i made bad decisions last night

I never did post this photo op from VegasCon, so I figured it was high time.  Some of you may remember this story from JaxCon.  I had originally planned to do something else with my retake, but I still needed a prop.  Some friends and I were making a Walmart run our first night in Vegas for snacks and things, and I was looking for the prop while there.  Instead, we saw these fun noodles, and then we saw these cowboy hats, and I was torn.  I texted @laelia-camui with my dilemma, and she asked if they had googly eyes.  They did, and what can I say?  Decisions were made.  I leave it to you to decide whether said decisions were good or bad.

When it came time for the photo, I had to go last, since mine was a retake.  I juggled my armful of props in the line and tried not to feel like an idiot or lose my nerve.  When it was my turn, I held out the hats and the noodles to Jensen and Misha.  “Sorry, guys,” I said with a decidedly unapologetic grin, “but you’re cowboys, and these are your steeds.  I’m the bar wench.”

They grabbed their props with no fuss, we posed, Chris snapped the photo—and that’s when things became weird.  If any of you have done photo ops before, you know how as soon as you’ve finished, you’re shuffled along quickly in an effort to keep things moving.  That didn’t happen here.  There was a moment where all three of us just stood there without moving, in complete silence.  I could practically hear the wheels turning in their minds as they struggled to process what had just happened.  Finally, Misha broke the silence with a little chuckle.  “I think we’ve reached a new….” but whether low or high he didn’t say.  He just held his hand up to indicate some undefined level.

“Yeah, I don’t think these look like horses,” Jensen interjected bluntly, still holding onto the fun noodle between his legs and leaving no room for confusion as to what he thought it did look like.

“It was late at night at Walmart,” I said, shrugging.  “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Jensen laughed heartily, and I thanked him for being a good sport and gave him a quick hug.  Misha’s attention had been stolen by Chris, but I patted him on the shoulder in thanks, collected my props, and left.

Later during autos, I thanked them both again for putting up with my silly fun noodles.  Misha said emphatically, “I liked those noodles."  The photo was only out in time to show Jensen, and he threw back his head and laughed again when I showed him the photo and thanked him.  They’re both so good-natured and lovely.

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Hi! I know college! 5SOS still starts at 7pm GMT but that's like 3am where I am and I really still wanna take part so I was hoping I could send in some of my prompts already? Thanks! "“no, don’t eat more sugar." with college best friend! calum

Sometimes, having an athlete as a best friend was the worst decision you’d ever made.

Because whilst being soccer star Calum Hood’s best friend came with its perks, endless party invites included, there were moments when he was the bane of your existence.

“No, don’t eat more sugar.” He mutters, snatching the chocolate out of your hand, causing you to pout at him. “It’s bad for you.”

“So is alcohol, but that didn’t stop you last night.” You counter, leaning across the sofa to grab it back. “Besides, I deserve it.”

“For what?”

“Dealing with your drunk ass.”

“I was not that drunk.” He laughs, ignoring the groans from some of his frat brothers in the surrounding rooms. “You were worse.”

“And which one of us tried to kiss Luke?”

“The wrong one.” Luke mutters, entering the room with a yawn. His blonde hair was flat and messy, but he only wore a pair of sweats. “Would of much preferred it if it had been you Y/N.”

“Wow bro, feeling the love.” Calum fake pouts, smirking as Luke flips him off. “Besides, I’m a better kisser than Y/N.”

“Doubt it.” Luke grumbles, grabbing his snapback from where it had been discarded on the mantelpiece the night before.

“I just wanted a victory kiss for scoring the winning goal.”

“You could have scored six goals blindfolded as you baked a cake, and I still wouldn’t have wanted to fucking kiss you.”

They smirk at each other as Luke leaves, Calum’s attention returning to you. He cocks an eyebrow when he finds you glaring, hands drumming on your leg which was draped across his lap.

“Yes Angel?”

“Who says you’re a better kisser than me?”

He lets out another bark of laughter, both of you rolling your eyes as Michael shouts from upstairs at you to shut up.

“You wanna prove me wrong?” He smirks, puckering his lips and grabbing your face. “Come on, give us a kiss.”

“Fuck off.” You giggle, pushing away his face. “In your dreams Hood.”

“Every night Angel.” He nods, leaning back with a grin. “Open offer, if you ever want to show me you’re the superior kisser.”

“I’ll bare that in mind.”

college!5sos blurb night with @tadpolehemmings and @cliffwoes

Get To Know Me

I was tagged by: @emilywritesaboutdean

Name/Nickname: Legally I’m Samantha, but I prefer Samii

Last song I listened to: Let It Go, I made the mistake of buying frozen thinking my daughter wouldn’t be too into it. I was very wrong.

First fandom: Does Charmed count? I think Charmed counts.

Book I’m currently reading: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Worst thing I’ve ever eaten: One night bad decision after bad decision ended in my brother buying cooked squid, and paying me $300 to eat it.

Favorite places: My daughter’s room. Some thing about it feels comforting. Especially when she’s gone.And the Hollywood Hills, if you get up there, late at night(which may or may not be trespassing) you can see the skyline without being interrupted

People I’d like to get to know better:

@etherealvixens ft. lara anderson with nyx anderson

If not for the horrible headache she acquired last night, Nyx would be able to come up with a better excuse other than “I was drunk.”. Instead, she had to make silly gestures and avoid eye contact from her older sister. See, being the youngest can be good and bad at the same time— only, Nyx made a horrible decision when it came to the blurry events from last night. “I didn’t know that he was a prince! He was just all charming and really accommodating… and he said he was going to help me find Cassie and Leila..” As she spoke, her voice began to turn into a murmur, her body shrinking down with the memories that returned into her mind. 

“Is that bad that I let him do that to me?” She inquired, unable to meet the older woman’s gaze. It wasn’t that she’s that scared of her sibling, but, it felt more like she was being grilled alive. She knew that she shouldn’t and yet, she couldn’t help herself. “Did brother and sister saw it already?”


You know you got it bad for an actor when you start watching their weird short films…

So I watched The Basement. It’s about 11 mins long, 10 of which I watched last night. Then I was too terrified to continue and paused it. I saw the remaining ~60 seconds this morning, and I must say, pausing this where I did was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. :P 

So if you want to see this, my recommendation would be to definitely only watch it during the day and preferably when you’re not alone in the house. Also, never go to the basement again. :P

I miss the old The Blacklist

last night a rerun of Anslo Garrick was on and I was like I miss the old The Blacklist sooo much, like when did this show become so off (Idk how to even explain it). I’m only watching the new eps bc James Spader is amazing and bc I had the tiniest of hope that it would become better. After watching Anslo Garrick again last night, I´m just really sad that another awesome TV show is starting to lose me bc of bad decisions made in the storyline.

Why posts were delayed.

So as some of you know my Nan died in February. Since then me and my mum have been treated like shit by my aunts and uncle. They closed the family shop that my Nan owned (which could have stayed open till January) leaving me, both my parents and my sister without work and none of us have been able to fine a new job since then. I was kicked out of my Nan’s house (where I had lived for 8 years as her carer) without warning and had to live out of suitcase for a month (I had like 5 tops, 2 pairs of jeans and a handful of underwear it was insane), and had to pick up my things in segments; I didn’t get everything out of the house until July. They made every decision behind my mums back and have just treated her so badly giving her no time to morn, things have gotten so bad shes suffering from depression again which is why I couldn’t post last night. My aunt had dropped off some of my inheritance unexpectedly  and my mum just kind of lost it and I had to be with her. 

Thanks for understanding guys.