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They say not to bring home girls with hollow backs, boys with wings under their skin. But this is neither of our homes, and somehow I think that protects us both. On his land, I don’t think he would dare to touch me.  When the night began to grey I heard the first peals of the bell and then the cawing of the crows. I curled my face in to his shoulder and breathed him in, almost surprised at how solid and present he still was. Wood smoke pine maple sweat sweet sky wine and something animal and alive. He didn’t smell like he’d be gone in a few hours, but fairy gold never does for all that it’s made in their image. Though perhaps made in mine too, being gone just as soon, and his sort always did love shiny things. For a moment, his face winks out in to the darkness, but when I look back up from his shoulder it is there again, gently blowing smoke in his sleep.  With the next ringing the crows again threatened to drag the sky in to daylight but darkness still held our corner of the room. Light enough though that for a moment I was scared to turn around, that though I could newly see, I would not find him laying against my back where I’d remembered him, or that he would be wearing a different skin. A deep inhale behind me, an exhale through the nose that blows cool air between my shoulder blades, where he had asked me to press against on his own back a few hours before (“a thumb, or your chin”), a curious feeling of wings under skin when I did so. I had rested my face there, wrapped my arm around and nearly scorched my fingers when they rested above his heart. I find myself surprised at the lack of fire on his breath now, though his chest still heats the bed on its own. When I wake in a few hours the muscles between my own shoulder blades will be unusually tight, but for now I let the steady puffs of air pull me back to sleep. I do not turn to look.  He was up before the third chime, and suddenly – no more space between us, no careful blanket distance or borderlands. He wrapped around me less like a man than a large cat, a dragon curled round its hoard. There was the sense beyond what I could touch, of too much body and too many limbs, collapsing in to materialization upon contact, a flock a birds landing on me relentlessly one after another, shockingly heavy in their multitude. And then as quick, untangled and up, putting on boots heavier than they should need to be and gathering bits of himself from around the room.  As he opened the front door, I heard the ring of the third bells, but now, no crows cawing. They wait. When the door closed behind him, a sunbeam filled the space he left, illuminating the yellow stairs with his afterimage, the radiance of transformation. From outside, I heard something like a purr, footsteps rumbling and rolling, and a great rustling, as though a tree had unfurled all its leaves at once with the snap of a lady’s fan, as though they had browned and dropped crackling against each other in the next breath, as though a great many wings were headed skyward and south, away from the still-warm bed and me in it. They say not to go home with girls with hollow backs, boys with wings under their skin. I wonder if a kiss can be somewhat like a bite of food, a taste of something irrevocable, a contract signed on contact. I wouldn’t know. We don’t kiss. Just hold each other or more often a careful space between. We chart a different elsewhere in this no mans land between bodies. Although somewhere the sap boils in to syrup and perhaps there will come a time when the crows demand their gold paid in truths…here, now, this, is enough.  With the third set of bells he was gone, and a little later so too was I.  


hey guys! a lot of people seemed to like my last post: steps to a better life, so i decided to make a similar one about little things you can keep track of in your journal 📖 i’ve personally found that i’m much more productive when i keep track of my habits on paper (there’s just something so satisfying about ticking off those boxes), so i suggest you to try it for a few weeks and then check if it’s made any changes in your life!

i’d love to hear about your progress, so come say hi when you feel like it! oh and if any of you guys have any suggestions about what sort of masterpost you’d like me to do next, please let me know, i really value your input! 💡

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i was going to send you a drink suggestion for the One Thing that soothes my crohn's tummy when it's being A JERK but i think i remember reading you can't have vinegar-y things?? and sadly the drink has vinegar in it :(

Yea, vinegar is sulfited due to being fermented and I don’t tolerate sulfites well. And it was extremely annoying to find out because one of the natural “cures” for chronic reflux like mine is to drink water with apple cider vinegar in it, which seems to work for a lot of people, but actually made mine worse but I sort of persevered cause lots of people said once you got past the initial rebound stages of being off the PPI meds it got better. Except mine didn’t. 

And now I know why. God damn sulfites.

