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Simon Imagine - Protect

REQUESTED:  “Can you write a Simon image where he’s super protective over the reader when they’re out at a party?”

“Holy shit you look good.” 

I smiled as a pair of arms snaked around my waist. 

“Thank you. Shall we go?”

“You know,” he kept a hand on each hip, pulling me closer towards him. “I think I’d rather stay in.”

I rolled my eyes as I pecked his lips before turning to grab my bag. 

“Not tonight, Simon. It’s Cal’s 25th - this is a big deal!”

Simon pouted at me, his hands moving back to my waist, stroking up and down the velvet of my dress. I pressed a hand to his cheek. 

“Don’t pout at me. We won’t be long, okay.”

“Ugh, okay.” He groaned as I dragged him outside and into the taxi.

The minute we arrived at the tower his arm was around my waist. Even as Callum opened the door, enveloping me into a warm embrace, Simon’s hand lingered uncomfortably. I gave him a questioning look, to which he simply shrugged.

“I’m gonna go and get a drink,” I informed Simon and he nodded reluctantly. As I made my way to the drinks table I clashed into someone.

“Oh! Hi!”

“Hey, Y/n, sorry about that! Wow you look good.”

I blushed at the compliment as Freezy rested a hand on my arm.

“Thank you, Callum.”

“It’s no problem love. So how are things? It’s been a while!”

We made warm small talk as I grabbed a plastic cup, filling it to the brim. I informed Callum of my new job, how I would be moving to London for university. He responded, telling me how his girlfriend was doing a degree in London and how expensive it had been. I smiled in appreciation of his presence.

“So speaking of relationships, you still with Simon? How’s that going?”

“Yeah I-”

“It’s great thanks.”

The liqueur in my cup spilt onto the floor as I jumped at Simon’s interruption. His voice was monotone as he again wrapped his arm around me, his fingers stroking along my shoulder blade. Callum gave Simon a bemused look before holding up his hands and backing away, responding clearly to a comment Simon had silently given behind me. I turned around.

“Simon! That was rude!”

“I didn’t like the way he was looking at you.”

“Looking at me? Simon we were literally talking about his own girlfriend!”

“Y/n that doesn’t mean fuck all. I know him better than you do.”

“You’re being crazy.”

“You make me crazy.”

I bit back a proud smile and forced a sarcastic look as I refilled my cup. Simon stood close behind me, watching me do so. 

“Are you just gonna follow me all night?” 


We made our way to the dance floor and joined the rest of the boys and their girlfriends. As I got drunker, I became braver, engaging in a lot of silly and borderline provocative dancing with Freya and Sarah. I felt Simon’s eyes on me the entire time, which only fueled my enjoyment. I watched his face become progressively more frustrated and I simply ignored it, wanting to tease. Before I knew it he was grabbing my hand and pulling me out onto the balcony.

“Simon! I was having fun!”

“Y/n, you’re taking the piss.”

“By having fun?”

“By teasing me!”

He put a hand by either side of me, pushing me up against the railing and breathing into my neck. I felt his groin against mine and I silently squirmed. 

“Sorry, Simon.”

“Oh you will be.”

PLS READ ok so idk if this was kinda shitty/borderline abusive? its v hard to write a protective scenario without it becoming controlling. so idk tell me what u think also sorry it was short!!

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Dans aggressive rant at himself when he said he gets his hair cut a lot cause he's a boy was Good™ wow

that made my heart so warm, i love that he shows that even the people who try really hard to educate themselves and be inclusive can still succumb to socialized norms and that ‘being inclusive’ is really a series of choices to continue to check yourself and your language. it is always a slow process of integrating these new (better) ways of thinking into your daily life, along with concerted effort to unlearn those old things you were taught to believe. and everyone messes up!!!!!!! i loved that he brought attention to it, it was such a good little moment. 

Loosing your moon can tear you apart Part 2

This took…long, to say the least…Does anyone even remember this? If not here’s

Part 1


NSFW (a lot of people wanted me to do tentacle hentai, and how can I say no?)

Nightmare and Dream belong to @jokublog

Cross belongs to @jakei95

Swap versions belon to @blogthegreatrouge


Xcellence was lying on the couch, trying to get his mind to anything but Halluciv. He figuered a bit sleep would help him getting his mind away from him.


Halluciv was holding Eraser’s hand, leading him somewhere. Halluciv was in his original form, wearing a short black dress. And with short I mean reeeeaaaally short. It was a off-shoulder dress, so his shoulders were fully exposed, and it had a very deep down cutout. He wasn’t wearing any shoes for some reason. He had a sweet smile on his face, and lust in his eyes.

They were in a fancy hotel, with golden walls and old lamp holders. Finally arriving at a certain door, halluciv pulled out a key, from behind his back. He slowly entered the room backwards, holding Eraser hands with both of his hands.

Halluciv let go of Eraser’s hands, who had closed and locked the door behind them. Halluciv placed one of his hands on his forehead.

“Oh no~” he said smirking “This dress is sooooo tight i can’t breath~Please end my suffering Racy~” Eraser smirked, then walked over to Halluciv. He unzipped his dress while brushing his mouth over one of the exposed shoulders.

“Oh you poor thing~Let me take care of you~” his smirk grew when, the now fully naked, Halluciv let himself fall on the bed. Eraser removed his shorts, then climbed on top of Halluciv. He began kissing Halluciv wildly, who kissed back.

They pulled away with a string of salvia, then Eraser began biting the others neck.

“A-aaahh~ Oh Racy~ p-pleaaase~aahh~” Halluciv moaned. Eraser stopped biting and smirked, playing with the others spine

“Please what~?”

“please fuck me~”

“As you wish~” and with that he started thrusting. Halluciv’s moans were filling the whole room.

“Aahhh~ mmhhnn~ Y-YES TH-THERE~hhaaahh!” Halluciv arched his back. They were like this for quite a time, when Halluciv cummed. A little after that Eraser gave a final thrust and came inside Halluciv. He collabsed next to Halluciv and began cuddling him.

“Have I ever mentioned how amazing it feels inside of you?” Eraser asked.

“And did I ever tell you how amazing you feel inside of me?” Halluciv asked back.

“I love you” Eraser said.

“I love you, too”

“More than Xcellence?”

“Ppfff… as if I could ever like that looser”

“NO!” Xcellence woke up with a scream. It was only just a dream.

He sat up, massaging his eyes.

“Wow, didn’t think you were this weird” Xcellence looked to his left and saw, on the couch sitting next to him…

“Marvul…” Xcellence said annoyed. If he wasn’t there, nothing of this would’ve happened.

“I know my name” Marvul said, putting his left leg on the couch and his arm on his knee, in a relaxed motion.

Xcellence sighed “Why did you come here?” he asked.

“Weeeeell,~” Marvul started “I knew that you had naughty dreams including my brother, but not with my boyfriend” he said. Xcellence looked to the ground.

“You mean Halluciv’s boyfriend” he murmured quietly, but Marvul still managed to understand him. He looked at him confused.

“What do you mean by that?” Marvul asked. Xcellence was still looking at the ground.

“They slept together….”

“WHAT?!” Marvul jumped up, the sudden loud tone in his voice made Xcellence jump, too. Marvul couldn’t believe it. At first Eraser cheated on him with Reboot, and now with his own brother.

“H-HOW DARES HE- yeeaaaaahh, can’t really blame him. Not like I never did the same to him” Marvul said shrugging.

“How do you even know?” Marvul asked.

“It happened when….”




“Go away guilt,  go away, JUST GO AWAY!” Halluciv shouted to himself.

“I have to tell him the truth” he still didn’t want to, but he had made his choice.

He went out of the room and walked down a bit of the stairs, but stopped when he saw Marvul and Xcellence sitting on the couch.

“Wow, that sounds painful” Marvul said.

“You think?” Xcellence asked.

“But the good thing about it is-” he pins Xcellence down “We don’t have these blockers anymore” Marvul said, before gently biting into the other’s neck. But Xcellence pushed him away.

“Marvul stop!” Xcellence said. Marvul looked a little hurt by that, but they had other problems.

“My heart belongs to Halluciv, and I won’t cheat on him again!” Halluciv felt his soul warm up, wich was quickly crushed by a laughing Marvul.

“Oh please, you don’t even believe this yourself” Marvul said while still laughing “I mean, as if you would ever be able to stay without me. Do you remember the christmas party, where Halluciv was drunk and you took that chance to go in a room with me? Or the birthday party when we hid under a table? I’m still surprised nobody noticed. Oh! And the best one was your anniversary, when you held a speech about how much you love Halluciv and like twenty minutes later you took me to a storage room”

Halluciv’s jaw dropped open. That’s it! Nobody was ever allowed to treat him like that! He wasn’t just anybody, and he would no longer let himself being threatened like trash. He ran into Xcellence’s room and closed the door.

“Marvul I’m seriouse! I’ve hurt him enough already” Xcellence said. Suddenly his phone vibrated. He looked at his phone, and jumped a little when he saw that it was Halluciv.

my moonpie💜💕: Senpai I’m sorry. Please forgive me

Xcellence thought for a moment. He smiled, he really wanted to make up with his Lucy. But he had to play it cool.

Senpai😍💋: Sure, why not

Halluciv rolled his eyes. What a jerk. He blushed and smiled. A cute jerk.

my moonpie💜💕: Yay! Okay, then come to your room, I have a little surprise for you ;3

Xcellence blushed and pushed Marvul to the exit.

“Ähm…What are you doing?” Marvul asked confused.

“No questions” Xcellence said then practically threw Marvul out of his house.

“Okay, now…” he looked at himself in the mirror.
“Senpai~ I’m waiting~” Halluciv said cutely. Xcellence blushed again and ran up the stairs. He knocked on the door.

“It’s open~” Xcellence opened the door and there was…nothing. He was confused for a moment, but then the door behind him was closed and locked by a…tentacle…

Before he knew it a tentacle was wrapped around him and lifted him up.

“Hey senpai~” Halluciv was in his tentacle form and sitting on the bed, his legs crossed.

“Lucy, what are you-mmpf” he couldn’t finish the sentence, because a tentacle was beeing shoved into his mouth.

“You know…” Halluciv said and stood up “I’m tierd of being played by you. What am I to you? A toy for your amusement? Something to pleasure you? A pet, who does everything you tell them to do?” Halluciv took four of his tentacles, two of them grabbing his wrists, and the other two taking his legs, shoving them apart. He took out the tentacle in Xcellence’s mouth.

“Lucy that’s not tr-”

“I should just kill you. Slow and painful” Halluciv said “But…” he caressed Xcellence’s cheek and pulled him closer. They could feel eachother’s breathes. “you’re too beautiful” then he closed the gap and kissed Xcellence passionately. After a while he pulled away.

