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Heathens - Smut - [thelittlestkitsune]

  A scruffy hoes production. ©

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Rating: NSFW 18+

Pairing: Void/Reader

Words: 5,017


This is dark. It seems light at first but the ending is dark, you know me. Please don’t read if you have any problems with death/suicide. Thank you so much!

AN: Happy Halloween fuckers! The hoes and I couldn’t let the most important of holidays go by without giving you a treat! or is it a trick? Who knows! Enjoy xoxo

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Imagine going to Disneyland with Chris. (Part 2)

A/N: I hope you have a fabulous birthday @ateliefloresdaprimavera, you deserve it girl. Also, to anyone out there who’s got a birthday around the corner- this is for you. X (Read Part 1)

“Are you excited for your birthday?” Chris asked as you cooked the second batch of pancakes; Chris had demolished the first batch, leaving you little to eat hence why you had to whip up a second. “Twenty-six, damn kid. You’re getting old,” he teased you and you swatted him with the spatula, laughing.

“Says the thirty-six year old,” you retorted and he scoffed, holding a hand to his heart and earning another one of your famous eye rolls. “So can I write you down for Disney movies and ice-cream cake on Friday?” You asked, knowing the answer was yes because that was how the two of you spent your birthday every year since moving out to Los Angeles.

“Hm…” He pressed his lips together, pretending to contemplate. “No,” he responded bluntly and you frowned. “Sorry, but I’ve got plans.” Your heart sunk and you opened your mouth to argue when there was a knock at the door. “I think you might want to get that,” he pointed at the door then resumed eating his pancake.

You walked to the door feeling a little down that your best friend was ditching you on your birthday. Did he meet a girl? Was he going on a date? What could possibly make him change the way you’d spend your birthday together? You opened the door and looked around; there was no one there.

You were about to close it again when you saw what was sitting on your doormat; the rose in the jar from Beauty and the Beast. You bent over and picked it up gently, smiling when you saw what was in the jar. There were two tickets to Disneyland along with a Polaroid of you and Chris from Halloween when the two of you dressed up as Belle and the Beast; scrawled on the Polaroid in Chris’ handwriting was “be my guest?”

“The look on your face.” Chris’ voice turned you around. “Of course I wasn’t going to ditch you on your birthday, you idiot.” You shook your head at him, both of you were trying but failing not to smile. “Well?” He pressed. “Unless, of course, you’d much rather stay here and watch Disney movies while eating ice-cream cake.”

“Fuck no,” you laughed, “let’s go to Disneyland!”
• • • • • • • •
Chris was right about Disneyland being the happiest place on earth, it was no wonder he and his family had annual trips during the holidays. Trips he’d always invite you to, but trips you’d never got to make hence why you’d never been to Disneyland until now; a fact that still shocked Chris every time it was brought up. He felt responsible for you missing out, stating “I should’ve just dragged you with us.” Yes, Disneyland was everything you’d imagined it to be and it lived up to the expectations Chris had set you up with, but none of it would’ve mattered if Chris wasn’t the one you went with. Anywhere with that man was great, for you could’ve spent the day with him stuck in an elevator and have the best time of your life.

Like Chris promised back at your apartment, he took care of everything. From the drive there, to the car snacks and music playlist, to the hotel, and of course- the day at the park. He planned the whole weekend with great care and attention to detail because he wanted you to have the best birthday ever. That, and he was also slowly buttering you up to reveal when night fell and fireworks went off that he was in-love with you.

“Mickey ice-cream bar or churro?” You asked Chris, holding up the two snacks to see which you should try first. He made a “pffft” sound with his mouth and pointed to the Mickey ice-cream bar, making you smile as you took a bite.

“Any other hard hitting questions?” He quipped and you shook your head, giggling as you looped your arm with his. His heart fluttered at your touch, just as yours did at his. “Okay, where do you want to go next? We’ve got a couple hours to kill before we have to head over to the castle to see the fireworks.”

“You’re the park expert, you tell me.”

“You’re the birthday girl, you tell me.”

You smiled at Chris and he smiled back, the urge to tell him you loved him was on the tip of your tongue. After all he’d done for you today, it was hard to hold back your true feelings for your best friend. You just wanted to wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him. But then again, what if he didn’t feel the same way? You couldn’t ruin this, you couldn’t lose him as a friend. But you also didn’t want to just be his friend anymore, you wanted more- you wanted a life with him. It was time to take the leap, ignore all possible consequences and just jump.

