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Lee Jun Ki’s brilliant portrayal of 4th Prince Wang So in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

“[…] So even though I don’t feel as deprived as Wang So I could identify with the kind of loneliness, despair and desperation that he experienced since those feelings are familiar to me. It allowed me to immerse myself into this role. I think the viewers will really sympathize with the character. They may also see a part of me in him.”

You Deserve Better-Ethan Nestor

Pairing: Ethan Nestor x Reader
Description: Reader’s boyfriend is abusive and Ethan’s thinking he’s ready to get shit stomped
Requested: 38, 81, and 84 for Ethan? I love your writing btw
Send me numbers and I’ll write imagines with THIS dialogue list!
Warnings: Domestic abuse, domestic abuse mentions, angst

As alsways, the fic for Ethan will be under the cut, and the warnings are above. If you feel this piece will be harmful to your health or triggering in any way, please skip it, and if you’re Ethan, skIP THIS THANKS K BYE LOVE U

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idk how to describe this… buuuut on a side note: I FINALLY MADE A BACKGROUND! AND IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE SHIT AT ALL! YAY ME! oh! oH! AND BLACK*STAR’S HAIR DOESN’T LOOK THAT BAD NEITHER!! (i’m actually proud of this, wow, i never thought i could feel like that about myself!)

this was supposed to show the whole gang and the outfits i made for them but i’m lazy and impatient as fuck so i’ll just post this one for now until the next one is ready, and so and so… and btw, i STILL can’t draw hands ;n; but i’m slowly improving?? and i strongly hate the fact i couldn’t find a nice place to write my signature on, dammit

Next one: [X]

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hi! this is your french anon :) with the lock of Jess and Julia I decide to re activate again my tumblr (this shit app cant work on my phone so I have to be on my computer and its so unpractical so I was mostly a very active anon everywhere) and come to join the fun.. I also send an ask some time ago telling that all this wonderfull ladies here save me from my depression so even if I'm made a fool of myself with my awful english I hope that my shippers sisters will accept a french lost girl <3

French anon! You’re not anon any longer! Yay! Your English is perfect and of course we’ll accept a lost French girl! I feel like making a fool of ourselves is a past time here, no judgement. 

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I remember my first 'rest day' after months of over exercising. I remember how tired I was, how I made oatmeal with water instead of milk, how I still walked five miles in the rain just so I could eat an apple afterwards, how I had to tell myself over and over again that I didn't need to go out and run. Today on my rest day I woke up, I made myself oatmeal with peanut butter and banana & smiled at the prospect of staying in bed and reading all day. I have learned to love myself. Thank you.

Oh my gosh…I’m sitting outside on my deck right now with a bowl of oatmeal and coffee and an apple…and this just hit me so, so hard. You absolutely made my entire day anon. You are a beautiful warrior goddess that inspires me and I want you to know how much this touched me. I love you so much and am so, so proud of you. Thank YOU.


Royal Tiara Challenge 2017

Day 17: Favorite Monegasque Tiara

The Ocean Tiara/Necklace

So if I’m being honest, I don’t love any of Monaco’s tiaras. I don’t hate them, but I don’t really care for them either. That being said, I do like the Ocean Tiara/Necklace but more as a work of art than a piece of jewelry. Made by Van Cleef & Arpels, it was a wedding present from Prince Albert to his bride Princess Charlene. Charlene was an olympic swimmer from the mediterranean, so many of her wedding gifts had a water theme. As a water girl myself, I can appreciate what VC&A was trying to evoke with this piece. The beauty, yet fierce power of ocean waves, all conveyed in sapphires and diamonds. On display, and as a necklace, this piece is magnificent. As a tiara, I’m not convinced quite yet. It will take more than one magazine spread for me to say yay or nay on this one. 

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26. “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.” With Baron

Aw, Wolf Daddy, I love it. This got… Much angstier than I thought it would. Maybe I’m just in an angsty mood, I don’t even know man. I also made him… A little? More expressive?? I mean, come on, his emotional state has been on a very high level as of late, I mean really.

#26: “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.”

You had managed to avoid him for over 2 months now, always being able to fumble out some excuse. Always something about not having his right shade or the right kind of products for his hair, even worse, pinning him on the other artists there, something about them knowing what he likes. Bullshit, all bullshit. You knew what products worked best on him, his likes, his dislikes, hell, you had dated him for over 2 years.

