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Mistakes (Heather Chandler x Reader)

Hey! I’m back writing, everyone. This was requested by @blossomgutz and I feel guilty for not writing it. I’ve had massive writers block, but it’s gotten past it and I really hope you like it! It’s very fluffy like, deathly fluffy towards the end. Don’t suffocate in the fluff!
Thanks for requesting, love!

Warnings: nothing rly. Cussing, angst, fluff.

WC - 1,333


“And paired together….Heather Chandler and (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” The teacher pursed her lips, expecting Heather to have a snarky remark at who she was partnered with…yet, there wasn’t.
Meanwhile, I was in the back of the class I was trembling, and I began to sweat, looking around for my best friend Veronica. She smiled at me sympathetically. I sighed.
Heather and I were assigned to help each other with end of the year speeches. We were basically supposed to thank everyone for a “wonderful” year, add in a funny story or two, and be done with it.
Like that was going to happen.
Swallowing my fear, I stumbled up to Chandler.
“So um…do you wanna maybe…work together during study hall or something?” I stuttered, positive I was getting a punch in the face.
“You..and I?” She smirked, glaring at Heather and Heather, who got the message and started laughing in a fake high pitch voice.
“We are assigned together. This is our last grade and interaction is a part of it.” I shot back, some weird courage overtaking me.
“don’t worry about it, honey.” Heather Chandler laughed, before tossing me a glossy business card stating her address.
“Okayyyyyy…..” I shook my head silently and stalked away from them, hurrying to the next period.

(2 Days Later)

“I am definitely going to be sabotaged when I go over to her house. What if it’s like…Rams house or something and his parents aren’t home and I’m trapped-or what if like, it’s an abandon warehouse and they leave me locked in there for the-”
“(Y/N). Settle down. Jesus Christ.” Veronica laughed, leaning against my bed frame.
I hung my head and flopped on my bed, sighing once again.
“I know you’ve had a crush on her forever.” She looked at me knowingly, as I just nodded, limply taking the Mountain Dew from my nightstand and taking a sip.

“First off, you can’t act nervous. Don’t care about your own death.” She began, laying down next to me and staring at the ceiling.
“Maybe she’s really nice.” Veronica suggested.
“I doubt.” I groaned.

“You have less then 2 hours though. Get ready. I’ll help you.” Veronica sat up and put her arms out, helping me up.

“Lets go.” She led the way to the bathroom.

(An hour later)

“I think you’re ready.” Veronica smirked, and I looked in the mirror for the first time. My makeup was done beautifully, the eyeshadow a very muted and subtle lapis, some glittery stuff on my cheekbones I didn’t even know I had. My eyelashes were curled up slightly, coated in pitch mascara. I couldn’t lie, I did look pretty attractive.

“Outfit. Outfits..” Veronica smirked.
“Oh HELL no-”
“Oh HELL yes.”

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Finding Home (1)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Mentions of weed? Something resembling a panic / anxiety attack, though probably not, but just in case. No specific ship in this entire story, tbh, but I’ll make sure to add some fluff + sexual tension between you and everyone, lol.

Author’s Note: HEY. So, it has been a long time since I’ve written any fanfic, much more an Avengers fanfic. I hope all the characters are in character, ehehe. So, I’ve decided to do a series of connected one-shots of your high school senior year with the Avengers gang + other Marvel characters, inspired by the 30 day drabble challenge (although I will not be doing drabbles, and for now, I’ll just do seven of them, depending on my inspiration). So, hope that you enjoy this! Let me know if there are any mistakes. Thank you! (:

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin. Part #5: haze.

1: beginning

n. a starting point / new or inexperienced

This office was such a fucking dump. You looked at the pee-colored wall, bare but for the chippings on the corners by the ceiling. Good thing a few bulky, metal cabinets covered that eyesore of a wallpaper – although that still didn’t help in the general aesthetic quality of the room. There wasn’t even a window in here.

Your gaze fell on the small desk in front of you, unoccupied except for a laptop, a fuckton of paperwork, and some kind of 1940 action figure of a man in blue-white-red spandex. Oh, and of course, the name of your class advisor-slash-guidance counselor on a rusty, golden plaque: Mr. Phil Coulson.

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Wishes and regrets

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Summary: The Avengers are disassembled now, and everything in Tony Stark’s life too. He realizes a minute too late of what he has done.

Warnings: Angst, cursing, drinking, self destructiveness, pregnancy.

A/N: Happy birthday fellow Gemini <3

Originally posted by fymarveluniverse

After the Avengers were disassembled, Tony Stark was never the same man again.

(Y/N) could see it; and the ones that were still around could do it. He was going back to the habits that made him so famous. No, no the hero-like habits of saving the world of alien threats and destroying murder-bots just for fun; he was going back to the one thing (Y/N) feared the most: alcohol and self-destruction.

He drowned in booze more times in a day that she could count, to the point that he came back home drunk, physically beaten up and hanging on Happy’s shoulders still babbling incoherent nonsense about the stranger that had beaten him up. The latter tried not to say anything, because it wasn’t his job to do it, but the sympathy looks and those usual “he’s gonna snap out of it someday” were more than she could ask for.

Unfortunately, that day never came.

If there was one thing that (Y/N) hated more than the suits, was Tony drinking. He was a violent drunker, and even though he had never done anything to her, she feared that one day he would be so wasted that he would not recognize her.

One day, Happy had left Tony on the guest room, with a bottle of Gatorade and a box of aspirins on the side table next to him, and when he ran up the stairs to check up on (Y/N), he heard her crying her heart out from the other side of the door. He gently knocked it twice just to warn her he was there.

“Everything alright there, boss?” He asked from the outside

“Yes, Happy,” she replied with a shaky voice, terribly blowing up her cover. “I’m alright—”

But Happy knew better than that; he had two terrible liars as bosses, so breaking all protocols he entered the room only to find (Y/N) having a nervous breakdown right before his eyes. She was holding her knees tightly to her chest and shaking, and in her hands, a white-ish stick threatened with falling from her tight grip. He understood right away what was going on.

“Don’t say anything to Tony… please,” she begged, running towards him and holding on to the lapels of his vest.