“Well?” He raised his eyebrows. “Where are we going?”

“I love you,” you told him and he smiled, thinking it was another one of those platonic ‘I-love-you’ moments. The two of you have had plenty of those, so many that it was hard to differentiate between an actual confession and a ‘you’re-the-best’ kind of thing. It never failed to make his heart flutter, but it was never something he properly processed; vice versa when he told you he loved you because you were just best friends.

“I am pretty amazing,” he responded with a chuckle.

“No, Chris,” you shook your head. “I’m in-love with you.” You heard the words leave your lips and saw Chris’ lips part in shock; relief and angst simultaneously filled you. “I’ve been in-love with you for a while now, I just- I didn’t want things to change between us.”

Chris was suddenly at a lost for words. This was something he’d been dreaming about for so long now, fantasizing and playing it out in his head. Not once had this been a scenario he’d imagined, not once did he expect you to admit you were in-love with him. He thought he’d have to work to win you over, he was wrong; you loved him too.

“Can you please say-”

Before you could even finish, Chris’ lips were crashed against yours. You dropped both your churro and your ice-cream bar, out of shock and excitement that you were finally kissing your best friend. His strong arms wrapped around you, pulling you as close to him as possible. You smiled as you kissed him back; your arms looped around his neck and your fingers found their way under his hat and into his hair. It was happening, after years of playing it safe and pretending to be platonic, the two of you were finally displaying your true feelings for each other.

“Wow,” you breathed when Chris broke the kiss, resting his forehead against yours.

“Wow is right,” he chuckled softly, “I can’t believe it took us five years to get here. God, what we were thinking?” You laughed breathlessly, shaking your head. “I’m in-love with you too and-” he chuckled. “I was actually going to tell you later tonight when we were watching the fireworks, but um- I don’t think we need those fireworks when we’ve got some right here.” He pecked your lips as you choked back laughter. “Yup, definite fireworks right here.”

“You’re an idiot,” you laughed.

“I don’t care as long as I have you,” he smiled.

a/n: typed this up real quick for the free day in 13 days of halloween! i had a lot of fun with these prompts so big thank you to the person who organized this :) this is a halloween-y road trip ft. chowder and the tadpoles. dex is the new team dad. it’s a fun time.

“I’m not going to be the stupid horror movie white kid who fucks with ghosts,” Dex declares in no uncertain terms, giving Tango an extremely judgmental look over his mug of still steaming hot cocoa.

He’s sitting on the couch crisscross applesauce, a fuzzy throw draped across his lap which is kind of a stretch seeing that Nursey has appropriated half of it. The cover of the blanket makes Nursey think it’s okay to periodically run his hand up the inside of Dex’s thigh and make him choke every few minutes. Dex kind of hates him.

“I’m not going if Dex isn’t going,” Chowder pipes up, flashing Whiskey an apologetic smile.

“Yeah,” says Nursey, his thumb rubbing small circles at Dex’s hip. Dex turns to glare at him and Nursey offers a lazy yet stupidly charming smile, “me either.”

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Many ways that guardian angels can help Chirebrum!

Guards or Carers can help ChiRebrum in many ways, I made a list for Long Distance Tips so here’s the close distance one! [I will use they/them only]

Help them tie their shoes

This seems to be a constant issue with a lot of people. It’s very annoying to do and honestly it’s just a minor thing!

Help them wash their hair dry if they can’t get in the shower or bath by themself due to executive dysfunction or fears.

This is important. Some people are very afraid of the shower/bath or too depressed to get into it due to mental illness or other factors. Please be understanding of this issue, they don’t want to be intentionally dirty, it’s just hard.

Offer them attention by giving them comfort touches if they are comfortable with it (Petting, patting of the back, holding hands)

Some people are comforted by those kinds of touches when they do something good for themselves/their own sake (eating/changing/etc) specially people who suffer from a mental illness such as PDs and the like.

Offer to help them pick their clothes if they ask for help or seem uncertain.

Some trans people who need help passing, and some people suffer from executive dysfunction and their decision making is disordered (for people with dpd and bpd for example)

Give them their pacifer to help them relax

Some ChiRe may use a paci to stim.