Before he left, that is. Not that you felt bitter about it, god no. You were more proud than anything. He got out, knew he was meant for better things, meant to wrestle. And you were not going to be the thing holding him back from that. It was never a “talk,” there weren’t fights, anything. Everything just. Stopped. His schedule grew busy with training and the constant traveling. When he went months without so much as a text, the only time you heard his voice being when you watched his matches, you got the message, gathering everything that had made his place yours, getting one of his friends to take care of X before you disappeared. You changed your numbers, left behind your job, your city, friends, everything you loved.

‘It was a mutual thing,’ sounded much more natural whenever people had asked what happened between the two of you. The more you said it, the more you had been able to convince yourself that that’s what it was. A mutual breakup. “Our lives just weren’t made for each other. It was easier this way.” It wasn’t. 4 years later and it still wasn’t easier.

You had never expected to land a job here, never expected that Lindy Sue, one of your biggest inspirations in the makeup department, would look at your page, see your work and invite you in for an interview. The whole thing sounded as if it had been torn from one of your dreams. After the first month of working with her, you grew the courage to ask how she discovered you. “One of the wrestler’s told me about you,” was all she would ever say before changing the subject.

“Baron’s at your station, whenever you’re ready,” you were quickly told, the person quickly running off before you had time to stutter out some over-used excuse. You took a deep breath, air pooling in your lungs, before you began the walk to your usual station. You pretended not to notice the way his breath caught in his throat, the way his hand ran over his jaw.

“I’ll be done as soon as I can,” you muttered out politely, gently pulling at the small band holding his hair in his usual bun. It had gotten so much longer since you had last been this close. You ran your fingers through it slowly, remembering the way you used to do it on your lazy nights together, his head resting against your thighs, some dumb horror movie on the screen. You pulled yourself out of the memory, a small sniffle the only sign of the tears threatening to fall from your eyes. You moved away from the chair, your hand hovering over the products lining your table.

“Look at me,” though to anyone else it would sound like a demand, you knew it was a plead. Your movements froze at the way his name rolled off your tongue. You wiped angrily at your eyes at the soft ‘baby,’ that left his lips, refusing to give in.

Don’t. Do that, don’t call me that,” it passed through teeth gritted together. You closed your eyes, regaining your composure before grabbing the usual bottle used on the male wrestler’s with longer hair, slicking his down quickly, practically throwing it onto the table as you finished. “There, you look fine.” You huffed out, ignoring his protests as you made your way to the bathroom, the slight sound of flesh against concrete causing your heart to leap a bit as you disappeared down the hall.

You grunted as you tugged your bag over the small speed bump by the front door, blowing a piece of hair from in front of your face, smiling at the man at the front desk. “Last one in?” he muttered out, making slight small talk as he pulled up your room number. You nodded back at him, muttering out a small ‘as usual,’ always being one to hang back in order to avoid any accidental confrontations with Baron. 

Your eyes fell to the small writing on the paper folder holding your key. You moved slowly to the elevator, looking up in order to avoid tripping, your eyes landing on a giant mass sitting on the chair in the waiting room. Your thoughts swarmed with the events of earlier that night, what Baron had done to Sami, something he didn’t deserve. He had been so angry, angrier than his usual matches, leaving you to watch backstage in shock. 

Your finger mashed against the button, eyes trained on the metal doors as you heard shuffling behind you. You pressed yourself against the wall as you watched him follow in behind you, quickly asking what floor he was on for you to push the button. You watched the numbers light up carefully, teeth gnawing on the inside of your cheek. You eyes widened at the small ‘fuck this,’ muttered beside you, before his fist slammed against the emergency button, your hand flying to the railing as the elevator pulled to a stop. 

“What the hell, Baron,” you shot a glare his way before your back fell against the side, fists placed on either side of your head. You stared up at him, challenging his anger filled eyes. “What is your problem?!” 

“You, you’re my problem,” it came out as a deep growl as you rolled your eyes. “You’re avoiding me. Why?” His eyes narrowed at the small chuckle that passed by your lips. 

“Why do you think Baron, honestly,” you hissed through gritted teeth. “You hurt me,” a sad laugh pulled itself from you as you looked down at your feet, tears pulling at your ducts. “To a point where I don’t know when I’m going to be okay. You broke my heart in the worst way possible,“

“You left me princess, I come home to nothing, your number changed, your stuff gone, you gone, and I’m the bad guy,” his fist pounded against the wall, causing you to jump slightly. “It’s bullshit.” Your eyes shot up to meet his, index fingering pushing against his chest. 

