i made a thing :)

Sometimes I make classic country gayer… (Example)  This is Willie Nelson and Ray Charles’ version of Seven Spanish Angels, written by Troy Seals and Eddie Setser, pronouns edited by yours truly.

Content Note: suicide, buried lesbians, so by all means use appropriate discretion (I have really depressing taste in music and it’s blending poorly with this project - seriously I am trying and failing to come up with a happy one for next time that is in my limited range, suggestions welcome).

As always, my talents are modest, my face is silly, and my laptop camera is bad, but I love this song so Ima do it anyway.


Netflix told members of @AmericanCluster and the rest of our cluster family on twitter that they wanted us to keep promoting the show in order to even make future seasons a possibility, so I made some @sense8​ promo material. PLEASE help us promote this marvelous show! Feel free to share- we need to ensure that the 2 hour special has the largest audience @netflix​ has ever seen! And of course if you haven’t watched Sense8 yet- I cannot recommend it enough- everyone should have it in their lives.