you’ve done enough damage” Taehyung said, firmly gripping onto Jimin. Both Taehyung and Jimin turned to face you and it hurt them both so much to see you in this state. You held one hand over your baby bump and another over your mouth to stifle the sobs. You couldn’t stand there anymore and ran out the bar. 

“No, wait!” Jimin yelled across the bar and tried to break free from Taehyung’s grip once again. “For the love of God, let me go Taehyung!” he yelled back at his friend. “I need to get to her, please. It wasn’t what it looked like” he said, pleading now. Taehyung looked into Jimin’s eyes and knew that he was probably telling you the truth. He hesitantly let him go.

Jimin quickly grabbed his phone and ran out behind you, but only to see you quickly get into a taxi. He ran up to the taxi, but it was too late. You were already driving away. Jimin paced around the street, frantic. Where was his car? He needed to follow you! Taehyung ran out behind him. 

“I don’t think you can drive right now, let me drive you” he said. And before Jimin could answer, Taehyung had already ran to fetch his car. Soon enough, Taehyung pulled up on the street with his car. Jimin quickly jumped in, but your taxi was long gone. The boys decided that you were probably heading home though, so they drove there as fast as they could.

You couldn’t control your sobs in the taxi. Even the driver gave you pitiful looks. “Uh, where to, young miss?” he asked slowly. You gave him the address to your friends house. You called her along the way, but unfortunately she was out of town on a business trip, but she told you where she kept the spare key and told you to stay for as long as you liked. Suji, your friend, knew not to push the matter, especially over the phone. But she still told you to call her once you somewhat calmed down. She knew that Jimin was probably the reason why, but being out of town made Suji feel helpless. What could she even do?

“Y/N, I know you’re really upset right now and we can talk about that later. But sweetheart I need you to take care of yourself, at least for the sake of your baby ok? Please try to calm down a little and call me again once you’ve settled down. Stay as long as you need, ok? I’ll be back in around 3 days” she says. You could only mumble a yes before hanging up. You were thankful for Suji, but you were in no state to be thanking her right now, especially when talking was hard over your sobs.

Jimin kept urging Taehyung to drive faster and as they pulled into the front drive way, Jimin practically jumped out of the car before the car even stopped. Jimin frantically tried to open the door with his keys, but his hands were shaking too much. He just had to see you and explain things to you and make things right. He promised himself that he wouldn’t be making any more mistakes, but this wasn’t something he saw coming. Hell, it wasn’t really even his fault. 

Jimin finally opened the door, but the house was dark and empty. He quickly turned on all the lights and ran around the house, hoping to find you in one of the rooms. Taehyung slowly walked in after, watching as Jimin ran around, yelling out your name. “Jimin, I don’t think she’s here….” Taehyung says, rather silently. Jimin stops in his tracks. 

“Do you just think she hasn’t got here yet?” he asks. But he knew the answer. You weren’t coming home tonight. 

Three days go by and Jimin is desperate at this point. He couldn’t find you and you weren’t answering your phone. Even Taehyung tried to get a hold of you, but failed. He felt like this was partially his fault since he was the one who brought you to the bar in the first place. 

Jimin could function, not when he didn’t know where or how you were. Were you ok? Were you eating? Sleeping? How was the baby? He knew this time was crucial for the baby, and he didn’t even want to imagine anything happening to the baby. 

And what was worse? He couldn’t even tell his parents or yours. Every time they called, he would lie and give them an excuse as per why you couldn’t come to the phone. The guilt was eating him alive, and Jimin was dying to see you, and make sure you were ok. 

Jimin tried to think back to all your friends that you had told him about. But his mind was drawing a blank. Instead, he had his friends look into it the first day you were gone. By the third day though, Taehyung had found the address of your best friend. Taehyung remembers you telling him about her, perhaps even setting up a blind date for the two of them. He had kindly declined at the time. He even ran into her at Jimin’s party. 

Taehyung texted Jimin the address and Jimin rushed out the house the second he saw the text. He knew there was a chance that you wouldn’t be there, but he was willing to try anyone or any place at the moment.

The last three days for you were…terrible. You hadn’t been able to stop crying and you honestly felt numb. You couldn’t eat properly or sleep. You tried, you honestly did. You tried to force down some food for the sake of your baby, but it was just so hard. You were under an immense amount of stress. Suji still wasn’t back from her trip, but she had texted you that she would be back soon.

You woke up that morning and you immediately felt like something was different…something was wrong. You were more dizzy than usualy and there was a dull pain in your stomach. You tried to push the feeling away and thought you were just hungry. So you brushed your teeth and washed your face, hoping you would feel somewhat better, but the dizziness persisted. 

You tried to make your way to the kitchen, but you had to hold on to the sides of the bed or the table to steady yourself. By the time you got to the small living room, that dull pain suddenly felt more sharp and tears started to well up in your eyes. 