“You were gone long before I even left, left me before I even had a chance to fight for you, for us. You wanna know why I’ve been avoiding you?! I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again,” the strength in your voice fell, betraying you as it cracked. Your fingers tightened into a slight hold on his shirt. “because every match, every night I watched you get closer and closer to achieving all this, the things you were born for, my heart screamed for you and you weren’t there!” By now, the padding of his thumb pressed against your cheek, wiping the tears that had flooded down your cheeks. You leaned slightly to his touch, his hands more calloused than remembered before pushing his hand away, knowing if it lingered any longer you would fall back in. 

“I’m sorry,” you clicked your tongue, eyes shifting to the side to avoid his apology. “Look at me,” his fingers pulled gently against your chin, angling your face up towards his. “I’m sorry.” his eyes shook with fear, the whites dyed a slight red color, you telling yourself it was just because of how late it was, how tired he may be. 

“Baron, can you just fix this so I can go to my room,” your voice was quiet, not wanting to embarrass yourself any further. 

“No,” he muttered stubbornly, keeping your eyes on his. “No, not until we talk about this. Dammit, we should’ve talked the second Lindy told me you got the job, the second I found you,” your palm fell against his cheek, the sound being the only one to echo against the walls. 

“How dare you,” you couldn’t tell what was going through your mind right now, not knowing whether to be angry that he had involved someone else in this, or hopeful at the fact that he had been looking for you. 

“This is pointless without you,” it was a small confession that had all thoughts pull to a stop. “All of this, fucking pointless if I don’t have you, why didn’t you just say something to me, I would’ve tried harder, I would’ve done better,” he pressed gently against the button, the elevator resuming it’s climb, doors opening with a ding. His lips pressed shakily against your cheek, forcing himself to pull away. “I’d do anything for you, please, think about it.” He shuffled out the elevator, hands pulling at his hair as he walked down the dimmed hallway. Your arm shot out to stop the elevator doors, your bags forgotten.

“Baron, wait,” your feet sped up as he turned around, seeing his eyes filled with tears. Your heart immediately broke at this as you caught up, your palms immediately pressing against his cheeks, lips pressing desperately against his. His arms wrapped around you as though you were his life line, keeping you close against his body. Your lips pulled away slowly, as you fell back on your heels, teeth tugging at your bottom lip. A small smile pulled at Baron’s lips as he held you, his lips pressing against the top of your head as you pressed your body against his. “I left my bags on the elevator.” 


I made a list of the things that make me happy. Well, I’m making a list, I’m not done with it or anything. I mean, I wrote ten slots out and I’ve only filled eight and I’d like to think there’s more than that.

Anyway, the fun thing is that after I had the list going, I immediately went and did four of the eight things I put down there. (Which made me feel better about making the list in the first place)

I think that what made me feel better, even more than the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or the puppy cuddling, is that like…I wanted to be happy? And I’ve sort of been being hard on myself about not trying enough, about not doing the things I probably should be doing and telling myself that obviously that’s because I’m just trying to be miserable and I don’t want to be happy. But that’s not the case! 

So yay for that.

Anyway, I’m trying to take note of all the signs that are popping up now that show that the work I’ve been doing is actually giving me the results I want. I think if anything what I’ve learned here is that I’m prone to overlooking positive things to keep myself in the narrative in my head that everything is bad (and it’s probably because I’m bad). But now I’m trying to change that narrative, so. Signs.

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So I’m not sure we know when Lance’s bday is, but i headcanon it’s in late september or early october because I’m 100% he’s a Libra. We all know how libras are, funny loving, beautiful and overanlysing. And I just???? Like he is a Libra!!? Have You seen that boi.!!? And I think he cries a lot too! But he doesn’t show it? Because he doesn’t want to hurt the others? And he lightens the mood even if he’s being made fun of, and he would laugh along because, yay he made his friends laugh, it didn’t matter he was in the verge of crying….

ML Fic Rec!

For hitting 300+ followers on this blog, the Ml fic rec I promised a few milestones ago is now here and done! There are fluffy fics, angsty, drabbles and multi-chapter fics, any for your reading needs! Some of these I’ve finished long ago, and some are ones that I’ve only read the first chapter of, but it was too amazing to leave out.


G and K: For anyone to read, nothing to worry about!

K+: Content may not be suitable for younger readers.

T: Violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.

