i made a shitty gif and rip

lol I wanted to do something bigger than just a sloppy animated bias list b UT the thing I had in mind is gonna take too long to do, so I guess I’ll be saving it for ANOTHER milestone. But holy fuck… I’ve literally never had to many followers on…pretty much any blog I’ve ever had. 

When I first made this blog, it was kind of on a whim, and I had no intention of getting so attached to this muse (or even realizing just how far in depth of an analysis on this poor kid’s life I was gonna get into rip). But wow, I am really glad I made this blog, and stuck with it for these nine months (getting close to a year too jfc). It’s been a wild year, and even wilder during the last couple of months. Made a lot of new friends, reconnected with old friends, and getting to know mutuals from my old blogs a lot better. 

I’ve had some people come and go, but hey, that’s just how life works. But there’s still a large handful that still stuck around, despite how shitty my mental health has been over the year and my time on this blog. But really, this blog wouldn’t be anything special without the great people I’ve met through this blog or just gotten to talk to more of through this blog. So below is a lot of peeps I love, or peeps I’m glad I’m mutuals with, even if we don’t always talk all that much, or just cool peeps I follow.

@xanodite | @amvlett | @xghxuls@revoluticnaire@theatreskilled@messivan | @pyrobuff | @queenmiko | @finderofdeath | @chase-eternally-young | @sancctus | @yinsecure | @gcninja | @desbearer | @bruiiser | @pyronicaaa | @mcbelton | @perignotus | @seaprofound | @thneeding | @cryptiicus | @ambiitiiously | @dexendens | @simicn | @ventusdraconis | @fatedflare | @matrixbearer | @vermiillion | @dcminatiion | @frystsnow | @parrisu | @bcttleblcnde | @toughestfairy | @mcncheri | @interitys | @fusedinto | @absoluteneed | @mettatoniic | @kibotofuko | @outbraves | @tea-and-hexes | @swcrdborrn | @ofwargods | @bettermcuse | @crcsader | @tridim | @impenetrableshiield | @cloakiism | @thefiiifthturtle | @aristocratism | @warfares | @piningstar | @hamstcrmatsu | @wrathsinned | @deathfortune | @maetda | @chosemercy | @chosenliar | @hesaphantom | @abyssxlisms | @willbeshot | @generouslygolden | @bcbysiitter | @moroniic | @gooselullaby | @fvckingjew | @bvnnyboi | @kndborn | @yaangst | @sacrebat | @vladiisms | @paladinprisxner | @nctcool | @pedrosaiisms | @balcra | @dcgdefused | @leastriickest | @tumiidi | @dcnserduck | @dancingandsweets | @stickybcmbs | @nautical-nonscnse | @pxrfxctandhandsomx | @jerkolantern | @spooksuccessor | @candytastic | @icanfixiit | @pixelaated | @solliciiti | @starspaved | @starryeyedd | @gcthchick | @guardsruins |