You heard a loud knock on the door. You tried your best to walk to the door without stumbling. You prayed to god that it would be Suji, and hopefully she could take care of you because you were honestly about to pass out at any moment. You opened the door and your eyes started to droop, but you could make out the figure in front of you. “J-Jimin” you started. 

“Y/N, baby, I’m so sorry. I promise it wasn’t what it looked like, ok? Jiah is the ex I told you abou–” he started, trying to explain things quickly. He was too scared and nervous and he didn’t even seem to realize that state you were in. But before he could get another word out, your interrupted him. You pulled at his shirt.

“J-Jim-Jimin. Hel-help me” you said, before finally passing out and falling into his arms. Jimins eyes widen in shock as he falls to the floor with you in his hands.

“Y/n? Y/N-yah? What’s wrong? Baby? Are you ok?” he asked frantically, tapping on your cheek lightly trying to get you to open your eyes. Jimin’s heart raced a million miles a second, especially when you had no signs of opening your eyes. Thankfully, you were still breathing. But that’s when Jimin saw it. 

That’s when Jimin saw the blood rolling down the sides of your legs

A/N: I’ll end this part here. WHEW talk about angst?! And on that note…happy early thanksgiving! PLEASE tell me what you thought about this part in the comments below or to my inbox. Any feedback is appreciated. I honestly read each and every single comment. Also, I don’t proof read so sorry for all the mistakes. 

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It used to confuse me how in Back to the Future 2 the AI in the 80's restaurant seemed deliberately janky. But recently I saw a show called Max Headroom & noticed that the titular AI behaved & looked similarly, turns out BttF2 was referencing a (then) popular show. A similar thing happened when I found out that The English Patient was a real, Oscar-winning movie & not something Seinfeld made up. Any other references to then-popular media in still-popular you can think of?

The best example of this I can think of offhand is when Scout mentions that she read Tarzan and the Ant Men in To Kill a Mockingbird, and most people assume it’s just a joke title. 

But no, it was a real Tarzan sequel novel, and easily the most far out of the Tarzan novels except for Tarzan at the Earth’s Core or that one where talking gorillas force him to fight in a gladiatorial Roman style Colosseum.

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Dear, how do you practice? bc its so good omg

I just stretch myself every week, like 3 days in the week for 2 hours :D 
I dance since i was 4, i used to dance ballet and 2 years ago i started flamenco. So all those years dancing help me a lot, but in some months you can do it too! Every month you’ll get better and better
like this shitty drawing i made to explain:

Undercast: The Beast (part 4)

“STOP IT CURSE! This is going too far, even for me” Senkiller yells at him. V lets out another scream in agony as spikes shoot their way out of her back making horrible cracking and popping sounds. The whole crew stared in shock at the unexpected change, Cherry and Angel backing away a bit. V falls forward onto all fours, her claws digging into wood as her spine lengthens behind her.

“Whatever your doing Curse you better stop RIGHT NOW!” Anrez yells, bearing his sharp fangs in anger.

“Oh I’m not doing anything, I only made what’s been inside of her come out. This is all her” he says smiling as he watches the transformation. “Her little secret she’s been hiding from us.”

“Just hang in there V! You’ve got to fight it!” Angel tries to comfort V but is frightened when a growl emanates from V.

“I-I AUGH! I c-can’t…” V tries to speak, gritting her teeth. “I’m l-loosing control…” V grunts as her face begins to change shape, forming horns and a snout. She quickly stands up and tries to run away from the crew but falls to the deck in agony. Her cries become deeper and more beast like.

“V!” Cherry tries to get up to run to her aid but is stopped when Mel grabs her arm. They all watch with eyes widening as her bones start to enlarge as she grows taller.

“We have to do something! We have to help her!” Cherry cries trying to rip Mel’s hand off her arm.

“Heh, your already too late Cherry-pie. She’s mine.”

The beast’s head rolls back with a loud roar as symbols burn themselves into her arms, legs, horns and spine. Smoke emanating from them as the red marks etch their way into her bones. The beast turns around and stares at the crew with purple and blue eyes. The crew is startled by the sudden clapping sound. Their eyes avert to Curse who claps as he makes his way past the crew towards the beast. 

“Bravo my little skeleton. Bravo” he says smiling as he reaches her. He walks around her inspecting and observing his work. “I gotta say, I knew my magic and yours would make for something very powerful but I never imagined this” he says reaching out his demon hand, stroking V’s face. The beast just stands there still staring at the crew, almost in a trance.

“Don’t you touch her!” Ganz yells as he and the rest of the kids run over by Anrez’s side.

“Ganz is right! You need to undo what you did to V right now bad CTK!” Papyrus yells with confidence. The kids all stand heroically in front of Anrez, except for Apple who is hiding being his legs.

