i made art yo

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*inhales* you better not promote your mix tapes like every twelve year oLD I BEG OF YOU PLEASE

“Chance the Rapper is currently the most successful unsigned artist in the world,” Viktor explains, his expression impassive and unreadable. “His mix tape, Coloring Book, disrupted the entire music industry in a way no one ever expected.” 

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FAM! you lovely son of a Tracer gun! my heckdy heck! this is super swell and pretty fricken cute! your such a pumpkin my gosh! friend! we be the kings now~! 
honestly, i haven’t seen myself looking this flwales in eons~! pfft must be because im drawn next to such a cutie ;v 

totally forgot i never did a highlight comic for this year’s chicon! so here’s a quick one! to preface, know that in 3 years, i’ve never done one of the meet & greets. i decided i would try for one this year, and i got sniped for swain’s at the very end! HOWEVER, the lovely lady who did so ended up giving me the ticket! it was super lucky, but……………..this is how it started:

i wAS S O EMBARRASSED [whispers] he uses my name against me