It was the first time they had met in these circumstances. (Y/N) had always appeared stoic, and with a boyfriend like that, it was the only thing she could no. Tony had locked himself from everyone and not even Rhodey could get to him. Eventually, (Y/N) had fallen out of him too, just because she was worried about Tony.

“It’s not my job to tell him,” he said in a stern voice, helping her getting up. “I will not say a word, but you will have to,” (Y/N) nodded. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Just your word on not telling him,” she bit her bottom lip.

“You got it,” he nodded once and left.

The next morning, when Tony was feeling a little less crappy and (Y/N) a little less nervous, they met in the kitchen. She was making breakfast for two, but Tony was no included. (Y/N) turned her head away to continue her labor; she didn’t want to fight so early, and Tony was decided on doing the same thing. They spent the day without talking to each other. And the next day followed. And then the next day. And the day after that. Until they reached their week limit. Tony was the first one to say something.

“Hey…” he sheepishly said, leaning his body on the door frame of their still shared bedroom.

He had plenty of time to think about it, he wanted to say he was sorry because he was, but he didn’t know how, and with the crazy hormones, (Y/N) was more and more unreachable than she had ever been. She could turn everything into a fight, and the only time she needed to keep calm, she didn’t. It was World War III inside their house.

“Are you on your period or what? You’re unbearable!” Tony yelled, clueless about her real state.

“Oh yeah, let’s blame my period for your lack of concern about your girlfriend, right? Let’s blame my period for your little respect to your own body!”

“What are you even talking about?”

“You need help, Tony; it’s not normal that you go out all day, every day and come back bruised and drunk,” she sighed tiredly, “I can’t do this anymore… not until you get real help.”

“I’ve been worst.” Tony pointed out, rolling his eyes.

“That doesn’t mean you can drink yourself to that point and beyond,” she shot back. “I’m not gonna stay here to see you doing that. I’m not gonna watch you destroy your liver and your life—” her words got caught on her throat. She wanted to tell him she was pregnant, but she felt too afraid to do it.

“Pepper would’ve stayed with me, and she wouldn’t even falter.”

“What?” (Y/N) stopped right before the door and slowly turned her head to Tony.

“I wish I never let her go, she was so much stronger than you are. If she worried, she’d take me herself to wherever I needed…”

“Like a mother would do, right? Well, newsflash Tony Stark, I’m not your mother.”

“Thanks for the orphan reminder, (Y/N). Real nice,” Tony rolled his eyes in exhaustion. “You and I were a mistake…” She fell silent, giving Tony the chance to continue his anger-filled rant. “I thought you and I would be better than this… but it’s obvious that we were not meant to be.”

(Y/N) didn’t know what to do. She felt numb, cold, and as if it wasn’t enough, she felt the tears pooling in her eyes. She tried to keep herself together, but she couldn’t. She thought of telling him the news right there, in the middle of their fight just to make him think again of the cruel words he just spat, but it was a terrible idea, just as terrible as not telling him.

She slowly turned to face him. Her face was red with anger and her heart pounded so loud that her ears buzzed and everything around her became silent. Her shattering heart was the only thing she could hear now.

“You’re gonna regret this, Stark,” (Y/N) shook her head, not caring about the tears that so furiously ran down her cheeks. “One day you’re gonna wake up so hangover, fucked up and so alone that you’re gonna wish you never left me,” her nostrils fluttered and her chest heaved with each air intake. She ran down the stairs, with her vision blurred by the non-stopping tears and a cold feeling on her chest; just as if her heart had frozen and shattered into a tiny million pieces. She was mentally preparing herself to leave everything behind.

Something had died inside her, but something was very alive inside her too.

“Who’s a pretty girl?” (Y/N) asked in a high pitched voice. The dark haired girl in her arms giggled at the sound of her mother’s voice. “Someone’s at the door,” the girls’ mouths formed an “o” shape and they went to see the stranger. “Yeah, how can I…” the sound extended and slowly faded away as (Y/N) saw who was there.

She hadn’t seen Tony in over a year, and even though she had her child to remind her of him every single day, (Y/N) was surely moving on from him. She couldn’t stuck to the memories of the good times because those seemed even farther than the last few memories she had of him. The life they built together was over and no matter how much she longed for it or for him, neither of them were coming back, or so she made herself believe during the past year.

Tony’s eyes darted from (Y/N) to the child she held to tightly in her arms; she kinda looked like him, and if his math was right, that was most probably his child too. It didn’t take much brain to figure it out.

“You were right, (Y/N),” he gulped. “You were right all along. I woke up more fucked up than hangover, wishing I had never said those terrible things to you and wishing I never let you go; wishing I never let the two of you go…” he said, deciding to finally look at her. “Can we talk?”

All in all I have mixed feelings about this episode.

There were some things I think were done well. For example that they explained why Sakura never talked to Sarada about the details of Sasuke’s mission and his background. I think it makes sense that she wouldn’t tell her because Sasuke was a criminal in the past. And it explains Sakura’s reaction when she hears about Sarada finding that photo. Without that explanation it’d just seem as if Sakura worries about nothing, since there’s no other reason why she shouldn’t tell Sarada about Team Taka. So that was good imo, until Sakura says she’s a failure as a mom…I don’t even wanna talk about this, typical SP.

They fucked up the flashback big time. Just left out the whole summit so they have an excuse to put aside Sakura, obviously. I’d be okay with it if they’d done it to fix the timeline, which was sadly already messed up in the manga (because the meeting was kinda the start of Sasuke’s long-term mission, meaning before that he must have been in Konoha and with his family, which includes Sarada. But that doesn’t match with the fact that Naruto was already Hokage in the meeting, yet Sarada was already about 9-10 years old during the Hokage inauguration…well, you do the math, it’s messed up). But they didn’t fix anything, just made it worse. Meh.

Mama bear Sakura was fine. They even gave her….curves! Can you believe it? As for her meeting with Sasuke…it seemed a bit awkward at first, but then I remembered the interview with the VAs that was released recently. They spoke about “understanding without words” and I think that is what they wanted to show when Sasuke and Sakura simply looked at each other and Sakura then just…walked past him. They didn’t have to talk, they understood each other without words, so Sakura went on to Sarada because she was simply more important in that moment. That’s my interpretation, at least. And I like how Sasuke looked at her afterwards, when they actually DID talk.

