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All of the Liars have done and said some really stupid things..what do you think it's the stupidest? 😂😂😂

The first thing that came to my mind is when that lifesized voodoo Hanna doll told Hanna to “please check the appendix” and the first thing Hanna went to was a book. A BOOK! SHE STARTED CHECKING BOOKS! And hacker master Caleb didn’t correct her and go “uhm, maybe it means check inside the doll”?! That whole interaction made me age 9 years i swear


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(I started thinking about this bc @idontwanttogobacktoreality made a post. Thanks for your thoughts!!)

Every once in a while, I see a complaint from somebody demonizing YOI because it doesn’t include homophobia or racism or whatever other thing, and uhm, no

To be clear, Kubo and staff have said the YOI takes place in a homophobia-free universe. Cool, fine, good. But I see people sometimes saying the YOI isn’t proper representation and completely disregarding the series because of this. Like fine, you can have an opinion; I’m not prying your eyelids open and forcing you to watch anime, but to say that YOI isn’t “proper” representation or that it contributes nothing is completely misguided. 

First of all, a show–or any piece of media, really–that has a queer couple and/or character in it doesn’t have to relegate itself to being about discrimination. Sure, it can, and it’s absolutely important that there are cultural records of the awful shit happening in the world. But our lives are more than that. We’re more than the hate directed towards us. We’re all individuals with our own problems, perspectives, preferences. Why should every story including us have to essentially be a form of torture porn? 

For those who don’t know, the term ‘torture porn’ is used in cinematic circles to describe a subgenre of horror film that deliberately focuses on graphic depictions of torture, gore, violence, etc etc. That doesn’t mean any film with gore in it, it means a piece that has no real plot, emotional depth, or suspense; it’s only about suffering, plain and simple. Think of things like Bloodfeast (1963)–one of my personal fav b movies actually–the Saw series, and Hostel: Part II (2007). Films like Evil Dead 2 (1987), however, are splatstick because of the comedic tone. 

I make this comparison because if every single story with queer characters and couples only focused on the suffering of these people, then it just becomes an emotional–and sometimes physical–form of what I explained above. If it has nothing going for it but that, then the story is nonexistent, plot is flat, the characters are caricatures rather than people, etc etc. Again, it’s not a bad thing to portray stories like this. But it’s important to keep in mind that we experience more than hate and romanticized depression. 

Anyway, my point is is that YOI has a complex story on its own. Yuuri and Victor are people, not romanticized caricatures. They have their own problems separate from discrimination, and that’s so important in normalizing queer people and relationships. I mean, honestly, if we keep portraying queer people as “outsiders,” how are we going to get anywhere? 

I was talking to my mother about this, and she made a great point: not only is the show a great step for normalizing queer relationships–especially since younger generations will be able to see it–but it’s also a wonderful blueprint of what the world could be. It’ll take time, and work, but this is a place we can get to. People can love and be themselves and hold their identities proudly instead of repressing and hiding out of fear of assault or even death. 

If we don’t have a map, we’ll lose our way. YOI is a piece of the map to lead us to a better, kinder world. 

This show has worth, and it means things to people, whether you think so or not. Opinions don’t change the reality. 



Yesterday was the perfect example of a bad day for me. It was one of those days where nothing just seems to work, you forget everything, you lose stuff, everything goes out of hand, and just as you thought the day couldn’t possibly get worse, something else comes up. Let’s not go into details, suffice it to say the day was just horrendous.

I did, however try my best to stay positive. Told my friend Jaido who was with me that day everything that happened since morning. After hearing me rant about my miserable Sunday, she suddenly lit up- which definitely was a strange reflex. Uhm, hello, why are you happy over my suffering? Her answer was life-changing. She answered, “because your suffering means better things are coming!!!”

That positivity was so admirable MashaAllah. Her words instantly made me feel better. It was somewhat magical because I could have sworn I felt like trash two seconds before. The amount of faith she has for God is so profound. Another lesson I learnt that day was, sometimes we focus too much on the problem, we become somewhat blind towards the blessings existing concurrently. Allah says in the Quran, with hardship comes ease. WITH and not AFTER. SubhanAllah, Jaido was definitely a blessing. She was simply heaven-sent. I’m so fortunate to have such optimistic friends who knows just the right things to say when I’m at my lowest.

When He removes something in your possession it is only in order to empty your hands for an even greater gift. - Ibn Qayyim

So if you’re having one of those days, remember, BETTER THINGS ARE COMING!

*cues “Jason Mraz - Life is Wonderful” in the background*

Love, light and laughter,
Aisyah Shakirah

(Shots taken that very day at Masjid Wilayah by @atiq259 on instagram)

bad | 02

 He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: romance, smutish, fluff

WORDS: 4 589

WARNINGS: badboy!jungkook, badboy!taehyung, cussing, mature

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07coming soon ↠ 

A/N: you people wanted more, so I’m here to give you more. this is not the last part. again, tell me if you want it to continue. I don’t wanna keep writing if no one cares. and tHANKS FOR 500

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School Crush


Request: Hey, I was wondering if you were able to do an imagine with Peter Parker x reader where the reader only ever hangs out and is friends with girls but starts developing a huge crush with peter while doing a project together? Can the reader be really shy and introverted and a huge nerd? PS I loved your first Peter Parker imagine you did

A/N: Geez… If you’re talking about the first Peter Parker imagine I did, that must mean this one is wayyy overdue. Hope you like this one, sorry it took me so long! ALSO, my undereducated (my fault), dumb North-European self had no idea if this is the kind of subject people do projects in school OR if all the little info I made the reader say is like common knowledge in there. So excuse me and the school system we have i here. We don’t learn about inventors that much. No requests for a second part, please.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Words: 3,244

Warnings: “third base” is mentioned once, some (harmless) name-calling between friends

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Shed Your Skin

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Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

A/N: I am shamelessly in love with this story line, even though the writing may not be perfect and I’m really nervous about it. There is a part 2 already posted. This was always designed specifically to be multi-part, I’ll explain that more in the note on part 2. No spoilers.

P. S. This isn’t a Bughead fic by any means so I didn’t tag it as such (I’m sorry, guys), but the pairing is included in part

Summary: Being a newly inducted Serpent comes with unforseen benefits for Riverdale’s most poetic soul, like cool jackets and … personal bodyguards???

Word Count: 3,226

Warnings: gang activity, swearing, drug mentions, (Bughead angst, if that counts as a warning.)

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“I Like You Too.” [Tom! Peter Parker x Reader]

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Summary: Peter and reader are both avengers and both studying at midtown. Ned knows about you being an avenger and that Peter likes you. He helped Peter make reader jealous by saying stuff about Peter and Liz.

