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Any drawing tips? And drawing tips for drawing humans? Its pencil and paper Im kinda a perfectionist Not too great at art

tbh I’m not a good teacher and I’ve only really been doing this for like, two years now? I’m still an art-baby in every aspect. I really can’t offer you any solid advice or tutorial expect to share what has personally helped me:

  • Study the fundamentals of art. Sycra on YouTube has a handy chart that helps you know what kind of fundamentals you’ll need to learn depending on what you want to be as an artist. Speaking of Sycra….
  • Watch tutorials/artists on YouTube. I find the artist community on YouTube to be incredibly inspiring and so many of them make helpful tutorials and share lots of great wisdom. You can basically type in anything you want to learn and I promise you there’s at least 5 or 10 tutorials on it
  • Learn basic anatomy proportion & placement. I made two posts [ x x ] briefly sharing my mental note’s/guidelines for drawing faces, but there are much better and sensible tutorials all over the internet. There’s a book by Andrew Loomis that’s particularly helpful on body’s. I highly suggest purchasing a copy!
  • Remember to flip your canvas horizontally (or put your sketch up to a mirror) every now and then while drawing. This helps you see problems such as wonky proportion placement, composition imbalances and helps you correct art-lean
  • Use lots of references! I cannot stress how important this is. Whenever I draw without refs my art always suffers and I look back on that piece wishing I had just taken the extra time to look for a few refs.
    • That being said, I do find it’s really helpful to draw a few messy thumbnails first and then go back with references to refine your concept. This helps so that you don’t become completely reliant on refs. Overall though, just…use refs fam they’re so nice
  • Save lots of references!! Not only will you need them, but they’re great for those days when you just have no idea what to draw. For general stuff (such as anatomy, fashion, landscapes), I suggest using Pinterest. Its super easy to organize pins and the browser button allows you to save images yourself.
    • However, please do not pin other artists artwork unless you have permission. Most artists do not want their art reposted to Pinterest. If you like an artist’s style and want to save some of their illustrations for reference, just save it privately to your computer, or make a sideblog where you can reblog what inspires you
    • Also it’s really nice to save screenshots of anything you find interesting. If I’m watching a movie or a vid on YouTube and I see a certain pose or expression that I like, I’ll pause the video immediately and save a screenshot

None of this really answered your questions but honestly I don’t know how else to help. I wish I could, but words aren’t my thing and I can’t make video tutorials myself yet.

But thankfully there are resources everywhere online and most of them are provided by actual professionals. Look around and you’ll find the help you need.

Good luck!

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u dont have to answer this but i wanted to let you know that you're the reason i draw again. i stopped few years ago and then randomly saw your art it just ?? was so powerful, vibrant, dynamic and smooth it gave me so many chills i was like. i wanna be like that too :o and i started drawing, following your tutorials etc. now i like to think im an ok artist tho my art looks very different than yours. but still you were and ARE an inspiration for me and many others so thank you thank you 💜💜💜

There’s nothing more amazing than hearing that you’ve inspired someone to be creative and I’m just slksfsdf your comment made my whole day light up, so thank you for taking the time to tell me!! I’m so so delighted my art has led you to start drawing again! Best of luck with your art journey, you lovely thing <33

My SKIN: A REVIVAL tutorial is off the ground! Here is the new version for the “pale gold” skintone, #03 of 15 new natural skin tones.

On my Patreon I posted a comparison between the new version and the old one, breaking down why the old version was a poor example and what I did differently this time to fix it. I’ll be doing this for all the “repainted” skintones, because I think seeing what NOT to do is really helpful.

This massive, long-awaited tutorial is made possible by Patreon supporters. Join in to get first looks, in depth analysis/process, and see the accompanying swatches for each skin tone as they happen. :)


happy brithday buddy!!! in celebration i have pulled together a little gray inspired makeup tutorial. (note the ‘inspired’, as in i am not becoming gray for obvious reasons but instead channeling my dear friend.) this was originally for something else, but got far too long so now it stands alone in your inbox.

im slipping this in your submission box so that its your choice if you want this… thing… on the internet. love u bb please ignore the sniffing

((hope ur exam was swell and u have a rad rest of birthday - ur pal, @wingardiumleviosnah))

(( Gray: Ok firstly- are you ok? secondly- this made me laugh and thirdly: your facE AT THE END LOOKS SO DONE. 