So yeah, the episode could have been better. As always. But I think it could have been worse as well. I’m happy that at least the animation was alright.

Little Problems - Kim Yugyeom x Reader

Originally posted by chattyang

Title: Little Problems
Author: Haru.
Pairing: Kim Yugyeom x Reader


When was the last time he texted?

Her phone was clicked on once again, staring at her dimly lit screen, hoping to receive a notification from Yugyeom.

Yes, maybe he could be busy learning choreography, or spending the time with his hyungs or maybe not near his phone at the moment - all good acceptable reasons to why he isn’t texting after four hours.

There’s no reason to panic.

She put her phone down in front of her, resuming her studies and homework in front of her, busying herself.

Alright, Mathematics, she thought, hovering her purple mechanical pencil over the lined paper, about to write the equation down from the textbook. “If the absolute value of x minus three plus 10x is equal to–” The words started to mix up in her head. Well great, there goes trying to keep yourself distracted, (Y/N).

Alright, plan B.

Taking her phone, she stuffed it into the back pocket of her jean shorts, slipping on her varsity jacket and shoes and out the door. Ah, fresh air; that should do the trick. She slipped her hands into her pockets - thumb sticking out - and started to walk down her driveway and onto the street of the Crescent she resided in.

Her hands couldn’t help but reach for her phone, tapping her screen and making the phone come to life, showing no new notifications. People called that clingy - what a stupid term for it -it wasn’t her fault her brain jumped to horrible conclusions… Okay, she hasn’t gotten that far yet, but it’s slowly getting there. She then slipped her phone back into her pocket and felt her chest tighten slightly.

God, why did this have to happen? Why did ‘it’ decide to come today? Today of all days? The day was -  to a certain extent - decent! And now, here she is, freaking out over not getting texted. What if he didn’t want to text her anymore because her bad habit to double text? Or what if he finally found someone else? Or maybe he hates her? The possibilities are literally endless.

And there goes her mind going to that side of the scale - full freak-out mode.
Calm down, she told herself, taking in the scenery around her. She then started to ground her surroundings around her. Five things she can see; the blue sky that held white, fluffy clouds, owners and their dogs walking, trees with leaves starting to change color, basketball nets that littered the end of the driveway of most houses and her red dragon she got from her dad for good luck. Four things she can touch; her jeans, the gravel beneath her sneakers, her phone in her back pocket and her ball cap that was resting on her head. Three things you can hear; the birds chirping all around her, the sound of a car’s engine from the busy street beyond her crescent and the sound of kids talking and playing basketball. Two things she can smell; barbeque which was probably coming from her own backyard since her father was BBQ-ing and the manure on the grass which was spread this early morning. One thing she can taste; the saliva in her mouth which was tasteless.

And mind slowly calming down; there is no reason to assume he hates us, no, he’s just busy.

Keep telling yourself that, honey.

“He’s just, uh, busy,” She spoke out loud, not wanting her thoughts to get the better of her. Speaking to herself was - even though she practically looked insane to half the people who walked by her - more calming and much more safer than staying in her mind. “Yeah, that’s all, he’s just busy.”

Or, he’s just over–

Her phone ding-ed. Oh, please be Yugyeom.

Recieved 3:45pm
Yugyeom: Jagi! I’m sorry for not texting, are you alright?

Alright? Uh, yeah, let’s go with that—

Sent 3:48pm
(Y/N): Oh, yeah! Sorry about the double texts

Sent: 3:49pm
(Y/N): I had free time during 4th period and didn’t know what to do so I texted you–

Recieved 3:53pm
Yugyeom: Alright? I’ll be home by 7:00pm, okay?

Sent: 3:57pm
(Y/N): Alright! I’ll see you then, Yugy!

And now, back to trying to do math at home without stressing out or getting de-motivated, Part Two!

“And, done.” The female sighed, finishing up re-checking her work and re-reading her notes she had made in class. Hopefully the way she had done the problems were correct. 

Pushing her chair back slightly, she stood up and walked over to her closet, picking out her PJs, quickly changing out of them quickly. Her phone then buzzed as the alarm went off, signalling that it was now 7pm, around the time Yugyeom had said he was going to be. Great, her smile slowly made its way onto her face as she made her way out of her room, making sure to take her phone with her before going downstairs and sitting on the couch. “What to watch?” She asked no body in particular as the TV was pressed on. Turning on Netflix, the girl scrolled through what was on her list - anime, British TV shows, Supernatural, Superhero movies or Disney - and clicked on Supernatural. That should probably keep her entertained as she waited.

The first episode was halfway through.

A full episode of Supernatural is 43 mins. Half of 43 is–

“Didn’t he say 7pm?” She thought out loud, glancing over to her phone which she had placed next to the table beside her. Clicking it on, the phone displayed the time as she paused the video - which was horribly paused at the wrong time of Dean Winchester making a horrible derp face - and got up, walking over to the window which displayed the front of their house, including the front yard - which needed to be trimmed soon - and their driveway. She bit her lip as she laid the palm of her hand, which wasn’t holding her phone, against the glass.

This is not the time to freak-out. He isn’t that late. Just by a couple minuets. Nothing major. But what if something happened?

“He’s fine,” She told herself, clutching the sleeves of her sweater she was wearing. It was getting to her again, well shit. Her phone fell to the ground with a big thud, which sounded very distant to her.

Please come home soon. She then put her back against the wall, sliding down until her bottom hit the floor and immediately brought her legs to her chest. Her chest tightened. Please get home soon.

Breathing became a little tougher as she laid her forehead against her knees. “In f-four,” She barely managed to say as she started to undergo the breathing exercises she had learned from her counsellor a while back. In four, she inhaled air as best as she could for four seconds, held her breath for four seconds and–

What if he’s with another girl?

Her mind decided to capture her into its arms at her moment of weakness, now in control.

He could be taking long because of another girl, probably on a date with her.

Don’t you think? He wouldn’t be gone this long if it weren’t a date.

He probably got tired of your antics.

“Baby, I’m home,” Yugyeom walked through the door, kicking off his shoes and placing his jacket on the oak coat hanger. “Baby?” He called again, peeking into the living room and found her on the ground. First thing he did, he pulled her into his arms and held her, whispering sweet nothings just to calm her down, running his hands up and down her arms - a little reminder that he’s here - and just held her near his chest, so that her ears could hear his heartbeat, match her breathing with his. “It’s okay.” He whispered over and over, slowly watching her calm down and snap back into reality.