Requested? Yes. In case you want to request. Request here.

Word Count: 841

Warnings? Really Fluffy.

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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “Hey I was wondering if you could write an Alex Standall imagine? Maybe it can take place around the time of the dollar valentine and since he’s trying to get over jess, then he decides to call the first person on his list - which is the reader. Maybe they go to the diner and eat and it’s a little awkward at first but then they find something in common and it ends fluffy and cute? Alex deserves some happiness and good imagines imo.”

Words: 2.330

A/N: An Alex imagine is up again! Alex REALLY deserves some happiness, because he deserved way better, just like Jeff! I love those two cinnamon rolls, really!
I hope you enjoy and like this imagine! Thank you so much for requesting!

- G. x

Warning: (Y/F/F) is Your Favourite Flavour.

It was Valentine’s Day and you were so nervous because it would be your first date ever since. You joined the Oh My Dollar Valentine and it got you a date with the infamous platinum blonde haired boy, Alex Standall. He was the only one who had his hair in that way, so it was impossible not to know him.

You never liked participating at any school activities, but they came up with the idea of Oh My Dollar Valentine and you thought of giving it a shot.

The event consisted of filling up a form, where you chose your interests and the things you looked for someone, and, with just a dollar, you could have the name and the number of the people that had the same interests as you did. The earnings of the event would go to the cheerleaders’ camp and why should you not help them?

You remembered how you got your call and you didn’t even expect it. It was during your lunch break and you were getting some books for the next class in your locker.

“Uhm, hello Alex?” You hesitated to answer his phone call, because you weren’t close to him, not even a little bit. You had him in few of your classes, but you never bothered to talk to him.

“Hey, (Y/N). How are you?” He asked you and you could hear the nervousness in his voice.

“I am good. How about you?” You weren’t sure how to answer him and, in fact, you were feeling uncomfortable to talk to him.

“I’m… good.” He paused for a little bit and you could say that he didn’t know how to talk to you either.

“Are you sure?” You assured him with a corrugated forehead while you were searching for some books.

“Yes.” He shortly answered and it was obvious that he didn’t want to talk about it. “Look, you were in my list for the Dollar Valentine and…” He cut what he was about to say and he thought that it was understandable that he was asking you out for a date on Valentine’s.

“And?” You raised your eyebrow as you asked him. He wasn’t really an extrovert person and you could hear that he was having some kind of trouble on talking to you.

“And I am asking if you… you could g-go o-out on a da-date with me next week, on Valentine’s Day?” He stuttered as he proposed you his thoughts. You found it cute that he was feeling flustered to ask you out, but you wondered why he asked you.

He was in a relationship with Jessica Davis, one of the cheerleaders in Liberty High, and it didn’t end pretty well between the two of them. Maybe Alex was trying to move on, but you thought why would he choose you, when there were other people to ask out?

“(Y/N)?” He assured that you were still there, because you didn’t answer his question. You were shocked, of course.

“Alex, I’m still here.” You shook your head as you got your book and closed your locker.

“So? What’s the answer?” He asked as you saw him along the hallway, holding his phone and looking at you.

He was far enough to see you properly, but you flashed him a wide smile. “Of course, Alex. I would love to.”

You heard him unleashing a sigh of relief and you laughed because of his actions. “Dinner at Rosie’s diner and maybe I can walk you back home?”

“Sure, that’s fine. What time?” You asked as you started to walk towards your classroom, the space between the two of you was diminished as you took some little steps forward.

“Eight o'clock would be perfect.” He answered, seeing him smile confidently now. He somehow relaxed, since he got his comfortable pace during your conversation.

“See you at eight, then.” You winked at him as you ended the phone call and walked passed him.

“See you, pretty.” You heard him giggle and you just shook your head. Heading in your History class.

You entered the diner and you quickly saw Alex, waiting for you while fidgeting with a long stemmed red rose in his hands.

“Alex!” You called his attention and he quickly shot his glance at you. He quickly stood up as he waited for you to reach the booth.

“Hey, (Y/N).” You both smiled and you stopped yourselves from hugging each other because there was still an awkward atmosphere between the two of you.

“Uhm, for you.” He handed you the rose and you avoided some thorns of it.

“Thank you, Alex.” You smiled at him and you both took your seats.

“Uhm…” Alex started to kill the silence between the two of you. The slow love song in the background and some murmurs could be heard inside the diner and it made you sick.

“Yes?” Your gaze brighten, couldn’t wait to know what he had to say.

“Oh,” He bit his lip as he thought that he might say some wrong things and he was afraid to offend you. “I mean…” He tried to find the right words, but they didn’t seem to flash in his mind. “Never mind.”

“Oh, okay.” You shortly answered as you looked at his eyes. He felt uncomfortable, because he avoided the eye contact.

You tapped your fingers on the table, since you were both silent and you didn’t know how to start the conversation again.

“Alex, you play the guitar, right?” You suddenly blurted out to have a little bit of dialogues with him.

“Yup, I do.” He smiled once again, thankful that you thought of some topics to talk about. “Why?”

“Nothing, I am not seeing you play in the jazz band anymore.” You pointed out as you let him know that you noticed the small things.

“I quitted, since I really can’t focus on it in these days.” He explained and you listened as you fidgeted with the flower that he gave you.

“Jessica?” You whispered and he nodded quietly. You hinted that he didn’t want to talk about it. Why would he? You were not even close. “Sorry.”

“It’s not because I don’t want to talk about it.” He said as if he read your mind and then he rested his arms on the table. “It’s because I respect you. You are my date for tonight and not Jessica.”

“Thank you.” You happily answered and he smiled at you. You thought that he was a sweet and an altruist person.

You stared at each other and you took the chance to admire his features. You noticed his dilated deep blue eyes and his septum ring, his lips were reddish and the pale skin enhanced them. Of course, you adored his platinum hair even more, you thought that it was cool and unique.

“(Y/N), what do you want to eat?” Alex asked you and you shook your head to forget about your thoughts. You noticed that the waiter was waiting for you and you bit your lip as you were so embarrassed.

“I’m having a cheeseburger with fries on the side.” You said as you went through the usual food you order in that diner.

“Drinks?” The waiter asked and you just smiled as Alex ordered a (Y/F/F)-flavoured milkshake.

“Same for me.” You answered and the waiter smiled before going back to the counter, probably giving the orders to the chef.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Alex asked as with a smirk as he noticed that you were smiling widely.

“Nothing.” You laughed as you felt a little bit comfortable with him. “It’s because the (Y/F/F)-flavoured milkshake.”

“What about it?” He chuckled a little bit. “It’s my favourite flavour.” He smiled as he gave another information about him.

