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  • Me giving speech at your funeral: They were my a friend, and they will be missed, but I can't say that they were a good person. They did a lot of problematic things that made me uncomfortable tbh :/. Like, IDK you can still like them but some of the stuff they did was just uhhh YIKES. Anyway, in no particular order here is a list of everything wrong they've ever done.

Okay you know what I know we were all so worried about biphobia or slut shaming or what have you but honestly I thought they handled that incredibly well? It makes perfect sense for them to be a little bit anxious about that disparity, and especially for Alec I can imagine there’s a lot of insecurity there and I think if they hadn’t touched on that it would have been almost unrealistic? And Alec didn’t have a bad reaction, he got scared. And Magnus also was surprised by Alec’s lack of experience, you know? Which I feel like puts them both in an equally wrong footed position and made that awkwardness totally understandable. And they resolved it right away and agreed to put in the effort necessary to understand and be with each other like bless this show for giving us the malec we deserve

28th January 2017

Happy Chinese New Year! (or Lunar new year!!) 新年快乐! 祝你们身体健康~ I hope you all have a great, successful year full of blessings ♥ I made a spread dedicated to CNY but I have an empty spot underneath my todo list idk what to put there ;; (and thank you all for your really kind messages, I feel much better with myself and I just need to take care and not overthink things so much tbh :,))

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Elizabeth of York aesthetic for @margarettudor

   Endearingly called “the Gracious Queen” by her subjects, one clear demonstration of the English people’s love for her can be recalled: while progressing over a carpet of woolen cloth that watching crowds were permitted afterward to take as a souvenir, a riot ensued and some died in the ordeal, all to obtain a piece of the cloth the Queen had tread on.

   After her premature death, the Tower – where she had died – ceased almost entirely to be used as a royal residence. Her family and subjects genuinely grieved her loss.


since its hard to find anything online for  a proper layout of the patches for prompto, i made it instead~

i did some vectors of the patches in the official clothing line for my Prompto costume!

the ULF tbh i dont know what the thing shape is right next to it so i just.. came up with idk clip art eagle shape thing

still gonna vector the pants’ patches ~~~~

Edited: added the patches for the pants!

is2g. Prompto’s attire may look the most simplest. but the patches says otherwise.

12:01am. march 16, 2017. 

it is officially 2 years since I first heard twenty one pilots, since I first saw fairly local on my dash and made one of the best decisions of my life: to hit play. 

I’ve been struggling, I won’t lie about that. I wish I could say I’m getting better instead of worse. I wish I was happy, I wish I took care of my body more often, I wish I appreciated more of the little things, I wish I didn’t still spend most nights awake and emptily staring at the walls at 4am.

but I guess the important thing is, I’m still here. And I have the boys to thank for that, I have tyler and josh, even if they don’t know who I am. I owe them my life. I owe them for surviving countless nights spent in torment, now wondering “what if?”. what if I didn’t have their music? what if I didn’t have the wonderful people I met through this band to talk to? what if I didn’t have them to channel my thoughts into? what if..? would I still be here? that’s the question. am I happy about that? about still being here, fighting? maybe I will be one day. but for now I can take one day at a time and enjoy the few beautiful things this world has to offer, in between the heavy darkness. and I have tyler to thank for this, I have josh, michael, mark, brad, chris, nick, jenna, and so many others to thank. and I will never take that for granted. I will forever remember the times I’ve seen them live, when I realized they are real. I’m not alone. they exist. I’m sobbing thinking about it now, I miss being close to their radiating positivity, warm as the sun. so, once again, I put as much emotion into these two words as I can muster: thank you. 

and you know what frens? stay alive. whatever your past, “know this: you can start over, each morning.” and that’s a beautiful thing.

p.s. happy birthday fairly local, the song that started not only the blurryface era but also this stage of my life. it’s great sharing this date with you.



Tadashi Hamada + Icons

Free to use!

