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Does anyone just…lay in their bed thinking of how fucking beautiful of a clip Inshallah was?

Like this,

was encapsulated into one,





Ps, sorry if I made your angst worse lol.

I’ve been having an art block so I solve it by drawing some nonsense that came to me in the form of a “good idea.” and I wanted to color something again…. :p  I am just an impulsive little thing…. 

I was originally only drawing Mahiru and it turned into a silly crack comic …. I love the fact that Mahi wears Kuro’s jacket even in canon. ;w;
also I am sorry I’m KuroMahi and SakuMahi trash.

Oh yeah bonus, another doodle but with Licht:

I was gonna draw Mahiru wearing Misono’s outfit, but Misono is tiny(er)…. lol


Yet another rambling story that popped into my head. Not a requested story. Also, sorry Zack Sabre Jr fans, I made him a complete dick in this lol. There are also mentions of abuse in this, so if you’re not comfortable with it, please don’t say I didn’t warn you ~ Kirst.

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Gold took him to Hot Topic and this was his reaction

And this was Gold’s reaction when Silver dressed up in some very questionable clothing there

Meanwhile Clemont is being harassed by Bonnie on getting a girlfriend, “What, do you not want a girlfriend?” Clemont isn’t sure how to tell her that he’s actually really gay for Ash but whatever

(I actually had a hard time choosing if I wanted to draw Clemont or Cheren because they’re both my favorite Gym Leaders but. In the end Clemont won lolol
I’ll definitely do Cheren next time, he’s my son <3)

Thanks for requesting these! Lol I’ve done so many now that there are repeats of certain expressions popping up but that’s okay! I’m not going to take any more requests though; I’m going to do the ones remaining in my inbox and when those are done…I’m going to do another meme similar to this one but with ships. So. Look out for that ^^

Hanbin Scenario: Naggy Boyfriend

Yay! Another scenario! Plot ideas have just been pouring into my mind lately. I’m struggling, trying to write them all down fast before I forget, but I’m such a slow writer because I get so distracted every few minutes LOL and I also run out of words sometimes, so I always have to look at google to have some word variety and to make it more interesting. 

Sigh, why can’t it come more naturally to me? I’m so untalented ugh the struggle.

Anyway, sorry. Here it is! Enjoy this one because I made this longer than my previous scenarios. I also added way more Hanbin dialogues because I noticed that I already wrote a couple scenarios with Hanbin sleeping LOL. Heehees. The likes are much appreciated because they motivate me to write more! :3

It was nearing 1 am, and you finally finished your paper due the next day. You stretched your arms out above your head and scoped the library. There were only a few students cramming left, and you felt comforted by their presence. Thank God you weren’t the only one procrastinating at the last minute. 

You shut off your laptop and started to put away your things in your school bag, then headed for the exit to call it a day. As soon as you opened the front door of the library, the cold air hit you smack in the face, and you shivered into your scarf wrapped multiple times around your neck. 

Summer decided to come in late this year so you silently cursed at the season. You loved the cold, but you were dying for the warmth of the sun to come already. 

Your nose threatened to drip and you sniffed it in before it could escape. The action reminded you of Hanbin who was getting better from a cold, and you wondered how he was doing at the studio.

You pulled out your phone and dialed his number.

To your complete surprise, Hanbin picked up after the first ring. “Jagiya!” He excitedly called you on the other end followed by a cheerful chuckle, making you smile like an idiot in the dark, empty street. Despite the coldness, you felt your cheeks and your heart in your chest warm up from merely hearing his voice and imagining his innocent smile he most likely had on right now.

What is this? You never pick up after the first ring when you’re in the studio.” You replied and giggled into the phone.

He chuckled again then said, “Nice timing, jagi! I was holding my phone in my hand because I was just about to call you, but then you suddenly called.

Why? Did something happen?” 

No, nothing happened.” He paused shortly then continued softly, “I just missed you, that’s all.” The tone of his voice sounded bashful and a blush crept onto your face. You bet that he was blushing on the other end too so that made you laugh.

