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Oh goodness gracious! I actually love this blog so much!! It genuinely makes my day. The questions and the answers, I'm obsessed haha! I only started following a couple of weeks ago and I wish I'd stumbled across it sooner because now, I'm hooked on it like a drug! (I've actually sent a lot of anon asks haha) Keep up the amazing blog Hannah, it's splendid! Also, it's made me ship so many different characters that I would never of thought to pair together! :D

Aw, thank you!  It’s made me ship things I wouldn’t have shipped and that is down to you guys as well.  You don’t realise how much you guys influence the storyline!  But thank you!  I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog :)

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So is this h1z1 au shipping based? Is there gonna be any shipping at all? or what

It’s actually not. My intentions with this AU are not based on shipping anyone, I just love watching them play H1Z1 so I made my own dumb designs of this game.
That doesn’t mean others can’t ship the guys, just don’t ever tag them, lmao. I don’t want this AU to be associated with ships (making it impossible to show these designs to them bc they’ll think its gay shit). Tagging ships with their main tags is the worst thing to do anyways unless its platonic af stuff.

Thank you for asking tho!

Reasons I am the Demogorgon

- No one likes me
- Ugly
- would let Steve Harrington hit me with a bat
- makes weird noises a lot


This is based on a thing @prozdvoices did. I’ve always wanted to draw what King Dragon might actually look like, so I ended up with this guy. I imagine that he can turn into a dragon, but he defaults to this sick dragon-person. After I was done, I realised he kind of looked like a manakete from Fire Emblem (especially because of his ears). Also, Dennis. :D

~2017 Bullet Journal and Planner~

Hi everyone! A lovely anon asked if I could post the inside of my Typo planner that’s been floating around the studyblr sphere (768 notes :O) but I’m actually going to be using a two planner system this year, so I decided to show you guys this as well! I’m still in the process of decorating it, but here’s a peek inside :D

I’m going to have a separate bullet journal that I use for whole year planning and habit tracking, as well as various other lists like a careers to do list, assessment weightings and a list of things to revise. I’ve tried to make it look cheerful, because this year might not be ^^”

I’ve digitalised the cover (which I made myself using some origami paper I picked up in Japan back in 2010), so now I can just print it off whenever I need to! I’ll upload it and update this post with the link to download the printable ^__^

Here’s the monthly view - I’ve colour coded my placements this year by ‘mild’lining each week that I’m away. For May, I’ve got Red Eye Clinic and a placement down at the Australian College of Optometry in Melbourne. Decorated with lovely succulents and washi tape of course ^__^

Here I’ve got a weekly view, appropriately striped with the relevant placement colour. I’m going to be using this for day-to-day homework tasks and other chores that I have to get done, and I’ll also be adding a song of the day. I have tried Typo’s day-to-a-page planners before, but found that I didn’t need the space. Decorated by some watercolour gemstones that I’ve hand painted ^__^ 

As well as that, here’s a look at my future log/yearly overview/not sure what to call it. I had a look at other systems and nothing really seemed to suit what I needed or had enough space to accommodate all the assessment tasks and due dates. So, I decided to make a weekly breakdown roughly based around the 6-8 week rotations we have in 5th year. Luckily, it split fairly evenly and neatly when I divided it into 8 :)

I’m also going to be habit tracking this year. I first identified a list of around 21 habits that I wanted to track. Then I grouped and narrowed it down into target areas:

  1. cups of water (the only numerical one)
  2. sleeping early and waking early (as opposed to a set number of hours)
  3. exercising half an hour in the morning and afternoon
  4. no junk food, eating healthy meals with lots of vegetables :)
  5. completing homework/assignments, and studying/revising
  6. morning and night skin care routines
  7. no arguments with my parents and doing the chores

Except for cups of water, these are all two-fold habits.

  • So I am going to use a forward slash /
  • or a backwards slash \ depending on which one I complete,
  • with a full cross X indicating that I did both that day.

Wishing everyone the best with their studies for the year ahead! Thanks for being such a welcoming community!!




Apparently this is still a thing people actually believe.

So I made this handy-dandy doo-dad.

Spread the word pls.
Because people are getting misinformed,
and getting hate for liking/making NSFW art of Guzma lmao.

I really honestly didn’t expect people to fall for such an obvious edit. 
Apparently I give people too much credit.