“YOU BRING HER BACK RIGHT NOW CURSE!!!” Cherry yells at him, still trying to get out of Mel’s grasp.

“Weren’t you people listening? I didn’t do this to her, I only gave her a little boost to get to the transformation. She’s been hiding this from you since the day she got here” Curse retorts back annoyed.

“But why would she hide something like this from everyone, especially the captain?” Senkiller asks. “Its not like we haven’t seen something this horrible before.” He glares.

“Because V isn’t in here anymore” Curse says tapping on V’s head. “This is a mindless killing machine, on its own it could take down an entire ship. Its quite brilliant actually, I can see why the humans who had her used her as a weapon.”

“Tch, doesn’t look so vicious to me” says Mel. Curse smiles darkly as he steps to the side, his eye glowing brighter.

“Alright then, let me show you what happens when I let her go” he says as he snaps his fingers. The beasts roars as it comes out of its trance and immediately charges after the closest person to her. Angel dodges as the beast slashes its tail and claws viciously at her. Quick on her feet she is able to preoccupy it while Anrez shouts orders.

“Cherry! Take the kids to my cabin and keep them safe until someone comes”

“Captain wait-“ she tries to protest.

“NOW CHERRY!” He yells. She nods as she runs over picking up Apple and Pit.  Origin stays put ready for a fight but Cherry quickly runs back and grabs him, shifting Apple to a piggy back style. She pushes Ganz, Papyrus and Flame with her body as she shuffles them towards the captains quarters and locks the door behind her. 

“Mel, Sen! Keep her distracted” Anrez orders them as he makes his way to the rope stash. “Do not hurt her!!!” He shouts back as he runs.

“But where’s the fun in that?” Senkiller says as he and Mel rush to help Angel.
Mel bashes into the side of the beast knocking it away from Angel. It quickly gets to its feet and charges back towards them. Mel cups his hands and lifts Senkiller into the air only to send him crashing down elbow first into the beasts head. Mel and Senkiller high five at their success to bring the beast down but are quickly startled when it swings its tail around knocking them both to the ground. The beast grabs Senkiller by his foot and throws him sending him flying off the ship and into the water. Mel laughs as he hears Senkiller scream as he plummets into the water. The beast whips around and begins thrashing its claws try and hit him. Mel dodges every attack with ease but is toppled to the ground and holds his hands up on the beast’s jaws to keep them from biting him.

Angel grabs a nearby empty barrel and throws it right at the beast, knocking it to the side. Mel scurries to his feet but is grabbed by its tail around his waist and thrown off the ship to join Senkiller in the water.

“Angel!” Anrez yells tossing her the rope. Angel runs to the mast and begins tying an end around it. Anrez rushes towards the beast sliding right under it as it slashed its sharp claws. Anrez continues to fight the beast dodging carefully and landing several punches into the beasts skull. As Anrez distracts the beast, Angel grabs the other end of the rope and rushes towards the two fighting. She runs around the beast, weaving in and out of Anrez and slashing tail and claws. She quickly makes her way back to the mast and runs behind it. She grunts as she pulls on the rope pulling the beast back towards the mast. Although she was strong, her strength was no match for a 7 foot beast.

The rope just about slips out of her hands when Mel and Senkiller both grab it just in time and the three of them pull on it in unison dragging the beast away from Anrez. Mel and Senkiller hold the rope tightly to keep the beast against the mast while Angel grabs another rope and loops around and around the mast several times before tying it off securely. Mel and Senkiller release their grip and let the rope fall to the deck. They all breathe heavily as they watch the beast thrash and screech as it tries to break free from the ropes.

“Well I gotta say, you guys surprise me” Curse says making his way towards the remaining crew. “You certainly know how to put up a good fight.”

“Shut it Curse…” Angel snaps back at him, still trying to catch her breath.

“This isn’t going to hold her long, we need a plan” Senkiller says, squeezing water out of his shirt.

“We should knock her out, if she’s asleep she can’t think right?” Mel tells them, draining his shirt as well. “If we hit her in the head hard enough it should work.”

“No Mel, we aren’t going to hurt her. Its still V, somewhere in there.” Angel glares at Mel.

“We are low on options here Angel, it might be the only way to keep her and us out of harm” Anrez says loosening up his shoulders.

“Heh, well this should be fun to watch” Curse says as he watches the beast snap the ropes and let out a deafening roar.

“I guess we’ll go with that plan!” Senkiller says making his way towards the beast. A glow emanates from the beast chest as smoke seeps through its teeth.

“Get down!!!” Angel yells as a blast of yellow beam shoots out of the beasts mouth scorching the wood of the ship.