I missed you too,” You replied, trying to bite back the huge smile wanting to appear on your face. To calm yourself, you started walking in the direction of your apartment. 

He gasped playfully. “Daebak, can we read each other’s minds now? Are we at that stage already?” 

You mirrored his gasp then said, “Hanbin-ah, maybe we are! Shall we celebrate?”  You played along with him and you both giggled at this cheesy exchange. 

Then you heard him sniff on the other end which reminded you of the reason you called. “Oh right! How are feeling? Are you okay?” 

Yeah, I’m okay! Don’t worry about me. My health is at 99.9%. I’ll be better by tomorrow, I promise.

You hummed through the phone, doubtful of his words, and your eyes narrowed at the view in front of you of the empty street and closed up shops. 

Really! Trust me.” He told you, and you gave in with a sigh after a brief moment of silence. “Anyway, what are you doing?” He asked cheerfully, catching him quickly wanting to change the topic but you let it go.

I’m walking home right now. I left the library a few minutes ago after I finished that paper that I told you about.

Huh?” He sounded concerned. “By yourself?

Yup.” The wind blew and you sunk further into your scarf to block the cold hitting your face. 

At this time of night? You’re walking home by yourself? Alone on the street?” His alerted tone shot through the line, and you giggled at your overprotective boyfriend. 

I’m fine. Don’t worry.” You reassured him. There really wasn’t any need to worry since the library was just in the area of Hanbin’s studio and the apartment complex that you both lived in.

What do you mean ‘you’re fine, don’t worry’? Of course I’ll worry! That’s unacceptable.” You heard a rustling noise over the phone and immediately pictured him shaking his head in disapproval. “Hey, do you know how—

You cut him off before he could go into rambling on and on about how the streets are dangerous at night and possible perverts hiding in the shadows, a conversation you had plenty of times when you would give him surprise visits at his studio. “Hanbin, it’s fine! The library is just in our area anyway.” You laughed out loud and the sound echoed on the street. “I’m keeping my eyes out and watching my surroundings closely like you told me.

The line went quiet, then Hanbin asked, “Where are you right now?” His voice went at least 3 octaves deeper as he asked you seriously through the phone. Your heart skipped a beat in its cage at the sudden change. 

Obediently, you answered him timidly, “I’m 5 minutes away from the studio right now.

I’ll wait for you outside the building,” He said curtly then hung up.

Your heart was beating fast in your chest as you stared at the end call screen on your phone. Hanbin would never hang up just like that unless he was in a bad mood. Looks like you were going to be scolded. You couldn’t help the smile from forming on your face.

Hanbin never scolded you as much as he scolded his team mates when they made a mistake in their choreography. He was the soft and caring boyfriend who always treated you gently and who never got angry at you seriously. The complete opposite of the boy you watched on WIN and Mix & Match. Maybe he would nag at you, but it was never at that level with the rest of the iKON members. 

But when he did (so far it was only once) for some reason, that made you feel excited rather than regretful as you should be. You wondered if he would seriously scold you this time as you continued walking.

With anticipation rising within, you approached the studio building that was gradually coming into view. You immediately spotted the tall figure standing in front of the entrance doors with his head down and arms crossed over his chest, dressed in all black. Black hoodie with his snapback under the hood. Black, baggy sweatpants. Black converse shoes.

You cleared your throat quietly to contain your excitement, then gingerly made your way towards him. As soon as you were standing in front of him, his head lifted to meet your eyes with a sullen look on his face.

Annyeong,” You timidly greeted him with a small smile.

He frowned at you then with a warning tone, he started, “Y/n…

Immediately, you straightened up then answered, “Yes?” 

For a moment, you both stared at each other. His eyes narrowed at you and you kept your obedient stance, waiting quietly for the scolding you eagerly awaited.

“Follow me,” He went back into the building and you trailed behind him. He led you into his studio where it was warmer. He faced you again and continued to stare at you with the same look. You watched him with sparkling eyes of anticipation.