It’s even implied in-game he’s grown up with Kukui,
doing the trials at the same time. Is Kukui 13 years old now, too?


Ok, so, the carnival caretaker guy built the robot, which has being going crazy and wrecking things. He and derp Shaggy try to catch said robot, when–

–his wife reveals that she made the robot go haywyre, because because she “doesn’t think robots should work where children come to have fun.”

The caretaker is as amenable as can be, just saying “I guess I never thought of that!” He instantly accepts this newly-brought-up notion – episode wraps up, credits roll.

…so, lemme get this straight.

He spent who knows how many years building this robot to run the theme park, and his wife didn’t like the idea… so she never said a word about it that entire time, and then sabotaged it upon completion?

Rather than just tell him she thinks it might be a bad idea, she ruins his work and creates these risks?

Said nothing, and decided instead to make a robot with superhuman strength and no understanding of mortality go bezerk?

Caused tens of thousands of dollars of property damage, risked everyone’s lives, and jeopardized the theme park that puts food on their table… just so she didn’t have to tell her husband how she felt?


jacksonwang852g7 Happy new year everybody! Already 2017! 🎉🎉🎉All the bad things that happened in 2016, all the mistakes that we all made, it’s all memories and lessons that we can learn from. 2017 is a new start, past is important, but what’s more important is the present and how we all act from now. I wish everybody stay healthy physically and mentally. I love you guys! ❤️❤️ I will try my very best to make you guys proud in 2017. 

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could you tell me what gorilaz is.? i literally have No Idea

it’s a band! it was created by damon albarn (the guy from blur) and jamie hewlett (he made tank girl, the comic not the weird movie) to make fun of mtv but it got very out of hand very quickly. (that’s a good thing to me though jxhjsfkj) basically the whole thing is a real life band but all of the members are fictional characters. the music is REALLY good i highly recommend it 

so getting on to the actual story, in universe the whole thing started cause this one guy, murdoc niccals, (this is him)

was Up To No Good trying to steal some keyboards from this shop, uncle norman’s organ/keyboard emporium to start a band. you can probably guess what band it is. this boy stuart pot happens to be working at the shop at the time, which will be important later and by later i mean like one sentence after this. so murdoc crashes his car into the shop, but it ends up crashing straight into stuart’s eye which fills it up with blood….;_; it ends up sending him into a coma. poor guy

so murdoc has to take care of him for whatever reason because the legal system in their universe is somehow even worse than it is in real life. one day he’s doing a bunch of tricks with stuart in his car, and goes too far and knocks stu out the window. ;_; x2 …so he lands on the ground and his other eye also fills up with blood, but it ALSO sends him out of his coma. so he gets up and he looks like this. (except presumably less happy and more covered in blood)


and murdoc is like “woah this guy is hot i’m gonna make him join my band” and decides to call him 2-D cause he has 2 dents in his head. not cause he’s 2 dimensional or anything. 

the next person murdoc decides to make join the band is russel hobbs, who is pretty well known because he’s a really good musician and also because he has a bunch of ghosts possessing him. 

murdoc decides to kidnap him because he thinks that’s a good idea for whatever reason. unfortunately this is not the last time he kidnaps someone. russel actually doesn’t really care that much though and joins the band anyways. 

by now they already have a guitarist whose name i’m not going to mention because i hate her, but she gets kicked out. so they need a new guitarist, they put an ad up, and IMMEDIATELY this fedex crate shows up at their door and this girl pops out.

she calls herself noodle because it’s the only english word she knows, and then proceeds to play the best guitar riff of all time. so they’re a band now! lots of weird things happen.

russel’s ghost boyfriend del shows up to rap and terrorize the rest of the band a bunch but like, terrorizing them in a nice way. if that makes sense.

eventually they try to make a movie and Trouble Arises when it turns out the director is literally making up everything on the spot, murdoc decides they should make the movie themselves, so 2-D starts making ideas for it.

 after a really long time spent on making ideas murdoc gets really mad and tries to strangle 2-D. :,( russel and noodle start fighting him over it and he decides he doesn’t need them anymore and leaves. he goes to jail like 5 seconds after. 