“But that doesn’t mean I’m finished with you” Halluciv said and let his tentacles move Xcellence, so he was facing the ground, but was still in the air.

“L-Lucy?” Xcellence asked a bit scarred. Halluciv shoved a tentacle in his mouth again, then began to let the rest of them travel through his ribs.

“HMMM!” Xcellence felt pain, because Halluciv used his tentacles to squeeze his ribs and left cracks in them.

“Do you like that senpai~?” Halluciv cooed. He leaned in where Xcellence’s ear would be.

“Summon something for my tentacle~” he wispered. Xcellence looked at him with a pleading look.

“To be honest, the thought of killing you still didn’t leave my mind” Halluciv said, sounding a bit bored. What has driven into him? Xcellence didn’t really think and summoned an ecto pussy. He has never seen Halluciv this scarry.

Halluciv looked pleased and roughly shoved his tentacle into him, causing Xcellence to let out a pained scream, wich was muffled by the tentacle.

“Oh~ is senpai in pain? Well, should’ve thought about that before breaking my heart!” Halluciv began to thrust roughly into him, without giving him time to adjust. Xcellence had tears in his eyes. A few already fell out.

Halluciv might act like he didn’t care about hurting Xcellence, but it acually made him feel really bad. He took out the tentacle wich thrusted and the one in his mouth.

He layed Xcellence on his bed, the rest of the tentacles still holding him.

“Form a duck” Halluciv commanded. Xcellence didn’t even hesitaite and did as he was told. Halluciv took off his pants and slammed himself down.

“Hhaaaaaahhh~” Halluciv screamed in pain and pleasure. He waited a bit to adjust. Then he began to bounce.

Halluciv stopped, causing Xcellence to whine in disapproval. Halluciv changed into his original form.

“With this body it’s a lot easier” he said and began to move again. Xcellence noticed that the tentacles were gone and flipped them over. He started to thrust into him roughly.

“So, you slept with Eraser?” Xcellence asked.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh~” Halluciv screamed in pleasure.

“Answer me you little sluf~” Xcellence said, giving a very deep thrust.

“Aaaaaaahhhhh~that…haah…hurts~” Halluciv said.

“Answer. Me” another deep thrust.

“Youaaahhh already know the ahanswer~”

“But I want to *huff* hear it out of your mouth”



“THAT WAS THE ANSWER” Xcellence stopped.

“What?” he asked. Halluciv sighed.

“Me and Eraser didn’t do ‘it’. I lied to you”

“But why” Xcellence asked. Halluciv glared at him angrily.

“Why you ask? You broke my heart that’s why! I wanted you to know how it feels to be heartbroken! Of course…there’s nothing worse than your boyfriend cheating on you with your brother…And it worked…you even cryed because of it”

“Did you feel better after seeing me cry?” Xcellence asked coldly.

“NO! I felt awful, and wanted to tell you the truth and apologize, but…when I walked down the stairs I heard you and Marvul talking about your many affairs. I was mad at you. I felt like you only used me as some sort of toy to please you…I love you too much to ever cheat on you, but I guess I can’t say the same thing for you”

Xcellence looked at him speechless. He sighed

“Halluciv” he cupped his cheek “I’m sorry…I should have shown you my love, instead of making you feel unloved” he leaned a bit closer “You’re the only one for me” he said.


“Why should I lie to you?” Xcellence asked.


“Halluciv please stop shouting” Xcellence sighed “Listen, I can really understand why you are mad, but…can we please just make up?”

“Xcellence” Halluciv said “You know that I really love you…but…I think it’s the best if we don’t see eachother for a while…”

“Wait- ARE YOU BREAKING UP WITH ME?!” Halluciv nodded.

“You got it”

“Y-You can’t do that! We-”

“I already made my choice” he gave Xcellence a small kiss on his cheek “Goodbye…” he wispered, and teleported away. Xcellence touched his cheek where Halluciv kissed him, he needed a moment to realize what had happened.

He wished he didn’t

Colton Ryan/Olivia Puckett DEH Review

Major Plot Spoilers ahead.

Wow. Honestly, just wow. I’m staring at the screen trying to write this and am still at a complete loss. For what it’s worth, this was my first time seeing the show. I’m seeing it four times while I’m in New York, but this was my first. I’ve been watching the video for as long as I can remember and haven’t gone a day without listening to the soundtrack. I’ve heard Colton’s audio as well as Michael Lee Brown’s and had no idea what to expect going in to this performance. With that being said, nothing could have prepared me for this. I have heard so many reviews regarding the two understudies the past few days and wasn’t sure what to expect out of Colton, but he stole my heart, crushed it to pieces, squeezed it into a mess, only to put it back together again in the finale. This boy is not getting enough credit for his talent. After seeing all of the MLB reviews and Colton reviews, I was left in awe of his performance. This guy deserves all the things, and I wish I could give them to him. He definitely deserves consideration for when November roles around. When he did Evan’s opening monologue, it was fast. Very fast. Almost faster than Ben’s and to the point where if you weren’t paying attention, you probably missed something. I felt right at home. This of course leads into AHAM and this is the first chance we have at seeing Olivia’s Zoe. (HOLY COW!!!!!) Her portrayal of Zoe was SO different from Laura’s. Mike Faist seemed to have more of a joking tone with her and their opening interaction seemed less hostile and more of a normal sibling dynamic.
This then leads into Evan asking Alana to sign his cast as she tells him about her summer. I thought that Colton looked very anxious and uncomfortable and you could see him fighting with himself as to what the right thing to say to her was. Will of course stole the show immediately when he came on stage and continued to do so throughout. His performance wow’d me and is so much stronger in person than any video could do justice.
Cutting to WTAW - and just wow. I was left speechless. I believe Colton was losing his voice (he seemed hoarse at the beginning of the show but once his vocals warmed up - he nailed it) but this just made the performance even better for me. You could hear the desperation in his voice as he sang and especially when asking “Is anybody waving, back at me?”. His interaction with Olivia was textbook perfect. He was so nervous even I was uncomfortable for him but Olivia was genuinely apologetic that Connor had shoved Evan and seemed upset at the fact Connor was like this. At one point in the song, Colton chased after her waving and she paid him no attention and his face was absolutely heartbroken (I started crying here and never stopped). Heading in to the WTAW reprise in the computer lab, Colton looked devastated when Heidi calls and says she can’t come pick him up and so pained when she asks how his day was. Even he was crying during the reprise and this is something I wasn’t expecting.
Olivia in For Forever showed a side of Zoe I had never seen. She looked so sad as Evan sang and I felt terrible that these happy memories of her brother were ones she didn’t have. (JLT’s performance and breakdown during this song - OMG!) Colton’s chemistry with the Murphy’s seemed natural and only grew as the show went on.
Sincerely, Me is one of my favorite numbers and seeing it in person was AMAZING. Because of Mike and Colton’s off stage friendship, this on stage performance was incredible. Colton mouthed the words he was typing in the emails as he was doing it and this just made the whole thing more realistic to me.
OLIVIA CAN FLAT SING. Requiem is not normally a song to leave me in tears, but the emotion in that song did me in. Zoe was so heartbroken and couldn’t even bring herself to read through all of the emails. I thought at one point she was going to break down trying to sing it but you could see the tears in her eyes. I loved how it seemed more painful and heartfelt.
Colton’s If I Could Tell Her normally gives me goosebumps but with Olivia on stage? I was speechless. They have natural chemistry and it looked so natural every time they were together. When Evan kisses her at the end, she didn’t seem angry, just shocked.
Disappear was wonderful as well and I felt like I got to see so much more of Jared’s character development when he tries to make an input to the Murphy’s and Evan shuts him down. This is something that doesn’t translate in the boot or audio versions for me.
You Will Be Found was where I lost it and didn’t recover. There was something so raw during the speech and watching him crumble on the floor. As Nic mentioned, Colton held on to Connor’s tie for dear life and was audibly crying before he could manage to look out at the crowd again and continue. Hearing Colton cry and look so broken made me want to jump the stage and give him a hug. Michael Park’s breakdown made my dad cry and I had to look away to control my sobs. He fell to his knees and JLT had to come help him up as he pulled her into a hug. When Zoe saw this, you could see her eyes tear up and when she sang and spoke to Evan at the end, she was crying about having her brother back. Once again, Colton and Olivia’s chemistry was off the charts. When they kissed, she wrapped both her arms tight around him and he her and they were both holding on for dear life.
Break in a Glove is a song I find necessary for the show but haven’t died to listen to on repeat. However, the dynamic between Evan and Larry here is SO good. They were both glad to have someone to share this with since they missed out on it when they were younger. Evan looks so hopeful and Larry looks so excited to share this and it was beautiful.
Only us - UGH!!! Olivia nailed this. She was so gentle with him and looked at him so lovingly and Evan looked so enthralled by her. She did indeed kiss him more than one time throughout the song and whenever they were close enough, she was touching him. In the end, Colton pushed her down onto the bed and it looked like the most natural thing in the world.
Good for you was just SO good. Jared’s heartbreak, Alana’s hurt, RBJ WAS CRYING and everyone else was too. Colton looked traumatized that he was going through this and the emotions on his face were painful.
Everyone talks about Colton singing words fail well and they aren’t wrong. This performance left me shaking with sobs and the girl beside me who had no idea about the performance going in, clutching on to my arm and crying. There was so much emotion on the stage at one time I didn’t even know how to handle it. Zoe was crying, Cynthia was sobbing, and Colton was just so so so broken. He kept pulling at his hands and at his chest like he was hurting and he would mouth i’m so sorry in between lines. I made eye contact with him during this song and felt sorry for him because I was sobbing harder than he was.
I didn’t even have time to recover before So Big/ So Small. Rachel Bay Jones was crying so hard and at the end of it, Colton threw himself into her lap and buried his face. He was completely off the couch and into the floor with his arms wrapped so tightly around her I don’t know how she could move. She held him so close and held his face in between her hands. When Evan finally pulls away, he looked like it was the last thing in the world he wanted to be doing.
And of course, I cried through the finale because it was over and it was the most beautiful performance I’ve ever seen.
Overall, I would say, after hearing so much of the OBC and the audios, Olivia blew me away. Completely. She was absolutely incredible and gave me so much more to Zoe that I never knew I needed. Colton stunned me and stole the show. His vocals were wonderful and in the parts where he struggled made it all the more real to me. It was these times where he seemed so desperate and broken the most. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for this and I’m so thankful. If you get the chance to see Olivia, TAKE IT and enjoy every second. If you get the chance to see Colton, please do not sell your tickets because Ben isn’t there. It is still worth it and I didn’t feel like I missed any part of the performance by having Colton. (He’s also beautiful and one of the sweetest people in the whole world. I love him to pieces) ❤️

you belong among the wildflowers

Summary: Emma Swan’s life has been far from easy. Neither has Killian Jones’. Through a handful of meetings, a couple tattoos, and some fantastic music, maybe they’ll find a happy ending. (CS Modern AU heavily inspired by the music of Tom Petty) | Rated GA, 7k | tw: minor mentions of alcoholism

a/n: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, HOLLI!!! aka @mryddinwilt​ I started planning this AU quite a while ago, in honor of our shared love of “Wildflowers”, but then it kind of spiraled when I sat down to write last Monday only to learn of Tom Petty’s passing. So this is kind of double duty as your bday present and an ode to one of my all-time favorite musicians.

thank you to @shipsxahoy and @optomisticgirl for looking at this!