To your dismay, the scolding didn’t come. Instead Hanbin sighed in defeat then flicked your forehead, making you cry out in pain. “Look at you,” He said as he breathed out another exasperated sigh. “Why do you look happy rather than being sorry?

You peeked up at him then gave him a cute smile. 

He shook his head. “You are really…” Another sigh.

You giggled then took his hand. “I’m sorry. I really am!” You shook his hand repeatedly.

I really don’t think you are though.” He retorted. “Just now you looked like you were expecting something from me instead. What is it?

It’s nothing!” You firmly told him then let out a nervous laugh. You shifted the conversation back to apologizing. “Anyway, I’m really sorry for worrying you, Hanbin. But seriously though, there’s nothing for you to worry about!

Thankfully he took the bait without any suspicions. You didn’t want him to know how weird you were about wanting be scolded by him. He instantly replied with, “Of course there is something to worry about! The world we live in is dangerous you know, y/n. You could be kidnapped or a pervert could appear out of nowhere and—”

You cut him off again, “Hanbin-ah! Are we going to have this conversation again? We’ve talked about this so many times already.” You whined childishly and shook his arm.

“Yes! Because you don’t listen to me. If you would listen to me, we wouldn’t have to repeat this conversation.”

“Then what should I do then?” You changed your tone, feigning irritation but honestly your were amused because your boyfriend was so naggy. “Stay at home and never come out?” You frowned at him and crossed your arms over your chest. 

His demeanor softened and his voice quieted. “No…” His voice trailed off.

You stayed silent, waiting for him to continue.

It’s just...” He paused then sighed, running a hand over his mouth. His eyes looked into yours and said, “I just want you to be safe. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you or to have you experience anything awful. Sometimes I wish that I could stay by your side 24/7, but we both know I can’t.”

A smile grew on your face, and you took a step closer to him. You looked up at him tenderly and placed your palm over his cheek. He held that hand and leaned into it with his eyes closed, taking a deep breath in.

Then what should we do to give you some peace of mind?” You asked him softly. “I can stop going to the library, but I won’t stop myself from walking to your studio to see you.” His eyes opened and you continued, “Because think about it, if I don’t come and see you here, then we won’t be able to see each other at all. Maybe only a couple times a month, but that’s it.

He had a thoughtful expression on his face for a moment, then a look of realization replaced it, acknowledging that it was a fact. “What should we do..” He mumbled then he placed your hands over his neck and encircled his arms around your waist as he leaned on the desk and pulled you closer.

You hummed in thought then a wild thought appeared. You suggested playfully, “Should I go knock at your dorm and grab one of the members in the middle of the night to walk me here? You’re okay with me walking with someone else at least, right?” 

You giggled when he had a look of displease on his face at the thought. “No.” He pronounced firmly and tightened his hold around your waist. “Definitely not.” Naggy and overprotective.

“Then what else can I do? I don’t want you to come and get me, and disrupt your work.”

He looked at the ground, seriously considering what to do, and you watched as the gears in his brain worked, making you smile at the thought of Hanbin seriously taking this “dilemma” into account.

He sighed and shook his head, “I can’t think of anything. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.” He met your eyes again and gave you a smile.

After you google it, you mean?” You retorted with a knowing smile.

His childlike smile that never failed to warm you up inside finally appeared, and he timidly nodded. You both laughed then hugged each other.

Let me know what you find.” You said as you leaned back to look at his face.

He replied with an okay then got up from the desk. “I’ll walk you home this time.

Your eyes lit up and you excitedly asked, “You will? What about work though?

It’s fine. I’ll continue tomorrow.” He turned to shut off the computer and grab his things. Once he put everything to place, he led you out the door and turned off the lights. He held your hand, and you both happily walked back to your shared apartment complex.