N/R: Not Rated, or it didn’t have a rating on it. Nothing is above the T rating on this list though!

N/C: Not counted, didn’t have a word count.

Paws Fur Coffee by @crispypata

Rating: G. Chapters: 6/6, 32,707 words.

He was so sure that Ladybug would already push him off a rooftop if she knew his civilian identity worked at a café called “Paws Fur Coffee” of all names (the owner is a dog person, but he’ll take it), but his flub on the chalkboard menu just topped it all off.

His neat handwriting read back to him: “Chai Noir”.

(In which Adrien Agreste has some really cool ideas about the special drink of the week and gets to know a regular customer.)

Well, excuse me, princess! by @metawohoo

Rating: T. Chapters: 9/9, 17,816 words.

By the eleventh time the Evillustrator went to abduct Chloe Bourgeois, her family’s butler knew the boy’s favorite tea flavor and which type of coffee biscuits (Amarettis) he preferred. The mayor did not hesitate to pat the boy on the shoulder, and to discuss his life choices.

Tikki’s New Friend by @panda013

Rating: G. Chapters: 10/10, 100,838 words.

The dog was easily the height of his chest, and the young woman walking it could have only come up to his shoulder. But she was just cheerfully walking along beside the dog, chatting and laughing happily with a redheaded young woman. The dog was a big black beast—he didn’t know the breed then, nor did he particularly care, but it whined pitifully when its equally dark-haired owner paused to read a street sign. She just giggled and reached out a hand to ruffle its fur, and the giant’s tail wagged happily.

Roulette by @gigiree

Rating: G. Chapters: 1/1, 1,359 words.

It’s a gamble and both players have the advantage. Chest Kiss prompt.

The Kitchen Gods by @miracufic

Rating: G. Chapters: 1/1, 9,474 words.

Adrien needs an independent cash flow; the Dupain-Chengs need someone to work part-time at the bakery over the summer.

Marinette mostly needs someone to keep her heart from stopping.

Stray Chat by @pozolegirl

Rating: G. Chapters: 10/?, 59,463 words.

Adrien just really wants to be friends with Marinette…. but…. it’s hard to be friends with Marinette Dupain-Cheng and not become a little tongue tied around her.
Eventually Chat Noir will become essentially adopted by Marinette and they will both be hiding things as they start on the new adventure of being roommates.

Trading Advice by @megatraven

Rating: G. Chapters: 1/1, 1,361 words.

When Nino and Marinette hang out, they get advice from each other in regards to relationships.

Summer Heat by @agreste-dupain-cheng

Rating: G. Chapters: 1/1, 1,198 words.

It’s too hot for Marinette to focus on studying, and certain Cat doesn’t help matters. But he does have his virtues.

raindrops by @faith-xx-love

Rating: G. Chapters: 1/1, 127 words.

Drabble. The heavens open up and the skies cry but it’s the pouring memories that you can’t erase.

Inspired by Episode 26 – Origin Episode Part 2

Chocolate Cake by @mayallthebaconburn

Rating: G. Chapters: 6/6, 16,961 words.

Adrien offers to help Marinette while she’s taking care of the bakery on her own.

If You Give a Kwami a Cracker by @pftones3482

Rating: K+. Chapters: 1/1, 5,506 words.

…it might just end up with your best friend figuring out your secret identity. One shot.

Chasing the C/h/at Walk by @runningoutofink 

warning: no sexual content, just references to it for humor, and near the end it gets more intimate, but nothing ever happens.

Rating: T. Chapters: 13/13, 112,395 words.

Paris. The city of lights, love and fashion. Follow the progress of Marinette Dupain Cheng as she enters the extremely competitive world of Reality television for a chance to be the winner of Project Runway: France.

Quiet Ice, Silent Nights by @thelastpilot

Rating: G. Chapters: 8/8, 38,748.

Cat Noir is on a late night patrol when he catches sight of an elegant lone figure skater, and is surprised to discover it is his classmate Marinette.

Sage Advice on Love and Rock and Roll by @sarahcada

Rating: N/R. Chapters: 1/1, N/C words.

Uncle Jagged Stone gives his sort-of niece Marinette dating advice.

Le Diable by @lastroseofspring

Rating: N/R. Chapters: 1/1, N/C words.

Studying isn’t easy for Marinette when her tutor keeps purring and kneading you like the cat he is.

i know you by @ladybugandblackchat

Rating: T. Chapters: 7/?, 63,196.