Hope your day was amazing, Holli, and hope you enjoy this! Thank you for always being an encouraging, awesome person!! <3

“You belong among the wildflowers…you belong somewhere you feel free.”

She wasn’t sure when she first heard the song. It must have been on the radio when Emma was a kid, in one foster home or another. The memory was fuzzy, but the sentiment was clear: that she deserved to be happy one day, and to have love and peace.

Those all seemed like things well out of reach for a 16-year-old runaway orphan, but it was a nice thought. And a wildflower was as good as anything else to get a tattoo of, especially when the main goal in getting a tattoo was more just getting one out of rebellion than wanting it to carry any specific symbolism. Who knew, though? Maybe she’d eventually get that.

At least, that was what she told herself as the needle stung the skin inside her wrist. She liked to think she was tough, and she’d certainly been hit harder, but—ow. Oh well, it was probably due punishment for using a fake ID to get it in the first place.

On the other side of the dingy parlor was a guy who couldn’t be more than couple years older than her—fresh out of high school, probably, since it was early summer—also wincing through the work being done on his forearm. But when he realized she was staring, he sent a sly grin and a wink her way, making her blush. What? He was cute, even if his “beard” was patchy stubble at best and doing nothing to mature his babyish features.

He left halfway through hers being done, but was smoking against the building outside once she finished, with a guitar case propped against the wall next to him.

“Want one?” he offered, holding the pack out to her; she didn’t realize she’d been staring again. She also had never smoked before, but—eh, what the hell? She strode forward and, as expertly as she could manage, slid one out of the box and held it between her fingers like she’d seen done so many times. He deftly flicked his lighter and she lit the cigarette, then brought it to her lips and inhaled…and then sputtered and coughed once the smoke hit her lungs, which was received with a deep chuckle.

“First one?” he teased, blue eyes laughing. Her response was continued coughing. “Well, you never forget your first.” She glared. “Don’t breathe so deep,” he offered, his accented voice turning gentle.

Once she’d regained her faculties, she tried it again, doing as he said. She wasn’t a fan but it was definitely better.

“There you go, love,” he cheered, sounding almost proud.

“Not your love,” she threw back.

“Fair enough.” She joined him against the wall and they settled into an easy silence. He didn’t have to say anything for her to get the sense that they had more in common than being freshly tatted; the fact that he was alone, too, spoke volumes.

But then she nearly jumped when he introduced himself. “Name’s Killian; Killian Jones.”

“Emma Swan.”

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Tonight I finished the unfucking of my solarium.  What pleases me more than even the look of the final result is the fact that I know the room is truly decluttered and organized.  I have an unfortunate habit of “tidying” a room by gathering up all the visible crap in a box and moving that box to a room out of sight.  My intention is always to empty that box at some point.  And I have a couple rooms that are disasters (but improving slowly) because they are full of boxes of miscellaneous junk.  I made sure everything I picked up in the solarium either went in the garbage, to Goodwill, or where it actually belonged.  Even the storage units were gone through, cleaned, and refilled with only things I intended to keep.  It’s amazing what a relief I feel.  My husband wandered out last evening, when it was 90% finished, and said, “Wow!  It’s so clean in here.”  He hadn’t been in there all week and was just seeing what I’d been working on.  Besides being clean and tidy, the room feels BIG.  It’s so wonderful to have it in this shape for the warm weather that is soon to come.

When We Were (M)

request: are you still looking for something to write about? I’ve been dying for an angsty (w/ a happy ending) Yoongi fic. Something like they’re in an arranged marriage and he’s angry about it, but she’s trying to make the best of it, but he’s usually mean/rude to her. I didn’t see any fic request rules, so I hope this is ok! Thanks! :)

group: bts

pairing: yoongi x reader

genre: angst, fluff & smut

word count: 6.5k

A/N: I hope you like it! remember I really appreciate feedback :’)

Originally posted by mn-yg

Min Yoongi was your best friend since childhood, both families were friends generations ago and even though your friendship wasn’t exactly your choice, for him it felt more like a duty. At four he was mean, hiding your favorite toys and pretending he never saw them and he only admitted once you found them sitting under his bed.

At eight, somehow he managed to appreciate it more, taking in the idea of your forced friendship. And he was okay with it.


His weird manners and random rudeness didn’t stop you from falling for Min Yoongi, and you fell hard. Sometimes he was mean, others he seemed to be kind and even fond but most of the time, and he didn’t give a shit about you. Every Saturday night he would pretend to care, giving you warm smiles that were nothing else but a spectacle, to show your parents and his. Those were the memories you cherished more from him, ignoring the bad treats to replace them with those nights.

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Good Girl Ch 26: Birthday Pt 1

“Where are we going?” I ask yet again as Chanyeol drags me behind him.

“It’s a surprise,” He gives me that big beautiful grin of his that makes my heart flutter. I say nothing more as he keeps a tight grip on my hand, we walk threw the busy city streets until we’re standing in front of a little shop. Shopping has never been something I really enjoyed, not to mention I never had the money to do so. My daddies have been buying me everything I’ve needed, I don’t even question it anymore when there is another row of clothes in my already massive closet. But to my surprise it isn’t a clothing store. He leads me into the empty store, we are greeted by barking and meows of the many animals in cages that line the small shops walls.

“Oh my god!” I scream as I run up to the cages to stick my hand threw to pet the fluff balls. Chanyeol is laughing behind me, enjoying the sight of my sudden cuteness. “Daddy look!” I coo when I find a puppy with big, round eyes that seem very familiar. He comes up behind me to see the cute dog, but he grimaces, “What’s that face for? It looks like Soo.”

“No thinking of those idiots for a whole hour, you are mine for now,” He gives me a warm back hug, his face finds its way to the crook in my neck, someplace he enjoys being, regardless of the fact that he has to bend down so far to reach it. We both jump when the cute pup starts barking at the giant. I laugh at the pout on his face as he grumbles, “It’s just like Kyungsoo.”

“Oh look! This one looks like Xiuxiu!” I rush to the cat side to pet the caramel colored kitty.

“What did I just say?”

“Sorry,” I look up at him with a pout, “If I see something that even remotely makes me think of any of you, I get excited.”

That makes the giant smile, “Fine!”

“Good because I see one that reminds me of Baekie,” He follows me eager to see a dog that looks like his favorite brother.

“So cute!” We both scream at the little beagle pup, we accidently scare it with our excitement.

“Can I hold it?” I wonder, scanning the cage I see that it’s unlocked.

He nods, “I had them take the locks off all of the cages so you can play with any animal you want.”

“Yay!” I let the little pup out, setting it on the ground it automatically starts jumping on Chanyeol. “It really is like Baekhyun, he loves you!”

The giant crouches down to pick up the pup, “Hyung would love you!”

“Let me send him a picture! Can I see your phone? I left mine at home,” I hold out my hand expectantly.

He nibbles on his lip for a minute before pulling his phone out of his pocket to hand to me, “No judging, okay?”

I’m confused until I look down at the unlocked screen. A smile spreads across my face at the sight of his wallpaper, there is a picture of Chanyeol cuddling with me while I sleep. “You should send this to me,” I request, he nods sheepishly, embarrassed to be caught with such a cheesy picture. Holding up his phone I take a few pictures, when I’m done I open his gallery to look at the pictures to make sure they aren’t blurry but end up finding dozens of pictures of me and Chanyeol.

“Ya! No looking threw my pictures!” He snatches his phone away, a bright pink blush spreads across his face. We play with all the puppies and kitties until we are covered in fur. We found dogs, or in Xiumin’s case a kitty, that remind us of the others, making sure to send them the pictures of their puppy doppelgangers. After our hour is up Chen comes to the store to get me, his face full of disgust at the sight of my hair-covered clothes.

“You are so lucky I need her to change anyway,” Chen sighs holding out his hand expectantly. I give Chanyeol a quick kiss.

“Happy birthday baby,” He mumbles against my lips, kissing me once more.

“Enough of that, she’s mine now,” Chen scolds. He pulls me into the small bathroom in the back of the store. “I can’t believe Xiumin dressed you in that,” He grumbles to himself as he takes off the cute skirt and stockings I was wearing.

“Tao did it, Xiu had to do stuff for work so he let Tao dress me,” I explain.

Chen nods in understanding, “I should have guessed, Xiumin is pretty good at dressing you for the weather.” He pulls out a pair of black jeans and a thick dark blue sweater. “Better.”

“What are we going to be doing?” I ask as he helps me with my winter jacket, even adding a scarf, gloves, and ear muffs.

“We’re going on a walk threw the near by park.”

Chanyeol is already gone when we come back from the bathroom, a older woman is cleaning and locking all the cages. As soon as we step outside the cold nips at my cheeks, but the rest of me is warm, thanks to all the layers Chen put on me. The walk to the park isn’t far, even covered in snow and ice the view is still beautiful. With our arms locked together we begin our walk in silence for the first few minutes. It’s not an awkward silence, more like peaceful.

“Did you have fun with Chanyeol?” He finally asks after a while.

I nod, “I love animals.”

“I could tell from all the videos Yeol was sending us.”

“How many did he send?”

He chuckles, “At least ten.” We laugh together before falling back into comfortable silence.

“Thank you for being so nice to Jihyo yesterday.”

“She isn’t so bad when Kai and the others aren’t around to start a fight with her. Plus I enjoyed talking with her.”

“Really? What did you talk about?”



“And your family,” He adds quietly.

“I told her not to talk about them.”

“Don’t be mad at her, we begged. It was a very interesting argument,” He chuckles at the thought. “She swore a lot, she knows a very long list of cuss words I didn’t even know existed.”

I nod, “I expect nothing less from her.”

“She told me about you getting kicked out.”

I sigh, figuring this would be brought up at some point, “Which time?”

“The week before you came to live with us.”

“Aw yes, the very exciting, I’m an ungrateful bitch, fight.”

“Is that why you didn’t put up a fight when you had to come live with us?”

“Kind of, I didn’t have anything or anyone worth staying there for. I figured if things got worse there is always running away and marrying Jihyo.” I laugh at promise Jihyo and I made to each other when we were younger.

“I heard about that as well, the running-away-to-Paris back up plan.”

