i made his eyes look kinda green

how the warriors movie will open

beginning scene: [firepaw walking thru camp, just named an apprentice of thunderclan, looking angrily around]

firepaw: hi my name is firepaw and i have flame-colored ginger fur (that’s how i got my name) and pretty emerald green eyes and cats tell me i kinda look like thunderstar (directors note: if u dont know who he is then get da hell out of here!!) i’m not related to him but i wish i was because everyone tells me he was a major fucking hottie. i was just made an apprentice of thunderclan (in case you couldn’t tell) it’s snowing and raining out today which i’m very happy about. longtail and tigerclaw stared at me. i stuck my middle claw at them.

Preference "How they react to you wearing glasses."

(So i’m posting this preference before because I finished it first XD and it’s kinda fluffy! Yay for our fav liking us again :3 As someone who always wear glasses (cause my eye sight sucks XD) this was awesome to write!! Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

Negan- The moment he saw you with glasses while doing your work, he stopped and then slowly made his way towards you and as he got a real good look at you, said “You look…fucking awesome with glasses…Je-sus! Fuck! How do you even do that?!” You laughed but suddenly he got a hold of your glasses and put them on and started to ask “Tell me Y/N…do I look just as good as you do with these glasses?” Only to make you laugh even harder.

Daryl- He noticed you wearing glasses one day and thought you looked pretty. He never found the courage to say anything but would smile here and there when he saw you looking towards him. However, you noticed him staring at you and decided to ask him about it and he admitted “Y/N, you always look good but…I don’t know…there’s just something about you with glasses that I can’t stop myself from staring at you…”

Rick- He was getting prepared to leave for a run, when in the corner of his eye, he noticed something different about you. You were wearing glasses and he couldn’t help but smile and say “Something new Y/N?” You laughed and explained to him as to why you had glasses and he replied “That’s good…i’m glad you’re wearing them…you look stunning…as you always do…”

Merle- You were working with Milton and as Merle walked in, he noticed something different, you had glasses. He whistled and couldn’t help but chuckle as you looked up at him. “Lookin’ good Y/N! You look like one of them sexy secretary or teacher you know…I like that! Plan on keeping them when you come to my room tonight, right?” You shook your head and laughed and threw a ball of paper at him.

Glenn- While on a run with him, you found a pair of glasses and decided to put them on for fun. You laughed and so did he but he thought you were cute and said “You should keep them! You look really adorable…and pretty…” He seemed a littly shy and it made you laugh. You noticed another pair of glasses and decided to put it on him. You told him he was cute as well and he chuckled, you then promised to keep yours if he kept his to which he gladly did.

Carl- He walked by your room and noticed something new about you, you were wearing glasses to read. He smiled and without even knocking, walked into your room and sat next to your bed. You looked up at him smiling and he said “New glasses?” You nodded and he continued “I hope you don’t plan on wearing them everywhere now…Cause it’s seriously distracting! I forgot what I had to do before this!”

The Governor- You always had glasses but every time you wore them, he was always out. However, he was about to leave for a run and that’s when he finally saw you with glasses. He smirked and said “Y/N…never knew you had glasses?” You chuckled and explained to him as to why he never knew and it made him laugh. He nodded and smirked said “Well, when I come back you better still have them on…”

Abraham- When you started to work along side him, you always brought your glasses with you to get a better look at the plans. He noticed that and as he’d look at you he couldn’t help but be distracted. He’d stare for a while and as you’d ask him what was wrong, he’d chuckle and answer “The fact that you don’t wear glasses as often as you should! You look gorgeous…”

Eugene- You were eating a snack in the kitchen after a long day of working and as Eugene walked in he noticed something different. You had glasses and he couldn’t help but just look at you from afar for a while. Eventually, you noticed him and called him over and ask if everything was alright. He’d look at you straight in the eyes and say “Yeah…But I just wanted to tell you…you’re seriously really hot with the glasses!”

Jesus- The first time he met you, he saw you without glasses. However when he came back, he noticed you always wore glasses and couldn’t help but find you cute. You caught him looking at you more than once and asked him what was wrong and he said “No, there’s nothing wrong…it’s just you look as good with glasses as you did without!”

Ron- He noticed you wearing glasses while working, one day and couldn’t help but ask since when you wore them. As you’d explain to him, he’d smile and only end up saying “Well, I just wanted to say that you look really nice with your glasses! I’m glad you wear them often!”

Dwight- He never really noticed you wearing glasses, until you took them off one evening. He then realized you looked just as good with them on and as you did without but never really thought of saying anything. However, you’d often catch him stealing glances at you and every time you were about to clean them he’d always offer to do it for you and just take it.

Morgan- You always had the habit of reading before going to sleep and wore glasses to do so. Even though he saw you like this every night, it would still stun him and make him smile. You noticed and chuckled asking him what was wrong and he’d answer “Nothing…It’s just I still can’t get over you when I see you reading…”

Michonne- Since your arrival in Alexandria, she noticed you wearing your glasses more often and couldn’t help but smile. She thought you were adorable always adjusting your glasses for them to stay close to your eyes. One day she helped you adjusting them and said “I hope you realize you look really nice with them…”

Maggie- From the day she met you, she couldn’t help but be attracted to you every time you wore your glasses. You noticed her looking at you and biting her lips once and asked her if it was because she liked it. Shyly she nodded and said “I really like it when you wear them…it makes you look different from everyone here…I like it…”

Andrea- She noticed you wearing glasses while helping Milton in his office and couldn’t help but find you a little more attractive. You noticed her often staring and smirking at you and one day couldn’t help but wonder why, to which she answered “I’m staring at you because I like what I see…”

Jessie- She saw you come back from a run with a pair of glasses on and couldn’t help but be surprised. She asked you why you had them all of a sudden and as you explained to her, she found herself smiling and actually enjoying your new look.

Beth- She liked that you wore glasses, it made you look different from the others and would always go out of her way to remind you that. She’d smile and say “Y/N, you should keep wearing your glasses often, I really like it! I mean you look good without them too but…I really like it when you wear them!”

Sasha- She was about to leave and go on a run, when she came across you and noticed you wearing glasses. She looked over at you twice and realized you were really wearing them. You noticed her smile and asked if she noticed something new and it made her laugh and as she walked away said “Yeah…I like it! Hope you plan on keeping them!”

Rosita- You were working on some plans and she noticed you were wearing glasses. She couldn’t help but keep looking at you to get your attention. As you’d ask her what’s wrong, she’d shrug and say “Nothing…It’s just you never told me you had glasses…but that’s okay…I just wanted to say you looked good that’s all…”