i made a warm thing wow

It’s nice that people think I’m calming. My presence, my disposition. I’m soft spoken and I’m always thinking of how to say things before I say them. I remember when I met my therapist when I went to the psych ward he said “wow. You’re so calming. You made me calm” and my friends say they love coming to my apartment because it feels warm and like a home. And they feel relaxed and calm and it’s just a good environment. And it makes me happy. I feel like I’m starting to emit that light and calmness and positivity I’ve been working towards all these years

Today is Valentine’s Day, true, but it is also a better, nobler day, friends. Today is @openthepocketwatch‘s birthday! And if that isn’t cause for celebrating, I don’t know what is. This is also roughly our friend-iversary, which is also something worth celebrating, because Hayley came into my life like an actual ray of sunshine and has only ever made me a happier human being and a better writer, and wow, Hayley, has your friendship ever meant a lot to me. I love our long conversations and our creative adventures and have enjoyed the hell out of our gaming together. I’ve still got your Christmas card out and on display, which is perhaps not really the thing one does with Christmas cards come February, but every time I see it, I am filled with warm friendship feelings and there is nothing better to get me through the long winter months than that

I know you are probably very busy with cool and intense school things, but I hope you take at least a moment – or several moments! or all of the moments! – to have some you time today. You deserve it, friend: you are so clever and kind and generous, enthusiastic and dedicated and hilarious and basically all of the good things, and so you should take a pause and just exist in the glow of your own awesomeness. If I was kicking around in your neck of the woods, I’d insist on taking you out for a day of adventuring (and if you were here, I would also insist on taking you for some adventuring – probably of the snowshoeing and winter wonderland variety). As it is, we’re separated by geography, so I’ll just send you all of my love, as usual.

Have a beautiful day, friend, and I will be thinking of you. Happy birthday!! ♥♥♥

Ruined - Dean x Reader

A/N: Part Five! Hope you all enjoy! Especially you, Anonymous Requester! One more part! Wow, it went fast! I’ve had fun with this one! :)

Warnings: Shower sex, Possible triggers regarding eating disorders due to the grief, little editing

Previous Parts: One | Two | Three | Four

Word Count: 1683

You two finished undressing as the water warmed up. You felt a little shy at first. The body he’d known had diminished significantly since he’d actually seen you. But, the way his eyes raked over you made you forget about your insecurities.

Even in your unhealthy state, you were the most beautiful thing he’d laid his eyes on. It hurt to see you in that state, but it only made him more determined to not leave you again. He knew the consequences now. He knew what lay on the other side. He knew what he was leaving in his wake. His eyes were open in a way he’d never expected.

“Hey,” Your hand brushed across the stubble that was starting on his cheek. “You zoned…” There was a question there, but he decided not to answer it. Instead, he turned his face, pressing his lips against your palm.

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Cuddling is Warmth, Warmth is Safe, and Safe is Phil

Summary: Dan talks about the most important thing in his life.

Warnings: probably mentions of depressing thoughts and nightmares and intercourse and stuff, also the video, but theres nothing else just complete fluff that will kill u

Words: 969

A/N: im on a roll im writing so many fics and not finishing them wtf is wrong with me yolo but i am back in business i just had a lot of homework and im procrastinating right now wow what is my life also im on mobile so theres no read more ill edit it later i promise

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Remember When

I’m handsome, not cute.

Title: Remember When
Characters: Reader, Joshua
Genre: Fluffier than that unicorn in Despicable Me
Trigger Warning: None

“Hey,” Joshua said lying down next to you in bed, “Remember when we first met?” 

He pulled you closer to him and you two were face to face. His breath was warm and tickled your forehead. The smell of his shampoo made its way into your nose and you enjoyed every second of it. 

“How could I forget? I had a broken nose because of it.” You laughed. 

Joshua had his headphones on while walking down the hall. He stopped by his locker. He swapped the books in his bag for the ones in the locker and zipped up his backpack.

While swinging up and onto his back, he didn’t notice you behind him. His bag collided with your face and pushed you back. 

He turned back since he felt something hit his bag and looked at you holding your nose with a grimace. 

“What the fuck?” You yelled out. 

“Oh my gosh…” His jaw dropped but a mix of panic and amusement was on his face, “Are you alright?” 

You didn’t respond but he took you to the nurse anyways. The nurse gave you ice and a pat on the back before sending you away. 

“I’m really sorry…” Joshua said, “Can I make it up to you?”

By now your anger had simmered down and you were just left with a fairly bruised nose. But hey, you might as well get something out of all this.

“Buy me ice cream and I’ll consider forgiving you.” 

After then, you and Joshua realized you had a lot in common. The two of you began to hangout more and soon developing feelings for each other. 

“I’m glad I broke your nose.” He said and gave you a little Eskimo kiss.

“As weird as this sounds, I am too.”

“You have such a cute nose.” He said and you laughed at the strange compliment. 

“And you have a cute everything.” You said back. 

“Not a cute everything! Some parts of me are handsome! Right?”

“I guess? Sure. Why not?” You laughed and he with the arm he was resting on your waist he moved over to your torso and began tickling you. 

“NO!” You shouted while laughing. His hands both began to tickle you and you started to squirm. Tears began forming in your eyes but you couldn’t stop laughing. Joshua stopped after he saw this and brought you back into his arms before turning you around and spooning you. 

“I’m handsome, not cute.” He pouted. 

I made the horrible decision of looking in the comment section of Rhythm ta MV. So much hate and dislike…wow. We wait so long for them to debut and people are just sitting there waiting to shit on them. First their warm up single wasn’t hype enough now the song and MV is too much?? What the actual fuck. What’s sad is that these aren’t even ikon fans, they actually took their time to hate on a group they aren’t even interested in. Just focus on ya faves and let the fans who waited over 2 yrs enjoy this.