“Wow, Ji must like you guys to tell you about that.”

He smiles, “I feel honored.”

“You really should. She has never really approved of guys who liked me.”

“Understandable, especially since I don’t like you. I love you.”

I scoff, “So cheesy.”

“Only for you,” He pulls me into a warm hug. I giggle like an idiot as he spins us around, we loose our balance and end up toppling into the snow still holding each other. He pulls me so I’m laying on top of him, my cold nose makes it’s way to the crook in his neck, like Yeol did to me.

“You’re so warm,” He whispers in my ear. “How can anyone ever be so cold hearted to you?”

“I deserved it.”

“You didn’t deserve to be kicked out of your home,” He almost snarls.

“That place isn’t my home. With you guys is my home. It’s one of the few places I feel like I’m wanted. I have never been so grateful to my sister for kicking me out, if she hadn’t I may have never met you guys.”

He hums a yes, still upset. Laying there is comfortable, regardless of the all the passers by staring at us. After a few minutes he lets out a loud sigh as he shifts us into a sitting position. “We should get something to warm you up. We don’t want you getting sick.”

I shake my head, “That would be a mess.”

He pulls me up with a confused look, “Why?”

Nibbling on my lip I debate on whether or not I should tell him more, but when he refuses to even move I sigh, “When I was younger I got really sick and Jihyo was freaking out because I hadn’t gone to the hospital. She took me to her house where one of her servants took care of me but that didn’t really help. I had to go to the hospital for a while, ever since then she freaks out when I even get a cold. She’s afraid it could get as bad as that time and I could die or something.”

Without a word he drags me along to a coffee shop across the street. The smell of coffee fills me nose, warming me without even drinking any. He walks up to the counter, completely bitch facing the nice looking man at the register as he orders coffee for him and hot chocolate for me. After sitting me down at one of the tables he waits by the counter for our drinks.

“You should have told me,” He grumbles once he returns with two steaming mugs, not even giving me mine until he blows on it a couple times.

I accept the warm mug, sipping the hot drink slowly, “Thank you. I didn’t tell you because it would only make you guys worry.”

“We spent the last thirty minutes wandering around in the cold, you could get sick.” He puts my scarf back on that I had taken off while he was ordering the drinks.

“I haven’t gotten that sick for a while.”

“Drink some more, but not too quickly, you don’t want to get sick.”

I can’t help but laugh at the older man’s worries. We talk some more about school, he has to intern that the company this summer that he is not excited about. All of them have to start going to the company to follow their older brothers around work. I can’t wait to hear the grumbling and groaning about that from Sehun, who is the least excited apparently.

Tao appears at my side a little later, “My turn!”

“Be careful with her Tao, Lay is next and if he sees a mark on her, he will tear you to pieces,” Chen warns.

The taller boy nods, “I know Hyung, I promise to be gentle.”

“What are we doing that you guys are so worried about?” I question as I’m pulled out of my seat. They help me bundle back up before Tao leads me out of the café and down the street. Only a block away we find a little dojo, my brow goes up at the thought of me fighting. I know some self-defense but only from experience and things I saw on TV, so when Tao changes me into work out clothes and stands in front of me telling me to hit him, I’m beyond nervous.

“Come baby, it’s fine,” He holds up his hands expectantly.

“I’ve never fought a fair fight, I don’t hit very hard. So I have to fight dirty.”

I expect him to be insulted as a fighter that I would use dirty moves but he smiles, “That’s great. You do what you have to, even if that means fighting dirty. But now I’m going to teach you what else you can do in bad situations.”

“Are you sure I can hit you?”

He chuckles, “Trust me baby, you won’t hurt me. Now come on, hit my hands, I need to see where you are in strength.”

I nod before attempting to get into a fighting stance with my fists up, he chuckles at my brave face. He enjoys it too much when I epically fail at my weak punches.

“Don’t laugh!” I whine, swinging again in hopes of knocking some sense into him. But like he said, I have no chance at hitting him. He catches both of my hands and pulls me in for a kiss.

“You are just so cute,” He coos.

“Daddy,” I pout.

“I’m sorry baby, I thought I would be able to take this seriously but now that you are actually here, all I want to do is just look at you.”

A blush spreads across my cheeks, “At least teach me one trick.”

“Fine, lets try a kick. First we need to stretch,” There is a mischievous look in his eyes that I try to ignore, even when he lays me down on my back and pulls one of my legs up to my chest. “Wow, you’re a lot more flexible than I thought you were.” His face is only inches away as he press my leg up straight. He switches to the other leg, getting just as close so I can feel his breath on my face. We sit across from each other, our feet touching, we pull each other back and forth, making small talk about school and other nonsense. After a lot more stretches, sexual innuendos about my flexibility, and lingering hands he finally lets me try.

“Higher,” I demand when he hold out his hand at his waist, requesting that I kick it.

“Start here,” He says firmly. I obey, kicking his hand easily. He lifts his hand only a little higher, and we repeat this until he reaches his shoulder.

“Come on,” I whine once more.

“That’s high enough.”

“I can go higher!”

He huffs before holding his hand out higher than my head. I take a step back to prepare myself, thinking if I can get a little jump in my step I can do it. Boy was I wrong, my foot flies up and I loose my balance. I tip back, fully expecting to hit the ground but instead I’m caught from behind, a growl of disapproval echoes threw out the work out room.

“Tao,” The older man glares.

The latter automatically has his hands up in surrender, “She asked me to go higher.” It surprises me to see the marital arts expert freeze up under the normally sweet man’s gaze.

“It’s not his fault! I take the blame!” I turn around in his hold to stare up at Lay. His switch has been flipped and he is the gangster, not my cute Lay.

“Tao, I told you teaching her martial arts was a bad idea.”

“We had fun,” I snap back.

His eyes shift to me, softening slightly, “You could have gotten hurt.”

“But I’m fine.”

He huffs cutely, slowly turning back into his normal self, “I’m sorry, I’m just feeling very over protective of you right now.”

“You are busting in on my time Sir, we still have ten minutes!” Tao whines cutely.

“Daddy Lay, do you fight?”

They share a look at the question, a silent conversation between the two, “Why do you ask?”

“You scared Tao and he told me he was the best fighter.”

Lay scoffs giving the latter another glare, “He did?”

“I was just trying to show off hyung,” Tao takes a few steps back.

“Daddy, you can fight that good?”

He hesitates nodding, “A little.”

“That’s bull! Tao looks like he’s going to pee his pants, you must be so good!”

“Would you like a demonstration?” Lay offers.

I nod eagerly.

“Hyung no!” Tao takes a few more steps back.

Alpha pt. 5

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Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four //

The clock on the wall ticked noisily as you stood in front of the class and held your paper in your hand.
You cleared your throat and spoke with clarity.
“Aphrodite was not just a goddess of beauty. No, she was something more than that. Something dangerous”

You slipped the bottle in a black bag and tied off the end.
Your heels clacked against the pavement on the way back to your car.
The plan went accordingly.

“She could move through the day with ease, playing the world with a smile or a light giggle. While at night, she would concoct terrible things and see it through until the end”

Lydia jumped once she closed her locker and saw your face.
Her shock went away and she turned to walk down the hall.
“I hear you’re having a party”
“Not sure where you heard that from”
“You’re Lydia, you are always throwing a party”
“True, what’s it to you? I thought you hated my guts”
“I do,” you pulled on her elbow to stop her from walking.
“But that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends”
“I’m confused”
“Of course you are, listen, I want help you out with your party”
“And why would I let you?”
“Because Lydia,” you stepped forward until you were inches away from her face.
She gasped when you caressed her cheek in a gentle manner.
“Word around school is you’re the crazy girl who likes to walk through the woods naked and scream in your car during school hours. No one wants to befriend the school nutcase, which leaves me. If people hear that I’m going to your party, they’ll want to come for sure. So ask yourself girl-who-doesn’t-have-many-friends, what have you got to lose?”

“Her beauty is used to liquefy the mind and shape it into whatever form she wants it to be. This goddess if famous, sure, but no knows how powerful she truly is”

You finished adding decorations to the room and climbed down from the stool.
“What is there to drink?”
Lydia shrugged her shoulders and waved a paper around.
Lydia got to making the punch while you roamed outside.
A patch of blue flowers caught your attention and an idea formed in your head.
You returned half an hour later to an exasperated Lydia.
“Where have you been?! The guests will be here any second”
“Relax, I went to go get something for the punch”
You shook the bag of wolfsbane and walked past her to the kitchen.
You started pouring it into the bowl.
“What is that?”
You expected her to be more surprised but she seemed strangely calm.
“It’s something I heard online. These flowers make any drink taste amazing. But don’t try it, I’m afraid you might go for seconds the third and we’ll have to nothing to serve the party”
The doorbell tore her attention away from you, turning on her heel to answer it.
A large group of people stood at the door, peering inside.
Lydia widened her eyes then stepped aside to let them in.
They paraded through, heading straight for the pool area.
You handed everyone a drink with a smile.

“Aphrodite is a goddess to be feared and respected. A warrior under silk robes and pleasant fragrance. She is…Beauty”

Jackson took a swig of drink and played with Scott’s mind.
He talked to Allison, trying to piss him off so he can show everyone what a freak he was.
He got bored with conversation then walked away from her.
As he finished the rest of his drink, Jackson saw a blue top from the side of his eye and immediately recognized as Y/N.
She whisked around the corner.
She was so beautiful.
He remembered the first time he met her.
A smile formed on his lips as he thought more about it but it quickly vanished when he remembered the day he cheated on her with Lydia.
He had to get his key but he also wanted to talk to Y/N.
When he turned the corner, Jackson saw something that made him want to cry, punch a wall, scream, and vomit.
Scott gripped Y/N’s waist, snaking his fingers up her shirt.
She had her arms wrapped around his neck, leaving enough space for him to kiss all over her neck.
Y/N moaned out his name along with a breathy moan that pissed Jackson off.
He launched himself at Scott only for him to walk into a door.
“What the hell?!”
Lydia opened her door and crossed her arms.
“What is wrong with–Jackson?”
He rolled his eyes and walked away.
Lydia chased after him.
“Please don’t go, I just want to talk to you”
“Don’t, it’s pathetic”
“What did I even do? You won’t talk to me, call, text, and now you won’t even look at me? I demand a reason”
Jackson stopped and Lydia bumped into him.
“You demand a reason?” he snorted.
“I don’t care what you want and you don’t tell me what to do. Besides, I’m only here to get my key back”
“A key? You came back for a key?!”
The clearing of someone’s throat the both of their attention.
Y/N leaned against the door frame with a nail in between her teeth.
“We ran out of punch”
Lydia sucked in a breath and turned away from him, “let yourself out, Jackson”
She hauled over to the kitchen, you following close behind.
“Wow, the flowers too?”
“No, I threw it into the garbage. You must always start with fresh flowers”
“I’ll get them, make sure the house is intact”
“Sure thing”

The party grew into an uproar.
They were throwing things, curling up into a ball, and finding anyone to make out or have sex with.
You took a sip of your water and watched everyone freak out.
The phone in your hand was warm and nice to the touch.
The cops would be arriving in ten minutes.
The neighbors seemed to have made a complaint about the obnoxious noise.
You smirked at your terrible deed.
Two jocks looked in your direction, smacking their lips.
Boys, when will they learn?
You walked over to them and started flirting.
“Hey, everyone’s jumping in the pool, maybe that kid over there should loosen up”
The jocks huffed and nodded in agreement.
They waltzed over to the photographer obsessed with Alison named Matt.
“Come on man, have some fun!”
Matt started freaking out at the immediate contact, “no, please, don’t!”
“It’s just a little water, kid”
The taller one grabbed his legs while the bigger guy hooked his arms underneath Matt’s.
“Stop! I can’t swim, please, help me!”
The boys threw the poor kid into the water and everyone watched him flail around for dear life.
Finally, Jackson reached in and pulled him out.
Matt shot daggers at Stiles and Scott from across the pool.
You shoved on your helmet and drove past the flashing red and blue lights heading in the direction you left.