“It’s my favourite too!” You exclaimed and you both laughed, feeling more confident now.

Few moments later, your food arrived and you both started to eat while you talk of some stuffs.

“Cheers to my milkshake buddy?” Alex raised the glass of his cold milkshake and laughed.

“Cheers!” You exclaimed as you both clinked your glasses while looking into each other’s eyes. You then sipped a little bit from it and you let out a loud laugh.

You both let yourself in and the awkwardness between the two of you faded away as you shared some of your stories.

“Sir, may I have the bill please?” Alex shouted as you finished your meal and you decided to go away.

“Here you go, sir.” The waiter gave Alex the bill and you were about to give Alex some dollars for it, but he refused to get it.

“Nope.” He shook his head. “I pay for this.”

“But…” You insisted but Alex is hard headed too, just like you.

“No buts and ifs.” He winked at you as he got some bills from his billfold wallet.

“Thank you.” You shyly said to him and he just smiled at you. You thought that he was really a gentleman and he knew how to treat a girl right.

“Here it is.” Alex said to the waiter as he paid the bill, giving him some extra bills for the tip. “Keep the change.”

“Thank you.” The waiter gratefully said as he took the empty plates away. “Have a nice night ahead.”

You looked at each other and you both had a nervous laughter as you blushed for what the waiter has said. Of course, what did he mean by that?

“Thanks.” Alex said with an embarrassed smile and you both got up from your table, giggling.

Alex decided to walk you home and to talk about more stuffs.

“You are really fun to be with, why didn’t I ever notice you before?” Alex asked and you just laughed at his question. You walked together slowly as you enjoyed the moment.

“Well, I don’t really know.” You raised your shoulders. “Probably because you hang out with the popular kids.”

“Right, but I would choose you if I ever have to.” He winked at you, trying to flirt and you knew that your face became red that moment.

“Shut up!” You playfully punched his arm. “Besides, I have a crush on your best friend Zach.” You jokingly said and he looked at you, shocked and offended.

“You are horrible!” He pouted and you just let out a loud laugh, not minding if the street was quiet and calm. “I dated you tonight and you are just admitting that you liked Zach?”

“Well, you still love Jessica.” You pointed it out. “Fair enough.”

“I am trying to move on, if you didn’t notice it.” He rolled his eyes, showing a pinch of his jealousy.

“Oh my God, Alex! You are so touchy.” You complained and you smiled at him. “I was just kidding.”

“Really?” He wanted to be sure before he pushed this moving on thing and dating you. Well, he didn’t want to use you because he really thought that you were fun to be with and your life was interesting.

“Really, Standall.” You seriously said, kind of emphasizing it to make it clear. “Isn’t it funny?”

“What?” Alex admired you as you were few steps ahead of him. He just studied your features, like what you did to him before.

“I mean, everything was so awkward before and now? It seems like we’ve known each other for years.” You shook your head while you let out some soft giggles, still looking at the road.

“We have that connection, maybe?” He pointed out and you just raised your shoulders.

“Yup, the milkshakes!” You happily exclaimed.

“True!” He agreed as you both laughed loudly, finding it funny that those milkshakes helped you to be confident to each other.

Once you arrived home, you both stopped in front of the front door.

“Alex, thank you so much for the night.” You gratefully blurted out and he just shook his head with a smile.

“Thank you, instead.” He carefully pulled you into a hug and you were shocked because you didn’t expect it. You felt the heat of his body and you hugged him back, burying your face in the crook of his neck. You had the possibility to smell his perfume and you couldn’t deny that he smelt really good. “You made me happy.”

“Guess we should thank that Dollar Valentine too.” You suggested, still hugging him.

“Precisely, thank George Washington, who had his face in that bill.” He joked as you heard his heart beating fast.

“Idiot.” You laughed and he joined you, feeling his muscles and his vocal chords vibrated.

“Have a good night, okay?” He reminded you as he left a soft kiss on your forehead, another thing that you didn’t expect to get from him.

“Same to you, Alex.” You smiled at him and you broke the hug. You still had Alex’s smell and you honestly didn’t want to let him go.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at school?” He sweetly asked as if he was longing for your presence. He really enjoyed your company and, little did you both know, he was already forgetting Jessica.

“You will.” You winked at him as you started to walk towards the door. “Take care, okay?”

“I will, (Y/N).” He assured you and you smiled widely once again.

“Good night!” You both said in unison and you stayed in front of the door to watch him walk away. You only went inside when his silhouette wasn’t visible anymore.

You vivaciously entered your house and you leant on the door, smiling while you dealt with the loud beats of your heart.

Your first date went very well, being so lucky that you were on Alex’s list and he called you, instead of the other four people on it.

You might sound selfish and egoist, but you couldn’t deny that Alex made you happy and you were very pleased that you accepted his proposal, nevertheless the uncomfortable stares and the awkwardness between the two of you.

God Loves Tattoos And Piercings

A/N: Okay I got the idea to write this from a post I saw on Facebook. It’s brilliant.

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 1,830

Characters: Chuck x Reader, Sam Dean and Castiel

Pairings: Chuck x Reader

Warnings: Err mostly fluff, some angst, kissing God (I guess this needs a warning.)

Your name: submit What is this?

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Hey there! I hope you're doing okay so uhm things aren't going okay with me in the past few weeks I've made my mom sad because of my stupid social anxiety while I'm struggling with uni :c Sorry for just coming here and being like a stupid person but can I ask for a "cute Dan" post please?

I’m sorry you’re having a tough time! Hang in there, alright? In the meantime please enjoy some cute Dans!


(sit still and look pretty title)  newt x reader where the reader is a painter and approaches newt unexpectedly in new york offering to paint his portrait. when he clumsily refuses she reassures him that all he’ll have to do is “sit still and look pretty”


He blushed when he found the same woman from the bank ogling him again as if he was carrying everything she would have ever wanted. Clearing his throat he fiddled with the hem of his sleeve before he tugged his suitcase upwards. A couple of rain drops fell from the edge of it. Newt Scamander fell back into motion along with the rest of the pedestrians as he crossed a street. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw the hatted woman move swift and his heart dropped when hisses and grumbles and yelps of ‘Excuse me! Sorry!’ reached his ears. Quickening his pace his long strides took him far and away from the group of people and into a quiet park somewhere near tall apartment buildings. Once he slowed and got a good look around he cursed, realizing he had no idea where he was.