so they all go out to do gorilla things. 2-D has a lot of fun ^_^ and works at an amusement park for a little bit, murdoc is still in jail, russel tries to make his own album but demons keep trying to drag him down to hell and del gets exorcised so things are not going too well for him, and noodle goes back to japan and finds out she’s actually part of a child soldier project and had her memories erases, and can speak fluent english as well as a bunch of other cool stuff. 

murdoc breaks out of jail.

so noodle starts their next album, demon days. they have fun and make a bunch of music videos but More Trouble Arises when this weird fan named jimmy manson starts trying to kill everyone in the band.

 so murdoc makes a fake deal with him to kill noodle, and a real deal with noodle so that she can temporarily leave the band. and while they’re filming the video jimmy gets locked inside of her big floating island (that’s a thing she has.) so noodle fakes her death, jimmy actually does die, everything is going well except when the video is over noodle is actually completely gone. 

everyone is freaking out about this, and it turns out she got dragged down to hell by those same demons that were trying to do that to russel earlier…probably. 

because of this, 2-D decides to quit gorillaz and make his own thing, russel goes into the ocean to find her, and murdoc goes to hell. except not really, he was just really drunk. 

for real this time, murdoc goes to the place where noodle kind of died and made a robot out of her dna, cyborg noodle. she’s scary. 

then he gets chased away by these pirates he scammed created by someone called the boogieman who you’ll see again soon.

 while he’s trying to hide he finds this big island in the middle of the ocean away from all humanity called point nemo. he does the logical thing and spray paints it all pink, builds a really weird house (if you can call it that) on top, and calls it plastic beach.

he calls 2-D to come work on the album, but 2-D really doesn’t want to. so since murdoc is not a very good person, he…gets the boogieman to drug 2-D, put him in a suitcase and send him to plastic beach. this whole phase is really not good for 2-D.

so in case that wasn’t enough, murdoc finds out 2-D is super afraid of whales and to keep him from escaping he looks him in a room where a whale is right outside and there’s a view of said whale. ;;;_;;;

eventually, murdoc finds footage of noodle and takes 2-D and cyborg to go find her. the boogieman has started chasing murdoc to take his soul since murdoc hasn’t fulfilled his part of any of the deals he made with them. 

so after some stuff with bruce willis attempting to murder them happens, they go to the ocean and seem pretty close to finding noodle. noodle herself is now super cool looking and has a nice cat mask, and has also reunited with russel, who is now a giant after eating a bunch of toxic waste in the ocean.

unfortunately, 2-D and murdoc don’t find noodle, but they do find the boogieman killing a manatee for no good reason. so they head back to plastic beach, and the boogieman’s pirates have found it and started trying to destroy it.

somewhere inbetween all this, the evangelist who’s kinda like the boogieman’s opposite appears on the island delivering mail and being kind of a protective force. hopefully they’re being one over 2-D because he needs it.

SOOOO the real noodle and russel arrive at the plastic beach, boogieman and murdoc meet up and have a weird fight, boogieman summons more pirates, and cyborg noodle gets really messed up and starts trying to kill everyone. the whale outside 2-D’s room tries to eat him, but russel is able to get rid of it for a little bit. noodle meets cyborg noodle and it’s kinda awkward.

the whole island collapses and noodle and russel get separated. murdoc goes into a submarine and fakes his death, taking cyborg with him, and the whale gets back to 2-D and does what it would be expected to do. so things aren’t going very well. ;_;

noodle wakes up in a fishing village in japan and accidentally releases a demon, so she has an adventure chasing it until she freaken decapitates it. 

russel gets captured by people thinking he’s a monster because he’s 50 feet tall and has completely white eyes. after a while, the effects of the toxic waste wear off and he shrinks back to his normal size.

murdoc goes to jail again. cyborg noodle dies, probably.

the whale who ate 2-D dies, and 2-D wakes up on an island he thinks is deserted and has to live off of whale meat. :,( after a few months, he sees a plane and follows it, hoping it can get him off the island. he discovers there’s a beach rave going on a while from his side, and decides to take a year to find himself, which is pretty easy cause he was right there. also he really needed a break from everything that happened. he got a job making friendship bracelets.