The moon looked beautiful at this time.
So full and so bright.
You played with your hair while sitting by the window, thinking about all the wrong you had done tonight.

Time went by and you took the time to do your late night ritual before going off to bed.
Could Matt really not swim?
Drowning a boy wasn’t how you thought the night would go but it did.
“So that’s how you stalled”
You jumped up from under your covers and turned on the lamp beside your bed.
“Thought you wouldn’t make it”
You ran up to the man and wrapped your arms around his neck in a warm embrace.
He didn’t hug you back, he kept his arms to his sides and stared ahead.
Once you pulled back he met your disappointing gaze.
“Not much of a hugger”
“I wouldn’t imagine any of the Hale boys are. What took you so long?”
“Well I’m sorry I couldn’t come back from the dead any quicker”
“Apology accepted. What now?”
He smiled on the inside.
She was truly an interesting person.
She demanded things and knew what she wanted.
There was always the persuading to get her to comply but she met requirements.
“Patience, little puppy, things take time. You know I’ll call when I need you”
“Peter, don’t leave. You need a shower and food to consume. I have both”
Before he could make leave, Y/N moved over to the hallway closet to grab some towels and extra clothes for him to wear.
Peter took them without arguing, heading into the bathroom.

A sweet smell of steak and bare ribs drifted through the house.
His stomach growled in response and guided him downstairs.
Y/N moved around the kitchen, fixing him a plate of food, ample meat plastered on so much that sauce threatened to drip off onto the floor.
Without being told, Peter took a seat on one of the bar stools near the counter.

You watched Peter rip through his meal like a savage animal.
You even offered him a beer to quench his thirst.
“What is in that mind of yours?”
“I want you to sleep with me”
“I prefer not to”
“It could be fun, we can talk about boys and our deep rooted issues”
“Speaking of boys, do Scott and Stiles know about my rebirth?”
“No, I did everything you asked”
“And more. You drowned a kid?”
“Peter,” you caressed the side of his face, “sweet, sweet, Peter. I would never do such a thing”
With a snap of a finger, Peter grabbed your hand and pulled you close to his face, a strange blue color glowed in replacement of his red eyes.
“There’s something wrong with you. It’s a full moon tonight, why aren’t you transforming?”
“Patience, Peter, things take time”
“This anomaly is actually perfect. I need you to do something”
“Get in Scott McCall’s head”
Peter stood and ran his hands along your arms in a sensual manner, his fingertips lightly brushing your sensitive skin.
Something about it screamed erotic.
“Make him want you”
His large hands kneaded your shoulders as he slid up to your neck, the heat radiating through his touch.
A carnal fire dwelled in your insides that only Peter had been able to start.
Perhaps it was because he was your Alpha but he was the perfect match.
“Make him…”
His lips now rested in the crook of your neck, a tortuous tease, his hot breath creating an anticipation so keen that you were sure to burst any second.
“Think about you every second and break him so much that he comes begging for mercy”
By now, blood hummed in your veins, your body involuntarily released a strong moan as he squeezed your waist with intention and purpose while pecking your neck.
Peter smirked at how much he had an effect on you, his beta.
“Break him, have him go against his friends, take away his precious Allison and bring him to me”
His knee rested underneath your hot center constantly rubbing against your weak spot over and over.
You were a moaning mess, his existence bothered you in a way you liked.
“Don’t let me down, little puppy”

Part Six


Anonymous requested: Could you do a jealous Felicity Smoak x reader one shot where she starts getting jealous because the reader starts hanging out with Thea more often

Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: Felicity Smoak x reader (ft. Thea)
Word count: 1.4k+

A/N: For the sake of this story, Oliver and Felicity were never together and are just close friends :)

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This crazy thing called love. || 4

Authors Note: Hey!! Here is part 4 of this crazy thing called love. I hope you all enjooy it. The other parts can be found here.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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                                                    || Harry ||

“What can I say about love? It can be one of the immeasurable experiences and it can be one of the gravest, it all depends on who you ask. I’ve spent my time in my office attempting to write this article with tear-stained cheeks and a bit of a broken heart myself. Many people have investigated the same question over and over again, ‘what is love?’ And here I am, to tell anyone reading.

Love is something that takes you by surprise, it isn’t always easily perceived, it is sometimes concealed behind a sheer coat of denial. It awakens your soul and annihilates the demons inside you, it makes your head spin in an astonishing way, it makes you feel on top of the world, even if you’re at the bottom.

Love is peering into someone’s eyes and recognizing nothing but contentment. Their eyes aren’t just a shade, they’re something so indescribable that you just want to fall into them with every breath you take.

Love is being able to take a piece of his cake without him whining or moaning that you’re cramping his style, it’s being able to stumble across the pavement while a little bit tipsy and not having to worry about anything besides the fact the two of you are blissfully making fools of yourselves.

Love is seeing someone at their most vulnerable, weakest stage and still only seeing the strong individual they are. It is looking past the insecurities and the flaws and still loving the person and loving each and every imperfection.

Love is being contented with forever changing when you meet the one, the one that will take your world by storm and turn it upside down in the most beautiful way possible. Love is giving someone the opportunity to possess your heart in their steady hands and trusting them enough not to pulverize it with every fibre of their body. It is gratifying their hands to act like the ribcage outlining your most vital and vulnerable organ, the heart. Conceding someone’s hands to wholeheartedly seize you at your every weakness and breach your every defence and not having to worry that those same hands will turn from their pure gold form to crisp black weapons of destruct. Love is granting the other person everything, entrusting them with your secrets, your life, your insecurities, and your apprehensions in hope they won’t use them against you but cherish them and hold them close.

Love is two souls that are correlated on a level as if they are one, they’re two peas in a pod, two best friends that want nothing but the best for each other, two souls that feel the same spark, flame, and connection, two souls that will always stand by each other through the good times and the bad.

Love is what I have for my best friend, and I don’t mean the kind of love that is platonic, I mean the character of love that enkindles a burning in my soul, the sort of love that I’d fight heaven and earth just to be able to welcome. Sometimes, it doesn’t hit us in the way we suspect, sometimes it is nonchalant before abruptly hitting us all at once. It hit me while sitting in a coffee shop, his eyes undividedly focused on a row of cakes, I viewed the way his brows knitted together and his lips pursed together into a straight line while he attempted to figure out what he wanted. I never thought the day would come where I’d pay so much attention to the way someone stands and decides on a sweet, but that day I did. When I look at him, I don’t perceive the same man the world sees, I understand a man with a heart of gold, a man that entitles me to steal pieces of his food even though it was intended for him, I perceive a man who takes his coffee strong, but won’t complain if it isn’t made to his perfection; I see a man that will walk four blocks to meet me, just to see me for a few minutes, I notice a man that any woman would be lucky to have as their husband and the father of their children. I see a man that slipped through my fingers while I wasn’t looking.

This crazy thing called love has erupted a raging inferno inside me that has spread through me like wildfire, it has become a blessing and a curse. I feel it in the tips of his fingers when his hands are pressed to me, I feel it between the scent of his cologne and the fabric of his jacket when it graces over me graciously in the cold; I feel it encrypted between every lyric he shows me while biting his bottom lip while awaiting my opinion, most importantly, I feel it when I am around him. I feel it all over me, from the tips of my toes all the way up my body, I feel it when I look into his brilliant eyes and when his smile lights up the darkest of days. This crazy thing called love is a treacherous slope that I would fall down every day if it meant his welcoming arms and smile would be at the bottom ready to help me out.”

I stare at the article she wrote, a piece of work that has somehow managed to revolve itself around me; I don’t need to finish the piece to know that the feelings between the two of us are not platonic or strictly best friends.

I gaze at my car keys in front of me, my foot patting nervously against my floorboards as I contemplate on what I should do.
Do I go find her and tell her how I feel? Do I let her go?

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Sniffles and chocolate (Lin x Reader)

This is kind of a quick one shot in celebration of reaching 1.5k followers. It may also be me just trying to cheer myself up since I have The Cold™. 

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Summary: Reader is very much in love with the star of the hottest musical of the decade. It turns out the star seems to be shining extra brightly when he gets to take care of Reader when they’re sick.

Warnings: None. Just fluff all the way.

Wordcount: 1,678

Oh, and tags! @ruth-hamilton-delrio @hopeandlovelastlonger @yayhamletnonstop I think you all have at some poiont told me that you wanted to be tagged in my stuff. So here goes. Just tell me if you want me to stop. Peace, love you! <3

You knew it the moment you woke up. The feeling of a sore throat and a nose filled with snot had knocked you back into the bed before, but not like this. This was accompanied by a fever, and the fact that it felt like someone had kicked you in the face while you were asleep. To put it on paper, the february cold that had plagued the workplace for weeks had finally caught up with you too.

Since two months ago, you had been working as an assistant to the head of the costume department at the Richard Rogers theatre, the home to the (according to you) best musical of the decade, Hamilton.