“Hey!!! That is expensive wood to repair!!!” Anrez yells as he gets up off the ground. Mel, Senkiller and Anrez all charge at the beast as Angel looks for something big enough to knock it out with. The three of them dodge the attacks from the beast, trying their best not to get hit, it lets out several more blasts, Anrez yelling every time it does. Angel finds a large oar and grabs it, she yells at Anrez and she gets close enough and tosses it to him. Mel and Senkiller make an attempt to hold the beasts arms but are thrown to the side. Just as the beast turns its head, Anrez runs and leaps off the side of the mast and slams the oar into the beasts head shattering the oar. The beast slumps to the ground, motionless. The crew and captain watch eagerly for any sign of movement but to their relief, the beast had been knocked out.

“Told ya it would work” Mel says proudly.

“Mel, I’m gonna make you sleep in brig if you don’t shut it.” Anrez says annoyed.

“I thought it was a great plan” Senkiller smiles as he pats Mel on the back.

“Now is not the time guys” Angel remarks. Their bickering stops when cracking and popping sounds fill the air as the beasts body retracts back in. Slowly the shape of a familiar skeleton is left lying on the deck. The symbols still etched into her bones. They all stare uncertainly at V’s body for several minutes before Anrez sighs and bends down to her.

“V…” he says placing a hand on her shoulder.

She doesn’t respond.

“V” he says a little louder, shaking her shoulder. “Come on, wake up.”
Her eyes flutter half way open as she tries to bring herself back.

“V, are you alright?” Angel asks bending down with Anrez. V moans as she tries to sit up but her weak body slumps back down, Angel catching her and lifting her head onto her lap.

“C-captain…” V tries to speak but Anrez holds his hand up.

“You don’t have to say anything. Its not important right now.”

“I-I’m sorry… I was going to tell you…” V says closing her eyes.

“V…” Angel whispers softly, her face full of concern.

“I thought if I told you, you would think I am a danger to everyone, that you would lock me up and use me just like… like before.” Tears begin to stream down her face as she continues. “I never wanted to hurt anyone, I never meant for things to get so out of hand. Do whatever you want with me… I never deserved a place on your crew in the first place…” V is startled when she hears Anrez give out a soft chuckle.

“V, if you only knew what kinds of horrors are on this ship, you wouldn’t think that. You deserve a place on this ship just as much as anyone else does. We are a family, not just a crew. Your stuck with us Veevs, and nothing you are or past you have is gonna change that.” Anrez smiles as he gently wipes the tears off her cheeks.

“I-I’m so sorry…” V says as she closes her eyes, passing out from exhaustion.

“We know lass, we know.” Anrez picks V up gently and begins heading to his cabin.

“Where are you going Cap?” Mel asks as Anrez passes by him.

“To take her to see the kids, they need to know she’s okay. And Cherry needs to inspect these burns on her arms.” Anrez answers back continuing to wall. Mel and Senkiller make their way down to the crews quarters to change out of their wet clothes, making fun of each other’s fighting skills the whole way. Angel stands up and takes one look at Curse who is leaning against the railing of the ship. She glares daggers strait into his eye, saying only two words before following Anrez.

“Happy now?”


Done!!!!!! I had a lot of fun writing this one. An explanation behind everything will be posted shortly so be sure to read that afterwords for any questions you may have. :3

Part 1: https://vzearia.tumblr.com/post/167362672657/undercast-the-beast-part-1

Part 2: https://vzearia.tumblr.com/post/167510466977/undercast-the-beast-part-2

Part 3: https://vzearia.tumblr.com/post/167762367212/undercastthe-beast-part-3 

Undercast © @anrez-op-skele and @perfectshadow06

Anrez, Senkiller © @anrez-op-skele

Angel © @armyaangel 

Cherry, Pit © @domino-doodles

Curse, TK Papyrus © @perfectshadow06

Mel, Ganz © @golzy

Apple © @thunderappledrawing

Flame © @gamergirl9008 

Hello everybody! A little while ago I had talked about creating a Western Marches style game for the Dungeons and Dragons 5e system, and ever since me and a small group of DMs have been hard at work getting the whole thing set up. As of now, we’re happy to say that we’re accepting applications!

There are a few rules, however, regarding what kind of character you can play due to the sheer number of players we’re expecting. We’re only accepting classes that can be found in the PHB and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. Additionally, only races from the PHB are allowed, with Aasimar, Firbolg, Goblin, Goliath, Kobold, Lizardfolk, Orcs, and Tabaxi accepted with special permission. We are also banning multi-classing due to a number of game breaking combinations that can be made with them, as well as the sheer amount of extra work that would be put on our shoulders with managing all of that. 

If you are interested, I implore you to go ahead and make your character using either the standard array or point buy (27 points) on a pdf and submit it to our google form here. If you are unable to edit pdfs, you have the option of manually inputting your character’s stats and proficiencies into the google form.