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

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as someone with the disorder myself, sportacus DEFINITELY — not “maybe” even a little bit — DEFINITELY has ADHD. it’s all there, trust me: he can’t stop moving, really really loves what he enjoys, Excited™, C A N N O T relax, bored (VERY) easily, overdoes things (like idk eXERCISE), has made some stupid mistakes (like for example, leaving the airship door open and tOSSING HIS TOOTHBRUSH OUT OF IT THATS M E), restlessness, trouble sleeping if there is noise or light (probably why he keeps the airship in the sky while he’s sleeping tbh), talks to himself (really helps with remembering stuff) and honestly there are probably a lot more that i’ve forgotten if you want to argue with me forget it i have all the evidence

So I was wondering why there are some people who think like jumin was kidnapping mc, keeping her prisoner/hostage because I don’t and am willing to stay until the situation got better. But then I don’t even realize until I played his BE3. Wow the chat options were kinda weird and tend to brought this subject and other members reactions weren’t helping either, it only make things go worst. Like oh wow how could they talk like this about their friend? But I think it’s ridiculous tbh because if the options didn’t tend to be like that, I think it would be normal really. Idk why cheritz made jumin like some kind of villain even on his own route…

Common opinion????

Okay, I really like winteriron, like tony and Bucky are actually really cute together like 1)They both suffer from the bad influence of Steve Rogers bitch ass in ca:cw 2)They both probably like AC/DC 3)They would both really like coffee 4) Tony can upgrade his arm at anytime probably install Jarvis or Friday in it 5) like I just think they like each other Yano? Like idk it’s kinda like tony and Loki for me like everyone can be happy except Steve tbh like he made a really bitchass move like I have currently lost all respect in the next movie he better make it up to me like honestly I feel like I just went through a bad break up in Tony’s happiness is the only thing that can mend my broken heart, and I’m Kinda not angry at Bucky anymore I just didn’t like him because Steve was like all up on his nut sack but I’m kind of over it this poor bean deserves love as well

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Honestly I have many headcanons abt Jake and Amy’s wedding but the one thing which will disappoint me Hugely if not Made Canon is the fact that theyre sorting through their wedding gifts afterwards and at the bottom of the pile there’s this massive expensive as hell gift (idk what it is yet tbh it could just be a cheque) and the origin address is like some obscure island in the Pacific and

It’s from Doug Judy

without going into too much spoiler territory can I just say I’m rly happy ffxv gave us a disabled character whose disability is a) not magically “fixed” and b) treated with respect by the people around them ??? This game also has four dude protagonists who express their emotions and are shown visibly crying when things get rough and not one joke is made at their expense??? One of the four main characters has feminine hobbies like sewing and cooking and there’s not one joke made about it–in fact he’s arguably the most respected companion in your party. Not to mention this game tackled how these characters deal with anxiety and grief, and even went so far as to call out one character for trying to use “tough love” as a means to help someone else cope because quite frankly it just wasn’t helping. Just wow thank u square enix.

I screenshotted the post and made it aesthetic with my phones filters… Then put it on another social media thing and pretends it’s not mine because 😐😐 I don’t want the people on there taking the mick

asexual easy company

I was thinking about this the other day and now I need to write it down. here’s a list of Easy Company men that I could totally see as asexual. (obviously I could probably make an argument for each man in easy company but here are the ones that seem most obvious to me) 

I give you the Ace Squad™

Eugene Roe

I have always had this lingering thought that ace!eugene made all the sense in the world. kind, loving and affectionate, he just doesn’t get why sex is such a big deal? tbh it confuses him a lot, what do you mean people fixate on that sort of thing?

Carwood Lipton

just wants to be loved and romanced, and look after his ducklings is that too much to ask? 

Smokey Gordon

idk I could totally see him finding other things way more interesting than sex and he’s just like *shrug* let’s bake a cake or have a water balloon fight instead 

Skinny Sisk 

is ace/aro and he is literally so happy with friends and his blanket, why complicate things? anyway he likes sleep better than people 

David Webster 

appreciates emotional & romantic connections to a profound level, but sex just doesn’t enter his mind. who needs it when your souls are entwined so closely? 

Chuck Grant 

is tired of being treated like a sex symbol when he doesn’t even want sex. pretty people aren’t obligated to be sexual and thats a lesson he’s proud to have learned and be able to share. 

Johnny Martin

just does not have any desire for that, sorry not sorry. he’s not into the mushy romantic stuff either, but he wouldn’t say no to a best friend that also lives with him for the rest of his life and does domestic-y things like adopting a kitten but hey its whatever 

I could go on, and I probably will at some point, but anyway, those are my go-to ace bros. let me know what y’all think, and if you have an BoB ace/aro headcanons!