So Chat gets bored and decides to visit his Princess, duet singing is the result.

Nokia by @darkscaleswriter

Rating: K+. Chapters:1/1, 2,079

An akuma with invincible armor forces Ladybug and Chat Noir to get… creative. Featuring power tools, a bathroom sink, and an industrial oven. Freaking Nokias.

Le Cirque de la Miraculeuse by shmulia

Rating: G. Chapters: 5/?, 26,845 words.

The circus arrives at midnight; a place for mystery and magic, it hosts an unwilling contest between two magicians who are players in a game they can’t control…

Showcase by @bounemr

Rating: G. Chapters: 13/?, 37,351 words.

“Showcase” is a Miraculous Ladybug Pokemon AU, taking the characters from ML and placing them in the pokemon world. With Adrien as a Performer, renowned on the internet as his stage identity “Chat Noir”, and Marinette trying to reach her dreams as a fashion designer, both of them have to make very important decisions. Gifted with mega evolution, they must fight or flee in the face of the new threat to Lumiose City and the people and pokemon that call it home.

get lucky by @clairelutra

Rating: T. Chapters: 2/?, 4,568 words.

come on baby, we ain’t gonna live forever
let me show you all the things that we could do
you know you wanna be together
and i wanna spend the night with you

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a superhero in possession of a beautiful teammate must be in want of a love story.”

A Ladynoir tale.

tangled ribbons by @sadrien

Rating: G. Chapters:11/13, 54,535 words.

Marinette is a small studio dancer who wins a scholarship to a summer long ballet intensive. Adrien is a famous ballet dancer who would rather be at home than at said intensive. The end of the summer will bring about a showcase that could make Marinette’s career, if she can ignore Chloé and focus on something other than Adrien.

Sore muscles, coffee breaks, and video chats ensue. And there is an awful lot of fondue.

Everything by @chassecroise

Rating: G. Chapters: 1/1, 1,160 words.

While they’re trapped together inside the animal cage at the zoo, Nino and Alya have quite an interesting conversation.

Boutique by @miraculer

Rating: N/R. Chapters: 4/?, 4,611 words.

In which Marinette opens an online store, Adrien is hormonal, and Alya is bae.

Picture Perfect by @kingsandthieves

Rating: T. Chapters: 1/1, 3,274 words.

Chat Noir’s suggestion of doing a charity event sounded like the perfect idea, until Alya decided to organise a suggestive calendar shoot. Not only is giving the overly-exuberant Chat Noir a chance to showcase himself a really bad idea, but Marinette doesn’t know where to even begin with posing in front of a camera.

It’s a lucky thing someone knows what they’re doing.

Kiss and Dash by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley warning: intense-ish kissing.

Rating: T. Chapters: 7/7, 15,940.

It starts of when Marinette kisses Adrien on a dare and runs off but it really spirals out of control when Chat Noir takes revenge with his own kiss and dash. Do all people kiss the same way?

My Fair Lady by @marchofthethieves

Rating: N/R. Chapters: 1/?, N/C words.

Chat needs an answer, even if its not the one he wants.

It’s a Cat’s World by @ozxiii 

warning: intense kissing. like thats it.

Rating: T. Chapters: 2/?, 6,497 words.

Chat doesn’t know when he began to watch Marinette. Perhaps it was after the Evillustrator, or maybe when he saw her stand up to Chloe for Mylene. Maybe it was later than, or perhaps it was before all of that. But he made a point to check in on his princess after his patrols, and he always felt better knowing that she was safe.

The Things You Do by WhoReallyKnows

Rating: T. Chapters: 2/?, 3,007 words.

Anthony Dupain-Cheng led a normal life; Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened to him, and he liked it that way.
Then, like usual, Marinette brought her weirdness into it. He had been fine with her pasting pictures of her classmate all over the walls, and had been pretty chill with her odd obsession with putting food into her purse but never eating it. But this, oh no, this crossed the line.
His sister was Ladybug. /Mother Fucking Ladybug/.

Pick-Up and Chase by @skaylanphear

Rating: T. Chapters: 6/10, 16,431 words.

After she accidentally trips into Adrien and apologizes about “falling for him,” Marinette learns that he’s no match for cheesy pick-up lines–whether they were unintended or not. And while she finds it flattering that he turns into a flustered mess with only a few words, Marinette comes to regret making him uncomfortable. That is, until she learns he’s Chat Noir. At which point the phrase “just desserts” becomes a permanent fixture in her everyday plans.