A light tap on his shoulder startled him and he spun on his heel, nearly falling face first on a petite shorter woman with a lovely smile on her face. Her features were lost as he was captivated by her eyes – glimmering with small stars of admiration – and his mouth went dry. The unnamed woman fixed her hat, tipping it sideways and letting some stands of (colour) hair fall out, “Hi.” Her smile stretched as she spoke, “Hi, sorry to…follow you, I hope you are not in a hurry?” there was a hopeful tilt in her voice and he blinked stupidly at the question.

“Hm—What? Oh, oh no no, I was just…uhm, walking.”

“Fantastic.” For a second he wondered was she even paying attention to his answer, “Listen, this might sound a bit odd, but… Would you like a portrait?”

Confused, he asked, “A portrait? Of whom?” The tip of his ears flamed when the woman giggled.

“Of you, silly.” She clarified, “I am a painter, you see…” Only now did he notice the suitcase, that rivals in size with his, held in her gloved grasp, it adored by many paint specks and strokes, “And…I could not have noticed how pretty you are.” He gulped. She freaked, “Oh, Merlin!” A wizard?  “I’m so sorry if I offended you, it is just that, well, I mean…You have a…” Her cheeks rose along with the pitch of her voice, “Uhm, sorry, again, if I…You would just look beautiful on…, and I…” She nodded, “Right, sorry for bothering you, I should…” She took a step back, but now appeared hesitant, “But…maybe…Think about it? I’d…do it for free.”

It was all happening too fast for him to keep up – and really, the last thing he would take offense to was for this mystery woman calling him pretty. On the contrary, his heart made a delighted jump – he had never been referred in such appealing words, or at least, not that he recalled. He cleared his throat to set his thoughts in line and after wiping off the sweat from his palm on the corner of his coat – he made sure to do it as naturally as he could so she would not notice - he offered her a shy smile and said, “Uhm…I’m afraid I am not…much of a poser, really. Thank you for the offer, but I really would not know what to do.” Amazement shone on her face and a happy grin pinched her cheeks. Taking a confident step forward she leaned in.

“All you’ll have to do is sit still and look pretty, that’s a promise.” Before he could get used to this closeness and the taste of her perfume, she pulled back with a happy step and motioned for him to follow, “I am (Name) (Lastname), by the way!” She introduced, “And you?”

“…Newton…Newt Scamander.” He said, falling into step with her.

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A long time ago, the Greeks created their gods to be superior compared to all humans that stood in their wake. These gods were the embodiment of beauty, intelligence, and power. They could do no wrong in the eyes of the Greeks and were constantly spoken of in a superior manner. However, somewhere down the line, the people got sick of constantly hearing about the perfect lives of the gods, and began writing stories of failures. Soon the Greek gods were having affairs, shoving each other off Mount Olympus, and the demigods, a mixture of man and god, became a part of the Greek culture. These demigods were the epitome of what you should strive to be, these were men and women who had been half god, half human. Men like Heracles and Perseus were born, men who were more than men, stronger and more capable. They became legends, spoken in loud tones amongst groups of people. It was from the imperfections of the gods that these great heroes arose from the ashes.

Nowadays, the idea of demigods is quite laughable. These fictional men and women were born during a time when people believed the Earth was flat and that crocodile crap was a good skincare routine. It was completely irrational in our age to believe in such a strange ideology, so as you sat in your college class, listening to your professor drone on and on about one myth to another, you couldn’t help your heavy eyelids from ceasing to remain open. Yawning profusely, you bobbed your head up and down.

Now the thing about this time period was they lacked a lot of understanding of the human body, so their ideas of medicine were what we would think of as rubbish. Your professor bemoaned and you clicked your pen, trying to remain awake. Then you felt a light tap on your shoulder. A guy with dark hair and pale skin sat there, his eyes seemed to pierce into yours and you felt yourself getting a bit lost in the dark orbs.

Hey, can I borrow a pencil? He asked in a deep tone and you nodded quickly. Pulling a pencil out of your bag, he gave you a tight lipped smile, then sat back in his chair. You glanced once more at him, before returning to stare boringly at the professor who continued to tell you about how a mixture of feces and wine was made for women with medical illnesses. Shuddering at the thought you went back to scribbling the unnecessary information into your notebook. It wasn’t until after class, that you felt the tap on your shoulder again. Uhm, here you go. He murmured and handed you back the pencil.

Ah, thanks. You replied, gingerly taking the pencil from his hands. He smiled at you, before looking around then looking back at you suddenly.

My name is Min Yoongi. He said rather suddenly and you smiled.

Mine is Y/N, nice to meet you. You held out your hand, but he looked at it then up at you.

I’m sick, so I wouldn’t want to touch your hand. He muttered and you awkwardly took your hand away.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, why don’t you keep the pencil then. You muttered, holding the pencil out to him. He looked at the pencil then at you, taking it from your hand, but not before, accidentally touching your hand with his own. You retracted your hand quickly and looked at him with a bit of surprise. It felt as though his hand was made of ice, so cold that it almost burned a little.

Uhm, sorry. He muttered and shoved the pencil in his pocket. I was kind of hoping I could walk you home? He asked and you tilted your head to the side. You had seen this kind of thing in movies and people always told you about it before you left for college, but you never really thought it was a thing.

Sure, I live a little ways away. You responded and he smiled, showing off a gummy grin.

I don’t mind. He said and you felt yourself blush. Usually, you weren’t into guys like him, he was the opposite of your jock-type. But there was something about him that just drew you to him. As the two of you walked, he started up conversation. So what are you studying? He asked and you laughed a little.

Literature, writing, and rhetoric. You murmured back and he raised his eyebrows, and gave you a small impressed look.

So a modern age Jane Austen? He asked and you shook your head.

I’m pushing for more of a mix between H.P.Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. You said with a shrug and Yoongi looked at you.

Lovecraft? He questioned and you smiled.

He wrote a lot of essays and short stories about people discovering weird alien cities and being taunted by creepy creatures. You said enthusiastically and he shook his head.

I thought girls fell in love with love stories. He said back and you shrugged.

Love stories are nice, but something that makes your skin crawl? That leaves impact. You murmured and Yoongi nodded. What about you? You asked and he shrugged, mimicking your motions from a moment ago and make you laugh a little.

Audio engineering. He replied and it was your turn to raise your eyebrows.

Wow, interesting. So you’ll be working with all the up and coming musicians? You asked excitedly and Yoongi chuckled.

Actually, I’m hoping to compose and manage my own production company at some point, so maybe. He said as he smiled at you. Maybe little Miss Literature can help me with lyrics writing. He continued and your cheeks blushed.

I don’t know if I’ll be any help, unless you want songs about things that go bump in the night. You laughed, but then you paused. So then why are you taking an ancient Greece course? You tilted your head as the two of you approached your apartment building. Yoongi looked up at the complex then focused his sights back on you.