I can honestly imagine Hanbin being so naggy LOL such a cutie <3

On a side note: this scenario ended up being something else entirely than what I had planned to write. Oh well, I’ll just have to write that one up too. xD

Protective (Alec Lightwood x Reader) *smut*

Request: do another one shot with alex from shadowhunters along the smae lines but your half shadowhunter half warlock and alec is also jealous in it lol sorry if I’m bothering you and if you don’t want to do them that’s ok- @icharleecongreve

A/N: Sorry I kept you waiting for so long. MASTERLIST

Word Count: 712

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex 

You walked out of your bedroom that you and Alec shared. He wasn’t there and you were not surprised; he was busy as a bee with all the cases that had got out from nowhere. You walked into the small kitchenette and made yourself a warm cup of tea. As you were about to sit on the chair to wait for the water to steam, there was a knock on the door. “Who is it?” You asked.

“It’s Jace.” You got off your ass and opened the door. “We kind of need you downstairs.” You made way for Jace to come in and he sat on the couch. “So what’s up? Want some tea?”

“No thanks,” He said politely. “There are some demons running amongst the mundanes and since Magnus is in Bora Bora on his vacation, you’re the only option we’ve got to track them down. Alec got one of them. He’s in the cell.” You changed up as you listened to Jace talking. You got out of the bathroom with your toothbrush in your mouth. “Okay good. So how are things going between you and Clary?” He let out a sigh and threw his head back on the couch.

“It’s complicated…everything’s complicated.”

“You’re making it more complicated because you won’t tell her how you really feel.” You walked out of your room with Jace as you both talked on your way. “Hey babe.” Alec came up from behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. He placed a kiss on your cheek and pressed you against him. “Morning. How did you sleep?” He placed another hiss on your cheek.

“Laying down.” You giggled. “I have to go but I’ll catch up with you later.” Izzy came running towards us. “Magnus is back early and he took care of the demon.”

“So why did you come running?” Alec asked.

“Because I saw Y/N shoes and I’m in love with them. Where did you buy them from?”

“I honestly don’t know.”


 “So Jace and I are going South.” You said to Alec as you switched on the TV in your bedroom.

“You and Jace are not going South!” Alec said in a stern voice. You propped yourself on you elbows.

“Not that South Alec. I meant-”

“You’re not going anywhere Y/N. I don’t want you to get hurt! You’re staying here.”

“Oh and what? Let you get hurt?” Your voice got higher which made Alec jump on you. His huge figure was on yours. “You’re staying here.” His hot breath collided with yours; he started kissing you passionately. You groaned in his kiss as you felt his hard pressing between your legs. You found the buckle of his pants until you heard the metallic sound of the buckle landing on the floor. He knelt between your legs and removed your pants and underwear. His tongue slid up and down your core lazily, making you a writhing mess. “Alec! Please!” You pleaded as your hands had a fistful of Alec’s hair. You pushed him deeper and bucked your hips for more friction.

Originally posted by magnuslightswood

 You felt two fingers entering you; his nose slightly teasing your clit and every now and then his tongue flicks over your clit. You felt yourself clenching towards your orgasm. You looked down at Alec who was enjoying himself as much as you did. “Don’t you dare come.” His hard member twitched against your thigh which made it harder for you. With his fingers still inside of you, stretching you out, he bit and kissed your thighs. You let out a wanton moan as your orgasm was at your peak. He quickly got his fingers out of you and entered inside you, stretching you out even more. He gave you a few seconds to adjust and he started out slow. “You. Are. Mine.” He groaned out with every thrust. His hands held your arms on each side of your head as he pushed in deeper. You felt your orgasm grow stronger and Alec was trying his best to torture you. “Baby…Oh my God…I’m coming!”

He increased his speed and you came undone. His eyes turned black with lust and he came inside of you. He moaned as he released his seed inside of you. His hands gave away and he landed on you. You felt his heart beating out of his chest. “We need to do this another time when I’m not tired.”


& because I want to be unnecessary & extra, I made the fire flicker in LQ lol.

Sorry I made this, literally, a long post. I just really wanted to add the flickering into this post instead of creating another one.