after murdoc got out of jail again, he called all of the members back to england, and they all reunited. gorillaz are BACK BABEY

then they released their first song in 5 years and it was about donald trump and it was freaken GOOD

anyways i’m not sure if you were expecting such an in depth explanation but i hope this helps! this is actually even barely getting into it, there’s a lot more but i didn’t want this to be TOO long

anyways That’z Gorillaz


I’m back from hell a week of exams, so I finally finished those ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و There are some more in my inbox but they’re pretty much [character] + one expression over and over, so this will probably be the last batch for now (though I want to finish the rest of them when I’m bored or have some free time) oh and one more thing


I thought that fact was pretty clear after I made that one post, but I’m STILL getting requests, so I’m just reminding you I haven’t been accepting them for some time now

You finally received an action figure for Rogue One’s Galen Erso — what was that like? Were your kids excited?
It was very cool. I haven’t actually seen it yet, but they have texted me that it’s on its way in the mail. Because I have made a big thing out of not getting one. I was actually moaning quite a lot. I was moaning my way to get one, and finally I achieved it, so I’m at peace with that.

Well, if you’re going to be in a Star Wars movie, you have to get your own action figure.
I invented the Death Star — I mean, c’mon guys! [Laughs] -Mads Mikkelsen

Reasons to love Dragon Age Origins cast

You guys seemed to like the DAI one (for whatever reason)…

Which is here: http://lumi-chann.tumblr.com/post/152579171906/reasons-to-love-dragon-age-inquisition-cast

So heres more garbage below, if you feel like wasting your time :”)


– Thinks Blight is like a party

– Until it actually goes wrong

– Thinks of his mentor like a father


– (Actually you cant.)

– Wow game, you are an asshole

– Is really sweet and precious

– And a dork

– Stfu Alistair you know I´m right

– Just wants to be accepted and not made fun of

– Says the sweetest things and makes non single women compare their boys to him probably

– Compares you to a rose

– „Why cant he be real???“

– Bish, he is too good and innocent for this world

– Afraid of responsibility

– Like #relatable I get you man…

– Doesn´t want to be the king unless you tell him to „go for it boo“

– Loves dogs but would probably deny it.


– Much sarcasm

– Some of the smartest dialogue

– Can make you look stupid without putting effort into it.

– Could also kill you

– Changes into animals

– But her true form is still the best

– You probably like her outfit one way or the other

– (Cant believe hers is the only concept art that made it into the game…)

– Likes jewelry

– And deserves all of it.


– Makes fun of Alistair.

– And everyone else

– But you just can´t hate her

– Hates love

– Until you romance her

– Holy shit she´s great at it then.

– But the ending hurts.

– It´s okay, she´ll be back

– Protect her from her mom


Ohhhh boi, here we go

– That accent

– It makes even the straightest people go gay for him

– Smooth as fuck and he knows it.

– Thinks he doesnt deserve to be loved

– Is actually a precious cinnamon roll

– „I feel terrible and I wish to cry. May I rest my head in your bossom“

– Sure why not.


– What do you mean I´m playing as a guy. This guy has love to give for everybody

– Flirts with everyone, it´s great

– Tattoos

– Ugh that accent is still great

– Actually the most loyal romance tbh

– And cares about you

– Like a lot.

– So much so that if you die, he doesnt love anyone again.

– Deserves all the happiness


– Wants to help

– Because she had a dream about the end of the world

– Thinks the god sent her to help you

– Actually believes it


– Likes your hair, even if you´re fukin bald

– Sweetest

– And her voice is sweet too tho

– Asks about your current boyfriend/girlfriend

– Best sis you could ask for.

– Doesn´t wantto kill anyone

– Not even an assassin sent after her

– Or the person who sent them.


– Doesnt want to be like her ex and wants to move on

– Loves you

– So so much



– Doesn´t like you

– Or anyone

– Or anything

– Haha got you. He actually is the sweetest later on.

– Calls you „kadan“ how cute is that dude

– Tol but precious


– Also took cookies from a boy because he didnt want him to get chubby

– Played „I spy“ with himself while waiting to either starve or get eaten

– Sad because he lost his sword


– He named it „Asala“ which means „soul“

– Has cute dialogue with your dog

– Literally so clueless but so smart you cant understand him if you tried

– Makes you sound dumb for asking questions

– „I should have stayed in that cage“

– So done with you.


