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Do something with Sombra! Sombra/Zarya or Sombra/Katya or Sombra/Symmetra or just Sombra being Sombra and booping someone!

Okay, I totally forgot the booping part. Whoops. 

Friends with Benefits - Katya x Sombra - SFW (sorry)

[AO3] | [FF.net]


Katya should have expected that woman would be back very soon. ‘Sombra’, was it? Whatever her name was, Katya should have known. People like that didn’t stay away from people like her for very long. 

When she returned, she’d cause another security breach, Katya assumed. Maybe alarms, drama, chaos—that seemed like the sort of situation Sombra liked to manufacture. She clearly had a flair for drama, after all.

What Katya didn’t expect was to wander into her office late at night after most of her staff had gone home and find herself suddenly face to face with

God! That woman, who was sitting poised on Katya’s executive table, legs casually crossed, shaking a Chinese Baoding Ball beside her ear and listening to it chime. “Huh,” she said, examining the ball. “Are these really all that relaxing? I always wondered.”

Katya’s breath caught in her throat. “You.”

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I was tagged by @spellniall​ to do this Niall tag thing so here we go! Thank you my dear! 

(credit to @androgynoustyles​ for the idea)

rules: you must answer the questions till the end and then tag another 10 niall blogs to do the same! you can use videos/links/gifs/photos to answer the questions.

I tag @sweetniallofmine, @lausworld, @neverenoughhoran, @myaimlessuniverse, @doubledenimniall, @littlemissmeggie, @superrichlads, @melissas173, @niallandharrymakemestrong, @banginghoranbang and everyone of you who wants to do this!

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how did you upload 20 gifs into 1 post? i saw 1 of your goblin gifs. text post?

I’m in the middle of making another long gifset for Goblin and got your message. What a coincidence xD. 

I uploaded that gifset on photos as I did the same for others. Then how I can upload more than 10 gifs? It’s because I combined 2 individual gifs into one canvas. I made a canvas size 540 width and I gonna put my 2 gifs together like this. 

I did the same way for my other Goblin gifset. I even put 4 gifs together into this one. 

Now 10 gifs limit/ a post won’t be a problem anymore. It’s not quite hard to do, it just takes more time and patience. But you make sure all gifs need to have the same number of frames. If it’s not clear or something, just shoot me another message. Hope this helps.  

Niall stans favorites

I was tagged by @heauxforhoran to do this AWESOME Niall favorites thing.😘💕 Thank you my darling!

Rules: you must answer the questions till the end and tag another 10 niall blogs to do the same! You can use videos/links/gifs/photos to answer the questions. (credit to @androgynoustyles for this AWESOME idea)

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Alright, this is long, let’s get started! (that’s what she said)

Absolute Most Favourite Picture:

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When he left, I thought it’d be hard. And for a while it was, but then one day it was like reality hit me and i realized it isn’t difficult being without him, but it was being with him. The constant fights, him always having to be right; Me yelling at him for the simplest mistakes; him making dumb choices, that endangered both of us. Our relationship was reckless and free and it had been like that since the beginning. We were never meant to be together, we were meant to shape each other. He met her through me. At the time, I never understood why he left me for her. Why he would choose her over me. They barely knew each other, and we had history. But as time went by I realized how right they were for each other. She makes him smile a smile I’ve never seen before. A smile of pure love. He makes her eyes get brighter. Its the little things I noticed that made them equally right for one another. I remember a night sitting in my room, looking at old photos and the memories intertwined into those photos. I remember you coming in and rubbing my arms, asking why I was crying. It had been years. What is the point in going back. But I didn’t answer and you accepted my silence and understood completely. You had gone through the same thing when you were my age. The heartbreak doesn’t hit until you’re at your loneliest moments.
I ran into him at a grocery store. He was buying eggs and I was buying milk. He looked up from the magazine he was flipping through while waiting, and we locked eyes. He broke out into a grin and grabbed his stuff and crossed to me, not caring about loosing his place in line. He pulled me into a hug before taking my milk and holding it. ‘Here, let me carry this.’ he’d said. He’d changed in the smallest of ways. When we were together things like this never crossed his mind. How are you, he asked me. Fine, I’d say, and yourself? He began to tell me everything that’d happen in those 5 years we were apart. How Clarissa and him broken up a year prior, how he’d just gotten back from backpacking Europe as a graduation present to himself. He pulled out his phone showing me pictures from the trip. We had a little more small talk, as it got to be his turn to check-out. We should get a drink sometime, he’d told me taking my milk and paying for it, despite my protests. 'We have history Cara, at least let me spend 3.45 on you.’ was his remark to me trying to take my product.  We walked to our cars, which crazy enough were parked next to each other. I unlocked my car and he put my bag in the backseat. We made plans to get a drink that night at a local bar. We said our goodbyes and exchanged numbers. When I got back to my apartment, I ran to my bathroom and looked in the mirror, telling myself I wasn’t imagining what was happening was real, I pulled out my makeup bag, which seemed to have been gathering dust. It’d been two years since my last date, I didn’t see the need in it anymore. I primped myself in a quick haze and ran to get dressed, I searched my closet before settling on a dress that had used to be his favorite. I stripped out of my jeans and shirt and pulled on the dress. It still fit perfectly. After a while, I finally left and went to the bar. I sat on a stool and waited, 20 minuets went by, then 30 and then finally after 45 minuets he came in and looked around before spotting me. I waved and he started to come towards me. I felt my pulse quicken. He sat down, and apologized for being late, that traffic had been a bitch. I laughed it off and said it was alight. We spent most of the night talking about meaningless stuff and it felt great. I tried telling jokes and he laughed harder than I probably deserved. At midnight, we exited together and walked to our cars once more, he held my door open for me and we just stood there in silence, me breathing hard him staring at me. He reached a hand up to push a piece of hair away from my face and made a joke about how somethings never change. I laughed breathlessly. Just as I thought we were going to part he grabbed my shoulders. I panicked for a moment before he slammed his lips on mine. Kissing his again was like exploring a new continent. It was so different from before. There was an urgency and new feeling tied with this. He pulled back and told me he’d been thinking about me lately, wondering where I’d gone, who I was with. And it was like a gift from the heavens to run into me once again.
After that night things changed, we continued to see each other. And slowly it progressed into more than friends. This time around I didn’t doubt us needing each other, or needing to be with each other. This time I realized, we just needed time to progress into something more. This time around it was meant to be.
—  the days after him.// remy searfoss// 2016//

holy cccheese my inbox was flooded with questions about my notebook, people were asking where I bought it and the measures of the book, etc. And because I have little time, I’ll try and reply some of the things you’re curious about in this two photo posts.

About where I bought it….the thing is… I made my notebook. Last semester we had an elective on bookbinding and it was awesome. We made a lot of things and we were taught how to sew and bind a lot of different types of books-notebooks. You can read each description and details on the captions of the photos if you want!

On stage with Rupert Graves and Jonathan Aris

Aaaah so I’m finally home after our coach got stranded in Ghent because of the strike in Calais yesterday, but it did gave me extra time to write everything down.

Okay let’s start with saying I was very scared to go to this con and meet Rupert himself. I thought Rupert would never have met a cosplayer before. I had a feeling the other actors might, but Rupert? He doesn’t do many events ao I figured this would be his first convention. There aren’t that many Lestrade cosplayers out there, so I was genuinely scared he would be uncomfortable or weird him out with the idea of someone attempting to look like him. 

I met him twice on the first day, although both meetings were very casual. Day two was when it got interesting:

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"We make our own memories: Imagine taking selfies with Lindir."

fangirlingovernerdystuff ||  imagine


The tips of his ears coloured slightly pink, as he heard you squeal your nickname for him throughout the gardens of Imladris. He too softly heard the snickering of the other elves, but ignored it, for you bounced over, holding a peculiar device in your hands. 