Order for them at a restaurant

I know that I can have difficulty with ordering food due to really bad anxiety, and it can be even harder when regressed. Ask them what they want in advance, and then order for the both of you.

Offer to go with them to Doctor and therapist appointments! Or help them with going to appointments in general

Sometimes going alone can cause a lot of anxiety! When regressed, some may go non-verbal, and need their carer to help them get across what they need to say.

Napping together can be really nice!
Napping can help with stress. If they just want to nap alone, tuck them in. Check on them in a bit. If they have a nightmare, comfort them.

Remind them of their accomplishments
Some ChiRe, when feeling very low or depressed, may need to hear how proud their carers are of them (especially if they have a pd). It can help boost their mood a little.

Help them set reminders for medication
ChiRes with memory issues may forget to take their medication. Ask them if they have taken it. 
It may also help to remind them of other things they may need to do. Invest in colourful sticky notes and to-do lists.

Read books to them
I love being read to while I draw, or am trying to fall asleep. Read some of their favourite books to them before bed, or if they are feeling down. Some ChiRes may have difficulty reading when regressed at a younger age.

Go places together!
Plan some fun things to do. Go to the movies together, plan a picnic, go on a walk etc. Maybe go to the zoo, or vist a museum. Maybe even go to an asument park and win your ChiRe a prize to take home.
 Have a fun day together.

Cook treats together!
I know that I love to bake with my carer. Depending on your diet, make fun treats together. Look up recipies to make colourful food. Maybe bake some Halloween cookies, and watch movies after.

Have fun inside.
Perhaps they are feeling low on spoons, or can’t deal with going outside. That’s okay! Maybe plan some games inside. Play video games, board games, build a pillow fort, have a movie marathon. Watch some kiddie cartoons.

Maybe make some arts and crafts together.

If can be hard to do chores when regressed. Help them out and make them a little more fun. Play some music while cleaning, or set timers and do things one at a time.
People with various mental illnesses and disabilities may have a hard time completing or even starting chores. Helping them clean their rooms and organize things may help some ChiRes feel accomplished that they have done something.

Help them reach things.
My carer is taller than I am, and I often need help reaching things.
If you’re taller than your ChiRe, help them out with reaching items. As well, keep dangerous things away from them by putting that stuff high up. (or perhaps hide all the sweets up there, and give it to them as a reward).

Put a relaxing playlist together.
If they have trouble sleeping, or need something to listen to in order to relax, make a nice calming playlist for them to listen to.

Midnight Sun

Summary: Zendaya has always been overwhelmed by the intensity of the connection she felt with Val. From the ages of 16 and 26, respectively, Zendaya and Val have felt it. Yet, only Val has truly embraced it. And with Zendaya going through a lot more than she’d bargained for in her personal life and with her career on the rise, she found herself lacking the stability she’d always expected, but also craving the love that’d light up the darkest of days, the love she never thought she was ready for.

Notes:  I just wanna thank my beta @scrumdiddilyumptious for making the changes that she did and my artist @its-ashley-95baybe for the great work on the VideoEdit (Can be watched before or after)! This was honestly a feat for me! I felt like I’d never finish and even now, I feel like there’s still to be added but I surely don’t have the time for that. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy it and i hope I was able to convey even just a little bit of the jumbled mess that was in my head. 

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At the Corner of You and Me

This is an answer to everyone who wanted me to write about Cisco finding out about Caitlin’s powers in a terribly dramatic fashion. That answer is no.

At the Corner of You and Me

Caitlin shifted her weight from foot to foot, considering the rows of boxes. Glossy women with shiny hair in different shades smiled out at her, promising that her hair could look like that too, smooth and even and not streaked with ice-white.

She pressed the thought down, down, down.

She picked two boxes off the shelf and scowled over them. Was she more of an Amber Shimmer? Or a Summer Chestnut?

And there had been that Golden Sunset one …

“Looking for a change?”

She shrieked and jumped backward, dropping both boxes. Cisco yelped too. “Wow. Jumpy much?”

“What are you doing here?” she asked, staring.

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Blue Eyes & Loud Music

Requested by thatsgayrin: tysm for the request! I had SO much fun writing this one, this is definitely one of my favorites so far. (i even decided to post it a day early oops) I hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Nico’s first two semesters of college turn out much differently than he planned when he finds himself falling for his roommate.

