i made a yummy thing


Day 2-ish of diet thing and me n @jasker made chicken and on top of that a mix of garlic onion mushroom w spices ye and then avocado w egg on mine and shawna has an extra potato and then mayo (light mayo lmao) w chili garlic sauce on top

I really love cooking, okay?

You guys seriously have no idea how excited I am about having a real kitchen right now. I have always loved to cook, but it’s so easy for me to forget that, especially when I had a TINY kitchen with no real room to play.

So lately I really have been cooking and baking and playing around like mad. It’s to the point that I want a bigger freezer just so I can make and store more stuff for later. In my freezer right now, which is about to burst, are things like pie crust, a cake layer, a bunch of meat bought when it was cheap, homemade popsicles, cooked chickpeas, and so many little baggies of ice cube-shaped liquids: pizza sauce, leftover coffee (for smoothies or using a little bit in a cake), chickpea cooking liquid (no lie, use that in hummus instead of water–SO GOOD), broth. And then there’s a loaf of homemade bread and the usual assortment of frozen veggies and fruit.

Cooking is such a huge huge element of self care for me, on multiple levels. I enjoy the hell out of it, especially baking. So it’s fun and relaxing. For me to take charge of what I’m eating and feed myself yummy things that *I* made from the ground up is also a big deal. It means that I’m prioritizing taking care of my body, which is always something I struggle with. There’s the sense of accomplishment that comes with making something new and having it turn out well, like the first time I made real fried chicken:

And cooking for other people? BEST THING EVER. Ask @starfightercommand. The last time she was here I wanted to cook her ALL THE THINGS. And I keep threatening (heh, “threatening”) to take a bunch of baked goods over to @carpdirector‘s house. 

Plus, dealing with ADHD, keeping the house clean has always been an enormous problem for me. Wanting to cook constantly means keeping the kitchen clean and ready to go, so that gives me extra motivation.

ANYWAY, all of this is to say there might be more food and cooking posts coming up, just because I’m having such a great time with it. (I am one of those people who posts a LOT of food pics to Instagram, if you like that sort of thing.) If anybody wants to talk to me about cooking or ask me stuff, OMG PLEASE DO.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been quite as active lately, chances are good I’ve either been cooking, cleaning, or working on this godforsaken book revision. ;)

Poldark FACE …in which Ross has an epiphany. 

Being Married To: Jin
  • Jin: Baby come taste this thing I made you!
  • You: Okay! *tastes thing*
  • You: Wow this is so yummy!
  • Jin: Thanks!
  • Jin:
  • Jin:
  • Jin: You know what else is yummy
  • You: What
  • Jin: Y. . .
  • Jin: *intense blushing* Y. . . Y. . .
  • Jin:
  • Jin: *runs into bedroom* PLEASE JUST GET IN HERE!

It’s Saturday! Time for the Aidan Turner Clip O’ The Week!

My computer is home from the hospital so the FACES will resume :) 


It’s Saturday! Time for the Aidan Turner Clip O’ The Week!