Black Moon by @heartythrills on AO3, READ IT! IT’S AMAZING (°◡°♡).:。

FEEL! TASTE! THE BITTERSWEETNESS & ANST OF THIS FANFIC! Also, stay tune for a short kurotsuki comic from this same fanfic. coming soon I hope °◡°

Edit: Here’s the KuroTsuki comic!

anonymous asked:

do you think the books were bad at showing how much adam cared for ronan or do you think people are just bad at picking it up?

this is an interesting question and i’ve been turning it over. i think mostly the second part, but a dash of the first in a couple of specific ways. the sad truth is that, as society is right now, directly addressing characters’ non-straight sexualities is like… necessary in fiction. i’d love to see less stories about “but i’m a GIRL and she’s a GIRL oh no!!! what ever shall i do!! this is the only concern lgbt+ people ever have” and more stories about girlfriends/boyfriends fighting evil, accidentally inheriting a billion dollars, traveling to different realms, etc, but…… stief’s vision of a world where ~sexuality doesn’t matter~ is different from reality, and her choice not to address adam’s bisexuality head on lead a lot of stuff surrounding p*nch to be like: could adam POSSIBLY like ronan BACK? but he liked blue?????? 2+2 = 6? and i mean, i hate that this is true– picture me, A Bi, slapping myself in the face going “stop oppressing yourself”– but their dynamic throughout the series would have read as more obviously romantic if one of them were a girl. they’re deliberately placed together by the narrative (and like….by maggie obviously lol) throughout the series with a lot of important character moments hinging on one another, etc, but. unfortunately i was still kind of ?????? about some things because a) i wasn’t really involved in fandom and didn’t know until later stief had confirmed it as canon and b) i’ve been burned before and c) again, stuff about sexuality and representation in fiction, etc (i’m sorry anon my brain is fried)

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HAP BIRTH MAX @mangaken!! 🎉🎉

hOW MANY YEARS HAS IT BEEN aaaa you’ve been one of my closest friends ive made on here :’)) Thank u for sticking with me throughout these years and I apologize for any wrongdoing ive done u_u;

sentimental stuff aside FJSKF AFTER 47843 YEARS I FINALLY DREW AN ACTUAL LAPIDOT rip i know ive said ive been wanting to draw them earlier but well better late than never i suppose hAHAHA they’re really cute and because of u i got into this ship 8’’))

oh man I’d completely forgotten about this

From a draft of the tale of the creation of the Dwarves (found in WJ):

But it is said that to each Dwarf Ilúvatar added a mate of female kind, yet because he would not amend the work of Aulë, and Aulë had yet made only things of male form, therefore the women of the Dwarves resemble their men more than all other speaking races.

In another version, though:

Aulë made one, and then six, and he began to make mates for them of female form, and he made six, and then he wearied. Thus he buried six pairs, but one (Durin) the eldest he laid alone.

So either Aulë just straight-up forgot to make women, and Ilúvatar had to do it for him (lol), or else he did make wives for six of the Dwarf-men but then was just like “welp, I’m tired – sorry Durin, I guess you’re SOL”.

Aulë you dolt.

Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

Warnings: cuss words. Negan. I think this classifies as fluff??

Request:  If you’re still doing requests, could I please ask for one where the reader finds out she’s having Negan’s baby, but she’s scared to tell him (because she thinks he won’t want her anymore or the baby bc she thinks he sees her as just another one of his wives, but she’s wrong; he loves her, just hasn’t said it bc Negan being Negan, lol.) and she doesn’t..until he finds evidence/figures it out and confronts her about it? I need all the angst and fluff! LOL - anon

A/N: I hope you like,sorry it’d kind of short!! Thank you for sending in!! Request are still open!


The sounds of lips on lips radiated through the room. Negan had one of his many wives in his room. He wanted to do something that made him forget about you. 

His body was here. One of his wives was here. Everything was right, but at the same time everything was wrong. 

His mind was on you. All this thoughts were on you. He thought about how  you’ve been acting strange lately. Usually you were tucked tightly under his arm when he wanted a companion for the night. 