Word Count: 3479 (wow this is a long one)

Read on ao3


“Thanks again, Jason.”

“No problem,” Nico’s older friend replied, carrying a large cardboard box in his arms.

Nico carried a smaller box, but that was because he would need to be able to open the door once he got to his new dorm room. He walked down the hall, looking at the numbers by each room door, counting until they made it to his. The door was already open a crack. Nico took a deep breath. His roommate must already be there.

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Begin Again - The Spotify Interview

Keira Knightley, Adam Levine, and Mark Ruffalo star in Begin Again, director John Carney’s love letter to both music and New York City…

So, it goes like this: Gretta (Knightley) and her boyfriend/songwriting partner Dave (Levine) move to New York City when Dave lands a record deal. Success leads him astray, and the relationship deteriorates, leaving Gretta alone in a new city. Dan (Ruffalo), a recently fired record executive, discovers a heartbroken Gretta performing in an East Village bar and is reinvigorated by her raw talent. The two set off on a music adventure across New York…

We sat down with the three leads to talk about inspirations for the film.

Begin Again is truly a film about relationship defined by music, do you remember a time in your own life that was punctuated by music?

Adam: When I was 19 I fell in love with this girl. I was getting gas and I saw her and fell madly in love with her right at that moment - so, I kind of semi-stalked her a little bit. I found out where she worked, and I knew her car – she had a Grateful Dead sticker on the back of it. Maybe I followed her… just for a minute or something… I was young! And then I wrote a song about her. I knew someone who worked with her and I had them play her this tape. And sure enough, it was played enough that she asked what it was. So they told her who I was and she said she wanted to meet me. And then this whole, amazing love story took place. And it wound up being this girl that I wrote about 20 other songs about. I was infatuated with her for three or four years. That’s a pretty profound experience where music is directly linked to my life.

Certainly. Amazing.

Mark: Mine was around my first love and the Ghost in the Machine album by The Police. I played it with this girl about 500 times. And then I had my first kiss with her, and then maybe some second base too… [laughs]. That was pretty profound, and now anytime I hear that album or any song from it I get very sentimental.

Keira: I actually don’t have one.

Mark: You’re married to a musician, dude!

Keira: OK. Oh! Grace Jones’ La Vie En Rose.That was the album that was playing a lot when I met my husband. So, yeah, every time that comes on I think, “That’s good! She’s cool!”

Adam: Doesn’t it feel good to talk about it?

Keira: It doesn’t feel good at all! I’m English, I don’t know [laughs]. I need to stop using that excuse.

Adam and Mark: [laughs].

Adam: She’s English.

Each of your characters share qualities with people in the music industry…  did you channel anyone in your performance? Keira?

Keira: Not really, no. Partly because we didn’t get the songs until two days before we got into the studio. So there wasn’t really any time to figure out who she might be a bit like. It was just a matter of getting the songs, getting into the studio, and figuring out what felt good.

Mark: I wasn’t really channeling anybody, but I did steal heavily in the visual sense from Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. Which I’m not at all embarrassed to say, but I want to add the appendage that it was out of great respect to someone I admire deeply.

Adam, I’m sure there are bits and pieces you pulled from your own life. But was there anyone else you looked towards?

Adam: I don’t think so, not directly. I definitely pulled from my own life. And also from guys I’ve been around who have totally lost their way. I tried to marry the two. Actually, I had no choice but to improvise with it. This guy, my character, I know this guy. I know he’s not an actual person, and I know what this guy is going through, and while it’s different from what I went through, there is that kind of person that I truly know. The stages of looks, facial hair, everything, you can kind of tell who this dude is and where he lives and who he struggles with. There is that guy. I don’t know who that is, but I know that somebody. And now he’s this guy!

Keira, this is the first time your singing voice is featured prominently in a film, was there a sort of vulnerability to the performance on set?

Keira: We didn’t actually do it live on set. The last film I sang a bit in, we did do totally live on set, and that was completely terrifying… But this one we recorded it all beforehand in the studio. And I’m somebody who likes to prepare a lot before roles or whatever, so it was pretty terrifying to not have the music until two days before. There wasn’t any chance of preparing. But it was really interesting as well, because it meant I had to come to terms with the fact that I don’t express myself through music. Trying to get my head into somebody that did that, it was a challenge.

Mark: It made you really cranky. I could see that.

Adam: I never saw Kranky Keira.