Thank you all so much! We’re really excited to get this started.

It’s Thanks– CHRISTMAS

“IT’S CHRISTMAS MOTHERFUCKERS!” Wilford threw a bit of tinsel on Dark’s head, which immediately turned gray in their aura.

“YEEEEAAAAHHH.” Santaplier barreled into the room behind him, wielding a shotgun.


“FUCK THE PILGRIMS IT’S SANTA TIME!” Santaplier shouted back.

“Okay, I agree with you on that one, but,” Edgar said. “We should enjoy the Thanksgiving meal that’s being prepared for us.”

“Speaking of this meal why the FUCK is a blind man cooking?” Bim interrupted.

“Because I can cook better that all of you.” Host responded.

“And he’s better company.” Dark shrugged the tinsel off their head.

“Alright-” Santa leveled his shotgun at the turkey. “No Turkey Day.”

“NO!” A Jim tackled Santa to the ground.

Wilford made a mad scramble to pick up the fallen shotgun. “I WILL AVENGE YOU.”

“WILFORD!” Dr. Iplier joined the struggle, throwing himself onto Wilford.

“You’re all idiots.” Dark mumbled as they stepped on the shotgun, destroying it.

“MY SHOTGUN!” Wilford cried.

“You mean MY shotgun!” Santa yelled.



“Can we not do this, for one year, please.” Dark groaned.

“No! I will NOT stand for Thanksgiving!”

“You will eat with us or you will STARVE.” Dark threatened.




{…☆♡~ Hey, guys! The Sin Week is beginning! YEAH!!!
I had some delays because of my rhinitis and this shit of computer that I’m using, so I don’t know if I can keep the deadline, but even if delay, I will do all the drawings that I wanted! I won’t give up !!! I decided to start with my sweets candy Lia and gardienne Mia. Finally I made a finished drawing of them, I can’t believe it!  Oh, I’ll use they to my future drawings of MCL and Eldarya~
I’ll try to post at least one drawing per day. (Yes, I’ll not finish it in time, i know…)
You can follow the progress of them and see the list with the links to each of them below  :3 (as I finish, I put the links here xD)
Ps: I’ll not do Ashkore cause we don’t even know the color of his skin LOL Isn’t fun for me drawing a NSFW of him like that, sorry~

{…☆♡~ Ei pessoal! A Sin Week está começando! YEAH!
Eu tive alguns atrasos por cousa da mnha rinite e esse lixo computador que estou usando, então não sei se conseguirei manter o prazo, mas mesmo que eu atrase, eu irei fazer todos os desenhos que quero! Não irei desistir!!! Decidi começar com minhas amadas Docete Lia e Guardiã Mia. Finamente fiz um desenho finalizado delas, nem acredito! Ah, eu vou usar elas para meus futuros desenhos de Amor Doce e Eldarya~ 
Tentarei postar ao menos um desenho por dia. (Sim, não vou terminar a tempo, eu sei…) Vocês podem acompanhar o progresso e ver a lista com os links para cada um deles logo abaixo :3 (conforme eu for terminando, irei colocar os links aqui xD) 
Obs: Não vou fazer o Ashkora porque a gente sequer sabe a cor da pele dele ainda asdfghjh Não é divertido pra mim desenhar um NSFW dele desse jeito, sinto muito~

✦ Lia and Mia Sin Week Variations/Variações -> Em andamento!

✦ Castiel x Lia (Candy/Docete)
✦ Nathaniel x Lia (Candy /Docete)
✦ Lysandre x Lia (Cand /Docete)
✦ Kentin x Lia (Candy /Docete)
✦ Armin x Lia (Candy /Docete)

✦ Ezarel x Mia (Gardienne/Guardiã)
✦ Nevra x Mia (Gardienne/Guardiã )
✦ Valkyon x Mia (Gardienne/Guardiã )
✦ Leiftan x Mia  (Gardienne/Guardiã )

✦ Short Comic Nevra (R18+)

Hey if anyone on here reads this, I just wanna say,

Go defend Net Neutrality.


It’s all we have that’s keeping our internet providers from: separating the websites and content we enjoy up into separate packages, censorship through economic bullying tactics, even slower service, destroying small businesses, destroying internet culture, and destroying the progress we’ve made in the past 20-something odd years.

Essentially, just them making our lives worse.

You can go fight against this by contacting your local congressmen, or by using many of the tools and websites available online. (I’ll have a couple listed below.)

So go out and fight this. It won’t be over until we win. Until the people win.

Some tools I’ve found:


Texting “RESIST” to 50409, which will set you up to write a letter to whoever you think will listen.