Let’s just say it’s a family interest. He said vaguely before beginning to walk backwards. I actually live right over here. He said pointing to the large house next to your complex. So I guess I’ll see you around, neighbor. He said with a wink before turning on his heels and walking up the front porch steps. You shook your head, trying to stop the blush, before walking into your complex.

Yoongi made his way into the house and shrugged off his bag.

Yah! Hyung, I’m glad you’re home. Can you tell Jin hyung to stop summoning fucking Zeus whenever he’s angry with me? I swear he’s going to get me struck by lightening. Jungkook said quickly as Yoongi rolled his eyes and heard the footsteps of the eldest member of the house.

My father has nothing to do with this! Jin said, his eyes shining with anger as Yoongi saw the electricity in the house begin to flicker.

Yah, Jin hyung. Yoongi said in his usual aloof nature. Can we not do this now? He asked and Jin looked at him.

Where have you been? Jin asked suddenly and Yoongi raised his brows.

Nowhere. He mumbled and Jin rolled his eyes, the electricity flickering once more.

Tell me where, or I’ll zap you into next year. He said, a string of static making its way across the room.

I met a girl. Yoongi said quickly. Now get that shit away from me. He murmured and Jin raised his brows.

You met a girl? Where? He asked and Yoongi saw the static once more, rolling his eyes, he sighed.

My Greek Myth class. He replied and Namjoon came in shaking his head.

I always thought it was weird, you’re taking a class about our mythology. He mumbled, but Yoongi shrugged.

It’s interesting. He replied and Namjoon rolled his eyes.

Because you’re learning about our past lives. The tall guy responded quickly and Yoongi shrugged.

Makes for an easy A. He said.

As you walked into your apartment and raved to your roommate about the guy you had met in your Greek Mythology class, little did you know that he was more than just some guy.

He was Min Yoongi, the son of Hades, God of the Underworld.

Author’s Note: DUN DUN DUUUUN … I don’t know how well I’ll be able to write this, but I took a Greek Myth class in college and thought it was super interesting, which by the way, all of the facts about Greek myth are true, so MEH! 

Be More Chill AU: Room 402

The nurse buzzed Jeremy in who fidgeted as he adjusted the flowers he held in his hands. The doors opened allowing him to walk forward into the sterile clean hallway. He stopped just outside of room 402.
‘You haven’t talked to him in three weeks Jeremy, you need to approach this carefully.’
‘How am I supposed to approach this carefully? Say, hey Michael sorry I’ve been blocking you from my life, hope you don’t try and kill yourself again?’ ‘Essentially, but with a lot more eloquence.’ Jeremy was mad at the SQUIP but not nearly as many as he was at himself. Two days ago at Jake’s Halloween party Michael had snuck in to try and talk to Jeremy. It did not go well as the two began shouting at each other until Jeremy finally shoved Michael hard enough to knock him to floor. Jeremy knew he had fucked up the moment he saw Michael on the floor with tears streaming down his face. Before anyone could stop him he ran up the stairs, locking himself in one of the bathrooms. An hour and a half later Michael had yet to come out and Jeremy went up to check on him. He knocked on the door that swung open, and that’s when he saw Michael on the floor, his body twitching and spasming uncontrollably. A bottle of prescription meds stolen from the medicine cabinet lay a few feet away letting Jeremy know what happened. An ambulance had been called and as Michael was being wheeled away Jeremy knew deep down that this was his fault. ‘Jeremy, you don’t have to be a supercomputer to know that this isn’t your fault. Michael’s always been out there, you just made the inevitable happen faster.’ Jeremy ignored the CPU, pushing open the door. Michael laid on the bed with a bored expression as he flipped through the TV channels. Jeremy noticed the straps on Michael’s right wrist along with bruises up and down his arms. He flinched as his former friend turned towards ​him. “Michael…hey…"Jeremy barely mumbled this as Michael looked him in the eyes. “I, uhm…I brought your favorites. Flowers, I mean.” “Why are you here?” Jeremy knew that would be the first thing he said. “To apologize, what I did-” “Oh, so now you care all of a sudden,” Michael was starting to tear up. “That’s our little freak Michael! Yeah, let’s all go have a pity party for the fag you told to go kill himself just hours earlier.” “Michael, I’m sorry I called you a fag!” “That’s not the point Jeremy, I don’t care what you call me. The point is you abandoned me when I needed you most! The second you had a chance at popularity, you took it and didn’t give a fuck about me after that! All you care about is getting in Christine’s pants!” “That’s not true!” “Oh really? Then what is it about?” “I don’t know but-” “But nothing! You could have at least acknowledged that I existed, but no. You had that stupid SQUIP of yours block me from your life! Well you know what? I’m blocking you from my life! Now get out!” Michael had picked up the TV remote again, chucking it at the wall near Jeremy’s head where it broke into a bunch of tiny pieces. Jeremy turned around and his hand was on the door when Michael called out. “And don’t you dare say I would’ve done the same thing in your place. First day of Freshman year Jake Dillinger invited me to sit at his table as long as I didn’t bring you with me but I said I don’t go anywhere without my best bud. I guess the feeling wasn’t mutual.” That was the final crack in Jeremy’s heart as he left the room.