Keira: That’s because I projected it all on Mark. I was angsty. What I found interesting was that you always hear about musicians getting very drunk in recording studios, but I was only offered a green tea. I don’t think that helped with my level of anxiety. It was definitely a very clean, green environment.

Mark: It did help make your singing even more virtuosic.

Keira: [laughs]

New York City is really on display in this film, and it makes sense because New York has such a strong musical history. Mark, as a New Yorker, what is your quintessential song for the city?

Mark: It would have to be Halloween Parade by Lou Reed. And Walk on the Wild Side, Lou Reed is quintessential New York to me.

Adam, coming to New York for this film, do you have any songs you feel really suit the place?

Adam: Lou Reed is definitely very New York. Good answer. Other than the cliché things that we immediately gravitate towards, For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder and Luck Be A Lady by Frank Sinatra. Those are two of my favorite songs in the world, and they’re so New York…. But I want to go with something that is New York City to me, but isn’t about New York City. OK, I’m going to say Still Crazy After All These Years, by Paul Simon.

After working on a film that marries music and film so well, have your feelings on the importance of music in film changed?

Keira: Well it is always a very strange thing to watch a rough cut of a film when they don’t have the score, it’s the most bizarre thing. And that’s when you really see how important music is in film… It’s such a huge part of filmmaking.

What about with this film specifically?

Keira: Yes, this film specifically because it’s about music; it’s so central to the whole storyline. It’s about the creation of an album, so yes it’s a very important part of this film.

Mark: This film wouldn’t be anywhere near what it is without the music [laughs]. And particularly John Carney’s take on music. The way he weaves it so beautifully into story and character without it ever feeling like we’re breaking for a musical number… which can be lovely! Don’t get me wrong.

Adam: There’s nothing wrong with musical numbers, we both love it… We don’t love it. But we don’t hate it.

Keira: It’s fine, we all feel fine about it [laughs].

Adam: I think that there’s something about music in general for me that makes me feel a little bit more alive.

Do you think the way you make music was affected by your experience in this film?

Adam: You know what, I would love to score a movie. That’s one thing I haven’t done that I would absolutely sink my teeth into. Someday.

Thanks guys!

To really get into the characters in Begin Again, check out their awesomely revealing playlists.




Be sure to check out the film in theaters now!

Plus, find your music match with our brand new Begin Again inspired experience. Connect on Spotify now to find others who share your taste in music.  

The World Series: Game Three

A series of ficlets [one for each game played] that revolve around Kate Beckett’s love of the Mets, their 2015 World Series against the Royals, and the ongoing separation of Beckett from Castle. Set between 8x05 ‘The Nose’ and 8x06 ‘Cool Boys’. Spoilers for all aired episodes. Read the others in the series here.

No matter what Esposito had told her when she left the bar, she isn’t drunk. 

Kate determines that she’s pleasantly buzzed; the kind that makes her a little giggly and a bit uncoordinated, turns her speech into something slower than her precise consonants and vowels generated by an upbringing in Manhattan. 

Castle would say that she becomes uninhibited, just enough alcohol in her system that the more reserved part of her personality brought on by tragedy, chosen career, and general adulthood falls away to reveal the person that really just wants to live a life that she enjoys. 

Tonight she’s mostly just happy, basking in the glowing of few too many drinks and the Mets absolute domination of Kansas City for their first World Series win. A 9-3 smashing of the Royals has left her feeling like she could run from her spot on 96th Street all the way to SoHo and the loft that still calls to her, ever insistent that she simply pack up the meager piles of belongings she’s taken away and go home. 

Home is a place where she’d like to go because, right now, even in her easy joy there is a certain hollowness. Much like everything else in her life, Kate accepts while standing outside the bar that her life is incomplete. No matter how good things are, it feels wrong without Castle at her side. He is the piece of the puzzle that is missing to complete the picture; the one that would take her simple delight and have it overflow until she was breathless with laughter and her cheeks hurt from smiling. That kind of bliss is something that she hasn’t had since she answered a phone call from Vikram Singh that helped turn her life upside down. 

Even with her buzz, one that reminds her of her choices and the pain they’ve caused with the same buoyancy of her World Series elation, she can’t forget that particular point. Vikram assisted in the choice by bringing it to her attention but she, Katherine Beckett, is the one who disrupted her life and hurt someone that she loves.