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BTS as things my ex used to do to me

Jin: eat his food, eat my food, and then proceed to complain about how hungry he was

Yoongi: text me “wyd” and then not respond for 8 hours, and then text back “sorry I fell asleep, wyd” and then not text back for another 8 hours

Hoseok: every time I sent him a selfie, his reply was always “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYOURESOPRETTY”

Namjoon: try to talk to me and explain how being an adult worked, even though we’re the same age

Jimin: made me take his Instagram photos

Taehyung: FaceTime me just to tell me he learned words to a rap, proceed to do the rap, and then hang up

Jungkook: he’d always talk about being “ripped” and how badass he was, but whenever I back hugged him he’d get all shy and blushy

More on my story

With all these false allegations surfacing i thought it’d be appropriate to share what i believe. I am not trying to incline any of you to agree this is just my thoughts. For the past few months i’ve been seeing these allegations, never saying anything of what i experienced because as i’ve said and many, but not all have caught onto, is that i saw jake and i as a common bad relationship, it was shitty, but oh well it’s over and i’m glad. However, not until finding Angela’s story earlier this week did a thought ever run through my head of sexual harassment. Seeing that during this time of being accused of cheating repeatedly he’d been doing the same to another girl and possibly others, i realized, perhaps it wasn’t as common as i’d thought. As it was consensual, being 16 during the time, i never opposed to any sexual comment jake made, nor were any of the photos unsolicited. I read Angela’s story and i believed it because the things he’d said to her were extremely similar to what he said to me. Mind you, this was before i wrote my story or ever publicly commented on the matter. Regarding to the allegations involving younger girls as young as 13 years of age. I never truly believed because those stories did not provide any evidence as Angela’s did. Also, having had the experience i did, it was clear to me that jake’s attraction was definitely to post-pubescent girls. Though, i may be wrong. In reading that those allegations have been taken back by their propagator as a lie, i understand that many will discredit the evidence Angela and i have provided. I still will be updating my story as i rummage through all i’ve saved. As i’ve said, my intentions were not to destroy his career. I just wanted to give people some truth. Even though my story specifically is not harassment, the fact that there were multiple girls he was conversing with during the same period of months is what leads me to believe it was more than just a shitty relationship.

Graphic T-Shirt Friday: Day Before the Long Run

My shirt says Run for Your Life. It feels apropos for the day before my 20 miler. I also wanted to show off my super cute travel mug! It has photos of my entire family doing awesome things (seriously, we are TOO COOL: my dad and one sister finish their triathlons, my mom on her bike, another sister hiking). My dad had some made through Shutterfly.

My running this week has been pretty ho hum. I skipped Monday because of Snow and Sore. 

Wednesday was my return to running and I went into it tired and sore but came out of it feeling much better:

Enh. Nothing spectacular but I wasn’t expecting to run my fastest 10k on those legs.

Same kind of thing on Thursday:

Again, nothing spectacular. But so it goes.

In other news…the marathon is exactly a month from today. Which doesn’t feel possible. I’ve been thinking and training for so long that the idea that I’m coming up to the actual DAY is…insane. But tomorrow is my longest run: 20 miles. I feel ready and also insanely nervous and tired just thinking about it. I really don’t feel that any of  my long runs have gone well and my entire training has been off due to snow storms or injuries or sickness. 

So…tomorrow’s goal: sustainability. Run at a pace that makes me feel like I can go for 26 miles. Don’t look at the watch. Don’t fight the hills. Smooth, sustainable pace. 

Happy Friday tumblr! I’ll see you all on the flip side :)

Furry Thing 3D Print

A while ago, another talented friend and coworker of ours, Ray Ocampo, made this cute little character:

(You can check out http://www.artofraymond.com/ for more of his work!)

So I sculpted him and the same awesome folks at work all pitched in again to get it 3D printed for his birthday! :)

As per usual, here are the process pics! :D Enjoy, and thanks again to all who helped make this possible! :)

Here’s a 3D interactive viewer for the final model! (it might not work on a mobile device)

And finally, photos of the final printed sculpture :) It was made in full-color sandstone from Shapeways.com!

The sculpture, textures, 3D print export were all done with Zbrush 4R6!
(might need to snag some more quality photos eventually :S Yikes)