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May I ask headcanons about Iwaizumi Oikawa or Bokuto with a lazy s/o? Thanks!

Hi dear! I WAS WAITING FOR AN ASK FOR THEM! SWEET BABIES! Sorry for the wait, but I’m studying a lot! You didn’t really specify what you meant for “lazy” so I…uhm…made up random things? I hope you like them!

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Iwaizumi Hajime

-This guy is a black or white person. Or he wants to chill out at home with you, or he decides he wants to go damn camping in the wild for a week. And you always hope he’s in the first mood when you’re on holiday or you’re screwed, because he can be very persuasive.

-Hiking and go trekking are his favorite activities. Fortunately, when he realizes you’re practically dying, limping behind him, he immediately stops to let you rest or, if the path allows it, he picks you up on his shoulders and carries you like that for a bit.

-He usually doesn’t mind you being lazy, he secretly finds you cute like a human sized cat, but not when it comes to house chores. He hates them and he’s not gonna do them alone. He use dirty tricks to make you get up from the couch, like covering you in clothes (that have to be washed) or using the hoover exactly under your feet. Without breaks. For more than half an hour.

-He’s the only one who can make you play some sports, volleyball usually, because he teaches you well and makes that small proud smile when he sees you’re learning that spurs you to try harder.

-When he wants to go out and you’re whining (or he just wants to play around) he picks you up in his arms and brings you outside without efforts.

-Even if he scolds you easily and frequently, he can’t resist the urge to spoil you. Especially if you pout and look at him with doe eyes. He’s weak to you, poor boy.

-He makes sure, however, that you remain healthy and capable human interactions.

-When he’s in for chilling, he’s the best. Calm, cuddling and comforting. He’s a soothing hugger that makes you feel at home, like in a warm, soft bubble.

Oikawa Tooru

-He relaxes only during the weekends. Maybe. He’s the type of diligent and active guy who hardly stops himself from doing things, not strictly hard things, but it’s difficult for him to switch off. Too much. That’s why you teach him how to be lazy. He needs it.

-You bribe him using his weaknesses, like downloading his favorites or the latest aliens films or buying him milk bread or offering to watch a volleyball match…everything to make him sit down on the couch, wrapping him in a blanket and let him recharge his batteries.

-He’s better that an housewife. Your apartment is always spotless. Amazing, really. Until he tries to cook: a tragedy. He makes food explode. You didn’t even know that it was possible. That’s why you have decided to divide your roles. You cook the meals for both and he takes care of the house chores.

-Usually, he lets you be and adapts to your mood. He doesn’t like forcing you out if you don’t feel it and if you ask directly he spends his afternoons enjoying his time alone with you (he’s actually a sweet cuddler).

-Sometimes, however, he gets crazy. If he comes up with an absurd adventure or idea, there’s nothing to do. You have to follow him, he won’t accept negative replies. He can repetitively ask you to go with him without taking a breath for more than an hour, whining annoyingly. And if you don’t surrender, he can pout for days. That’s why, could it be a sudden 3 A.M trip to the park to see the stars or a weekend at the onsen or a festival in a total different and far away city, you have to be ready and up for it.

-He spoils you less than what people could imagine. He likes to tease you more. If you want something, for example some ice cream, he’s not going to bring it to you when you call him and ask for it. Oh no, he’s going to eat the delicious ice cream you wanted, looking at you with a smirk from the kitchen until you stand from the couch and reach him grumbling.

-Don’t worry, he never crosses the line: he does love your smile when you’re happy and satisfied. For example, one of the things he likes to do for you is bringing the breakfast to bed. (Obviously, only some milk with cereals or coffee with toasts and jam since he can’t cook anything else)

-He’s your personal living agenda and doesn’t let you slack off, especially with school/university/work related things. Somehow, he doesn’t do this in a pushy or mom like way, but in a caring and cheering manner that makes you feel like you want to do your best.

-He tries to plan dates or other activities to do together that are funny, interesting, sweet and relaxing at the same time. He doesn’t want to make you feel stressed when you’re with him and puts a lot of thoughts about what to do with you.

Bokuto Koutarou

-This sunshine is a ball of hyperactivity and always manages to drag you everywhere. However, he has learnt to understand when you need your lazy time and knows how to respect it.

-He loves cuddling and chilling with you, so afternoons at home are fantastic for him. He just needs your attention. And a lot of attentions.

-When he knows you want to relax in peace, but he’s in Hyperactive Mode, he starts jumping around in silent or doing random things to calm himself down. Like baking, he’s fantastic at baking.

-When he wants you to go out with him or do something together, he tickles you to death. He’s a sly tickler, who knows all your weak spots.

-He loves when you go watching his matches and, if you try to be lazy, saying you don’t feel like going, he falls in dejected mood immediately. (On these occasions, Akaashi personally calls you on the phone and begs/threatens you to come)

-He spoils you like there’s no tomorrow, he’ll do nearly everything you ask him. To a point that you actually feel guilty every time because he’s too pure and caring, selfless even, for you to take advantage of it. Absurdly, the more he spoils you, lesser lazy you are because you don’t want to use him.

-Even if he drags you everywhere, he minds that you don’t get too tired or annoyed. He makes sure you have time to be lazy together.

-Good for you, he likes to sleep in at morning. Less in the night (damn owl), but in the morning he can’t function properly before ten and this allows you to sleep as much as you want.

Uhm. I made a thing?

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After watching a Chara speedpaint from you I made this Uhm… thing what I would say

WalkingMelonsAAA: haha when I was scrolling down my ask’s the first thing I sais out loud literally was “…whoa 8l” haha that’s really terrifying! you did a great job of capturing the threat and twisted murderous vibe from genocide rout Chara and I love it! :D 

Between the Night, Between the Day

Thank you for transcribing the song,  silverline3 and  ourloveisburning. :) 

Listen to the song here. Watch the scene here

Well the golden gates can wait, let them have the willing all
It’s just us; it’s just us right now
Even if we disappear, even if we’re left behind
It’s just this; it’s just this right now
And there is never a time that is not now
There is never a time that is not now

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