Her arm is growing tired of being extended in the air to hail a cab by the time one finally slows and quickly shifts lanes to pull smoothly to the curve. It takes her a minute to pour herself into the backseat and to close the door, to double check that she hasn’t left her keys, her bag or her phone resting on the table that she, Espo, Ryan and a few others from the Twelfth had used to eat a late dinner, drink a little too much and watch the game.  

“Where ya goin’?” The accent from her driver is pleasantly New Jersey, a surprising change from the myriad of foreign tongues that she encounters on most of her trips via yellow colored cars. 

“595 Broome Street,” falls out of her mouth effortlessly, a spike of shock at the request followed quickly by a purr of pleasure. Even though Kate could change her mind, apologize for giving an incorrect destination and deliver the accurate one to her by-the-month studio sublet, she stays quiet as the cab pulls away from the curb and into traffic.

She’s going home, at least for the moment. She’s going home to see her husband. 

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Seventeen Reaction / Scenario with a Halloween theme

I like the Halloween season ( except all the creepy scary stuff- I’m more into the cute Halloween socks and stuff #wimp ) Also, this was not requested - it’s my own idea. ENJOY MY HALLOWEEN SERIES


“Seungcheol, look! Holy crap I’m buying these!” You say excitedly, picking up and putting the Halloween drinking glasses with cute ghosts on into the shopping trolley. Seungcheol just turned to face you, eyebrows risen. “We do not need more glasses Y/N!” You pouted slightly, “Are you kidding me Seungcheol? They’re glasses with ghosts on. Ghosts on!“ Coups just chuckled slightly, "Fine but I get to buy these then,” He held up a set of forks with plastic pumpkins on the end. “What the fuck are they? Urh, who cares, put ‘em in.”


“Wonwoo? Are you in here?” You say, walking into the living room. “Yeah why?” He asked, looking up from the TV. “Well I was in town earlier and saw that the Halloween stuff is now in stock- and I was wondering if you wanted to throw a Halloween party this year?” You ask, using a higher pitched voice then usual. Wonwoo laughed, “Yeah that sounds fun! We can get matching costumes!” You sighed in relief, “Good because I’ve already bought everything, chosen a music playlist, hired caterers, told the neighbour's and invited all of our friends… I think I got carried away." 


"Mingyu! Look, turn around!” You shout to Mingyu, who was looking at the Halloween sweets at the other end of the aisle. Mingyu turned to face you, and immediately broke into laughter when he saw you with a pumpkin mask on your head, holding a purple wand, and wearing a kid’s witch outfit over your clothes. Mingyu couldn’t control himself, and he tried getting his phone out of his pocket to take a photo. “Odds on you actually wearing that for Halloween?” He asked, taking a photo which would definitely go on Instagram.


You’d persuade Vernon to bake some cakes with you, as it was a late Friday night and you were both bored our of your minds. “Can I take some cakes in for the boy’s tomorrow?” Hansol asked, pouring the flour into the bowl. “We actually have to make them first Hansol, without burning them.” He’d crack a smile at this and you’d both carry on baking in silence. “What do you mean we can’t decorate them Halloween themed?” You asked, dragging out your words. “They’ll look childish!” He argued back. “You are such a square Vernon!” You laugh before piping out a spider onto a cake.   

His reaction to you calling him a square


You and Hoshi would both stay up late and watch the most creepiest, scariest, bloodthirstiest Halloween films there was. Even if you weren’t too big on the idea, say if you were scared, Hoshi would pretty much beg you to watch them with him, and- I mean - who would deny Hoshi? You’d probably spend most of the night pressed against him, ramming your head into his holder every time something scary happened. Hoshi would love it though, laughing every 5 minutes at your cute reaction.  



“Jun!” You sung as you opened your front door, letting him know you were home. Turns out, he wasn’t home - which is a good thing. You quickly ran back to the car, and got out all the Halloween decorations you just bought. The house looked amazing when you finished, fake cobwebs, ghost stickers on the windows, light bulbs changed so they produce green light. Every decoration you could probably imagine was currently in the house. “Jagi, I brought- HOLY MOTHER, WHAT DID YOU DO?” Jun shouted, opening the door. “I… decorated?” You replied. Jun started laughing, “It looks amazing Y/N!”

