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If you're still doing the headcanon hour, an Overboard AU? Victor falls overboard and loses his memory and Yuuri ends up taking him home where he lives with his adoptive kids Yurio and Minami and maybe some other characters omg maybe the triplets???

DANG I have never heard of this movie before, but having become an expert through Wikipedia, I can say this plot is CRAZY. Here’s Yuuri’s character, eatin food:

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–Viktor Nikiforov has got it all: wealth, looks, and an equally wealthy and beautiful husband in JJ Leroy– who, as we all know, was an arranged marriage to help their companies prosper. Viktor, despite feeling extremely lukewarm (”What does your husband’s name stand for?” Chris asks. Viktor replies: “JJ isn’t his actual name?!”) about JJ Leroy, decides they’re going to take his yacht out on a vacation to try and create some kind of spark between them. He’s not going to live his whole life without love, after all! Then Katsuki Yuuri arrives on the scene, toolbelt in hand.

“Okay,” the carpenter says, glasses low on his nose as he bites his lip and taps his pen lightly against a clipboard, “your cabinets on the yacht are ready for sailing.”

“Great,” says Viktor, and rolls on his chaise over to sun his other side. Yuuri raises the clipboard a bit higher, as the Nikiforov heir is in the nude. 

“Yes. Would you like to see the carving in the oak?” Viktor sits up, and Yuuri squeaks.

“Oak? I thought I said cedar? I did remember to tell you cedar, I think…” He stands, approaches swiftly as Yuuri stumbles back. “No no no, this won’t do, I really like cedar. However will I convince you to…” Viktor is talking to air. He’s backed Yuuri off the side of the boat, tool belt and all. “You can swim, right?” He calls.

“What is wrong with you?”

–One evening, a massive wave crashes against the ship, and Viktor goes overboard. JJ is too busy listening to his theme song to notice. When he wakes up… Viktor Nikiforov doesn’t exist. 

“It’s going to be okay,” mutters Yuuri, beside his hospital bed. When the silver-haired man holds out his hand, Yuuri automatically takes it.

“He has amnesia. We don’t know who he is,” says the nurse, “but he had your soggy business card.” The amnesiac takes one look at Yuuri, who had been summoned right from the woodworking shop and is clothed only in dusty jeans and a tight tank, whose grip on his hand is gentle. Yuuri’s eyes, earthy warm, have his heart clenching.

“This is my husband,” the silver-haired man says sweetly. “Aren’t you?”

–He ends up at Yuuri’s home. Viktor Nikiforov would have fainted at the sight of it, with its cheap tile and Yuuri’s creaky single bed. But “Vicchan,” as Yuuri has dubbed him, is perfectly content with it. “Amazing!” He nods at the bed. “Great for cuddling!”

“No time for cuddling,” Yuuri blurts, face going red. “I have to work. And somehow, I have to feed the kids.”

Vicchan didn’t know he had kids. But there they are– blonde haired and scowling, brown haired and determined, and three chubby little girls.

“I’m gonna make you miserable,” says the blonde one tartly.

“I bet I can cook,” says Vicchan, and totters towards the stove. Vicchan can’t really cook. But Yuuri teaches him– Yuuri’s going to teach him many things.

“We like him,” the triplets whisper to Yuuri after dinner. “Don’t tell him he’s not our other dad, okay?” Yuuri reasons that it can’t hurt to go along with it for another night.

“Another night” turns into a few weeks, between Yuuri’s stuttering and Vicchan’s tendency to brush things off.

–JJ arrives, nearly three months later. There is a black-haired woman on his arm, looking apologetic but determined. At the sight of JJ on Vicchan’s doorstep, something in Vicchan clicks. He remembers being Viktor Nikiforov, long days without life or love, remembers boredom and loneliness and wondering why nothing in his existence felt right.

“Uh,” JJ squirms. “My parents said I had to come check on you once they found you. But! Uh. I’ve kind of? Fallen in love with Isabella. Please don’t be too heartbroken!”

“I no longer have amnesia,” Viktor says, “but I still don’t really know or care about who you are?” He shuts the oak front door. Viktor would’ve slammed it, but it was made with devotion and care by the talented hands of Katsuki Yuuri, who he loves.

“Who was that?” Yuuri asks, when Viktor returns to the dining table. Vicchan cooked the meal that Yurio is now shoving into his face. There are pictures of him and Yuuri and their kids, now, littering the house.

