i made another cover

So this took me hours when it probably shouldn’t have, but I had to use my phone, and even finding BGM took time. As basic as this is though, I hope you like ;;

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i made another #relatable enamel pin set haha

i’m titling it the “art student starter pack” 

my favorite is the offbrand micron


“And why did you play this game?”

“Board games are played when you get bored.”

“Not this one!!!”



Graveyard Smash, a Halloween mix. 

She just wants to dance, dude. Well, and maybe take a bit of your blood. No big deal.

Cover art by @glitterhobo

For another Halloween mix, listen to Casket of Spooks


me: wow this comeback makes me wanna draw bts again,, maybe i could do smth abt serendipity or the album photos when they come out ??

me, hours later with this on my screen: i am so sorry

look I love when girls cover ‘take me to church’ and don’t change the pronouns, but can we PLEASE stop saying that it somehow 'makes’ the song gay???? The song is about institutionalized homophobia. 'Take me to church’ has ALWAYS been gay, regardless of the gender of the singer. Saying that a female singer makes it gay completely erases the fact that it was never straight in the first place.


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why does everyone hate Henry?

henry’s fucked up a lot but i think what turned most people against him was his defense of blackface. yesung did blackface when he dressed up as nick fury and posted a photo on instagram despite the backlash. henry then  left a comment in which he said that blackface wasn’t racist nor problematic but rather a way to “cosplay” 

(screenshot of henry’s comment on yesung’s instagram post, in which he says: “if this is racist, then thor wearing the blonge wig is also racist. c o s p l a y .)

but otherwise he’s done a lot of creepy and sometimes just seriously fucked up stuff. 

he went through nana’s clothes/underwear, and most recently he had camera(s) set up in the bathroom knowing mark lee (who is still a minor) was going to use it. regardless of whether or not it was to capture mark’s reaction to the automatic toilet it’s still a massive invasion of privacy and extremely gross as again, mark is a minor.

Fluffier Than Expected

Haven’t written anything for ML Fluff Month, so just have a general fluff drabble. With my own weird spin on it.

“Okay. On the bright side, it could be worse,” Chat said, examining himself. It was always a crapshoot when he got hit by an akuma’s powers what the result would be. “I can still talk, I have thumbs…”

Ladybug made another tiny squeal behind her clenched fists covering her mouth.

Chat sighed, flicking an ear in annoyance. “On the downside, I’m FLUFFY.”

There went that Ladybug squeal again.

Chat wasn’t sure what had happened to his suit, and he hoped Plagg was doing okay, but as it was, he kinda looked like a big, monstrous version of his kwami. Like Plagg and a werewolf had a baby.

Okay, no, ew, getting that mental image out of his head.

Chat sighed, carefully scratching the top of his head with his new, real claws as his fluffy plume of a tail swayed behind him in place of his usual leather one. “Okay, I’m still wearing the ring, but I don’t want to risk using Cataclysm like this. Do you have any ideas, My Lady?”

Ladybug squeaked from behind her fists, and Chat sighed.

“Oh, fine. Get it out of your system.”

Look, normally he would be all about Ladybug’s excited butt wiggle before she pounced him to the roof and started examining his new, very real ears, but right now he just wanted a pair of pants, even if nothing seemed to be visible under the fur.

And then gloved fingers slid into the fur on his head, rubbing at the base of his ears, and a thunderous purr kicked up against his will as all thought of pants went out the window.

“Ohmigosh you’re so ADORABLE Chat, your ears and tail and oh cats you have TOEBEANS!” Ladybug grabbed one of his hands and started playing with the pink pads on the ends of his fingers.

Okay, so having Ladybug fuss over him like this wasn’t all bad, especially so long as it wasn’t permanent.

He did make Ladybug promise that they would never again speak about him doing a kicky-foot when she gave him a belly rub, though.


James/Miranda/Thomas Appreciation Week:

Day Seven: Free Choice 

“Desde que tú has partido, ha comenzado para mi la oscuridad. En torno a mi, vive el recuerdo de los días bellos de nuestro amor. La rosa que me has dejado ya se a secado, pero la guardo en un libro… que no termino más de leer.”

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Retail manager here! Tired as fuck of upper management! District manager wrote me up for going home VOMITING. Even though I got another manager to cover my shift and made sure my work was done, I got written up because I didn't "partner with my supervisor." This latest bullshittery just added fuel to the fire of me putting in my two weeks notice TOMORROW (the day before my paid vacation hahaha take that, douche!)