The 8

You knew Minghao hated all the scary stuff at Halloween, just like you did. However, you both loved watching the ‘childish’ Halloween films during the run up to Halloween. This would include films like Ghostbusters, The Adams Family and Hocus Pocus to get you in the Halloween mood, without being scared. You’d both come home late, you from work, and Minghao from dance, so putting on a film while eating Halloween themed biscuits and sweets was the ideal night in for you both. No doubt you’d both be that tired you’d fall asleep on the couch and be to tired to move upstairs.


Dino would get as excited as you during the Halloween period. You’d both go completely all out with everything. This would include matching Halloween costumes, of course. This year he let you choose the outfits that you’d both wear as he was so busy with the upcoming album, and you being the dork you are got matching hotdog outfits, one with ketchup on and the other with mustard. Dino’s reaction would be priceless when you made him put it on, and he looked shocked to see the horrendous outfits you chose. However, he’d start to laugh at you in the costume and agree that you two would be the best dressed at Pledis’ Halloween Party.  


Woozi would love Halloween, not for the scary stuff (which didn’t really scare him) but for the stupid themed music that was constantly playing. “It’s the mash!” You sang stupidly in a high pitched voice. “The monster mash!” Woozi sang back, he did it in a very low voice, using the best English accent he could do. You both laughed as the song continued to play, dancing around stupidly in your living room to the Halloween themed songs. “My turn to chose now!” He’d yell running to the computer to choose the next song. “Woozi! You chose The Monster Mash, it’s my turn!” You shouted back as you both ran to the computer, trying to get there first. 


This guy would totally go all out. You’d have a night off for a change, and Seungwkan would just randomly turn up at your door with a taxi waiting right outside. He’d pretty much drag you into the car, and refused to tell you where you were going. Only once you got there, you’d start to feel nervous, as he took you to a haunted house with a corn field maze at the back. “Seriously Suengwkan, are you sure about this?” You’d question. You loved Halloween, but the fun side of it - not the scary. “Come on jagi! It’ll be fun,” Seungwkan persisted, pushing you towards the queue. Once you were in the queue, he’d take your hand, enveloping it with his, “It’ll be fine.”

Jeonghan (FRIENDS)

“Please! Please, please, please, please, PLEASE JEONGHAN!” You begged. Currently you were on your knees in his kitchen begging him to throw a Halloween party. “I don’t get it, why can’t you throw one?” He asked, rolling his eyes slightly. “Have you met my parents Jeonghan?” He just laughed, “Yeah, I’ll give you that one. I throw a party on one condition.” Jeonghan bargained. “Anything!” You sang, standing up again. “Okay, firstly, we wear matching costumes, secondly, I choose the music because you’ll chose crap songs and thirdly, you cook food because all of my boy’s will come.” You nodded enthusiastically. “Yes! Thanks Jeonghan!” You were about to leave but he stopped you, “Oh, fourthly, you have to be my date.”


Joshua would get to your house to see you had left a huge bowl of candy by your front door, and I mean huge. “Y/N! Why is this here?” Joshua would say, pointing to the bowl while trying to kick his shoes off. “For the trick or treaters Josh, it is Halloween you know.” You replied sassily, why else would they be there? Joshua laughed, “I get that Jagi, but how are you going to give them out while we’re out?” You scrunched your eyebrows in confusion, “We’re going out?” Joshua laughed again, “You really didn’t think that we’d be going trick or treating? Who do you take me for? The Scrooge of Halloween?” 

DK/ Seokmin

“They’re green.” Seokmin stated, staring at your freshly bakes homemade cupcakes. “Well yeah. They’re Halloween cakes.” You replied, tilting your head to the side while you spoke. “They’re green.” Seokmin repeated for the second time. “Yes, obviously! Try one!” You said, pushing a cupcake closer to him. He picked it up in his hands and looked at the cupcake with the bat icing on more closely. “It’s green.” He commented. “ERGH! Seokmin I swear, if you say that one more time!” Seokmin met your glance for a split second before biting into the cake, closing his eyes as he did. “It’s good!” He commented, mouth full of cupcake. You breathed a sigh of relief. “But it’s still green.”

You have no idea how much I LOVED writing this one! This is a part of my Halloween series, so keep checking my masterlist (description) for new Halloween reactions. 

As per, the GIFS are not mine :) 

I Want...

Request: You propose to Bobby.