Also thank you v much fren))

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THE WAY YOU DRAW,,,, IT’S M A G N I F I C E N T. i am so so so in love with you art. and your coloring!! is just so!!! beautiful!! please oh please, art wizard, teach me your ways,,, (would it be alright if you made some kind of tutorial? it’s fine if you don’t want to/can’t do it! just curious. anyways bye i love u smooch)

thank u, this is so sweet !!!

i did a sorta guide of how i go about coloring here

study plenty from life! here is a post i made w some tips about that, esp about drawing

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Firstly, I love your work! I was wondering did you know of any Sims 4t2 hair tutorials out there? Sims 4 creators have made so many ethnic hairstyles which are neglected in the Sims 2 community so I figured I'd learn to make them myself. Thank you and happy simming :)

Hello, and thank you!

Sadly I don’t know of any 4t2 tutorial yet, but converting from TS4 is the pretty much the same that converting from TS3 except for two differences: a) how you extract the resources and b) you need to remap the mesh. With that in mind you can follow serenity_fall’s tutorial or Cassis’ tutorial.

To extract the resources (mesh and textures) you can use CAS Tools, Sims 4 Studio or s4pe. Having used all of them I recommend the first one; just read the thread to see how it works! It’s easy, I promise.

As for the remapping part, you can do it on Milkshape or any other 3d program of your choice (I always remap on 3ds Max, for example). You need to fit the original texture into a 1024x1024 canvas and then remap the mesh with that new size. It’s hard for me to explain this part in English, so check this tutorial by Hermit_Fox which includes pictures.

On a closing note, you have to be careful with what hairs you convert if you plan to share them. A lot of the curly ethnic hairs are stolen from IMVU. It’s not the first time these conversions have been DMCA’d!

If you need help with anything else please let me know, and good luck! 

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Hi! I struggle a lot with drawing eyes, especially with shape and size :( but I love the way you draw them! Do you have any tips or tutorials???

Thank you!! well, eyes are a really particular thing in an artist style i think, and also something that can give a lot of expression and emotion to characters. I’m not really good at explaining my own drawing style, but i’ll try to give you a few tips that i use a lot to start drawing/sketching.

1) the size; i think face proportions play and important role here, starting to where to position eyes so they actually make sense. I start doing the circle and the crossed lines to make a mental map of the face

Also the cross makes easier to imagine the direction the character is looking at and so, where the eyes and the gaze is directed to, for example Pidge here may show us…

So, once you directed the face and positioned the eyes, you can start drawing on top, that’s a first step, so now you use what you’ve done to start the real thing and EXPERIMENTING!! 

2) the shape; here i can only say that it’ll depend on your liking and what kind of drawing style you’re after. In my case i like to make them inspired in real life eyes, but a little bigger and rounded, it dependes on the character tho, and the expression you’re trying to achieve: for that i usually play with how open or close is the eye and the final tip of the eye, which i lift, for example if it’s for a cat-like eye, make it more rounded, for example for kids or surprised expressions, or i draw it down, for sad or tired eyes.

The rest is to complement the eyes with the eyebrows (which is a strong game in my opinion) and well… go draw drAW DRAW!!

There and on is a lot of practice and observation, and eyes and expressions will come out naturally :) I’m also still learning all this so if you need any help you can check my ‘art-help’ tag, with tutorials and reference about drawing that i’ve been collecting. 

Hope this helps!! (◡‿◡✿)

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Aaaa your art is so good, if you don't mind me asking, how do you draw grass like that? Whenever I try it looks like a big blob ;-; thank you :D

thanks. i feel like i do it differently every time, but i made a little tutorial here that hopefully gives you a good idea of how it usually goes

hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Over the Garden Wall Enoch Cosplay! I made a metal cage that sits on my shoulders so I’m around 6′8 when wearing the costume (I’m 5′6 without the costume). I know Enoch doesn’t have glowing eyes, but if you have the opportunity to add glowing eyes to something, why not? I’m going to take some more photos, its hard to photograph something when you also need to be wearing it. The neighbor kids were probably like, wtf is that?

I made a Tutorial on my YouTube Channel, Watch it here!

 I also have a really cool no face and lego batman costume I need to photograph.

More cosplay pics

★ Instagram: alwaysuncanny