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“You’re going to need my help!” he barks at her, as her sleigh slides through the snow, snaking past trees, the wolves hot on their heels.

“What, some prince who thinks one man can solve everything?! The permanent winter, the—”

She gasps, turning her head to find Prince Organa of Arendelle holding a lute high over his head, ready to strike.

“He is a priest!” On the last word, he swings. The ukelele connects with the jaw of a wolf, batting the animal back into the dark sky. Rey swallows as Bridgette keeps running, slamming her hooves into the snow.

Rey looks at the felled wolf. She gulps.


“Anyway,” scoffs Prince Organa, “you sell ice.

When Prince Ben Organa of Arendelle was young, his uncle, the priest Luke Skywalker disappeared to the ice caves of the high North Mountain and never returned. Soon after, the permanent winter quickly came and took Ben’s father, Han, with it, tearing apart mother and son. Queen Organa has made it her duty to keep her subjects safe for these past twenty years, but a darker presence has now started to infect the kingdom, making the winter harsher and more dangerous than ever.

Though resentful of his uncle and his sudden disappearance all those years ago, Ben sets out on a journey to find him. On the way, he meets an ice seller, who only goes by the name of Rey, and lives at the bottom of the North Mountain. Deciding she must escort him to the ice caves, despite the fact no man has yet returned alive from them, Ben hires Rey and her reindeer, Bridgette. Reluctantly going along with his wishes, Rey and Ben share several caustic exchanges, stubbornly ignoring the chemistry growing between them.

At the same time, as the people of Arendelle grow colder, a mysterious priest named Snoke arrives and reveals his control over the winter. Trapping Queen Organa and her subjects in the castle via a harsh snowstorm, Snoke freezes the lakes and houses of Arendelle. Finally, he uses his power to remotely inject a shard of ice into the heart of the person Queen Organa loves most.

Reaching the bottom of the North Mountain, Ben suddenly becomes desperately ill under the power of Snoke’s spell. In trying to find out what is wrong with him, Rey is forced to reveal her secret: she too possesses ice magic. Unable to retrieve the ice from Ben’s heart, Rey makes the treacherous journey up to the ice caves alone, begging Luke for his help. Luke, having remained in the ice caves to try and find a way to erase the winter after he failed to defeat Snoke, agrees, unwilling to let his nephew die because of his pride. They agree to go to Arendelle and defeat Snoke together.

Reaching Arendelle by nightfall, Rey, the increasingly weak Ben and reach the castle, where they see Snoke, confident in his victory, getting ready to execute Leia. Just as his heart is about to freeze, Ben sacrifices himself for his mother, stepping in front of Snoke. The force of the blow returning on Snoke is enough to kill him, defeating him. Leia mourns her son, but slowly, ever so surely, Ben’s heart begins to thaw as a result of his act of true love.

Now realizing that this is the key component to the magic, Luke manages to finally free Arendelle of its eternal winter.

In the aftermath, Luke becomes an advisor to Queen Organa and begins to train children gifted with ice magic. Rey finally kisses Ben, and Ben in return makes Rey Arendelle’s Official Ice Seller and Deliverer (which is totally a thing).

For @the-reylo-void  ⧫ Happy birthday Bri!

Justin and Griffin McElroy’s Best Polygon Game Overviews

[not “best” in terms of giving good game overviews, “best” in terms of McElroy hilarity]

Who’s Your Daddy? - it’s a game where one player is a baby trying to kill themselves by drinking bleach, drowning in bathtubs, etc. while the dad tries to baby proof the house and keep the baby alive. hilarity ensues.

I Expect You To Die - Griffin is a little tipsy and he makes Justin tell him how to play the game, while occasionally actively working against him (Justin is frustrated and charmed by turns).

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - Griffin tries to do some car maintenance with Justin on commentary. Griffin doesn’t know how cars work and after a while they stop caring about repairing the cars and it becomes a small mob operation? it’s very fun.

American Truck Simulator - Griffin is bad at being a truck driver. the way they play this one reminds me of monster factory. “Wow, it only costs you $250 to drive the wrong way down the highway! I think for that kind of thrill it’s a-worth it!”

Rust - Griffin and Justin wander around Rust and have some great interactions with other people in the game

Girl’s Club - Griffin is very distressed by the game’s sexism, Justin has a great time picking his dream dates, and dream boys.

Catlateral Damage - this one…is a trip. it’s 23 minutes long and over the course of the video Justin realizes that Griffin is attempting to hold him hostage by refusing to end the video and it becomes a wild battle of wills.

Spooky’s House of Jumpscares - Justin isn’t in this one, but you get to hear Griffin get a little spooked. it involves scared laughter and many distressed “alright. so- alright”s


Netflix told members of @AmericanCluster and the rest of our cluster family on twitter that they wanted us to keep promoting the show in order to even make future seasons a possibility, so I made some @sense8​ promo material. PLEASE help us promote this marvelous show! Feel free to share- we need to ensure that the 2 hour special has the largest audience @netflix​ has ever seen! And of course if you haven’t watched Sense8 yet- I cannot recommend it enough- everyone should have it in their lives.