TVD's true epic love story is Stelena. Accept.
  • Kevin Williamson: This show is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They’re soulmates.
  • Julie Plec: The bottom line is that Elena and Stefan are the true epic love story of the show. Damon is the third point of the triangle.
  • Bob Levi: For the pilot and the TV series to work, the relationship between Elena and Stefan had to be magic. I said to myself “This is phenomenal”. There is real chemistry between Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev.
  • Paul Wesley: I just want [Stefan] in the end to find his love, that’s all he cares about. Of course I want him to end up with Elena. Cause I have to, that’s all I can hope for. Elena is his true love.
  • Paul Wesley: At the beginning it’s not a triangle, Elena and I just have this passion and love that is undying. Stefan is so desperately in love with Elena he would die for her. He would do anything for her; nurture, care and protect her, even jump in front of a bus for her.
  • Paul Wesley: It’s really the story of this sort of triangle in a sense, but really actually more so the love between my character (Stefan) and Elena.
  • Paul Wesley: I think Stefan’s the good guy, but my biggest interest is Elena and her love. He lives for Elena. Without her, he’s nothing.
  • Nina Dobrev: We want to make it as real as possible, and as genuine, and we want to make everyone fall in love with these characters and believe the love story. That’s what it’s about. It’s about Stefan and Elena’s undying love.
  • Paul Wesley: Stefan and Elena have this love that is so pure and natural, and I think that that’s not gonna change and I don’t really want that to. I think it will be challenged as it has been.
  • Nina Dobrev: Stefan is very attractive because he is protective of Elena and he loves her unconditionally. He would do anything for her, and he’s committed.
  • Nina Dobrev: She’s all Stefan, all the time though – she loves Stefan.
  • Nina Dobrev: I feel like she has high morals, and she loves Stefan. It’s always been Stefan.
  • Nina Dobrev: I think Elena would marry Stefan...
  • Kevin Williamson: Is she single right now? Elena is always, no matter how single she is, she’s still standing there with Stefan. They’re a couple who have conflicts and they have a big one looming. They’re starting to truly disagree about how to handle things. But no, I wouldn’t stay she’s going to stay single by any means. I wouldn’t say she’s single now. She may be arguing or disagreeing with Stefan at the moment, but I don’t think they’re too far apart.
  • Paul Wesley: Season one, my favorite scene was the moment when I… uhm… this is going to sound ridiculous, but it really was that entire sequence I did with Nina up to the point where we first made love. But for me it was more about, you know… (1x10) she touched my face for the first time, saw my veins, watched me turn into this creature and she accepted me for who I was and it was symbolic on many levels. It was a very intimate moment and I loved shooting that scene, that was beautiful. I think honestly that’s my favorite moment so far.
  • Nina Dobrev: With Stefan, whenever he’s around she’s just, it’s almost like she melts into his arms and she feels somewhat relieved.
  • Paul Wesley: Vampires can’t procreate. But they can practice. Maybe we’ll adopt a baby, me and Elena.
  • Joseph Morgan: But there is always going to be this connection between Elena and Stefan. So maybe eventually, that will win. Won’t it?
  • Daniel Gillies: I also don’t think Stefan is out of the picture really. Both Elijah and Daniel think Stefan is still the biggest romantic threat for Elena’s heart.
  • Candice Accola: Caroline is very much a Stelena shipper. I think Caroline has seen such a wonderful side of Stefan. She really has seen the reasons in which Elena has fallen for him, and she sees that he can protect her and bring a good side of her out. I think she sees Stefan as much more protective and, you know, a good person to be with.
  • Nina Dobrev: I think that deep down she’s in love with the person that Stefan is. She loves warm-hearted people who are loving…
  • Paul Wesley: I think the Elena/Stefan storyline is an integral part of the show. I think their love is infinite.
  • Steven R. McQueen: Damon broke my neck so screw that guy! I would go with Wesley.
  • Ian Somerhalder: No shit it’s always gonna be Stefan… It’s always gonna be Stefan. I don’t blame her, Stefan’s a better dude.
  • Zach Roerig: Stefan honored Elena’s choice to save [Matt] and he’s kind of OK with that because that’s how much he really loves Elena.
  • Claire Holt: Yeah. I think she made the right choice. They’re pretty great together.
  • Paul Wesley: Stelena will always be the core of the show, the show revolves around Stelena.
  • Nina Dobrev: Stefan feeds Elena’s soul.
  • Arielle Kebbel: It’s all about Stelena #thatsright #isaidit
  • Nina Dobrev: I love The Notebook, and I know an epic love story when I see one, and I felt like Elena and Stefan had an epic love.
  • Paul Wesley: Personally, I want Elena to be human again. Because I think it’s a better dynamic.
  • Nina Dobrev: I liked Elena the human in the beginning the best.
  • Paul Wesley: It was very surreal to shoot the last scene with Nina Dobrev. But everything must come to an end one day or another. I never imagined that Stefan and Elena would end up like this, without love, without something romantic between them.
Just Follow The Instructions

Wrote this yesterday before the Driving Lesson thingy and tada! Posting it today. Set in late season 8; Mulder gets some much needed help from Skinner.

A knock on the door freed Mulder from the horror also known as a Claire de Lune crib for the modern, stylish baby. He let go of the screwdriver, happily, and shuffled into the living room. Scully had been gone less than an hour, but he half expected her to come back and apologize. Or to hear him apologize. Either way, he was certain it could only be her. When he opened the door, a clever remark and a grin on his face, he did not expect to see that particular person.

“Sir.” Mulder cleared his throat and wiped the smirk off his face. He searched his mind for an excuse why he was in Scully’s apartment while she herself wasn’t home.

“Agent Mulder,” he shook his head, almost smiled, “Just Mulder I guess. Is Agent Scully home?”

“No, Sir, she’s not. I’m just here because, well, she… I-”

“Mulder, it’s fine. It’s never been my business what you do on your own time and you no longer work for the FBI so I care even less.” There was more he wanted to say, Mulder thought, but the moment passed. Not that Mulder was complaining. This was awkward enough.  

“Do you know when she’ll be back?”

“After I put up that crib.” Mulder grumbled.

“Excuse me?”

“I’m putting up the crib,” Mulder explained realizing that this, just like Skinner had said, was none of his business and he probably didn’t even care, “for the baby.” He specified. Skinner nodded earnestly; Mulder knew that nod, had seen it often enough when he was still assigned to the Assistant Director.

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Mr. Wolf

Summary: Could you write a Reader x Derek Hale where the reader finds an injured wolf (who is Derek stuck in wolf form because he is too injured to shift back) and she takes care of him? Maybe like Derek she’s his mate and is nervous about how she’ll react when he shifts back and she finds out what he is and that she’s his mate? Thanks xo

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale, Sebastian(Jinxy)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 1895

Request: Anon

AN: This is really looooong. I’m surprised I wrote something this long… Hope this is kinda what you wanted. 

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anonymous asked:

You denying someone request was hilarious. Idk why but it was 🏝

Hahahah I only did it bc it was @stylishmuser and she’s being really mean by feeding into my Daddy!CEO feels… like, I can’t get Harry with a baby out of my head now and all the cute things he’d do during the pregnancy…. like….. sighs. Xx

“Elle… where.. what the hell are you doing?” He sleepily asks as he finds her in the dim light of the kitchen, her hand pressed to her just showing tummy as she looks up at him, a smile across her face.

“Uhm… I hope you don’t mind.. I’m eating the fruit I prepared for you to take to work…” she gestures towards the container of mixed fruit she had previously made for him, “the baby seems to like the strawberries and it helped my nausea, strangely.” … “I’m sorry, I should have just stuck with something else, now you have no fruit to take.” She sighs, looking doen at the container.

He shakes his head and chuckles, “If you share with me, I’ll let it slide.” He winks, stepping over towards her and stealing a piece of fruit, “cmon, you need to sit, you’ve been on your feet most the day.” He comments, carefully lifting her up to sit on the counter, her legs dangling over the edge like a child.

