i made another cover

So this took me hours when it probably shouldn’t have, but I had to use my phone, and even finding BGM took time. As basic as this is though, I hope you like ;;

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“And why did you play this game?”

“Board games are played when you get bored.”

“Not this one!!!”

look I love when girls cover ‘take me to church’ and don’t change the pronouns, but can we PLEASE stop saying that it somehow 'makes’ the song gay???? The song is about institutionalized homophobia. 'Take me to church’ has ALWAYS been gay, regardless of the gender of the singer. Saying that a female singer makes it gay completely erases the fact that it was never straight in the first place.

When you need the attention... feat. Jeon Jungkook
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>JM:</b> *watches Begin Again*<p/><b>JK:</b> *covers Lost Stars*<p/><b>JM:</b> *says he likes Tori Kelly*<p/><b>JK:</b> *covers Paper Hearts*<p/><b>JM:</b> *sings Love Yourself*<p/><b>JK:</b> *covers Nothing Like Us*<p/></p><p/></p>

ALLLRRRIIGHTTYYY THEN. If any of you are new to this, @acestarlord and I did Cover Challenges 2 years ago! In 2015, we left off on Challenge #19 and today I am restarting this challenge!!!!!!!!!! ( if Mackenzie is up for it).

Just to refresh, I believe we do have punishments if we do not make a video within a week or so after someone posts it?? Idk. Our challenges can be as broad or specific as we choose and if @reshopgaypanda would like to participate, you are always welcome to join in! ;D. Since I made this cover, Mackenzie will create another cover fulfilling the challenge, then she will create challenge #20 and cover that and I will do her challenge and so on and so forth. Cool? Cool. 

So for Cover Challege #19: Cover a song that was sung in a movie that is not a musical 

My cover: Do you really want to hurt me by Culture Club featured in The Wedding Singer. 

“It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our futures.”

Since I saw the cover for Neverseen a few days ago, I thought I’d draw a little something too! I kind of wanted to draw a cold scenery with a wistful feeling and then BAM— I ended up drawing Keefe along with it!! Aaaahhhh, I’m so happy that Keefe made another appearance in the front cover (Team Keefe woot woot) and my love for him will never ever falter ;w;)/

Can’t wait for the book to come out!!!!


scared? - a drarry fanmix

please forget me, you were right dear
i am cold and self-involved
and though I’ll miss you, recent lover
i am weak and therefore fold

listen here I art credit