TalesFromRetail: The Wrath of the Coupon Queen

Way back before I opened my own business, I had a job at a chain convenience store type place. Sort of like a department store with food, house wares, and everything else where just about everyone came to at one point or another.

I had worked there once before and came back after moving away for a while and when I returned, they hired me on as assistant manager. (Basically just meant I had a key to unlock things and could fix register mistakes). Now at this store, we had a woman who we all called the Coupon Queen. Not because she was good at couponing, but because she thought her coupons made her untouchable.

Anyone who works in retail and deals with coupons knows the rules. Some coupons can only be used once, multiples will be rejected - Some coupons have very specific items and amounts they will discount, no substitutions - and some coupons can only be used at certain stores….this woman did not care.

Most days, we could get by and would force through a few coupons to keep her happy, but this day was much different. The system at this store could only allow you to force a coupon through if an item hadn’t already been discounted. Once all items had a discount, coupons couldn’t go through and there was nothing that could be done. The coupon Queen arrived with a massive amount of cat food and a bunch of coupons for “buy one get one free”.

The way the register works is that, instead of giving one item for free, it cuts the price of the two items in half instead. So every time I ran a coupon, two items were discounted. Then at the very end, she hands me a coupons for $2.00 off 5 or more cans of cat food….

The coupon wont go through. I cannot force it through because all items are already discounted. When I try to explain that the coupon can’t be used, she absolutely flips her lid and demands to see the head manager. I argue, but eventually get the manager who can’t do anything I haven’t already tried. Now she’s twice as mad and so is the manager and he starts trying to explain to her what “one per transaction means”. We all know a transaction is the purchase at the end but she is completely sure it means every time I scan an item.

Suddenly she is screaming and starts throwing the cat food cans at me (despite how I have been silent the past 10 minutes) and the people waiting in line have started to leave their things and leave. She ended up storming out after my manager went to call the police, but it didn’t do much good.

Apparently, she had called the corporate headquarters and left a complaint about us not helping her….and they gave her $50 in gift cards to make up for it.

I pressec charges enough where she wasn’t allowed in when I was working, but after I left, she had free reign once more. The Coupon Queen simply could not be stopped….

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ive never experienced sexual attraction in my life, and for the first time i got into a relationship and experienced it almost instantly toward things. things have unfortunately come to an end but im still attracted to him that way, but still no one else and i'm very confused about how this has even happened? but its just made me really confused and i was looking for some advise and support? its scary and weird and i dont know what to do

If it’s rare attraction without a seeming context or based on a bond you have it’s a grey or demi area. I’m sorry it didn’t work out, and I know that sort-of thing is awkward and at times jarring but it happens! 








The Raven and the Moon

A little gift for @selenelavellan. I was thinking about the Mana’din AU/Twins in Arlathan AU/Companion Selene AU about how Selene and Dirthamen hook up in Elvhenan and then the whole Solas creating the Veil thing happened. And then I thought about what if Selene then made it into Dalish mythology, which would probably mean she got stories. So…I thought I’d play with that idea a little bit.

Hope you like it!

Selene, Felasel, and Darevas belong to @selenelavellan

Dirthamen belongs to @feynites

Miriel is little when the Hahren first tells her the story of the Raven and the Moon. He gathers all the little ones around him under the full moon on the eve of Lover’s Day. There’s ten of them total, all huddled around a small fire while the Hahren rises from his seat and begins to tell them the story. 

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{could be triggering}I was doing so well. I was two months clean and now I’ve failed myself and it’s just… I don’t even know. I feel worthless and shitty. I just want to stop. And the next best thing was… this and I don’t feel better, I feel worse cause I let everyone down by hurting me. Now I’m just staring at the mess I’ve made like, great what was meant to numb me has only made things 20x worse!!!!!!!!!’ There’s just blood everywhere and I have no idea what to do with myself!!- Ro

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(tw aphobia and suicidal ideation mention) I've gotten a bunch of aphobes saying sick things to me on twitter because i guess they searched the word asexual and found me? it's been happening to a few ace friends who have tweeted about being ace recently too. i'm super worried, like i had to leave tumblr because their constant harrassment literally made me suicidal. how am i going to have a safe space to talk about my experiences without them insulting and screaming at me? i feel awful

Safe spaces don’t work on open platforms. They simply don’t, sadly. You need to have some sort of exclusion so people have to show up and have the ability to be kicked off if they start to harm. There are online groups, and in person groups that provide actual safe spaces better.