“Kind of,” She whispered, head nestled in Yugyeom’s chest, looking up at him with teary eyes. “Why do you deal with me? You know, all this?” He chuckled at the question, shaking his head side to side at her silliness. He’s answered this a million times every time she’s asked and always gave her the same answer and he would do it every single time she needed to hear him say it.

“Because,” He started off, clearing his throat. “I love you and when I asked you out, I knew what I was getting into.” Yugyeom glanced down at her, wiping the stray tear that had fallen down her cheek with his thumb.

“I knew how you were and I was ready to do whatever I needed to do keep you as mine, jagiya,” He then brought his hands up to her hair, trying to untangle the little knots in her hair. “And I love you to the ends of space and back and nothing, even your mind, will make me run away. No matter what.”

A/N: I really have not been feeling well so I sincerely apologize for everything. Everything’s just a little unbearable right now.


The Bad Boy |Min Yoongi| (1)

Summary: You’re the good popular girl of the school and then there’s Min Yoongi, the bad boy. You both have family problems, considering people think your life is perfect, so once you get detention with him you click.

Warnings: Cursing.

Word Count: 733

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walk of shame // hs

A/N: I honestly have no idea what this is and it’s been years since i’ve written anything about one direction but i saw a thing on a prompt list and i thought why not give it a go and it ended up being almost opposite of what i saw but oh well

Warnings: None, it’s basically a meet cute

Harry didn’t expect to have a hangover this massive.

He honestly didn’t expect to have a hangover at all. He hadn’t had too much to drink or at least he didn’t think he’d had enough to warrant a hangover this awful. It was Sunday and he was hungover, wearing the same clothes from last night, while walking down the streets of Los Angeles with a satisfied smirk on his lips. It wasn’t the best sex of his life, but it was pretty damn good. The girl was loud, but not obnoxiously so, and she was responsive. She voiced her opinion on what she liked and she took charge a little, rolling Harry over onto his back and straddling him. He had a good night out.

And his hangover almost ruined all of the fun he’d had. The sun was still slowly rising and there weren’t many people out, but he knew he could find something greasy to cure his hangover if he just kept walking. It didn’t take him long, the sidewalks void of people and the streets free of cars and people to stare him down. He was safe around this hour of the morning and by the time he had his hangover food ordered people would just be waking up, leaving him time to get home and crash.

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First of all, thank you! That’s so nice of you to say!

And unfortunately, I’m going to disappoint you anon! :(

Months ago when I found out Hetalia existed, I was so excited for the possibility of AmeMexRus triangles in fanfiction and fanart, but to my surprise there was no Mexico! Mind you, at the time I didn’t know Hetalia had been out for like 6 years, so I randomly made one up (using characteristics from natives and mestizos and some tidbits of info the show/comics have given to us), just so I could make stuff with Mexico in it. I picked a girl because damn, the sausage fest has enough sausage.

Other than what the country’s history tells, I have nothing for her! (except that one headcanon about her hair I posted long ago). Sorry!

In any case, I made some images during class the other day to make up for the lack of a real response to this question:

Her and America have a buddy relationship, but they are very passive aggressive with each other. That doesn’t mean they’re not good friends.


Of course she gets teased about it. But he’s very funny so she likes his jokes.


She loves math, astronomy, novelas, wrestling, architecture, bitter hot cocoa, and reminiscing the days when she was an empire, and life was easy and peaceful. Oh yes, and she loves the days her boss isn’t telling her what to do (but that’s almost every nation!)


I’ve never had the pleasure of eating churros and this makes me very sad.


Again, I apologize for being such a crappy OC maker *bows, bows*

Art by me.


I just realized I uploaded this as a TEXT post, and that was a big mistake. SORRY! :(

When Rick fell in love with Michonne...

Read @siancore‘s answer to an Ask here, and I’ve been pondering the core question since then.  I won’t say how long cause, lol embarrassing. Here are the thoughts I’ve narrowed it down to:

- Rick and Michonne had an instantaneous attraction at first sight, that left them angry and confused due to horrific timing.

- They’d been in-like with each other since “Clear.”  Carl essentially helps them to bridge that gap from allies to something else.

- Rick’s betrayal-that-wasn’t brings them closer. Rick initially tries to avoid her, and when he realizes he can’t/shouldn’t, he starts the process of following her like a lost puppy, needing both acceptance and attention.

- Andrea’s death brings them even closer together.  They both grieve her death, but Michonne grieve’s it harder.  Rick was there to be her shoulder to lean on.

- It brings them so close, and being a familial unit in general (Rick, Michonne and Carl), that when we kick off season four, Rick and Carl are rushing to the gates at her call. Whatever time Michonne has spent at the prison, it seems to have been on special reserve for Rick, Carl, and a few others she already knows (Daryl and Hershel mostly). She doesn’t really have a report with anyone else.

- After all Rick has lost–his home, his baby, his friends, he laughs out loud, so much that he collapses, when he sees Michonne at that front door.  When things were dire and grim in “Clear,” when they’re preparing for war, and he’d just been stabbed, it’s Michonne who causes him to crack a joke.  She brings him joy.  JOY.  And he knows it.

- Hearing those Claimers talking about taking “turns” with Michonne after finding her shirt…Rick was ready to kill all of them.  He doesn’t just make his escape–he leaves the door open after killing Phil(?) so that when he turned into a walker, he could attack the rest.  That was pettiness at its finest. 


I know Michonne fell in love with him (or realized that it was in fact love, depending on who you ask. I think the former) on those railroad tracks, after Rick went buckwild on the Claimers.  But Rick, I think he realized it when he saw how much she was hurting at Noah’s old neighborhood.  His heart was breaking because hers was breaking.  He felt her pain.  He spends most of the ep checking on her or looking after her or worried about her, then drops everything–everything–to go to Washington because that’s what she wanted.  Really, during this exchange, he had already made up his mind about going [I think] as soon as she mentions it.