So I just saw Mean Girls the musical

•Ben Cook signed my playbill and I’m still in tears
•We got to meet the whole cast and honestly Barrett Weed is so sweet
•Um they’re all so pretty?
•The iconic “You go Glen Coco” got so much cheering and standing ovations
•As did “you can’t sit with us”
•The mall scene was so amazing??? The lighting and the setups??
•They made it in 2017 it was so funny
•Barrett (Janis) yelling “get off my dick” and raising middle fingers to the sky
•Ben Cook (an extra) saying something like “i elbowed her [Regina’s] boob once in science”
•There was an interracial lesbian couple at the Spring Fling????? And i loved it???
•Apex Predator was such a good song uggghhh
•Justice had us all in tears
•The cast was so pretty and so nice and they answered a bunch of questions!
•World Burn was fucking insane, Regina was screaming and stomping and holy hell Taylor Louderman is such an AMAZING actor???????
•Damien in general oh my gooooddddddd during the scene where all the girls were in the gym, everyone was dying how he sat in the background hood up and glasses on
•”Who was the one who said those things?” Everyone points at Regina
•Never thought I’d have emotions for Regina’s mom but we were all almost crying for her
•Gretchen sings a whole song about how she’s worried Regina’s giving up on her
•Something like “I feel like an iPhone without a case… I know I’m expensive and have a lot of features…. but I could shatter any moment”
•Regina’s skirt falls off during Jingle Bell Rock and steps on Gretchen’s face while exiting
•Did I mention how perfect Barrett Weed is??????
•Sadly they didnt do the part where Janis tells Regina she has a huuuugggeee lleeeesssbiiiaaan crush on her
•But Damien was still “too gay to function”
•Janis and Damien didn’t kiss
•Aaron acts drunk to let Cady and the mathletes into the dance and I nearly had a heart attack
•The entire freakin’ audience was hanging onto every word
•Honestly I’m not sure what I was expecting but this was not it at all
•I’m in love with it
•The background changes it’s all electronic and oh my god
•When Regina gets hit by the bus, I’m pretty sure everyone forgot about that part bc they gasped dramatically
•Plus the entire stage goes dark and then there’s just a b u u u u s s s and Regina goes flying
•I’d seriously go see that about twenty more times and it’s midnight
•Taylor Louderman is such a darling and she’s so pretty oh god
•During when we talked to the cast, the guy who played Jason was laughing so much it was adorable
•The party at Cady’s house, in the song they go “Who’s house is this? No seriously, WHOS HOUSE IS THIS”
•Karen convulses on the floor during that scene
•Karen also makes a huge impact on Cady about the whole Regina and the bus rumor and it was so sweet
•Did I mention I’m in love with Ben Tyler Cook?

I've wrote a script for Resistbot!


I am a concerned customer from (where you live/town)

I’m expressing my support for net neutrality and ask that you please protect net neutrality and open internet. Net neutrality is about democracy and free speech without fear or exposure. Its about small business getting their start without struggle or going under. Its about people having a voice to speak with without retribution. Its about people having fair and open access to news, education, and entertainment without any troubles or consequence. Its about people having a fair opportunity to things that they can only get WITH net neutrality. Without an open internet participating in an open democracy/free speech/making a living for yourself becomes much harder. Please support net nuetrality its more important now than ever.



moosiemoo  asked:

hey skrill! i made a video where i voiceacted and made fun of some of the things in renightmare, and i just wanted to make sure that you were okay with it and that it isnt offensive or if you want it down because it is old, if you want me to take it down i have no problem doing so! i just wanted to make sure!

It’s fine as long as it’s not spreading hate or something? But you can keep your videos up even if they’re the worst rants ever honestly. I’m used to this haha

metal-icecube  asked:

ok so i am bi but i think i might be pansexual. i know the difference between the two, but how do i know which one i am? i also read somewhere that you can identify as bi but not care much about gender, but that seems like it would get tiring to explain. can you help me please?

Hi there! This is a wonderful question, and a really common confusion, too. 

Since you already know the difference between the two, I suggest the next thing you do is try to just feel which label FEELS most right. Which one really describes you? Which one are you more comfortable with?

Remember that you don’t have to use a label, and there are many gray areas between labels, too. Labels are made for humans so we can feel a sense of belonging, to finally have language to put to the way we feel, but not everyone can feel represented in one label - again, there are gray areas. 

The bi label is a wide-fitting one. Some people who feel attraction to many genders choose to identify as bi for their own reasons, and it’s perfectly fine. How you label yourself is your choice entirely, and it’s about YOU. Your decision.

You could try out one of the labels you’re considering for a while, and see how it fits you. There’s no shame in switching labels as you figure things out.

Good luck! 

- Mod Elena 🌻

Power and Control (Part 1)

Originally posted by nitratediva

Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: None yet…

Pronouns: I think They/them

Warnings: mini chase?