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leos-pineapple  asked:

Head canons with RFA + Saeran with a tall MC! I hope your day has been going alright. Get some sleep and make sure to remember to drink water!


i’ve seen u in my notifs and omg i’m so sorry this took foreverr :3

p.s i luv you (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡


  • poor boy just wanted to be taller than one person in his life
  • even his momma is taller than him hahahhaahah shh 
  • so he tries wearing insoles with some height right
  • but he trips lmao and he literally falls onto MC in the streets because he can’t balance
  • after a while he gives up and just accepts his short fate
  • also low key falls in love with MC’s legs because they’re just so long and beautiful and now he sounds like a pervert but you know it’s true 
  • is it bad that he treats MC like a tree and enjoys koala hugging her legs whenever he can because he does that no doubt about it ok


  • the moment he sees MC he does that sunglasses lowering thing
  • like ooooh gurl
  • he’s shamelessly checking her out 
  • um excuse me SIR EYES UP HERE PLEASE
  • he is having a hard time keeping his eyes on her face because she was wearing shorts since it was summer and it’s so hot but omg not as hot as her leggggggs yas
  • jkjk y am i making all of them pervs omfg try again Cherry pls get it together
  • ANYWAYS moving on
  • he really likes MC’s height because he actually hates looking down on people?? (i.e. Yoosung)
  • he likes looking straight at the other person and it saves his neck from getting tired of looking down since it makes his posture worse 
  • so MC being tall is such a bonus he cannot live it out 
  • happiest man on the plant probably yea


  • okay so at first she thought they were the same height
  • but that was only cuz she had to wear heels with her business attire and she kinda forgot she had them on
  • then she took them off 
  • and
  • MC was towering over her???? omg
  • “Wow, MC I didn’t know you were so tall!”
  • she was really excited all of a sudden because she actually enjoys being the shorter partner just because she feels nice and protected and heheh it makes her feel warm and fuzzy and happy ^-^
  • so whenever they go out she would hold onto MC and lean on her and it was so so so cute
  • also MC was really good at reaching things for her at home which made her life 200% easier and she loved it


  • MC was tall but not still not as tall as he
    • fight me
  • but he was surprised at her height as most women he met were always pretty short lmao
  • “MC, you are quite tall compared to many of the employee’s and business partners I’ve met.”
  • okay that’s great but now what
  • it was SO FUNNY
  • because he likes to take MC to dinner parties and well
  • she had to dress all fancy = heels = she’s taller than Jumin now xD
  • he was low key uncomfortable like uhhhhhhhhh MC is looming over me help
  • so he secretly got some shoe pads to enhance his height whenever those events came along
  • but don’t get me wrong, he loved MC’s tall stature because she looked extremely gorgeous and just pulled off any look she had going and they literally looked like a model couple who were always on the runway
  • am i implying that Jumin does the cat walk because yes i am in fact i’m 10000% right about this trust me it’s insiders info ok i got my sources


  • he’s having SO MUCH FUN
  • now Seven is Tarzan or some shit cuz he’s literally hanging all over MC like she’s a tree oh my god
  • “nuuuuu this is too much fun! :D:D:D”
  • MC is just:
  • ANYWAY so he never gets the hell off and lovesss to get MC to piggybackride him
  • is he 5 or what
  • there’s no stopping it
  • he’s going to be all over MC until the end of time
  • but it’s also kinda cute??? because he’s so giggly around MC and lol
  • don’t be mad but since she’s so tall he kinda.. sorta.. most definitely uses her as shade whenever he goes outside
  • oops


  • his eyes are bulging out of his head
  • wanna know why? because she’s standing there with the sun setting behind her and the wind blowing in her hair and her cheeks are flushed a cute pink because Saeran is staring at her like she’s a goddess
  • he literally
  • can’t take his eyes off her
  • also when they’re walking it’s real adorable because
  •  ok it’s not like he’s a short dude but he kinda hunches over since he’s hella timid and shy so he looks smol and it’s just 
  • literally this^
  • .. except Saeran doesn’t look annoyed, instead he’s blushing like crazy
  • also did i mention he snuggles really close to MC because he likes being close to her and since she’s so tall he feels protected and it makes him feel super safe

i wish i was tall (i’m literally 5′4″ and my entire fam is 5′8″ or taller and i’m just???? what the hell happened to my DNA)

~Cherry L.

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maroonhood  asked:

Hi, congratulations on hitting a follower milestone! I was wondering if I could get a drabble with Tom and us hanging out with our dogs because we both have pit bulls and that breed is soooo underrated (idk if you've ever met a pit but they're so sweet and just want constant lovings and for kids to be safe). Thank you my love I really appreciate it 💕

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! This is sooo sweet yes, I love pit bulls and literally all dogs!!! LIKE ALL DOGS ARE GOOD AND PURE. WOW this is such a great request! (I’m so sorry its short…) I hope you like it angel! 

click here if you want one!

There were only two things in the entire world that made you so happy:  your lovable pit bull and your lovable boyfriend, Tom. Bonus: your lovable boyfriend Tom also had a lovable pit bull named Tessa. It was a match-made in doggy heaven.

Tom and you had both met while walking your dogs in the neighborhood one warm, spring afternoon.  Jogging down the road in your active wear and your dog’s leash at your waist, you were surprised when you saw Tessa run up to you, even more startled when you saw Tom desperately running after her. Thankfully, she was so sweet, giving you big, wet kisses and you couldn’t help but laugh at how friendly she was.

 "Hey, oh my god. I’m so sorry - I don’t know what’s gotten into Tess, normally she listens so well but I think she saw you and your cutie over here and decided she wanted to be friends.“

“No problem, she’s adorable!” you replied, and couldn’t help thinking the same about her owner.

“I’m Tom by the way, pleasure to meet you,” he grins happily.

“[Y/N], the pleasure’s all mine,” you smile back.

And then, fast forward a year and a half and you four were inseparable. Summers were filled with camping trips (both pups in tow) and outside barbecues with plenty of food and cuddling once the nights got cooler. Going on walks together were your favorite, you two hand-in-hand as Tom would hold Tessa and your pup’s leashes. Passerby’s would stop to admire how cute they were, taking pictures and asking how long you two have been married for. You’d blush and Tom would just laugh, grabbing you by the waist while whispering, “soon,” into your ear.  

Tom had a busy day filming but promised he would be home today for your regular movie nights. You were waiting for Tom to arrive, relaxing on the couch with some tea, and your pup and Tessa snuggling together cutely. You couldn’t help but giggle at how adorable they were and quickly snapped a picture, sending it to Tom.

You, 18:27PM:

“These two are the cutest..💕”

Tom 18:32 PM:

“Not as cute as you, love.😊  See you in 30 seconds”

The next thing you know, the dogs’ ears perk up and rush to the door as Tom enters with a sing-songy, “I’m home!”

You laugh and set your mug down on the coffee table, and Tom is bombarded with two happy dogs.

“Tess, you’re getting my clothes all dirtied!” Tom laughs lightly as he struggles to keep the excited pup at bay.

“She just missed you way too much, Tom. As did I,“ you reply and he pulls you into his arms and gives you a soft kiss. The dogs are wagging their tails eager for attention, and Tom just continues to stare into your beautiful eyes. “I’m so lucky to have you, [Y/N]. It’s like living a dream.”

“Then, I love living this dream together with you. There’s nothing more I could ask for,” you whisper, and he brings you close as you sigh into his chest, appreciating the warmth of his arms around you.

Just then, Tessa whines and nudges your legs. You both burst into laughter and Tom jokingly says “Look’s like our darlings want part of our dream too.”

“They’ve been part of it since the beginning,” you smile.

Cassandra: The Inquisitor hears she’s craving blueberry sweet rolls, and they make a fresh batch. Cassandra, abashed and flattered, agrees to try one, and she stops short as she puts it in her mouth. It’s warm and sweet, and the taste of sweet blueberry hits her. They’re sticky and stain her fingers blue, but Cassandra doesn’t care. It takes great effort not to start moaning in ecstasy, it’s so good, tinged with bittersweet memories as she thinks of Antony. The Herald asks, hopefully, if she likes it. Cassandra, in turn, nods eagerly and takes another sweet roll. She’s tempted to take the whole plate. “You are the Maker’s chosen, indeed.” she declares. “It’s wonderful.If romanced: her love surprised her with the sweet rolls, and it makes her heart swell with adoration. She drags him off to a quiet grove, and the two eat the pastries and cuddle, her head on his shoulder. New memories together would be nice.

Blackwall: He thinks he’s about to get standard camp fare when the Inquisitor makes stew for the others. When he tastes it, though, he’s actually shocked by the exquisite taste. He stops short, spoon still in his mouth, and stares down at the bowl for a moment before wolfing it down. He’d ask for seconds, but the whole pot is already gone, finished by the others. He sighs in mild disappointment, then looks to the Inquisitor with so much joy, so much hope. “If we get the ingredients for you, could you cook for us in camp from now on? Please?” If romanced: he tries to help by doing whatever his girlfriend tells him to. The food comes out delicious, and she giggles and praises him. He laughs and shrugs sheepishly. “Oh, I was just following your orders, my lady. Only thing I had to offer is love.”

Iron Bull: The Inquisitor was showing Sera their cookie recipe when he asked to try one. More than half of the plate was gone already because Sera nabbed them, and she reluctantly allows the Bull to take one. The taste of melty, sweet warm chocolate and sugary sweet cookie dough actually makes him moan in ecstasy– he doesn’t hold back. “This… you made this, Boss? Wow.” The Inquisitor nods and goes to get another batch out of the oven, and Bull’s eye is full of hope and desire. “Boss? Can I have this batch to share with the Chargers? Please?” From then on, he always hovers around the kitchen whenever they cook, eager for a taste. If romanced: He’s not much of a cook, but he tries to help anyways. By “help” he means intermittedly coming into the kitchen, dipping a spoon into whatever they’re making, tasting it, and nodding. “Yep, Kadan, it’s good. Aren’t you glad I’m here to help you taste-test?” They kiss, and they get second-hand taste in doing so.

Sera: After tasting her cookies on the rooftop, the Inquisitor drags her to the kitchen to show her their cookie recipe. They giggle and toss flour at each other as they cook, and when the cookies come out, Sera hardly gives them a chance to cool before tasting one. Her eyes bulge at the flavor, and with a moan, and she immediately reaches for another. “Soooo good. And you! You made me not hate cookies anymore. These… these are friendship cookies, yeah? You’re the best cook ever.” Like Bull, she starts hanging around the kitchen whenever the Inquisitor is cooking. If romanced: Both of them are covered in flour and their faces are covered in melted chocolate, especially around the lips that kiss, and they’re giggling like maniacs. “These are us cookies, yeah?”

Varric: He mentions braised nug with elfroot, and how awful it was, and the Inquisitor is on a mission to make it appetizing. They soon present him with the dish, and he fully expects it to taste moldy and dry, but he’d be damned if he didn’t try it. To his shock, the meat is moist and melts in the mouth, and rosemary combined with a hint of dried elfroot just right, just tantalizing right. “Maybe I ought to change your nickname to Chef.” he says wryly.

Cole: He doesn’t eat, so instead he takes to distributing the Inquisitor’s baked goods to people in need throughout Skyhold. Spirits are raised immensely with the gesture, and soon thereafter the kitchen is asking for the Herald’s recipe after a bunch of requests for more. “it won’t be the same,” Cole says, “they put love into it as the main ingredient. They have to make it.”