“Thanks, so… you’re not mad?” She tilts her head to the side, watching as he plops fruit in his mouth,

“Nope,” he shakes his head.. “quite the opposite. At least you found something you can keep down. This cantaloup is really good,” he smiles, pressinf a small piece to her lips, “remind me to get more on the way home.” He adds, one hand resting on her thigh as he stands st her legs, the other leaning back into the container. “Do you feel anything yet?” He softly questions, gesturing towards her tummy,

“No, it’s too soon… I feel hungry though,” she smiles, opening her mouth for another piece of fruit, “mmm, delicious,” Elise grins before she frowns,

“No,” Harry pouts with a sigh, “little one, don’t start this one. Not at this time, be nice to your Mummy.” He moves his hand from her thigh to rest on her tummy,

“He or she didn’t like that one piece,” Elise pouts, “I think we have a picky eater… wonder where they got that from.” She smirks, staring at Harry as he grins, shrugging his shoulders.

“I have no issues with this fruit.” … “you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good. Wanna give me another piece? Just not the cantaloupe.” She chuckles, opening her mouth, waiting for him to feed her another piece, his lips kissing hers when she finishes the fruit.

:) xx

“White” Mikael/Adam;PG; AU

Mikael didn’t take notes in geometry class. He didn’t have to. Whatever he heard, he never forgot. When he was 4, his pediatrician said he was a genius. The more aware he was made of how different he was, the more overwhelming the sounds became - loud, intrusive, stressful.

He picked up the habit of trying to translate the noises to squiggles and shapes on paper. He figured that maybe one time it would all finally work out into a picture, but he’d since filled up dozens upon dozens of notebooks with pattern-vomit. And it only ever worked with purple pens. Because purple is the most superior of the colors. No one could fight him on that.

Classroom noise was one of his least favorites. Mr. Joseph liked to tap the whiteboard with the tip of the marker two times for emphasis. Thrice if he thought the ones in the back didn’t hear. Mikael, often a back-of-the-room spectator, made sure to nod after the second tap to avoid the third one. Those were dots, Mikael thought, going from smallest to biggest. Jane, two seats to Mikael’s left, clicked her pen every two minutes, 28 clicks, setting her pen down only to pick it back up again two minutes later. Ash sat behind her. She liked to sit with her legs crossed, the higher leg swinging back and forth, hitting Jane’s chair. She stopped every now and then to lean forward and whisper something in Jane’s ear. They often giggled at each other’s quips as though they were both world class comedians. Those were straight strikes through the dots. Chris who sat directly in front of Mikael blew his nose every few seconds. He’d had that cold for over two weeks. Mikael would ask him to see someone about it, but he opted to draw crosses on his notebook, like the logos of clinics because ultimately, he could not give less of a fuck.

There was a knock on the door. The hinges creaked as Mr. Joseph pulled the door open, the sound quickly followed by a confused, “hello? I’m Adam Malik. I was transferred here for geometry.”

“Of course. Adam, come on in. Pick a seat.”


The only reason Mikael looked up was because he didn’t recognize the voice. And when he did, Adam had just claimed the empty seat next to him. He let his duffle fall to the floor and sat down with his knees wide apart. Mikael didn’t realize he’d been staring until Adam locked eyes with him and raised his brows questioningly.

Mikael stuck his nose back into his notebook and didn’t look up for the rest of the class.

Adam Malik liked to chew gum. With his mouth open.

It was curly swirls and teardrops and confetti lines and loud, loud, loud. Mikael grinded his teeth. He hunched over his desk and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. It didn’t help at all. He peered at Adam from his shoulder and watched his jaw go up and down, eyelids drooping as he sunk in his chair, with his legs spread from under his desk. He looked as unfit for his chair as he did for Mikael’s notebook.

They locked eyes again because maybe Mikael was staring. Adam’s jaw paused mid-chew and finally, silence. Not total silence what with Mr. Joseph tapping on the board and Chris’s possible pneumonia and Jane and Ash’s orchestra of whispers but still, silent.

Adam pulled out a pack of gum from his pocket and offered it to Mikael. Mikael furrowed his brows at the gesture, shook his head, and looked away.

Adam Malik was late. He was in full basketball attire, his shoes squeaking against the floor as he did a light sprint to his desk.

Mikael followed the drop of his duffle to the floor with his stare. Adam was unpacking his book after he settled in. He looked over to Mikael and said something that Mikael missed, which was a rarity.

“What?” Mikael asked.

“I said what page are we on?”

Adam had a small smile playing on his lips. Mikael frowned slightly. “Fifty-seven.”

“Thanks, man.” He cracked the book open, flipping through the pages.

The last thing Mikael noted was that Adam’s fingernail tips were lined with black underneath. He went on to draw crescents on his notebook for the rest of the day.

Adam Malik had a game on Friday night, said a flyer stuck to the school notification board. This is how he found himself squeezing through people to get to a seat in the bleachers. He adjusted his ear muffs and remained seated despite the crowd cheering, jumping up and down, and clapping around him. That was probably how Adam spotted him so easily during half time. Mikael kept his hand in his jacket pockets and licked his lips.

When they won, Mikael stood up and made his way to the exit. Before the door swung back into place, Adam pushed it back open. He fell into step with Mikael easily, walking backwards so they were facing each other.

“No congrats?” He asked, sweat dripping around his smile.

Mikael paused. He slowly slid his earmuffs off and shook his hair some. “Congrats.”

“Thank you.” Adam planted his hands on his waist, still trying to catch his breath. “I’m surprised you came. I didn’t think this was your thing.”

Mikael fiddled with the band of his earmuffs. “What did you think was my thing?”

Though Mikael kept his eyes on Adam the entire time, he heard the grass crunch under his shoe as he stepped forward. “I don’t really know. You don’t talk much.”

“No,” Mikael agreed. He pressed his lips together in a tight line.

“Why is that?” Adam’s head was tilted to the side.

Mikael jutted his lips out ever so slightly, one of his many ‘thinking’ mannerisms that never left him. “I don’t really like the sound of my own voice.”

“Well,” Adam scoffed, “I don’t think anyone really likes the sound of their own voice.”

“You don’t like it?”

“I think your voice sounds great.”

The corner of Mikael’s lips twitch. “No, I meant, do you not like your voi -”

“Oh,” Adam laughed, talking over Mikael and much quicker than his usual pace of speech. “Yeah, no, I know what you meant. I just… I mean, whatever. I don’t know.”He shifted his weight from foot to foot, looking around at whatever was around them - mostly trees that were identical.

“So,” Adam started again when they grew quiet, “the guys and I were gonna grab a celebratory dinner. If you haven’t eaten yet, you’re free to join us.”