Michonne: Washington. Eugene lied about a cure, but he thought of Washington for a reason.
Rick’s Thoughts: She wants to go to Washington.  Huh.  Okay.
Glenn: But he was lying.
Michonne: About the cure, but he did the math and realized that Washington was the place where there’d be a chance. We’re close.  
Rick’s Thoughts:  She’s grasping, but…she needs this. She needs to move toward something tangible–a future.  She looks so sad.
Michonne: What if there are people there? Huh? What if it’s someplace that we can be safe? We’re 100 miles away. It’s a possibility. It’s a chance. Instead of just being out here. Instead of just making it. Because right now, this is what making it looks like.
Rick’s Thoughts:  Damn. I don’t want her to cry.  She’s so close crying.  She has to know I’ll do it; she has to know I’m with her.  Always.
Michonne: Don’t you want one more day with a chance?

I think that is the moment he realized that feeling he was feeling, and I believe Rick thought he was feeling it alone.  He was always with her (like she was always with him), but…and I’m rewatching The Office, and this totally reminds me of Jim and Pam.  While Rick was still willing and ready to do whatever Michonne asked, or provide whatever it was she needed, he didn’t think that those feelings were going be reciprocated.  He thought they were unrequited.  He expressed his love for her in grand gesture sort of ways, but didn’t want to push up on her, cause as savage as Rick Grimes can be, he is still a gentleman.

So yeah, TL; DR, I think Rick realized he was in love with Michonne in “What Happened and What’s Going On.”

anonymous asked:

Popular Lauren and nerdy Camila


Band: Fifth Harmony
Ship: Camren

A/N: Gfdi guys I accidentally wrote another one-shot that could branch into a proper fic. I really hate it when I do this because I literally have no motivation. But tell me what you think. If I get enough people asking I MIGHT continue. Feedback is appreciated! Enjoy! Xoxo


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Luke Brooks imagine part 3/?

Part 1

Part 2

“Damn she’s hot” Jai whispered, leaning forward. We were currently on the train to school and he was staring at Aisha, the new girl. It was currently Friday and this was her first week at school. 

“Yeah but she’s like a year older than you.” Luke replied. 

“So? That don’t stop me from doin nothing.” He smirked. 

“Yeah, not even double negatives.” I mumbled, rolling my eyes. 

“Why are you so smart?” Luke shook his head at me. 

“It’s year 8 English mate.” I said, readjusting my skirt. These bloody school uniforms are awful. 

“Hey guys.” Daniel said as the train stopped and he got on. 

“Hey mate.” Beau said, moving his bag from the seat next to him that he had saved for Daniel. 

“How are you guys?” Daniel turned to us. We currently were l listening to music through an adaptor with 3 pairs of headphones in like we always did. 

“Yeah good.” The twins said at once. 

“If I wasn’t half asleep I would find that incredibly creepy” I told the twins. 

“Does that mean that if I pretended to be Luke you’d kiss me?” Luke said, pretending to be Jai. 

“I’m not that asleep, I can actually tell the difference between you two fuckwits.” I said, elbowing Luke. 

“Uh that was very unladylike of you.” Jai commented on my language. I lightly groaned and Daniel laughed. 

“I feel like they just annoy you so much Jessie.” Daniel chuckled. 

“They do, I honestly have no idea why I’m friends with these  losers.” I shook my head. I was honestly so tired from such a long week. 

I rested my head on Luke’s shoulder and fell asleep. 

I have no idea how long I was out for but I woke groggily to Luke lightly pushing me awake. 

“Is there gonna be make up and foundation and shit on my white shirt now? Because mum just washed this.” He said as we prepared for our stop. 

“Have a look at my face, is my make up smudged?” I raised an eyebrow. He shook his head and stood up, preparing to get off the train. 

“Then there won’t be any on your shirt.” I grumbled. 

“You shouldn’t care if you’re her boyfriend.” Jai said as we walked into the platform.

“Yeah I couldn’t think of anything better than having her make up on me all day.”

“Luke can I just ask why you just washed this shirt when it’s Friday?” I questioned as we all walked up to school. 

“Dunno, Mum washes my stuff.” He shrugged as we entered the front gate. 

“Ok we have 4 classes to get through today, our last class is a free so we can catch the train home” I told Luke, Jai, Beau, Kate, Daniel, James and a few other friends our plan for tonight. 

“Yeah, small get together party thing at my place tonight.” Tyla, one of our good friends announces just before we all go our separate ways. 

“Cool what time?” Luke asked. I was already tired enough but both Luke and Jai wanted to go. 

“Come around 5.” Tyla shrugged. 

“Ok we’ll see you then” I said, sighing. Luke, Jai and I all walked off in the direction of our lockers.

“What’s wrong?” Jai asked, frowning slightly. 

“Nothing” I lied

“Don’t lie, we know when you’re lying.” He raised his eyebrows at me. 

“Ugh, I just don’t feel up to going to Tyla’s tonight” I whined. 

“Don’t worry, it’ll be good to have a get together outside of school.” Luke said, trying to encourage me. 

“Nah I’m not feeling it.” I said, getting my books out. 

“I’ll see you in English, second period.” I sighed, walking away. 


“Is it just me or is she getting more and more tired and out of energy as the year goes on?” I turned to my brother, frowning at him. 

“Yeah you’re right, it’s like she’s permanently tired.” He pondered. 

“Let’s ask her more about it in second period but we need to get to maths now, you heard what mum said about good life festival if I end up with another detention.” I told him and he nodded, leading us to our lockers. At the start of the year they hadn’t registered us as two different people so we had to share a locker until they sorted it out. Twin problems. 

As we were changing classes I made my way to the canteen to get something to eat during class. 

I bought a large bag of jelly beans and took them to class. 

“Where’s Jessie?” I asked, sitting down next to Jai. 

“Toilet.” He replied.

“She’s always using the bloody toilet.” I rolled my eyes, sighing. 

“Well if she has to go she has to go.”

“Maybe that’s why she’s so skinny.” I thought outloud. She was was really skinny but I had only really just noticed it now. 

A few minutes later she came and sat down between me and Jai. 

A few minutes into the lesson we were doing a research task so we had our laptops open, I pulled our the jellybean and hid them behind my computer. 

“Yes!” Jessie hissed, grabbing the bag. 

“Woah calm down.” Jai said, frowning. 

“I need sugar.” She replied like it was simple. “And maybe some water.” She nodded, picking up my drink bottle from the table and taking a big chug from it. 