“My ex-husband,” Viktor says calmly, and takes a bite of the borchst. Yuuri chokes. “Don’t worry. I told him that the best place in the world was here with you.”

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Hi there Kaye, I have a request~ How would suga and jeongguk react if whenever they make eye contact w/ you, you look away because you get uncomfortable when people stare at you? And you do this because you're insecure about your eyes? Also, sometimes when you two take selfies, you casually close your eyes and make a peace sign w/ your hand to hide them. One of my eyes is smaller than the other, and I can see it whenever I take a picture and I really hate it

I kind of made a scenario for each…whoops :P And I’m sure your eyes look fine, sweetie~


You sigh as you watch Yoongi working on his computer, tweaking some tracks for their new album. He had invited you over to the studio at a very ungodly hour; complaining about a lack of inspiration and hinting at how you always helped him because “You’re my muse”, he’d always say which was incredibly cheesy at first but soon you found endearing the more he said it.

Knowing your boyfriend, Yoongi always worked in the wee hours of the morning and you simply agreed and dragged yourself to the studio without much reluctance; simply happy to be with him. And now, here you were sitting side by side: him in front of the computer and you with a hardbound book in hand over a cup of coffee. 

You didn’t realize that you have been staring at him for a while now until Yoongi glances at you and your gazes lock. He smiles at you softly while you… turned away, almost shyly.

Just like you always did.

Only this time, Yoongi wasn’t going to let it go. And so you felt nervous when you felt his hand on your chin, tilting your head up so you can look back at him.

“Why do you always do that?”

“Do what?” you glance down, breaking your gazes yet again.

That.” he huffed. “You always look away when I look at you.” he frowns. “Is it making you uncomfortable? Am I that hideous to look at?” he jokes.

“No no! God, Yoongi you’re gorgeous–” you shut your mouth as the word slipped and blushed deeply when you saw Yoongi smirking at you. “Shut up.”

“If I’m so ‘gorgeous’, as you put it,” he emphasizes on the gorgeous part. “Why can’t you look at my gorgeous face for more than five seconds?”

You bite your lip and sigh. There was simply no way out of this one. “It’s not you…it’s me, okay? I’m kind of a little embarrassed when people look me in the eye.”

Yoongi blinks and shrugs, “Okay. But I’m your boyfriend… we’re together for almost a year now. Aren’t you comfortable enough with me to look me in the eye?”

“My eyes look weird, okay?!” you burst out which makes Yoonig’s eyes widen.


“They look weird. They’re not proportionate and I hate it.” you grumble.

Yoongi looks at you weirdly, “No they’re not. They look fine!”

“If you look closely, you’ll see.” you say and before you could stop him, Yoongi had leant so close to stare you down; his hands on either side of your swivel chair. 

“Hmmm…” he hums, looking thoughtful. “You know what I see?”

“What?” you frown as you look down at your lap.

“I see this beautiful girl with the most enchanting eyes.“ He says. “Who’s also being ridiculously insecure about herself when there’s no reason to be.” he adds and you look up at him; eyes bleary with tears.

“I don’t care if your eyes are not proportionate or if you think they aren’t.” he says a matter of fact. “I like your eyes. I like you. So don’t hide yourself from me because if there’s one person who’s going to love you…weird eyes and all, it’s going to be me.”

You give him a watery smile which he returns by opening his arms and enveloping you in the warmest of embraces. The two of you stay like that for a while; frozen in time… in your own little world.

You always though the best moments were made in the A.M. <3 

(lol did I just write a 1D reference)

Jungkook is going to notice your behaviour of looking away but he won’t say anything about it until he goes through his camera roll and see how in every single photo he has of you (or the two of you) you either had your eyes closed or was looking away from the camera.

“Why do you always look away when we do a selca?” Jungkook asks you randomly and you blush, unsure of how to answer his question.

“Um..well.. I kind of have a problem with my eyes…”

Jungkook blinks at you before an expression of concern dawns upon his beautiful features. “A problem–?”

“No, not like I’m sick or anything like that.” you say immediately and Jungkook visibly relaxes. “It’s just that it looks weird–?” you finish and he gives you a puzzled look.

“Weird? What are you talking about? You have pretty eyes!” he exclaims. “It’s one of the things I like most about you.”

You bite your lip to fight off your grin at his confession. “Well it looks weird to me. One eye is bigger than the other and I hate it.”