The fact that Yuri refused a kiss here doesn’t invalidate that they kissed later on. Nor does it mean Yuri didn’t want that sort of thing from Victor.

Here Victor was offering a kiss as a means to calm Yuri down, not out of any deep feeling behind it. For Yuri, who wanted Victor’s presence and faith, that was like a slap to the face. As if Victor was trying to steer clear from showing Yuri trust and instead offering some shallow affection in return.

However, after he did brilliantly and it was clear Victor was proud of him, a kiss took another meaning altogether. Yuri didn’t need calming down at that point, so the kiss conveyed actual emotion on Victor’s part.

And it’s why when Victor explained it was the only way he found to surprise Yuri, Yuri laughed; he’d denied Victor a kiss here so Victor went and found a way to kiss him anyway.

Lettering tips

I did a thing! :D It’s been ages since I made some sort of a lettering tips/tutorial (it was just an answered ask and it was pretty bad tbh), so I thought I‘d make a new one. Nothing too complicated, just filling more pages in my bullet journal :).

Now, these are tips that I sort of discovered myself and am using now, which doesn’t mean that you have to! I did not include the “double the downstroke” which we all sort of know, rather I concentrated more on the letter heights, which was a big problem for me when I started with lettering. Well, hope you find it at  least a bit helpful :D


“We are at a lap dance. It’s a celebrity lap dance, which is where celebrities of all shapes and ages sign autographs for cash prices. It’s sort of like going to a strip club, except they don’t stuff cash in your underwear. But that’s… kind of it. […] They love [Leia] and I’m her custodian, and I’m as close as you’re gonna get. She’s me and I’m her.” – Carrie Fisher

“So this is one of those things we go to… at least once a month. Kind of a mini Comic-Con. Carrie resisted these lap dances for years. But… it’s amazing. You see these thousands of people behind me? They line up in 9 in the morning, they’ll stay here until 9 o’clock at night just to have two seconds with Carrie.” – Carrie’s assistant

hii!! this is just a friendly reminder to not shame people for eating meat and other animal products, even if you think it’s the most deplorable thing in the world.

there are tons of people with dietary issues, sensory issues, and even finiancial issues that can all contribute to a need for meat. veganism is not possible for everyone, even if you think it’s the absolute best option.

please stop throwing poor and disabled people under the bus just so you can say that meat-eaters are evil.

sincerely, an autistic person with arfid,

LGBT stereotypes and misconceptions

I made a bunch of heart graphics about stereotypes about the LGBT community! But don’t feel bad if you happen to fit any stereotypes about your identity, the problem comes in when cishets generalize and delegitimize the community! 

I was inspired to make these because one of my profs said some very hetero-normative things to me the other day, because I mentioned recently to her that I’m a lesbian, and I was very angry that the general public still believes those sort of stereotypes.  

She said things like: “Maybe you just haven’t met the right guy”, “You don’t have life figured out at 18 [years old]”, and “It’s so trendy right now”

Let’s smash these stereotypes together! 

As per usual, I got the flags from pride-flags on deviantart! I’ll probably make more if I have more ideas! Feel free to use, just link back to this post! :)


itty bitty angsty song sketches i did while listening to ‘Dear Happy’ by Dodie Clark, who’s my go-to artist for all things bittersweet :’) The whole idea of the song (as far as I understand it, at least,) is someone singing a duet with happiness itself. I made the mistake of listening to it while doing soumako doodles, and, well…. OTL

“What I say about being happy is that I am ‘also happy.’ I’m happy among other things. Happy is one of the many feelings or experiences that I will have throughout a day. I think happy has been sort of made into this Hallmark card of a word, and I don’t know what that means. So I will just say that I enjoy my life, I make choices, I do what I want to do. I am a strong person, I’m not afraid of almost anything, and that’s a lot because of your example.”