A story in which Adrien is flustered, Marinette is smooth as glass at dropping lines, and Chat Noir gets the romance he was always asking for–even if he doesn’t quite know how to handle it.

What’s the Darkness Like? by @nya-and-spots

Rating: N/R. Chapters: 1/1, N/C words.

Nooroo only wanders around the big mansion at night. So when he discovers Plagg, after a heavy conversation, the Cat Miraculous wonders- just how frightening is it to be a weapon of war than of peace?

We Need To Talk by @frostedpuffs

Rating: G. Chapters: 1/1, 1,259 words.

Adrien and Marinette have been together for nearly five months now. When an akuma attacks hits the school and Marinette can’t get away to transform quick enough, Chat Noir comes to her rescue, but does something Marinette would have never, ever expected.

adrien is a fucking idiot, basically

This drabble by @miraculouslyunlucky

Rating: N/R. Chapters: 1/1, N/C words.

Ways to say I love you: 30-Too quick, mumbled into your scarf possibly?

Photoshoot by @miraculous-hearts

Rating: N/R. Chapters: 1/1, N/C words.

Somehow, someway, Marinette got sucked in. She can’t remember quite how she got into this situation, but she wasn’t going to complain. After all, who would say no to a photo shoot with Adrien Agreste!. But they only problem was…Ladybug was the one posing with the teen model. Since Adrien was going to be modeling new Ladybug and Chat Noir inspired clothing, it seemed only fitting that the famed super heroin would join him. For some reason, they couldn’t get Chat to join them. It seemed odd to Ladybug, since she figured he would love the attention.

Pounce by @kagesora/ @actualaster

Rating: N/R. Chapters: 1/1, N/C words.

Adrien being a giant dork and embarrassing himself completely when his more feline side shows.  In class.

He’s a Siren by @miraculousturtle

Rating: T. Chapters: 7/?, 31,563 words.

Merman AU. Their meeting is orchestrated by fate, conducting them one at a time to step on the stage. With the flick of the baton, in time, they will sing the same song, but only if they aren’t swept away by the ocean’s mighty waves.

All Ladybug wishes is to have a Chat Noir by her side, but what Marinette finds is that maybe she just needs a more aquatic companion.

Sleepy Cuddles by @quicksilversquared

Rating: G. Chapters: 3/3, 10,478 words.

Both Adrien and Marinette have the tendency to cuddle up to others in their sleep, as both Nino and Alya have experienced. So when the opportunities arise, they toss their friends together and let the snuggles commence.

The Butterfly Effect by @catnoirism

Warning: Graphic Deceptions of Violence.

Rating: T. Chapters: 1/?, 1,794 words.

Twenty days ago, he was normal.

Twenty days after, he had his whole will driven to commit acts like biting bullets or juggling meat cleavers with his bare hands, whichever was doable at the moment.

In Pleantea of Time by @brettanomycroft

Rating: N/R. Chapters: 1/1, N/C words.

Marinette freezes in her spot behind the counter. Busy replenishing the tins of loose leaf tea for the more popular brews, she hadn’t heard the delicate chime at the front door. She turns in slow-motion to the shop floor, watching as the new customer starts chatting with the blond standing by the shelves. She hadn’t heard the front door chime, which means it’s too late-

“Oh, I have no uncertainteas about finding the right blend for you.”

I hope you enjoy the fics, make sure to reblog/comment/kudos/review them if you can, or message the author to give them your thoughts! They’ll always appreciate it!


31.1.17 (30/100)

You know what’s coming up? CAs.

You know what I absolutely cannot do? Study for exams. I don’t know why, it’s as if I get sucked into procrastination only when exams are coming up (does anyone know what I mean?)

So, I made a guideline for me! I made sure to give myself time for rest, because I need to actually be alive to take the exam (yay)

I did more planning than the two pictures shown, but yeah this is basically what I planned!

I also ranked the subjects by most content heavy, so I know which to start with so I don’t effectively sentence myself to dooooom.

And, I made sure to only study a few subjects each day. Studying all at once would probably cause me to short circuit.

So yep, that’s about it for today!

Watching Knock Knock for the first time

Oh boy… *End of Time flashbacks* yes I am having a lot of flashbacks recently, but let’s hope this episode isn’t related to the infamous four knocks in any way

(Also I kept getting typos and writing “Kock kock” and that sounds so wrong in my opinion)

(The German title is “Klopf Klopf” and that sounds pretty funny too)


-Tbh I’d love to live at any of those places


-Ah yes, thunderstorms around an old building, totally not a scary movei cliche

-People still listen to LP records?

