i made another american idiot thing


I’ve just recently got 6k followers and I wanted to cellabrate by doing another giveaway!!

Here’s the rules:

Mbf me

1 reblog=1 entry (you can enter as many times as you want but just don’t spam your followers.

What you win:

1st prize gets a handmade fiatc .give me liberty but give me depth. t shirt (Men’s M)+ a MCR “The Midnight Curfew” DVD + 2 prismacolor markers (red and sand)+ 3 scorpion temporary tattoos+ 2 drawings made by me

2nd prize gets a handmade Hesitant Alien t shirt (Men’s M) + an unused HA download card+ 2 Gerard Way guitar pics (they’re custom made with images of gee on them)+a handmade Party Poison mask made by yours truly+ a gerard way sharpie doodle made by me and a grow your own alien ( it’s one of those things that you put in water and it grows to be a squishy alien)

3rd prize gets a Green Day American Idiot t shirt purchased from Hot Topic

This giveaway ends March 17th, and I will choose winners by using random.com. THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. Once I have chosen winners, I will contact them via ask box and if they do not respond within 24 hours, I will choose another winner.

Good Luck!!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Ps. If you have won a previous giveaway, you are not able to re-enter this one, I want to be fair.

1990s/2000s pop punk songs for the signs

aries: almost - bowling for soup
i almost got drunk at school at fourteen / where i almost made out with the homecoming queen

taurus: teenage dirtbag - wheatus
i’m just a teenage dirtbag baby / listen to iron maiden maybe / with me

gemini: all the small things - blink 182
she left me roses by the stairs / surprises let me know she cares

cancer: ocean avenue - yellowcard
let your waves crash down on me / and take me away

leo: my own worst enemy - lit
can we forget about the things i said when i was drunk? / i didn’t mean to call you that

virgo: fat lip - sum 41
i don’t wanna waste my time / become another casualty of society

libra: american idiot - green day
don’t wanna be an american idiot / don’t want a nation under the new mania

scorpio: the boys of summer - the ataris
remember how you made me crazy? / remember how i made you scream

sagittarius: shut up - simple plan
it’s like i’m the one / you love to hate / but not today

capricorn: flavor of the week - american hi-fi
her boyfriend / he don’t know / anything / about her

aquarius: the anthem - good charlotte
i don’t ever wanna be you / don’t wanna be just like you

pisces: the middle - jimmy eat world
live right now / just be yourself / it doesn’t matter if it’s good enough / for someone else