Prologue (you should really read this, or none of this will make sense)

A/N- in the future I’m going to try to use diverse gifs with (diverse) guys and gals some without people to include everyone so don’t be confused also I’m going to try to keep this inclusive in the writing to so if I ever use she/ her just point it out to me, I know how hard it can be to read fanfiction written for one type of person so… yeah hope this is good

It was almost twelve by the time you fully woke up and one when you finally got dressed. You decided to go to the local coffee shop this morning. When you got there you ordered your favorite drink and a bagel and made your way to one of the vacant two-seater tables in the back, plugged in your earbuds and opened a newspaper. Usually, you stayed at apartments for about a week and then started to look for another, but this time you stayed a little bit longer, now your stay was going on for two weeks. You usually used newspapers to find new places because they were harder to track with. You ended up finding two places one that was pretty crappy and the other kind of nice, you end up calling for the nicer one. You mostly always got crappy places that had chalk outlines instead of carpets, but you knew that if you had a pattern you would be way easier to catch and it would never help you in the end so, why not you thought to yourself. Everything was going according to plan until you heard the door open rather forcefully you looked up and saw a tall blonde man stumble inside but with further inspection you realised he wasn’t a normal blonde white guy, it was the one and only Captain America, well you guess Steve Rogers he was wearing glasses a baseball cap and a blue hoodie, he was probably trying to be indiscreet but you could tell. You felt your heartbeat speed up oh my god they found me, I stayed here for too long SHIT your mind was going crazy but you knew you needed to calm down it could just be a coincidence, but your legs seemed to be working faster than your brain you practically ran out of there.But you knew there was no turning back now. You speed walked down the street your mind going everywhere you finally started to slow down and breathe until you felt a hand on your shoulder you almost jumped out of your skin when you turned around you did. It was the one person you were running from Steve Rogers

”hi I didn’t mean to scare you. you left your jacket in there ” he said with a sweet smile as he held out your jacket. okay maybe it was a coincidence you thought but you knew that your suspicious actions could change this whole situation so you thought what would a completely normal person say if they meet Captain America. But before you could do anything he looked at you more intensely and said: “you look really familiar have we met before?” SHIT he knows who I Am

“I’m not that I know of, I mean maybe. apparently, I have one of those faces Bye!” you quickly turned around and started walking fast again you were so nervous you could almost feel yourself shaking

”hey wait,  your jacket!” he yelled behind you why the hell are you being so awkward you turn around and smiled

“sorry I haven’t had any coffee today”you grabbed the jacket “then why were you leaving the coffee shop?”he asked studying your face “i’m on a diet..black coffee or no coffee and I hate black coffee”he nodded  “well nice meeting you bye”you said and turned around again you knew you were walking too fast it probably looked damn suspicious but oh well you were getting away until you heard his voice again “hey stop I know who you are”and with those words you started to run. You were weaving in between the crowds goddammit running is so suspicious if he didn’t know anything yet he definitely knew now. You quickly turned your head to see him running behind you  SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS why did he have to chase you. You ran until you reached your apartment and quickly ran up the stairs you didn’t know how far behind you he was but you knew if you turned back it would slow you down so instead of going to your floor you kept on going to the roof. But once you got there you noticed how stupid you had been WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW THAT YOU’RE STUCK ON THE FUCKING ROOF, you were stuck.you thought to yourself you stood there for all of twelve seconds before Steve came running up. You held your hand up in front of you “please, I don’t want to use my powers on you you seem like a nice guy” you told him “I’m not going to hurt you I’m trying to help” he said slowly coming closer to you “what do you think hydra said “hey we’re going to do horrible experiments on you until we find what we need”no they said the exact same thing you just said and it’s a load of crap”you said he seemed to think about your statement “okay well this time it’s true” he said “oh, okay then I’ll come with you ”you said as you dropped your hands, you walked over towards him. He looked slightly taken aback “really?” he said with eyebrows raised “of course not you idiot” at that moment you gave him a hard punch in the gut and as he bent over you landed another up his face.you briefly saw how surprised he was by your strength. You ran over to the side of the building you stood on the ledge when you turned around you looked at him and chuckled at the surprised face he wore. You waved and fell.. but not really you flew (air powers remember)you maneuvered your way thru the streets staying low to the ground so if there were airplanes it would be close to impossible for them to get you but one thing you forgot was that there were other people that could fly that Steve probably had on speed dial. That’s when you heard a machine like sound you quickly looked back to see a man in a red and gold suit iron man you tried to go faster but your flying skills were lacking it was a lot harder to fly then you would think and it’s not like you ever really got to practice so you were…choppy to say the least. You could tell he was gaining on you and you were getting tired and your flying was failing so you quickly stopped mid-air and dropped iron man stopped in time not to hit you so you dropped down to the street gracefully. you made your way along the crowded sidewalk people seemed to be more interested in iron man mucking about over the city then some girl just running around. You tried your hardest to fit in look like everyone else but you still needed to get away from the commotion so you walked down the street trying to look average. You eventually dipped into a small alleyway but with your luck you were visited by another avenger; black widow and from what you heard of her she was fast and really good at hand to hand combat so once she jumped from a fire escape you reacted quickly by pushing her to the wall using your powers “why can’t you guys just leave me alone”you groaned you used your powers to keep her there but you were getting very tired. Using your powers was like running or doing physical activity if you did too much you would exhaust yourself and you didn’t use your powers that much since you didn’t really have to for the past while so you were.. “Out of shape”. You knew at the rate you were going you were going to overexert yourself and it would become way easier for them to get you so you walked over to her and you put your arm against her neck using your strength instead of your powers.she struggled and tried to get out of your hold but you were too strong “why haven’t you killed us yet?”she asked”I mean you have powers that could kill everyone on this planet in a second and apparently your superstrong to, you’ve killed before why haven’t you killed us?i think its because your a good person and you know where the good guys. Am i right?”she said you could tell she was actually wondering but you didn’t answer you knew she was right the avenger have done nothing but help the world they have made it a safer place to live in and you knew that. Everyone knew that.“the rest are coming and you can’t run forever”she said and she was right Again. They sent the Avengers after you for god sakes, why would they just stop trying to find you after all this hard work. If anything they would try harder now. You sighed and let go of her “what do you guys even want?”you said backing up to give her some space you hear running coming from beside you, you saw iron man, Captain America and some  girl with long brown hair and a red jacket on.” we want you to help us, help shield, help people that can’t help themselves remember, were the good guys” she added. You paused a minute”and what if i say no?”you asked.”you have already said no, i’m sorry but that’s not going to stop us. You are either our enemy our our aly. Hydra is still looking for you and you would know better than any of us what hydra does. Would you rather be with them?”she asked “Okay,okay i’ll…help” you saw the relief in her face.“on one condition, no experimenting if i don’t want it, like you said I will kill people if i have to”they all nodded but looked relieved. “Welcome to shield”she said “my name is Natasha and I love your powers” she said. well this will be an experience to remember but what’s going to happen next.