Recently, every time he asked for one of his wives, you never where the one to show up. He thought about when every morning that he walked into the wives’ lounge, you were always ‘sick’. He seemed to buy the idea and walked out without another word. 

He noticed, when he actually saw you, that you had stopped wearing your tight black dress. Instead, you wore skinny jeans, with a loose flowing shirt. It didn’t cling to your body, which he missed dearly. 

It had been weeks since you’d last been with Negan. When he did she you, his breath caught in his throat. On some days you looked pale. Other you looked healthy. Even then your beauty lit up the room. 

He broke away from his wife. “Holy hell,” he said slapping his hand over his mouth, wide eyed. He stepped away from her. He needed to talk to you and talk to you now. “Where is (y/n)?”

“I don’t know Neggy. Probably hold up in her room,” she said as she tried to reattach her lips to his.

He reacted instantly moving out of her grasp. “Oh come on Neggy,” she purred running her hand over his chest. “Don’t let (y/n) ruin what is happening here.”

He swatted her hand off his chest letting out a chuckle. “There isn’t anything going on here. I got to go.” He hurriedly walked out the door and down the hall towards your room. What had he done to make you so afraid to tell him? 

 He knocked once and tried to open the door only to find it was locked. You had locked it as a signal to leave you alone. You heard the knock and the jingle of the door knob, but you still laid in bed. 

He heard you groan. “Darlin’, come open the door.” You still laid there. Willing him to go away. You didn’t want to talk to him. 

He knocked again. You figured he’d just bust through the door, he didn’t. He just kept knocking. “I can do this all day darlin’,” he taunted. 

You groaned as you rolled out of the bed. You padded across the floor towards the door. You threw the door open. His hand was raised as if he was about to knock again. “Well hello there darlin’,” he said as he brushed past you into your room. 

You rolled your eyes as you shut the door. You turned to face him, arms crossed over your chest. “What do you want Negan?” you asked already annoyed with him. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” his voice sounded cold. 

You froze. How did he find out? Who told him? When you found out that person was going to suffer. 

“Wha- What are you taking about?” you choked out. 

“Don’t play dumb with me. You’ve been avoiding me for the fuckin past month and a half almost. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Negan. I don’t know what your talking about,” you tried to sound convincing. You were failing miserably. 

“You’re pregnant,” he said factually. The air that you were breathing suddenly got caught in your throat. He walked over to you. He towered over your frame. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he whispered his hands cupping your face, his forehead resting against yours. 

You snapped out of you paralyzed state and melted into his hands. “I couldn’t. I’m sorry. I’ll take care of it.” Your voice was soft and heavy with sad emotions.  

“What do you mean ‘you’ll take care of it’?” 

You looked up at him, tears brimming the edge of your eyes. “I’ll get rid of it,” you chocked out. He didn’t want this. 

“No you most certainly will not.”

You looked up at him. Your eyes wide. A loose tear fell down your cheek. “What?” You were surprised. You thought he would demand you got rid of his child. 

“You’re not getting rid of anything, baby doll. Well expect this fuckin’ this thought that I would resent and avoiding me at all  damn cost. Yeah that can go right this second.”

You laughed as you buried your head into his chest. “You want this?” you mumbled pressed tightly into his chest. His arms wrapped around your shoulders. 

“Baby doll, I’ve never wanted nothing more.” 

“Why? Why do you want me? I’m just another wife Negan. You can have this with anyone. Why me?”

“If you think you’re just another one of those women. Then we need to have a serious discussion.” 

You stayed that way for a few more minutes. Taking in all the things he had said. He wanted this. He wanted your child. 

Reluctantly pulled away from him. “I should have of told you sooner. I’m sorry.” 

Negan sighed. “I shouldn’t made you think I’d hate you. God, your nothing like them.” He brought one hand up to your cheek and brought his lips slowly to yours. The kiss lasted for a few seconds before he pulled away. “I should of told you this sooner. I love you, (y/n).”

