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In the Depths of the Sea- Ch.2

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Hi all! Sorry it’s been such a long time since I’ve updated. Things have been crazy with schoolwork, but now that summer is quickly approaching, expect far more frequent updates from me! As always, massive thank you’s to my honorary moms, @mibasiamille and @internallydeceased, for listening to me co plain and attempt to write this chapter for 2+ weeks.

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Claire’s heart dropped like a rock. For perhaps the first time in her life, she was completely and utterly speechless. She was not sure whether she wanted to laugh, cry, scream, or pummel her Uncle to the brink of death. Never, in all of the years she had been in Lamb’s care, could she have expected him to proceed so thoughtlessly. She felt betrayed, orphaned all over again, as the one person she thought that she could always count on gave her away like a piece of property.

I thought Uncle Lamb was better than this, she thought to herself. I cannot- I will not marry Frank Randall, and there is no way he can make me.

“I know this isn’t what you wanted-”

“You know bloody well that this isn’t what I wanted!” Claire spat, the anger seeping into her voice.

“If you would give me the opportunity to explain myself, Claire-” He attempted to pacify her. With spiraling curls spilling out wildly around her face and her amber eyes blazing with rage, she looked like a lioness, and Lamb found himself in the unfortunate position of the gazelle.

“Save your explanation,” Claire retorted sharply. “There is nothing that you can say or do that will make me marry Frank Randall. I barely know the man!”

“It will be a good match. You’re both extremely bright, and Professor Randall has taken an interest in you after speaking to you at the University Ball last month.”

Claire could only remember the aforementioned ball in bits and pieces. She had needed to consume a copious amount of champagne in order to survive the stuffy, academic evening. She had been standing alone in the corner of the room, nursing her glass, when Professor Randall had taken the opportunity to stroll to her side. The pair stood in silence for a moment and Claire prayed to every deity she could think of that the lack of conversation would be enough to persuade Randall to leave her to her own devices. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

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lillie-mae--is-bae  asked:

I really like marco because he was always reminding jean that he thinks he's a good leader, and that made him a really good friend. he kinda reminds me of myself in a way because i like to encourage my friends to continue with what they're good at even if they aren't fantastic at the thing o(^▽^) i also just really live sashas and connies friendship, i appreciate them being in the series a lot ~

You sound like a good person :) I’m proud of you!