“I don’t really like noisy places.”

Adam looked puzzled. “Really? Then why’d you come out here tonight?” He jabbed a thumb at the school’s direction. “It doesn’t get any noisier than that.”

“Sure it does,” Mikael said. “Construction sites, nurseries, places near airports, concerts. There are tons of worse sounding things.”

“So earlier, you had the choice of listening to a jackhammer or watching a basketball game, and you decided on this?”

That made Mikael laugh. “No. But yeah.”

“Well, that answers it,” Adam joked. “Seriously though, why’d you come?”

“Uhm,” Mikael looked back at the school then at Adam, squinting as though the sun was in his eyes despite it being night time. “School spirit.”

Adam nodded, beaming. “Of course.”

And as much as Mikael would like nothing more than to continue on with whatever it was they were doing in front of the school, his heart was beating at an impossible rate that he couldn’t breathe properly. He suspected that it was because of the cold. He put his earmuffs back on. “I should go.”

Adam nodded. “Alright.”

Mikael passed him as he walked off, biting his bottom lip. A few feet ahead, he heard Adam shout, “See you in Geom!” and that had a smile plastered all over his face throughout his walk home.

Adam Malik dropped his duffle much louder in comparison to the other times. When he sat down and sighed, Mikael noticed that it was because he wasn’t in the best of moods.

“Bad day?”

Adam rolled his eyes. “Worst day. I’m off the team unless I nail this geometry exam.”

Mikael blinked in several successions. It hadn’t occurred to him that Adam was struggling with the class. Sure he was asleep for most of the - oh.


“I could help you out?” Mikael found himself saying.

It was kind of a surprise to the both of them. “Uh, I’d like that man. Thanks.”

“Yeah?” Mikael, who usually was hunched over his desk, rolled his shoulder back and sat up.

“We can go to my house? Do I have you on Facebook?”


“Cool.” Adam took his book out, and a pack of gum. “I’ll message you.” Automatically, he offered Mikael a stick from the pack. Why Mikael decided to take the stick for himself was a mystery to him too. But he did anyway, and kept it in his pocket.

Even stupider, Mikael stared at the gum while he waited for Adam outside of the school. He sat down on the steps and took his notebook out, sticking the gum somewhere between the pages for safekeeping.

Minutes later, he got a text from Adam without his address. Instead Adam explained that he had a cousin who was willing to help him out so Mikael was off the hook. Mikael closed the message just to open it and reread it. He worried on his bottom lip, reading and rereading it until the letters started to blur into random shapes.

The sound Adam’s duffle bag made when it hit the floor was louder recently. Either he stopped caring or he decided to put rocks in there. But from the huge bags under Adam’s eyes, guessing that he was tired wasn’t that big of a stretch.

“You look tired,” he said. Seconds in, he realized how rude that sounded. And while Adam was finishing up a yawn, Mikael decided to correct himself. “But nice.” Yes, that was a good save.

Adam smiled a sleepy smile. “Yeah, the tutoring plus practice plus working is kind of weighing me down.”

“Did you sleep last night?”

“Yeah. Some.” Adam held his head up by his palm, practically spilling off of it.

“How long?”

“Couple of hours.” He yawned again. It made Mikael want to yawn.

“Mr. Joseph is gonna give you a notice if he catches you sleeping.”

Adam nodded. “Better be careful then.”

Adam did eventually fall asleep on his desk. Mikael fashioned his book to stand up and block Adam from full view.

They spoke much less in the week leading up to the exam. Now that Adam was quiet, everything was loud again. What was worse was that the patterns he drew didn’t work as well anymore. He couldn’t control the sounds to match the lines and it fucked up his concentration.

Two days before the exam, Mr. Joseph decided to give his time to the class to just go over the rest of their notes. Mikael knew that it was more for his benefit that the class’s, but he didn’t mind. Without Mr. Joseph in the way, Adam could nap and Mikael could stop stressing about him being caught.

In the midst of his reading, he heard Adam move his head to the side, face turned away from him as he used his book like a pillow. Mikael wouldn’t be able to explain what he did next or why. Maybe it was because Adam’s breathing was deafening versus the rest of the noise. And the pace in which his chest went up and down was calming.

Mikael reached over and began to draw a spiral in the corner page of Adam’s book. The larger spiral remained in the middle of other small spirals around it. It resembled a flower almost, Mikael thought. He proceeded to add a stem and two leaves, and as he was finishing up the second one, Mr. Joseph entered the room to say that they were free to go. Mikael panicked.

Chair legs were screeching back, murmurs turned to full blown conversations, and Adam stirred in his sleep until he was sat up completely. Mikael flung back to his seat like a rubberband retracting, dropping his pen in the process. It fell somewhere on the ground, too late to be saved. He stuffed his things in his bag and shuffled out with the rest of them. As he was out the door, he heard Mr. Joseph say something to the effect of, “Adam Malik, could you stay behind?”

Mikael’s heart dropped as he walked away.

As soon as Adam had appeared from the school doors, Mikael shot up from where he was sat on the steps, hands dug deep in his thick jacket.

“Mikael?” Adam walked over to him. “What are you still doing here?”

“Did you get in trouble for sleeping?”

“What?” Adam snapped his fingers. “Oh, you mean earlier at geometry. No, I just got a warning. It’s fine.”

Mikael breathed a sigh of relief. “I thought for sure he was gonna hand you a notice.”

“I told him everything I was doing in and out of school. He was pretty chill about it.” Adam smiled. “Unlike you. You look so worried.”

“Yeah well, you were working so hard. It’d be awful for all of that to go to waste.”

“Right, yeah. Didn’t know you cared that much.”

Mikael felt his cheeks burning. “Well, I mean, school spirit and all.”

“Ah, yes. That’s your thing.”

“That’s my thing.” Mikael repeated. “Uhm. Alright well, I’m gonna go.”

“Before you go,” Adam said, “turns out that my cousin? Yeah, he’s a shit tutor.”

“Oh, that’s… unfortunate.”

“I know.” Adam went down the steps so that he and Mikael were eye to eye. “So maybe I will take you up on that tutoring offer. I promise I won’t be too noisy.”

Mikael laughed, a little too unnaturally for his liking. “Sure. When do you wanna start?”

“I have practice today. But my place tomorrow, after school?” He was already walking backwards to where the outside court was.

“Tomorrow is good.”

“Good.” Adam said. He spun on his heel and followed with, “I can give you your purple pen back then!”

“Yeah, okay. I’ll -” Mikael’s eyes go wide as he watched Adam’s back, his breathing and heart beat working in tandem to drown out all other sound around him. “-see ya…”

a/n: au because i’m living for these two right now