i made an art

Penny is pretty scary to kids normally but in the Theater of Flesh she’s a way better alternative than the average resident. 

I looked through my old drawings and found a similar looking portrait of Rion from 2011, which is a couple of years after I started putting effort into drawing. In general he’s changed in a lot of ways since I first made him which I’m super grateful for lol (and it’s so motivating to see how much my art has changed). ♥

OK, soo while technically the anniversary is over for most of the world, I still got a few minute in my time, so yeah! 

Happy 25th anniversary to Kirby, our cute star warrior and to one of my favorite Kirby games, Kirby’s Dreamland 3, which turns 20 this year!

Look I know I haven’t done anything with <3Ma in like 3 months, but I remembered that there’s a gigantic bottle of vim you can get in the vim pop factory and I guess I thought it’d be fitting for him to like it

oh Sull what should i say??? she thought. “Hello! Mix! m-my name is Criminiana but you can call me Crimi is you prefer, most people call me like that.” she shaked his hand. Crimi sat on the grass outiside on a little hill. “did i interrupt something? i can go awash if you want to.” she started saying allot of things. @mixtrapsworld