-That turned into a dubstep remix for a short moment

-Yay, it’s Bill’s theme.

-I love Bill’s theme. It’s relaxing but not slow, and merry, and adventurous…


-”Unless we’ve regenerated, or had a big lunch…”
 Rose: “Doctor, Doctor, wake up, please, we need you!”
 Ten: “mmmmfrrghf I ate too much”

 Twelve: *Vietnam flashbacks*

-The subtitles said ‘draughty’ when I heard ‘drafty’; I looked it up and apparently the latter’s usually the American way of spelling.

I remember him doing that before in another reincarnation, just not sure when.

-”He’s… my… granddad…”
 omfg Bill’s embarrased, I feel like Twelve would be offended but why do I find this so funny

-”I don’t look old enough to–”
 Well maybe you’re not that old by Time Lord standards but tbh you’re over 2000, you said so yourself

1. That face.
2. That moment when someone doesn’t high-five you back.
3. Apparently Bill’s told everyone about the Doctor, or maybe they’re just all in his class.

-”Oh, come on, father, at least, please.”
 “Oh alright, grandfather.”

-He is so gonna come back here later

-”Mine went greypacking on the Great Wall of China with his boyfriend, but they got arrested for trying to steal a bit.”
 That sentence sure is a wild ride.

-”Says it gETs HIM in the zOOOne.”

-”Yeah, I wish. Can’t find a way in.”
 Climb up the wall lol

-What kind of accent is this? Scottish? Northern?



-”You proud?”


-”There’s no living puddles or weird robots, big fish… It’s just a new house. And people you don’t know. Not scary at all.”


-I have a bad feeling about what will happen to Bill’s mother’s picture

That makes a lot of sense though.

-I’m not saying bad reception will guarantee a mishap, but when it does happen you won’t be able to contact emergency numbers and call for help. That sounds bad.

-”Landline? What is this, Scotland?”
 You sure are lucky the Doctor ain’t here


-”Or maybe a massive, freaky spider.”
 I’d prefer that much, much more to a cursed doll.

-And of course they HAVE to mess with the Asian just kidding JUST KIDDING I made fun of my math class friends with a paper cockroach once

-Even my teacher jumped

-But back to the episode.

-WHOP definitely not a mouse

-Why don’t you ALL go and check

-Yay, at least they’re sticking together.

HA  told you he’d come back to investigate

-”Very interesting, lots of wood.”
 And the Sonic Screwdriver doesn’t work on wood.

-”For a man such as myself, discretion is second nature.”
 If by discretion you mean sneaking up on people and scaring the shit out of everyone

-I’m getting some Dracula vibes here

-Funny, I just looked up the actor and he played Van Helsing in a 2006 BBC adaptation of Dracula.

Thing is, he actually did that, in the past he WAS (and maybe still is) someone’s grandfather. He had to let Susan go.

The subtitles make everything better, 10/10

-I’m wearing headphones and that ASMR certainly was uncalled for

-”How do you get into the tower?”
 “You don’t.”
 (what he meant: if i ever catch one of your sorry little asses running into that fucking tower i will catch you and i will burn you fucking shitless you little shit nugget)

HARRIET JONES *flashbacking intensifies*


-”I take it back. you’re fine. He’s weird.”
Of course the Doctor’s fine
I mean he saves people, nothing else, haha



-I’m about as happy as that girl there right now


look at the pouting owl

-”You’re not leaving, are you?”

-”We need to have a talk about your taste in music.”


Boy who cried wolf and all, but I still think you should be concerned


-*the Master is triggered from a whole another dimension*

You’ve had quite the crazy life, Doctor…

-I wonder if any of his students are making conspiracy theories, or just theories in general, about all the weird stuff he says, or does everyone pass it off as a joke?

-So did Felicity make it out or


-”I’m scared.”
 “Don’t be.”
 “Why not?”
 “It doesn’t help.”


-Kinda reminds me of the ancient pirates stuck inside Davy Jone’s ship in PotC

-Also reminds me of that Steven Universe episode ‘Horror Club’. Although in that case it was a Gem Monster embedded in the building or something similar…

-Lemme guess, the house is alive?

-So was the music sort of Pavel’s connection to life

-”He’s released”



That was… unexpectedly cute.