Dorian: He was talking about a traditional Tevinter dish that he hasn’t had since he left home, mentioning how much he was craving it, but no one would make it. The Inquisitor then looks up the recipe and makes it themselves, and presents rice and curry to a surprised altus. He tries it, and he’s utterly floored, and so, so happy that he got to have it again– it tastes like home. “It’s even better than at home! Thank you!” he says, sincerely, as he reaches for more. He then pauses and reaches for a bottle of wine and looks up to the Inquisitor, grinning. “This goes down well with it. Dine with me?” If romanced: Dorian is breathless, imagining two things: being home, and being home and living in peace with his amatus as they eat the delicious food. So they settle for looking over Skyhold together, and he’s rarely been this happy before.

Solas: He makes an off-hand mention that he would like to get petit fours next time they go to Val Royeaux, and he’s actually surprised, for once, when the Inquisitor presents him a few hours later with a full plate of lemon and raspberry petit fours. He thanks them and reaches to try one, but he never expected it to be so good. Sweet, tart lemon filling and a sweet crumbly base melt in his mouth, and his eyes widen. “These are… delectable. Thank you…” He tries to surreptitiously be around the kitchens whenever the Inquisitor is done cooking, though he denies it. If romanced: “Vhenan, open your mouth.” She does it, and he gives her a half of a petit four he cut in half. She giggles as he tries to feed her, though he does it with closed eyes and misses her mouth and hits her nose instead, leaving cream on it. He’s mortified, but she thinks it’s hilarious.

Vivienne: She had asked to talk to the Inquisitor, and was surprised when they brought up a few of the petit fours they managed to spirit away from Solas, who took most of them. She sends for tea, and the two talk for awhile when she finally reaches for one of the petit fours. She was absolutely not expecting them to be so good, and she asks where the Herald bought them. When they reply that they made them, she’s even more surprised. “Truly? Well, my dear,” she says, eyes hopeful, “we’ll have to have tea time again sometime soon. With more of your petit fours.”

Cullen: One day, when he’s particularly stressed, the Inquisitor makes him simple shortbread cookies. He’s excited to see them, of course, and after eating one sweet, buttery cookie, the entire plate is gone within the hour. He finds them later and thanks them profusely– it really cheered him up, as well as complimenting them on their cooking skill. If the Inquisitor ever wants to give him a gift or anything, he only wants one thing: more shortbread cookies. He actually dreams about them on rare occasion, when not having a nightmare. If romanced: The next time they go to make butter cookies, Cullen comes to help, and together they make cookies that are even better than before. He forgets his worries for a while as he stirs batter and cuts the cookies, and the two sneak dabs of cookie dough and tease each other.

The Inquisitor sends her some petit fours from a batch they make, and Leliana has already heard from the others how good they are, so she’s eager for a taste. A rare smile blossoms on her face as she tries them, and she wants to savor them, enjoy them for as long as they last. She offers her compliments to the chef, and one day when the Herald mentions they’re in the mood to cook, she has an agent take care of whatever they were going to do to free up their time. “It seems as though you now have some free time. And the chef is out of the kitchen! Have fun.”

Josephine: When the Inquisitor is asking her about Antiva, she mentions a popular dish there– paella. After being unable to get fresh seafood to Skyhold, the Inquisitor settles for making a vegetarian paella. Josephine is eager to try it, and when she does, the spices and flavor takes her back home, if only for a moment. “Thank you so, so much,” she says, utterly floored as she leans back in the chair, thrown back by the flavor, “I just… it takes me back to the shores of Antiva City. Would you be willing to make this again, sometime?” If romanced: she carves out some time to go cook with them, and she giggles and chatters away happily as they cook together. A few times, she stops them just to give them a kiss, and then they go back to cooking, all blushes and spices.

themirroredandblacknight  asked:

for prompts- Evan introducing Connor to everyone (jared, Heidi, Alana etc) after they start dating? it might be stupid idk

Not stupid at all! I actually love the fics with tree bros interacting with the other characters! This is mostly Evan introducing Connor to Heidi, but Jared is present! It’s hard to find an excuse to have Heidi in the same place as the high schoolers, but I hope you like it!


Connor had basically inhaled his cigarette. Evan raised an eyebrow at him. In reply, Connor rolled his eyes.
“Don’t judge me, Hansen.” He muttered.
Evan sighed. “I’m not judging you, Connor, I just wish you didn’t feel so stressed about this.” He explained.
Connor huffed out a sarcastic laugh, releasing the last of his cigarette smoke into the cool air. “Yeah, just me, your printer throwing screw-up of a boyfriend meeting your pretty blond nurse mom. Nothing to stress over.”
Evan took a deep breath of the fresher air before walking closer to his boyfriend and wrapping his arms around his waist. “You are not a screw-up! I told you to stop saying that. You know, you see yourself very differently from how I see you.” He said, looking up at the taller boy.
Connor sighed. “Yeah. But you’re weird.”
Evan laughed. “So are you.”
Connor raised an eyebrow and put his arm around Evan’s shoulders. “Touché.”
Evan rested his head against Connor’s shoulder. “You’re gonna be fine. And my mom’s gonna love you.”
“How do you know though?” Connor sighed.
Evan smiled at him. “Because my mom loves me. And I love you.”
Connor looked down at Evan and couldn’t help but smile, seeing the genuine smile on his boyfriend’s face. “Yeah well, I stand by my statement: you’re weird.”
“Oh Evan! I completely forgot to ask if Connor eats beans!” Heidi exclaimed, popping her head out of the kitchen.
Evan sighed. “Mom, I told you, he only doesn’t eat meat. He’s fine with everything else. I’m sure beans are fine.”
“I just want this to be perfect!” Heidi yelled as she retreated back into the kitchen.
Evan sighed once more. “Me too…” He whispered.
He loved his mother and he loved Connor, but he had never been in a room with both of them at the same time. Connor retreated into himself around anyone but Evan, while Heidi was giddy and outgoing around everyone. Evan didn’t want either of them to be uncomfortable. Evan felt the familiar wave of anxiety burn in his stomach.
Suddenly the doorbell rang. Evan swallowed his worry. Showtime.
He went to open the door and came face to face with… Jared?
“Hey there, acorn.”
Evan furrowed his brows. “Wh-what the heck are you doing here, Jared?” He asked, trying to convey annoyance but his nerves got in the way.
“As if I was gonna miss you introducing the school shooter to Heidi. Yeah right.” Jared scoffed and made his way past Evan and inside the house. Evan closed the door and ran after Jared.
“Why would you be here for that? And stop calling him…that!” He exclaimed.
“It was a joke, geez.” Jared said, raising his hands in his defense. “I’m here to get to know him too! I mean, I’d like to understand what the hell you see in him!” Jared explained. Evan questioned his motives and was just about to tell him to leave, when the doorbell rang again.
“Great.” He sighed and went to open the door.
His frustration faded as he pulled open the door to see his boyfriend standing there, holding flowers that looked like they had just barely survived a storm.
“What… Are those?” Evan asked, amused.
“They’re for your mom. And shut up.” Connor replied, blushing slightly. Evan laughed.
“Softie.” He teased. Connor rolled his eyes.
“I said shut up.” He murmured as he stepped inside and gave Evan a peck on the lips. Evan laughed again.
They were interrupted by a gagging sound. They turned to see Jared demonstrating sticking fingers down his throat. Evan rolled his eyes.
“You’ve got to be kidding me. What the hell is it doing here?” Connor asked, pointing at Jared.
“I wish I could answer that for you.” Evan replied.
“I wasn’t about to miss this!” Jared winked and flipped Connor off. Connor flipped Jared off right back, but looked even more uncomfortable than he did before. Evan felt bad for him.
Suddenly Heidi walked into the room. Jared grinned. Connor paled.
“Uh, so, mom, this is Connor, Connor… Mom.” Evan explained the obvious and awkwardly gestured between Heidi and Connor while making the introductions.
“Oh Connor! Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!” Heidi exclaimed and walked up to Connor. Connor gulped and put out his hand to shake Heidi’s, but she surprised him by throwing her arms around the skinny boy. Connor stood frozen for a second before wrapping his arms around the small woman.
After she released him from the first hug he’d had with someone other than Evan in years, Connor reached out to basically push the slightly droopy flowers into Heidi’s hands.
“Thank you for inviting me, mrs. Hansen. Oh or is it ms. Hansen? Shit, I should’ve checked with Evan beforehand, right? Sorry. And sorry for saying shit… Twice.” Connor rambled and blushed deeply.
Evan was speechless. He’d never seen his intimidating bad boy boyfriend so flustered before.
“Oh Heidi’s fine, sweetie and don’t worry about a thing!” Heidi said and padded Connor’s back. “Aren’t you a gentleman!” She said, examining the flowers. Evan followed the interaction from the side and he felt relieved. His mom was sweet as ever and Connor, though way out of his comfort zone, seemed to be doing okay.
Heidi placed a hand on Connor’s cheek and looked at him with shiny eyes. “I’m so glad to meet the wonderful boy who’s made my Evan so happy.” She said in a soft voice, so that only Connor heard her. Evan was left wondering if there were words exchanged during the gesture.
Connor felt like he couldn’t catch his breath. Never had someone who didn’t know him react so warmly to meeting him. She thought he made Evan happy? That was the highest compliment Connor could think of. He had no idea how much and what Evan had told Heidi about him, but he decided right there and then that he would damn well do whatever it took to be worthy of that compliment.
He had no idea what to say to that, but luckily Heidi wasn’t expecting him to reply, but gave Connor a warm smile before turning away.
“Oh, Jared, you’re here too! Good thing I made enough food for a small army. Now, who’s hungry?” She clapped her hands together and walked back towards the kitchen, smelling the flowers Connor gave her as she went. Jared skipped right after her, having immediately perked up at the mention of food.
Evan turned to Connor. “You okay?” He asked. Connor stared after Heidi.
“I said shit twice in front of your mom and she called me ‘sweetie’.” He mumbled.
Evan chuckled. “Yep.”
Connor blew out a breath. “Wow.”
Evan took Connor’s hand. “Hungry?”
Connor looked at his boyfriend and smiled. He no longer felt as nervous as he did a minute ago. He was actually quite excited to get to know Heidi. And he was willing to ignore Kleinman’s presence to achieve his goal.
He squeezed Evan’s hand tightly.
“Yeah. Let’s go.”

~ If you have any ideas for deh prompts, send them my way! My inbox is open! xx
every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

“Given what happened with the Zimmermann boy,” Christopher was saying, “they thought it’d be best to have him live with an older player.”

“Oh, you know I don’t mind,” Bethany said. “We have room, and I could use another set of hands. And I feel bad for him, a little.”