“No it’s not.” he rolls his eyes. “You’re exaggerating.” 

“So you do admit that my eyes are weird.”

“What? I didn’t say anything like that all!” he protests. “Look, your eyes look fine and you don’t have to look away and be shy about it because they. look. fine. More than fine, really.”

“Really?” you ask shyly and Jungkook nods.

“Have I ever lied to you?”


“Okay that was the wrong question.” he shoots you a bashful look. “But I really do mean it. Your eyes are beautiful, jagi.” he stares at you and there’s the urge to look away again but Jungkook huffs and cups your cheeks, holding you in place as he stares you down. 

“You’re beautiful, Y/N.” he says and the sincerity in his gaze makes you melt into a puddle of goo. “If anyone has something to say about that, then they can see me and they can settle it with my fist.”

You chuckle and peck his nose which causes the blood in Jungkook’s cheek to rise. “Thank you, Kookie.”

“Anytime.” he bops your nose and smiles before pulling you close for another picture…

This time, you don’t look away; pressing closer to Jungkook as you smile at the camera. :)

Okay this gave me feels aaaah!

I hope that made you guys smile~ :D Stay beautiful my lovelies! <3

Just a reminder: I’m not accepting requests so please don’t send anymore in. Thank you!

- Kaye Allen

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How the sakamaki and mukami change the baby diaper while the baby can't stay still or always moving? XD

Shu- “Damn it, hold still!” It’s been ten minutes since the crying started and it hadn’t ceased. With you gone at the store, he had, for the first time, had to take care of the diaper himself. But how?? “Okay, hold still or I swear, I will-” (”Shu?” You entered the room.” Immediately, he dropped the powder and headed back to the couch, “Deal with her.”

Reiji- He sighed in annoyance as the baby wriggled and cried for his mommy, but she hadn’t gotten sleep in the past week and Reiji promised to help out, “Hold still and then you can watch Bubble Guppies.” The baby stilled and looked at his dad wide eyed, showing an understanding, but he still didn’t stop moving, “Are you fuc-… ugh.”

Ayato- “HOW TO I GET THIS THING OFF?!” He screamed into the phone over the babies wails. He waited for Reiji’s reply and then cut him off, “HE WON’T STOP MOVING-” “Maybe cause you are screaming.” “…” “…” “Never mind, I got it.” “Idiot.” 

Laito- Probably would be pretty patient and would try to distract the baby with keys or toys. He’d be super calm and won’t get annoyed or scream. A+ Daddy…. well.. for a smol part..

Kanato- Ha. Haha. No. He would have none of the babies shit and would probably accidentally hurt him a little and make the baby scream bloody murder. The neighbors or his brothers will have to help him. 

Subaru- He’d try to be all cool, but his annoyance was seeping through each moment the baby would wriggle and he’d probably punch the wall next to him and the baby would stop immediately. 

Ruki- “Livestock, when will you be home? *screaming in the distance*” “An hour…? Is something wrong?” “*sighs* No.” “…. what did you do to the baby.” “He’s with uncle Azusa right now, he won’t listen to me. You didn’t train him wel-” “itS A BABY”

Yuma- “How do you get him to stop moving?” He questioned out loud as the baby bit his hand, “FUCK! Listen here little piglet, I am not here to play games, now hold still!”

Kou- He’s taking pictures of him and the baby instead and putting them on social media, but when he actually does the job, he gets frustrated easily and will end up trying to find some restraints for the baby.

Azusa- “Uh… Hold still please… Mommy isn’t… here right now, but… I am-” He would try doing things nice and slowly, but the baby would end up being too fast with motions and crying and he’d have to take it to Ruki. He would be strangely calm about it all. 

((Sorry, made these funny whoops XD)

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I just took on hau in the league and I feel so bad for beating him so can I get some hcs for hau beating the champion pls

if we could just like, let hau win ONCE, that would be?? spectacular??

- hau doesn’t believe it at first. you’ve been besting him all throughout his journey……he can’t actually believe it
- after the inital shock, he probably whoops as loud as he can and hugs his remaining pokemon. he’s champion! he made it to the top!! finally!!
- he probably takes a picture of him in the champion’s chair and captions it “:) comfy”
- after registering as an official champion, he probably relinquishes the title back to you. champion is nice, but its technically a job and a huge responsibility. he wants to adventure more before committing like that (plus, he’d much rather be kahuna anyway)
- blease let him win just ONCE