A/N: Merry Christmas ♥


“It’s not my fault you were looking down at your phone!” Junhoe complained as Donghyuk rolled his eyes and stuffed his phone in his back pocket, bending down to help Junhoe clean up the split eggnog on the floor.

“You spilled it on purpose so you wouldn’t have to drink it huh?” Yunhyeong commented, earning a couple of chuckles around the room. 

“Remember when Jun dropped Bobby’s yorkshire pudding on the floor last year too but he still made him eat it anyway?” Hanbin yelled from the kitchen. Standing by the television that had flames flickering on the screen to resemble a warm, log fireplace, Bobby happily slapped Junhoe on the back as he stood up, hands laden with soggy paper towels.

“Must you all attack me on this sacred day? Santa’s naughty list just grew six more names.”

“Hey leave me out of it!” Chanwoo piped in beside you on the couch, mouth covered with crumbs from the strawberry log cake you made for the little Christmas Day party the iKON members decided to throw in their apartment. The whole place was decked out with lights everywhere, festive paper decorations on the walls, seven red stockings hanging above the television, and a large Christmas tree by the balcony doors that reached the ceiling. There was a cheesy Christmas music playlist quietly rolling in the background, adding a whimsical ambiance to the dorm.

You smile at the sight and wipe his face with a napkin. He nudged your hand away and wiped the excess with his sleeve. “I can do it ma.”

“Okay kid,” you shoot back, getting rid of the last smear of whipped cream on his face with your thumb. Chanwoo shrunk away from your touch, grumbling something along the lines of “I’m not a child. Yeesh.”

Amused, you quizzically look at Jinhwan standing beside Bobby and he shakes his head. "He’s going through a delayed rebellious phase right now. Just the other day he griped at me for making him clean his room.“

You laugh and attack the 20-year-old in a headlock, messing up his already unruly hair. 

"Argghhhh stop!!!!! Bobby tell your crazy girlfriend to stop!”

Bobby raised his arms in a surrendering position. “Hey don’t drag me into this. This is your battle to fight man. Let me just remind you you’ll always lose against her." 

Other members sounded their agreements, knowing that you had a knack for making things go your way.

"Ugh fineeee,” Chanwoo stopped struggling and let you ruffle his hair without another peep.

Satisfied, you release him, leaving him sitting there, fuming with severely unkempt hair. 

“Time for secret santa!” Hanbin singsonged as he walked into the living room.

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CreepMissPasta Is Dead (Contest?)

Yep. Dead. Done. Gone. Deceased. My Youtube and Gmail accounts were hacked and closed. All the videos and playlist - gone. Not to mention all the awesome, amazing, schmexy subscribers I had! They’re all gone. I will miss you all.

However, instead of giving up and pouting about - screaming to the heavens that life isn’t fair, I’ve decided on a course of action. 

I shall make a new channel.

Kind of a ‘rise from the ashes’ thing. Brand new name. Brand new image. The only thing is - I’m not sure what my new persona should look like.

That’s where you guys come in. For those of you who haven’t heard my voice, listen to this audio sample. From this audio post, you’ll get a sense of what I sound like, and therefore, what I might look like to you. And then you guys can start putting your pencils to the paper to create a CreepyPasta narrator persona.

Now then, for the prize. I’m not exactly set financially right now, so I can’t really afford anything too extravagant as far as prizes go. But, the prize will be for the winner:

  • A CreepyPasta narrator plushy. (Which narrator it will be is up to you.)
  • A copy of Max Brooks’ 'The Zombie Survival Guide’
  • And a creepy Halloween mask from my local Halloween shop.

And, obviously, I will credit the winners work.


  • No ripping off other CreepyPasta narrators personas! I want this to be 100 % original work based off of what I sound like. If all you did was take MrCreepyPasta’s persona, made him green, and gave him boobs, I won’t consider it an entry.
  • No ripping off Pasta Monsters! If all you did was take Jane the Killer and gave her red eyes, I won’t consider it an entry.
  • No ripping off other contestants submissions! Self explanatory. Don’t be a dick. I won’t consider your entry if you plagiarized someone elses work.
  • Only two submissions per contestant. If you have more than two ideas for the persona, pick your best two and go with that.

The deadline will be 12:00 AM PST on October 16th. I will also leave a post stating when the contest is closed. No submissions after this time.
Thank you guys and have fun! :3