– Holy fuck a dwarf

– Finally

– Tough little badass

– Dont call him little though

– Could kill you

– So drunk

– Worst dwarf ever, it´s great.

– Actually the best cause his town is full of assholes

– Probably drunk all the time and if he stopped hed be like „how did I get here“

– Loves the surface tho

– „It´s sodding great. No one has any idea who you are or what you´re doing“

– Love him

– „That dog. Sodding thing took my pants“
– Oghren, you´re wearing your pants


– Loves his wife even if she did bad things. And left him. And cheated on him. And went crazy.

– He´s too good. It´s sad

– But is still a smooth mofo with Felsi

– Let him be happy.


– Calls you an „it“

– How does this not insult me

– Has a „nickname“ for everyone

– Is a rock

– jk, is a golem

– Trolls everyone

– And hates squishy things

– And pigeons

– And anything that has feathers and wants to take a crap on her

– Gives no crap herself

– Actually genderless

– Don´t question it

– Too good for you

– Wears crystals into fights


– Also has a boner for Sten

– You know it´s true

– Also makes you look stupid, its great


– Ayyy mama of the group

– Nah, she´s actually pretty cool

– And saves your sorry ass whenever you take her along, admit it

– Was a healer before it was cool.


– She´s too good, even Oghren and Zevran tried to go for it

– Scolds you about your relationship, but then later on totally ships it

–  Asks Alistair if he knows where babies come from

– Like, Wynne why


– Could probably tell you anything about wine


– Is a dog

Happy bark

Disapproving whine

– Could tell Zathrian was a (semi) bad guy before we could

– Just wants to play

– But ok, am i the only one who is afraid to take him along sometimes?



– Actually makes Morrigan break her tsun act for a few moments

– Is a tsun himself kinda

– But loves you above all

– Protect him

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I just realized.... wtf happened to his spider senses???? There were so many moments during the film (like ant man taking back the shield) that nothing happened no spidey senses w t f

They actually mentioned Peter’s senses when he was talking to Tony in his room.

“When whatever happened, happened… It’s like my senses have been dialled to 11. There’s way too much input so, they (the goggles) just kind of help me focus.”

You can even see in a scene when his spidey sense works. His eyes narrow and you can hear the shutters in his eyes focus and he senses that thing Bucky threw at him even though it didn’t make a noise.

I actually made 2 GIFsets on my personal account, one of all the amazing stuff spidey did throughout the movie, and one with all the times he messed up.

As for the specific scene you’re talking about, Scott owning him, Peter says “Guys… Something–” until he gets hit. So he knew Scott was there before anyone else but he didn’t act fast enough on it.

And I absolutely LOVE how much he messed up.

He mentions how he only got his powers 6 months ago. Plus he’s 15. PLUS this was probably his first intense battle.

I love that he’s still very much a rookie and still trying to understand the powers he was given. While I love the Toby and Andrew’s spidey movies, they were so perfect as spidey as soon as they were bitten.

I love seeing this clumsy, swearing boy who is just trying to do his best. We’ll see him get better and better like we are on this journey with him. We get to see him grow and become possibly one of the strongest Avengers. But right now he is a kid who has only had these gifts for half a year and has no idea what he’s doing, and I love it.

You probably didn’t want an essay but I gave ya one anyways, haha.

Things I’m learning already from this new zoo welfare poll: before I write y'all a thing on it, I need to do an entire article on just like… Zoo 101.

This amazes me, actually - and that’s not on you guys. The questions you’re asking are good but they’re such basic “how do you run the thing” topics that I can’t believe the field hasn’t made the answers easily accessible. That’s a major fault in outreach and education, damn.

Help needed!

Okay, guys!

January 20th is going to be TEH SUX.  We all know why.  For this one day, I’m going to try to post about the people and the things, the times and the events that have made America great.  The moments where we progressed, where we lived up to our potential.  When the ideals of our nation actually came close to being realized.

And I need your help.

I’m a boutique historian, a dabbler in local events and strange twists of fate.  I read books on diseases and fires and scientific speculation.  So I know a little about a little bit.  Bet you all do, too.

So tell me things.

Tell me about scientists and thinkers, civil rights activists and Broadway pioneers.  Tell me about aviators and engineers, spies and artists, singers and patriots.  Tell me about the places you love, the things that play large in your local history.  Tell me about the things that changed what America is and was and could be.