“Are you ok?” Jai asked her.

“Yeah, why?”

“Uh… Don’t worry about it,” he answered quickly. He turned to his computer and began typing furiously but turned the darkness down so neither of us can see the screen. 

A few minutes later I got an email from him. Inside:

Symptoms of Type 1 diabetes

-loss of weight


-sudden thirst

-craving of sugar

-constant urination


All of these signs bar the nausea and vomiting described Jessie perfectly. 

“Hey Jess, when was the last time you went to the doctor for a general checkup?” I asked, trying to not seem suspicious. 

“What’s with all these questions from you two?” She frowned. 

“Nothing, we’re just worried for you.” Jai said. 

“About what?”

“You.” I said. 

“That makes no sense, can you please elaborate.” She said, eating more jelly beans. 

“Read this and tell me it isn’t you.” He pushed the computer towards her. She grabbed it and began reading. 

“So you think I’m a diabetic?” She asked angrily. 

“Someone’s on their period.” I muttered quietly. She turned around and punched me in the arm before turning back to Jai. 

“No, we’re just…concerned." 

She turned back to her computer and sighed shaking her head. 

"Yep definitely on her period.” I mumbled. 

“Can you stop!” She quietly screamed at me. 

“Ok I’m sorry.” I put my hands up in defence. 

“If it worries you that much I’ll get a blood test done." 

"Really?” I was surprised at how quickly she agreed. She nodded her head and went back to typing. 

“Just don’t pass out.” Jai chuckled.

“Don’t joke about shit like that.” I pushed him lightly.

“I’m sure I’m fine.” She said quietly but it was clear she was thinking about it. 


“Beau’s gonna drive us to Tyla’s tonight.” James said before getting on his bus as we began walking home. 

“ ‘K sounds good, I’ll see you there.” I replied, catching up to Jai and Luke who had continued to walk home without me. 

“Meet us at our house at quarter to five.” Jai said as we were about to split off. 

“Ok, cya.” I waved, walking down a different path. 

“Um are you forgetting something?” Luke said, making me turn back. He pushed out his lips and I giggled. I walked towards him and placed a kiss on his cheek. I didn’t kiss him on the lips because I could tell that Jai felt awkward. 

“The lips are there for a purpose.” He sassed. 

“I’ll see you guys later.” I ignored him, turning around. 

I had plenty of time to get ready, it was only 3:30.  I walked into my house and walked straight into the kitchen.

“Hey Mum.” I greeted and sat down, dropping my bag on the floor.

“Hey sweetie, how was your day? How are the boys?” She asked. That’s the thing though. Mum had been working all week and I haven’t had a chance to tell her that Luke and I are now a thing, nor have I had the guts to tell my brother Noah.

“Yeah good, they’re good but I have something to tell you." 

"What?” She sat down next to me.

“Uh, Luke and I are kinda…. We’re going out.” I mumbled.

“What?” She asked, clearly shocked. When Mum first found out my two best friends were the Brooks twins she didn’t know them and didn’t want me to be friends with them because she thought that they were a bad influence on me. Eventually she came around after she met them.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Is that why you spend so much time over there?”

“No, we only just became a thing on Monday.” I told her honestly.

“Right.” She didn’t seem angry but instead concerned.

“Yeah, I’ve got to be at their house at quarter to 5 tonight, we’re all meeting at Tyla’s house.”

“You’re going out again? I haven’t see you all week and now you’re gonna go out?”

“I’m sorry Mum, I just…” I tried to stay calm.

“Can I trust the boys to look after you? Please tell me you’re only dating one twin right?”

“Of course I am Mum.” I said, shocked.

“Well, I just had to check.” She said as if it weren’t weird. “And can I trust them?”

“When have you not been able to trust them?” I frowned.

“Hmmm, ok. But I want you home by 12 even if you bring the boys back here. I swear you spend way too much time with them.” She shook her head. My Mum was really strict which was good because she had to run the household without Dad. 

I’d never had any form of communication with my Dad. He left after I was born, no one knows why. I still talk to his parents but even they can’t seem to track him down, or maybe that’s just what they tell us….

I ran to my room and had a quick shower, getting out and drying my hair. My hair wasn’t extremely long but it was dead straight and blond.

I got dressed in some leggings, a long grey t-shirt and a cardigan because it was getting cold outside. I did my nails in a dark purple only because I had time to waste.

About half an hour my brother appeared at the door.

“Hey.” I smiled at him.

“You could’ve at least told me.” He sounded half annoyed but I knew what he was talking about.

“What are you talking about?” I acted like I had no idea.

“You, dating one of the twins. Which one." 

"First of all Noah I shouldn’t feel obliged to tell you anything and second of all their names are Luke and Jai and I’m dating Luke.” I spoke slowly in a slightly condescending tone. What is with everyone questioning my relationship with Luke?

Noah didn’t answer, instead he rolled his eyes and stormed off. 

I put on some light make up and decided to call Luke.

The phone rang out but there was no answer so I tried Jai instead.

“Hey.” He picked up on the second ring.

“Hey, I’ve got time to kill so can I come a little earlier?”

“Yeah sure.” He said.

“Cool, also do you know why your brother isn’t answering his phone?” I asked him.

“Which one?”


"Ohhh, yeah he’s in the shower. Speaking of I’ve gotta try and get him out of there before he uses all the hot water.”

“Ok, I’ll see you soon Jai, bye.”

“See ya.” He said, the smile evident in his voice. It was hard not to smile even when I was just talking to those boys.

“Mum I’m gonna leave a little earlier to meet the boys at their house.” I yelled to Mum from the front door.

“Ok but remember you have to come back by 12 and if you’re not there will be a consequence.” She replied from her bedroom

“Ok sure thing, see you later.” I called out, stepping out of the doorframe and into the cold Melbourne weather.

The walk was short but cold, goddamn Australia’s stupid weather. I’m wishing I had worn something a little warmer than just a cotton cardigan. Maybe I can borrow one of the boys hoodies when I get there.

I arrived in 10 minutes and stood on their doorstep. I knocked loudly and hugged myself from the cold.

“Oh hey Jessie.” Beau answered the door after I heard an argument from inside about who was going to answer the door. He stepped aside and I walked in.