Okay, slightly less cute, no offense but from afar you lot do look like cockroaches.

-”It’s not a cupboard!”
 When did he figure that out?

-”You’ve gone crazy.”
 ”Well I can’t just call them lice, can I?”

Now I’m getting Crimson Horror (Doctor Who series 7) vibes as well

-Y’know, with the crazy woman that blinded and locked up her daughter…

-Nice. Photo evidence.


 Not what I wanted but eh I trust your judgment

Showcasing one of the trick staircases of Hogwarts


I feel like some character advancement has happened in the last couple of seasons, I mean, I’m not the best at figuring out personalities but I feel (again) like, say, Twelve from Series 8 would be getting really mad by now.

-”I haven’t had visitors in such a long time. My name is-”


-Look at me, making Groot jokes when a character just died onscreen.

-”Why would he pick up insects in the garden and bring them in to see his ill daughter?”
 Well I know I would.
 “Everyone loves insects.”
 Thank you.

-Well apart from mosquitoes, I’d still rather keep my blood and not get an itch, thank  you very much.

He ended up calling them lice after all.






-I uh

-*crouches quietly in the corner* what about the bugs

Eliza the Licebender

-Why are there fireworks?


And another trauma to be added to Bill’s collection!


Take-outs! He got take-outs!




-Ah, Pop Goes The Weasel. *fnaf memories* (yeah I know Scott didn’t make the song)

-It’s not really like the Doctor to keep someone locked up, and I’m seeing parallels between the old man in this episode and him… Too early?

-Soooooooo when are we gonna get to the Doctor’s suspicious basement…
 Lemme guess… the season finale?



so there’s a fair near where I live that reminds me of Ninjago because there’s a big famous roller coaster and also it’s where I went on my first date

anyway I like the idea of Jay and Nya redoing their first date because it would be adorable and cause the first time didn’t go so well

featuring Jay in the outfit I wore to the fair the other day bc it was cute and I feel like Jay totally would have worn it

In Another Life - Sleep


summary: a chaptered fic made up of a series of smutty oneshots taking place in the pastel!dan and punk!phil alternate universe

genre: smut, angst, and fluff (the holy trinity as one unites again amen)

warnings: in this particular oneshot - swearing, cockslut!dan, slight somnophilia but not really, blowjob, dirty talk, riding

word count:  2106 (well dammit)

a/n: okay yay i’ve made a second chapter! sorry for all of the drabbles, i’ve found myself really busy. special s/o to holly for encouraging me and telling me that i can do it and for helping me write this fic :) what dan does to phil in this fic is consensual and yes, i think that is it. i feel like i’m going to pass out now it’s almost two in the morning ughghghg. i hope you enjoy! <33

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Hi everyone! So these past couple of weeks have been stressful, eventful and all round challenging. But a lot has happened so I thought I would update you guys :) 

1. I finally started my study youtube channel

2. Changed my URL and got my own domain!

3. Bought myself a new camera (possibly going to do some vlogging in the future?? :P ) 

4. So My birthday happened…yay?! I’m finally an adult hahaha responsibilities tho….urgh. I’m so grateful to have such amazing friends, who made my birthday so much fun and memorable. Also…can we appreciate their birthday presents?? Like those aren’t all of the things I got from them, but I wanted to show you guys how they literally fuel my addiction to cute stationery. One of my best friends is Japanese and her mom had bought all this cute stationery (and well my friend isn’t as obsessed as I am) and she told her mom that I LOVE Japanese stationery…lo and behold I GOT SUCH CUTE JAPANESE STATIONERY!!! What she didn’t know was that I had these things in my amazon shopping cart, only one click away from buying them myself :P So that was a lovely surprise. AND she also got me this adorable washi tape (I forgot to put it in the picture :/) and the print is of the Tokyo skyline and it’s soooo cute.

So yeah, that’s been the last few weeks of my life in a nutshell. I know that I haven’t been online too much and haven’t posted at all recently but I’ve had to deal with a lot of school stress and personal stuff and asdfghjkl I’m glad to be back!! 

anonymous asked:

One for positivity Friday. I just found out about the term "twice exceptional" which describes me (I'm intellectually gifted but have ADHD and autism). I love it because it describes both parts of myself as being exceptional, like it's okay to feel positive about it all and my intellect doesn't cancel out my difficulties. It just made me happy!

Yay! I’m glad you found a term that helps you embrace yourself!