anonymous asked:

Hey Kat, I wanted to thank you for writing and sharing your work with us! I found you a few years back when you were working on Stormborn, and it completely blew me away that a fanfic could be that beautiful. It made me want to try writing myself! It had been years since I became so invested in a fic, the last one I can recall was an AtLA fic called Embers. I think it’s amazing that you write all of this for free and share it with us so regularly. Thanks so much for everything you do!


anonymous asked:

Is Deimos yours? Can you tell us more about him? I really love Plum!

Nah. He was made by @nainty-drak (we just love to ship our children together alkfsld–). 

Imma ask her if she can give me a summary of his personality so I can tell you guys about him uvu). But, for now I’ll tell you what I know about him and about their relationship.

Deimos was made by Sci in a lab. He has his and Edge’s DNA along with a bit of Edge’s (I think) GasterBlasters DNA. He’s very tall and and loves his brother Plum and his sister Neón. I won’t say anymore cuz I might say something wornd and then confuse you(?)

Now, little Plum is a weird child. Ya see, he tends to have mood swings like… a lot, and is kind of a sadist. He loves his brother but tends to be a bit rude with him (but Dei doesn’t care about that since he is a masochist–), even if he doesn’t want to. The reason of this is because one, he was born in underfell (even if Classic raised him, he ended having some traits of his father Edge) and only the strongest and cruelest survive there, and two, because he has a weak body (hey, his parents only have 1 HP. Poor Plum doesn’t have a lot of magic) and tends to get sick easily (He would loose very quick in a battle so he needs to look intimidating or to kill his enemies fast). That lead him to be bullied and to be called “runt” (Edge calls him like that sometimes, but he mostly uses “pup” for him. He calls Dei “dog”…. such weird nicknames ahuhuhu–) by the other children. Anyway… Plum just can control his emotions (Hope and Silver are better than him at hiding them) so he’s either happy, mad or just neutral. The bullying also made him a reserved person, meaning he can’t make friends easily. 

According to their little story (me and Nainty made it. Well… mostly her. I just got excited and approved it cuz I love her stories–), they met each other when they were little. Edge gave them two dog collars (A pruple one and an orange one) and locked them in a room to see who was the strongest one. Dei, who obviously would win, just didn’t want to fight so Plum won and gave him his purple collar. Since that day, they became “master” and dog. Dei also became overly protective with him. Now Plum doesn’t like to be away from him. Dei is his dog and nobody can take him away from him!

They surely are a weird couple sjkla– Imagine a very BIG DOG being “protected” by a poodle. Yes, that’s exactly how they are(?).