“Hey Beau.” I smiled at him. 

“They’re in their bedroom.” He laughed, knowing exactly what I was just about to ask.

“Thanks.” I smiled, walking down the corridor and into their bedroom. To no surprise Jai was in there playing FIFA on his own.

“Aw lonely Jai.” I said mockingly.

“Hey Jess.” He said, smiling as soon as he saw me.

“Is Luke still in the shower?”

“Aha yeah, what’s new.” Jai was still in his school uniform as well as Beau.

“Oh also Mum said I have to be home by 12 tonight.” I told him. 

“Are you fuckin’ serious?” He groaned.

“Mmm, she thinks I spend too much time away from home but there’s nothing to do there. Noah’s always out and Mum’s always at work.” I sighed.

“Can’t you just stay the night here?” He mumbled.

“I’ll ask later.” I sat down on the edge of his bed just as Luke walked in the room.

“Put some fuckin clothes on.” Jai swore at him. Luke only had a bath towel around his waist.

“Fuck alright, I didn’t know she’d be there.” He grumbled, Grabbing some clothes out of the cupboard then leaving the room again.

“Fuckin’ idiot.” He shook his head. I just laughed out how funny those two were.

“I’m gonna have a shower now.” Jai got up and patted me on the head.

“Have fun.” I said, grabbing the controller and picking up from where he had left off in FIFA.

In 10 minutes time Luke came back into the room and crawled onto the bed, making his way towards me.

“How’re you feeling?” He sat down.

“Yeah I’m actually a little dizzy but not too bad.” I shrugged.

“I think you owe me a kiss.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes, smiling at him, leaning in and holding the back of his neck as our lips connected. He smiled into the kiss and leaned in more.

“Why wouldn’t you kiss me earlier?” He asked, pulling away.

“I wanted to but Jai was just kinda standing there and it was a little awkward.” I shrugged.

He just shrugged and smiled, leaning in to kiss me again. I accepted the kiss and pulled his body closer to me.

We’d been kissing for a fair amount of time until Jai spoke up.

“I’ll just leave.” He said, quickly turning around and leaving the room.

“That’s what I mean by awkward.” I raised my eyebrows.

“10 minutes cunts.” Beau popped his head into the room then left. Luke’s hair was still wet from the shower so he quickly went to dry it whilst Beau and I waited in the car.

I took the front seat with Beau whilst we waited.

“They take longer than any girl I know.” He shook his head, making me giggle.

“I thought they were girls?” I asked innocently.

“Nah, it’s just that their dicks are really small.” He joked.

“ABOUT BLOODY TIME!” Beau yelled as they got into the car.

“How come you get to ride in the front with him.?” Jai asked.

“I got here first bitch.” I told him.

“Whatever.” I saw him roll his eyes in the rear view mirror.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a prompt, if you like. Emma has a journal in which she writes everything she secretly sees Regina doing that made her fall in love- playing instruments, horseback riding, cooking, etc.- and Regina finds it.

Thanks for the prompt :)  

Regina smiles as she reads the carefully written script in the journal Emma left behind. She knows she should probably put it down but it was open and the title caught her eye. 

Things to love about Regina Mills: 

Her smile when she rides horses

The way she only eats red apples 

She makes the best lasagne in town 

Her laugh is the sound love songs are made for 

That little bouncy flip at the end of her hair 

The way she listens to me like everything I say is important instead of just pretending 

That cute confused frown when she helps Henry with Math homework

Her fear of squirrels (sidenote ask Mom if that’s down to her) 

How her eyes light up when she talks 

She smells of vanilla and cinnamon 

The way she always brings me grilled cheeses and hot cocoa even though she doesn’t like them.

How she curls up and fits so right next to me during movie nights. 

The fact that she (secretly) cries over rom-coms and Disney movies (Remember Mufasa!) 

“Oh god.” 

Regina drops the book turning to see a blushing and shocked Emma. It’s Emma who recovers first shaking her head and running clearly expecting rejection or worse. 

Regina frowns grabbing the journal before hurrying out after her. She finds Emma crouched down by her apple tree and sits on the grass beside her. She hands the journal back to her, “Did you mean it?” she asks hopefully. They’re all little things no-one has ever taken the time to notice her and the fact that Emma has warms her heart, makes her feel truly and utterly cherished. 

Emma nods looking up to meet Regina’s gaze, “Every word.” 

Regina smiles before closing the gap between them and planting a gentle kiss on Emma’s lips. Emma kisses back enjoying the feeling of serenity that washes over them both as they slowly explore one another’s lips. 

She pulls away reluctantly before looking at Regina, “What does this mean?” 

Regina smiles back at her, “I don’t have a list but I love you for so many reasons. Let me take you on a date so I can tell you mine.” 

Emma grins, “I’d love to.”

I loved her accent and the upper curve of her upper lip. I loved whenever she spoke about her favorite plays. When I say I fell in love with Shakespeare that summer, I partly mean to say I fell in love with her. Talking to her was like switching from math to poetry. It felt like I was using a different part of my brain. We had a different language for everything we felt. During the midsummer nights I learned how to read the lines on her face, how to trace her calloused fingertips, how to speak the words that had turned to rust on my tongue.

The first time I stepped into her room my insides shriveled and sank. I studied her bookshelves to make up for the fact I couldn’t look her in the eye. But under the harsh fluorescent light, my hand made its way to hers and fell into her palm like dust. I asked her to read to me and soon became lost in the river of her words. Her body, then, starting with the vibration of her vocal cords, was poetry incarnate. Like a light too bright, we ended each night like a verse, always with the promise of more.

When we first made love, I didn’t know how to stop apologizing—once for every lustful gaze, twice for every squirming touch. But under the instruction of her sighs, I was an avid learner—how to unhook, untie, unhinge. How to crave and not apologize for it. It took me a long time to love my body. Now I was learning to love another.