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anonymous asked:

so i have no irl friends that like mcr but today at work WTTBP came on our radio (which v rarely plays stuff outside of the ugliest pop hits imaginable) and i thought i'd be the only one to notice, but like half the crew (closet fans APPARENTLY) went O F F at the chorus and someone from the back of the kitchen literally goes 'YAAAS TURN IT UP' and they Did, i had to take a food order with it blaring in the background but it made my entire week like....wow mcr solidarity is Real and Powerful :')

my heart? is warm? this sounds like the cutest random little thing that can happen at work??? aw

(restaurant kichens are truly wild places by the way,,,,, people who work in that kind of environment are 150% stronger than the average human and quite possibly 50% weirder as well)

Cold (A G/T Chase Brody story)

Chase was walking along the sidewalk, it was a typical day for him, go out and get a little bit of exercise, well he did eat a few doritos along the way but not too many …He bit his lip when he saw the empty bag, yeah he really needs to work on the whole exercising part. He crumpled the bag up into a ball and threw it into the trash, smiling when he nailed and proceeded to fist bump the air. “Aw yeah!” He continued walking until he stumbled upon a bench where he sat down at and decided to take a breather, he took out his water and began drinking. Little did he know that he was being watched… …… You stared up at the man, mouth agape, and a look of horror etched onto your face. You were small, super small, tiny in fact, almost like the borrower’s in all those stories your parents had read to you as a kid (your like 3 maybe 4 inches tall– whoops~) You knew what giants did to people like you however, or at least you thought you knew, you didn’t wanna be spotted by him no matter what so you turned and began to try and crawl away. The only problem is that you were freezing cold, and it was extremely hard to move as well, you wanted to just pass out right there but you hated giving up, you always wanted to keep pushing and going. “Woah… Is that?” You blinked upon hearing the man speak, looking back at him to see his eyes were locked onto you, you froze in fear, staring up at him. Chase looked down at you, his eyes sparkling with curiosity “What are you…?” You didn’t speak, you looked at him for a moment longer before slowly inching backwards which he had apparently noticed. “Relax lil duder… You… You look so cold, do you want some help?” Chase reached back, flinching when he heard you yelp in fear, his concerned look still there, it was like the look of a father who was concerned for they’re child that may have just gotten injured. “It’s okay, I promise, I’m just here to help ya” He tried to be reassuring, but you still didn’t trust him, you continued backing away until you stopped and began to fade out of consciousness for a few moments. Chase gasped and slowly brought his hand near you, before you could fully slip out of consciousness you gasped and squealed at how close his hand was, trying to push it back but failing. You noticed how warm it was though, how soft it felt, he hadn’t done anything to hurt you either but he could just be trying to lull you into a false sense of security. Chase’s brow furrowed slightly “Please… lemme help bro, I don’t want you to freeze to death, just let me help okay? I can keep you warm and safe, I mean no harm” He smiled reassuringly, still holding out his hand. You looked at him weakly, looking at the smile just made you shudder, he was so big compared to you, it was terrifying. You noted how genuine his tone was, maybe he really was wanting to help after all, you thought for a moment, you had two choices: Freeze to death or go with the giant and pray he doesn’t want to hurt you. …. You sighed, really not feeling too keen on death by freezing, you nodded slightly, your vision going a bit blurry. Chase’s smile got even bigger “Awesome bro!” He noticed you wince when he yelled out “Oh, sorry bout that” He spoke in a quieter voice as he gently scooped you up in his hand. You shivered a little, feeling the sudden warmth around your body was one thing, but you were still a bit skeptical and scared of him. Chase looked around, he knew his hand couldn’t keep you warm enough and he didn’t want anyone else seeing you “Erm, lil dude… Can you talk actually?” He questioned, looking down at you. You took a moment before sighing “Y-Yes… I can…. why?” He looked surprised and amazed at the same time “Wow, its just, I’ve never seen anything like you before… Your so cool…” He marveled at you for awhile, this made you shift uncomfortably, being under his gaze still made you nervous and weary. “What’s your name?” He had the curiosity of a child almost, then again it isn’t everyday you just randomly waltz up on a tiny person. You blinked for a few moments before answering “(Y/N)…” Chase smiled pleasantly down at you “Name’s Chase, nice to meet ya lil dude” He held his fist up to you, making you scream and flinch back, he paused for a moment before he realized, his cheeks reddening in embarrassment “No no… Er, I’m not trying to punch ya bro, its a fist bump!…” He reassured, still feeling embarrassed “See you put your fist to mine and then they gently bump” You blinked again, nodding at his words still seeming a bit shaky, after all a gigantic fist just came a little too close for comfort, you stared at his hand, shakily raising yours and placing your tiny fist to his. You noted at how small yours really was compared to his, this made you shudder and gulp a little, that fist could easily crush you and that terrified you. Chase still had that smile on his face as he gently bumped your fist back, being extremely careful “Let me take ya to my home, we can talk more there and its warmer inside than it is outside.” You thought for a moment, he was gonna take you back to his home? …Well it still beats freezing to death in the cold, you timidly nod at him and squeak a bit as he stands up. “Just don’t look down… I got'cha bro, your safe with me I promise” He spoke softly as he lifted you up even higher, you were confused on what he was doing exactly. “I’m gonna keep you outta sight, but these coat pockets, I don’t trust… Their too thin and you could easily fall outta of em, but my hat’s the only other place I can think of so just hang tight lil buddy.” He explained, slowly lifting up his hat and placing you onto his head, you squeaked some more, especially when he lowered his hat back down, the darkness surrounded you but you felt warm and safe… You felt how fluffy his hair actually was and nestled yourself into it, like a bird would nestle themselves into they’re nest. Chase smiled and proceeded to walk home, humming to himself, he didn’t wanna run nor jog, in fear it would make you bounce up and possibly out of the hat. (Let’s do the timeskip~! Wooshy woosh!) Chase arrived home, sighing in absolute relief, he walked over to the chair and sat down, taking off his hat and smiling “We’re home lil buddy” You were blinded by the light, gasping at the sound of his voice, you had almost forgotten you were on top of his head, you stumbled backwards and fell, screaming loudly. Chase’s eyes widened as he quickly caught you, looking over you with much concern in his eyes “Woah…! Calm down dude, its me, remember? It’s Chase… Your fine, your alright, your in my house now… I promise, your gonna be okay.” He tried to be reassuring, stroking your head with his finger as gently as he could. You looked up at him, listening to his words you shakily sighed, feeling a bit guilty now “I’m sorry… it’s just…” He cut you off “It’s cause your not used to… well, this is it… Your not used to me yet or really anyone I guess?” You nodded at his words, looking at your surroundings. Chase slowly set you down on the table “There’s not all that much here but its a warm place to stay, until you wanna leave.” You blinked and looked up at him “You’d…. just let me go if I wanted? Your not gonna keep me here as a pet or anything?” You eyed him suspiciously, he raised a brow at you “Keep you as a pet? But, your technically human, just tinier, your not a pet lil dude, you’d be more of a friend than a pet to me” He kept that smile on his face, it was honestly contagious because you felt yourself smiling back at him, you then looked over and noticed a tea cup on the ground “Er, why is that on the ground?…” You thought tea cups go up in cupboards last you checked, you may not have been in houses too often but that much you knew. Chase held up a tea bag, grinning a little “It’s for trickshots, yo check this out (Y/N)” He said as he tossed a tea bag towards the cup, it landed near it which made him frown and pull his hat over his face for a moment “…Pretend you didn’t see that one…” He muttered, seeming embarrassed, you simply giggled at him “You can do it Chase, just keep on trying, that looks hard anyways” You tried to be encouraging towards him, watching as he sighed and picked up another tea bag. You wait patiently, watching him with such intensity, and he takes the shot…… He managed to get the tea bag into the cup, he stood up and grinned proudly, proceeding to dab “OHHH! Did you see that (Y/N)?!” You covered your ears, wincing and whimpering at the loud tone “Chase…” He gasped and quieted down “Oh sorry lil buddy… Sorry.” He coughed a little before doing it much quieter “Ohhhh…!” You giggled at him and rolled your eyes at his childish behavior, you were honestly beginning to love that, he was growing on you …Not literally of course, but still, you were beginning to get comfortable with him, he saved your life and he was being so nice, a little loud at times but you could get used to that. Chase turned towards you, smiling widely, he gently picked you up, this confused you immensely “Chase… What are you doing?” Chase’s smile turned a bit devious “Tiny trickshots~” This made you nervous, you stared up at him “…Wait, no no! You can’t throw me!” Chase laughed a bit “Don’t worry bro, just close your eyes.” You blinked but sighed, you trusted him enough, you closed your eyes praying he wouldn’t throw you. Chase walked over to the cup, instead of throwing you he gently slid you inside and then slid back, proceeding to dab “Annnnddd he nails it first try…! Oh yeah!…” You opened your eyes to find yourself in the cup, you smirked a little “Heeyy! That’s cheating!” Chase looked over at you, raising a brow “Oh, I’m sorry lil dude, would ya rather me throw you?” He gave a playful smirk. You giggled at him and shook your head “Okay, okay you can have the victory, you got me in the cup fair and square” You rolled your eyes at him. Chase laughed again and walked over, pulling you out of the cup and then setting you back onto the table, he tried to dive into his seat but of course fell over. You giggled at him “Your such a dork.” Chase stood back up, brushing himself off then finger gunning at you “And your stuck with this dork” You thought for a moment ….Oh who were you kidding? Of course you were, you were definitely gonna stick around with this giant dork for a very long time, things wouldn’t be so bad here, you had grown fond of Chase and he grew fond of you. Eventually, he let the kids meet you, they were nice and not grabby or anything towards you, you even met his wife which you gave a rather stern talking to about ‘hurting Chase’ she quickly understood, despite you being so small you could be rather feisty when you needed. Overtime, you became apart of the family, and you couldn’t be happier any other way.

(( Okay, okay, here’s some cute stuff for once, no bad things, just cute fluffy G/T things, ahem for those who don’t know G/T stands for Giants and Tinies, I honestly love things like this so I thought why not do one with the bouncing baby boy Chase! Besides I feel bad for giving y'all sad feelies all the time so have some cute interactions between well, yourselves technically and one really huge brotastic guy *dabs happily* @chase-brody-protection-squad Yooo here y’all go some cute stuff! ))

Nursey Week Day 2-Surprise/Simplicity

YAY! I got this on on Ao3 at a decent time so I can actually post it here!

The group chat is quiet, which is Nursey’s first clue that something’s wrong. Bitty texted him early, a simple ‘happy birthday!!!!’ with a lot of emojis, but no one else on the team has said anything yet. He really hopes they aren’t planning something, because he knows he specifically told them he doesn’t want a huge party for his birthday.

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