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AU Week Day 4: Toei Animation

This has been done before but that’s okay lol. Praise Sailor Moon for giving us the magical girl.

The week is technically over but submissions are open for another week! Check out the prompts here.

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cassian andor & everyone, rogue one, 3.9k [ἀντιστροφή, ‘a turning back’; a poetic device involving the repetition of words in reverse order]

Cassian’s dreams were confused, a muddled haze of dead sentients clawing at his skin and his mother’s face—out of focus, distant and cold as a moon; he barely remembered enough of her to dream it anymore—and then suddenly, a cool pressure on his mind, rippling outwards. He was standing at the edge of a vast ocean, breathing in the cold tang of salt and the water. 

It was quiet.

He exhaled, and then he was lying in the medbay, and the sound of waves beating against the shore was just the thrum of blood in his ears.

rogue one survives scarif. the process of healing and recovery takes longer.

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What i worked on today…… do you guys…… ship or kinda ship this?!?! 

Programs i used: Fire Alpaca and MediBang Paint Pro

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@dookoa …… What do you guys think of…… my awkwardly drawn fan art….. you great people are the only ones who say ye or no

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TOTOKO-KUN CAN I PLS HUG YOU!!?? o-or if not, then maybe a high five? M-maybe! If you want! You look really nice!! Hope you're having a nice day( mod too!) AND YOU'RE LOOKING CUTE AFFFF ( ´ ٢ ` )*runs away and trips on the way out*

((F6 anyone? 

I just realized the style isn’t consistent whoops =w=“))

white ppl: ugH i wish the show would stop putting this white female character with this cracker wonder bread mayonnaise ass male character! she should be with this OTHER white girl amiright??