And as I awoke to the smell of jasmine and filtered morning sunlight, I also learned that she was not, in fact, poetry incarnate. She was not the softness I mistook her for. Beneath her skin she was igneous rock, and boiling lava beneath that. She was hot-blooded and limbs and desire. Though her name tingled like sugar dissolving on my lips, I knew she was the sea in a storm and I was terrified of taking on water.

joan watson and the pursuit of happiness

a few days ago i promised to write a meta about joan'srelationships and how this all kind of fits if you squint.

to start with, i’ve noticed a bunch of parallels between this romantic stuff here and the early parts of joan’s career arc in season 1. in both situations, joan is faced with a choice about her own nature, between what is safe and what is personally fulfilling. also in both situations, joan is startled out of her inertia by a campaign by sherlock to help her see the light.

sherlock said in the pilot that joan hated being a sober companion. that’s clearly not accurate. she demonstrated multiple times how much she cared about her clients and how important it was to do right by them. this is not about hate versus love, or even indifference versus love. it’s about joan being the kind of person who doesn’t go looking for fireworks. she’s practical and people-pleasing, and those things have left her willing to settle. she didn’t love being a sober companion, but she didn’t mind it, either. she wasn’t in love with andrew, but she did like him.

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Up to Interpretation

I suggest listening to this while reading

It was just another boring day for Michael, having to wear his long sleeves because the school didn’t want to have his tattoos out on display. He snorted every time they gave him a jacket to cover himself mostly because he thought the people at his school were complete idiots.

Not wanting to sit through three hours of the most boring classes he had (maths, English, and Spanish), he made his way to the roof of the school. It was a quiet place and the door that lead to the stairs was always unlocked because the idiots who ran the school didn’t think it was necessary to lock it. And as he jumped two steps at a time, he noticed a breeze. This shocked him because whenever he came up here he was the only person to be here and the door was always closed. 

“Hello?” He called out to the door. There wasn’t a response and he thought that maybe the wind could have blew the door open. Brushing it off, he pulled his sweater over his head and left it on the door knob, feeling the breeze against his inked skin. His parents didn’t care that he had tattoos, they just cared he wasn’t stupid enough to knock a girl up or do drugs. When Michael actually thought about it, his parents were pretty much okay with him doing whatever as long as he didn’t die. Which was okay for him too because he didn’t want to die. 

As he rounded around the air conditioner on the roof, he saw a girl lying on the concrete roof. She had long hair that splayed around her and brown sunglasses on her face. She swayed her combat boot clad feet around as she tapped away on her phone. Michael was surprised he hadn’t seen the girl before, seeing as he was up here every day. 

“Most people say hello,” she said arching her back so she could look at the intruder to her privacy. 

“Uhm…hello.” He said coming out from his spot behind the air conditioner. “Normally people aren’t up here.”

“I can say the same. What are you doing up here Mr. tattoos?” She said sitting up and taking off the sunglasses and replacing them with regular glasses that looked exactly the same. 

“Mr. tattoos doesn’t want to sit through maths, English or Spanish.” He said making his way over to her. She patted the spot next to her and he sat down. “What’s Miss fake sunnies doing up here?”

“The same as Mr. tattoos. I have maths, debate and physics and I hate all those teachers.” She ran a hand through her hair and looked out on the city in front of them. 

“You have Carter for maths too?” He asked following her gaze.

“Yeah. God he’s such a dick,” she laughed, looking down at her black skirt. “He’s threatening to fail me even though when I do show up for class I’m the smartest kid in the class.”

“He’s threatening to fail me because when I do show up to class I’m just a smartass.” He chuckled and looked down. “That guy needs a reality check I’ll tell you." 

"I really hate this school, don’t you?” She said looking at him. He looked at her and was taking back at how pretty she looked. He didn’t know this girl at all and yet she made his day better by just being attractive. “I mean the teachers are assholes, the students are druggies, and…there’s only like a handful of smart people." 

"Yeah, but you know perks of being a senior. What year are you?”

“Me? I’m a junior.” She shook her head and flipped it back, slightly hitting him in the face. He laughed when the ends of her hair tickled his face. “What’s so funny?”

“Your hair is really ticklish, that’s all.” He smiled at her and looked down, feeling a slight blush on his cheeks. “I’m Michael.”

“Y/N. And you do realize we have maths together right?” She said looking at him. 

“Well I guess we alternate days we ditch Y/N. How come I haven’t noticed you before? I’m pretty sure I would have noticed such a pretty girl." 

"You’re far to kind Michael. And I’m quiet. I’m like a ghost.” She waved her hands and made booed in his face, causing him to smile. 

“Why were you up here?”

“It’s the only quiet place I have really. During the day my head is just…it’s swimming and swimming in these stupid thoughts and when I can’t handle it I come up here. I mean everyone has to clear their head, right?” She said looking at him. 

“Yeah,” he said rubbing the back of his neck. “I was honestly gonna come up here and smoke like two joints and then hope I didn’t trip down the stairs. But I left my stuff in my jacket,” he said pointing back at the door. 

“Shame, I would have loved some.” She looked at him and they both started laughing. “Don’t most people think you’re the bad boy Michael?" 

"Okay, I had sex with the principals daughter once and I’m suddenly a bad boy? Wow people at this school are stupid." 

"I mean, I’ve seen you tagging the back of the school, the cars, pretty sure you dislocated that one kids knee by shoving him in a locker. Sounds bad to me.”

“Oh…I thought you were gonna say because I have tattoos. Because tattoos don’t make me a bad person. All that stuff you said I did makes me a bad person.” He leaned back and stared at the sky. “Or I guess it’s up to interpretation.”

“Tattoos tell stories. What’s so bad about telling a silent story?” She said leaning down on her side to look at him. “I’ve seen you around Michael. You’re not that bad." 

His head turned to her and he was a bit taken back by how close she was to him. "I’m not?”

“No, I think you’re just quiet. But then again it’s interpretation.” She stood up, brushing herself off and walking to the door of the roof.

“Wait! Y/N, where are you going?”

“Eh, I have better things to do than listen to my shitty music on a roof of a building I want to set on fire. You wanna come listen to shitty music with me? I’m assuming you didn’t eat lunch because you’re never in the cafeteria." 

He stood up, looking at her sort of astonished she knew that thing about him. She was quite observant and he liked that. "Uhm, yeah. I know this sushi place around the corner that’s more or less empty right now.”

“Happy hour sushi sounds great. Meet me down stairs in a few minutes,” she said opening the door. He quickly stood up to follow her and as he grabbed his sweater, he thought about her.

To him, after their twenty minute conversation she seemed so flawless. But then again, everything is up to interpretation.