You grinned as you stood on your tippy toes and placed a small kiss on his lips. “Where do we go from here?”

“I say we have a little celebration right here and now,” he smirked. “Then I spend the rest of my days making you and the bundle of joy happy. What ya say?”

“I’m game,” you replied as his lips crashed into yours. 


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Part 3 - The Dream Synopsis

Isn’t it boring when I talk about my dreams?

Harry was twenty years old when he first saw the blue room.
Yet nothing had changed.
Three years on, nothing had changed.
It came from nowhere. It wasn’t like he had a sudden change of lifestyle. It wasn’t like anything tragic happened. Everything was as it always was.
It just happened.

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Why I don’t like Split:

This post isn’t for starting fights with anyone, so don’t go jumping down my throat trying to defend this movie. If you don’t like this post, then just block it or block me, easy as that. It costs you $0 to not fight with me. These are just my thoughts and opinions. Anyways, here’s questions, i’ve seen about it.

Q: Why are you mad about a character having DID? Aren’t you happy for representation?

A: I’m not mad at a character for having DID, I’m mad that it’s always the same thing over and over again, which is it’s always the villain in a show or movie having alters. Lots of media shows someone with alters being evil and scary. It’s always a horror movie that has a character with DID. 

Q: But the movie is an eye opener! It made me learn about DID! Isn’t that a good thing?

A: You don’t need to wait for a horror movie to come out to do research, there’s many people in the world that have DID you can learn from and many other places you can learn about it.

Q: Why are you and other people making this a big deal? Many movies done this! 

A: Exactly many horror movies always makes the villain have DID. This probably isn’t the first time people have been mad with a movie like this, you’re seeing it more because of social media. 

Q: People do their research! Stop being so angry! Nobody is causing harm!

A: Honestly many people do not do research, also there has been many jokes about people with “more than one personality” or many people saying anyone with DID is “crazy” or “scary”. Lots of people think they’re cute and quirky claiming they have “multiple personalities” when they do something wrong or become mean. They pull the “lol sorry i have another personality who’s always doing something crazy or always mad lmao” instead of taking responsibility for their actions. Besides nobody actually listens to us after this movie, we get made fun of, screamed at, or get talked over from people who think this movie is good and thinking they know about DID.

Q: You being mad won’t stop people from watching the movie or stop the movie from existing:

A: Yes, i’m very aware of that. Just like if you hate an actor or singer, it isn’t going stop the fans from loving them or stop the person from acting or singing. But that isn’t going to stop me from hating the movie. 

Q: It’s just a movie! It’s not real! Get over yourself! 

A: Yup, I know it’s a movie and not real, i’m aware of that too. Anyways, many people who watched it seem to be the ones forgetting that it’s not real which makes them treat people with DID horribly and thinking being with anyone who has DID would be a nightmare. 

Q: Some people are actually like that! They can be violent! 

A: I’m not denying that people with DID can be violent, but not everyone who has it is violent. I can honestly say that i’ve never heard of someone with DID kidnap people and locking them away somewhere. Even if they did, you can’t just assume everyone with DID will do the same thing as that one person. You might notice that the news will take any criminal and try to justify their actions by slapping on a mental illness. If they do have a mental illness, that doesn’t excuse them for their actions and it doesn’t make everyone who has whatever the person has, be exactly the same as that person who committed the crime. Which many people do not understand that and just groups everyone together. Everyone with a disorder is different and effected differently. 

Q: I thought the movie was great! I loved it!

A: Okay, just don’t go shoving the movie in people’s faces. Before you say “but you’re pushing that you hate the movie in people’s faces!”, i’m not. I’m not starting an arguments with people, i’m not screaming at people. I’m just sitting here expressing my thoughts and feelings in a calm way. Lots of people who like the movie have jumped in my face telling me that i shouldn’t be “offended” and going on about how “beautiful” it is. If you like it, then fine. Just know that i will not feel comfortable or safe around you.

This is all I have to say for now.