Try to:

-Keep events light.  People live tough lives, and we’re not going to sugar coat that, but I’d prefer to talk about the efforts of the state of Arizona to protect a threatened ecosystem than a battle with a massive death toll.

-Tell me about the people who don’t get featured in the history books.  PoC, women, LGBTQA people, autistic people, Jewish people, Muslim people, disabled people, anyone that tends to get shoved aside by the white guys.  

-A simple name is cool, but if  you have links to a page with more info, feel free to send a longer message to me at sciwritesfic at gmail dot com.  Most things, I’m going to try to reblog existing posts here on Tumblr, but links to other sites allows people to read on if you’re fascinated.

-Keep it American.  (and yes, naturalized Americans definitely count, if the person chose to gain American citizenship, they’re American.)  Sorry, rest of the world.  I really, really am sorry you have to deal with this.  But let us get through this day so we can start fighting on the 21st.

The posts will be tagged “Sci’s January 20th Celebration of America,” and none of them will have anything to do with our current political situation.  But they will be consistently tagged so if you want to block them, you’ll be able to do so easily.

Thanks guys!

*clears throat*

I mean I respect peoples opinions if they like or dislike Vanoss or any other youtubers but the reasons here are fucking unacceptable 

[ this is a really long post sorry :””) ]

  • “He doesn’t upload daily” 
    he doesn’t but theres this thing called “editing” and how he does it is not simple he actually puts time and effort into his videos, even the guy who made the video can agree

  • “He doesn’t shoutout or play with any small youtubers”
    HE WOULD, HE DID, an example is Anthony (hes not that small hes pretty well known), Racingcatz, etc but its not his job to do that all the time because he actually has a wide range of people to play with and its his best friends

  • “He does ‘too many’ sponsored videos”
    well, not ALL the time, but with this guys point, this is Evans job if you were to hate him from trying to earn enough money from hIS JOB because of putting a sponsor, which he doesnt do that often then I don’t know what to think about you, but im gonna have to guess youre butthurt over how someone can easily make money that way

  • “Hes not personable”
    ??????????? like what ? they do know, Evan could just be shy or loses his confidence being infront of the camera too much, regardless of how he acts like how energetic and happy he is, he probably wouldn’t be able to give those reactions if people were to see his face, some confident people may not understand but he probably doesn’t approve of face cams cause it probably doesn’t really work for him

  • “Vanoss doesn’t respond to any comments”
    well, put yourself in the position of Evan, or any other well known youtuber, you would get SO MANY COMMENTS, some are negative and some are positive, Evan probably isn’t gonna respond to the negative comments, and just focus the positive comments

I can’t exactly comment on all the points made but this is just what I think :””))
again if you hate or love Evan it doesn’t change the fact almost half or most of these reasons are really not a reason to hate someone so great

it has recently come to my attention that some people…….like my content? regularly check my blog to see if i’ve uploaded anything? genuinely would not be annoyed if i posted a million times every day????? get this, some people don’t get sick of me, what a shocking concept, i know. i’m still in denial.

a n y w a y s i’ve got so many prompts in my inbox (and by all means, send more!!! more the merrier!) and i’m gonna do a massive spam of answering all of them as an attempt to clear them out for the next couple a days, as well as 7DoC, so you guys have that to look forward to…

till then, since 90% of you probably have only seen a couple of my posts, feel free to stalk my fics/hcs tag, my short posts/thoughts/funny stuff tag, my posts that hit 1k tag, and my posts that hit 2k tag.

for real though, guys, im so so so grateful that you guys genuinely like what i post, and im honored that you even spare time to read it, i love you guys so much, i read every single tag that you guys leave on my work and they always make me laugh/smile, you guys are literally the best, <3 <3 <3 thank u

Me: I want to draw more Reverse AU

Brain: You know, you have other important art things to do-

Me: More. Reverse. AU.

Brain: … Fine go ahead

Yep, I made more Reverse Au art cause I have a undying love for it. XD
This was actually based on the more recent fanfics that @wbtrashking did, which is called ‘changing room’ which you can read here! (Pst, I recommend reading their collection called “Body Music” cause all of the writing they do is AWESOME!)

This Au was co-created by @wbtrashking and @narootos , which you guys should follow!