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I think its so important to remember just how different 616stevetony is (and all the subsequent comic universes) from MCUstevetony. I just saw the spoilers for an upcoming comic panel when AI!Tony calls Steve his best friend, and someone in the replies was like “well what about Rhodey.” And of this was the MCU, that comment would be totally justified. In the films, Rhodey is without a doubt Tony’s best friend, there’s not even any competition. Like, yes, he has Pepper and Bruce, and even Nat and Steve, but none of them are Rhodey because for MCUtony NO ONE can compare to Rhodey. There each others rocks, brothers in all things except blood. Just like in MCU canon, that’s what Bucky is to Steve.

But in the comics??? Tony undoubtedly loves Rhodey, and Steve loves Bucky, but no one in the comics has been through as much together as Steve and Tony have. In the comics, THEY are each others rocks. Not Bucky or Rhodey. They’re best friends, no questions asked. Even when they fight, even when they’re angry with each other, even when they’re leaving each other ridiculously bloody, they love and respect each other (never said their relationship is healthy, notice how I’m not claiming that.) So yeah, comic!Stevetony and MCU!stevetony are different, and have different dynamics and if you want to keep your timelines straight (and not give yourself a MAJOR headache oh my god), they probably shouldn’t be confused for each other.


All I can ever think about is how badly I want to kiss you. // Well, at least you could tell me you’re glad to see me.

Rant; miss me with that ship hate

I am gonna tag every massive ship because everyone needs to hear me out about this. I’m not gonna call out any ships or people.

I love Voltron Legendary Defender, I really love it and all the characters are so precious and my ships make me so happy, you can’t imagine. But let me just say a goddamn thing, the fandom is pissing me the fuck off.

First of all, leave the goddamn VA’s alone? Stop harassing the voice actors about your ships; I’m not just looking at the shippers of my Notps. Nope, the shippers of my otps too. The VA’s have nothing to do with the story line so don’t drag them into this childish ‘war.’

Secondly, what the actual fuck is the point of sending hate? What is the point of stooping so low that you waste your precious time on sending hateful messages to anyone that doesn’t ship what you ship?
There are big ships in this fandom that I don’t ship and that’s not because something else is my otp. I just don’t think they have chemistry, or I see them as great platonic friends/etc… but sending hate to shippers of something you dislike does not stop them from shipping it. If anyone would send me hate about my otp they can just fuck off and go back to their lives, I’ll never stop shipping it even if something else becomes canon.

Okay before anyone that follows me calls me a hypocrite because I have reblogged things that look sort of ‘anti.’ I have reblogged things that made fun of shippers, and I’m not going to delete those posts. They are never legitimately mean, they just make fun of it, just like I have reblogged posts that make fun of shippers from my otp that show we see ‘canon!1!1!1’ in every single movement and I think those posts are funny.
Everyone needs to stop seeing this all so serious, it’s an animated series for god’s sake. So please just stop being so rude to everyone there’s no point.


1) stop dragging VA’s into your ship wars, they’re all lovely and deserve none of this
2) sending (anon)hate is childish and has no point. Just flag or ignore posts about your notp, unless you’re like me and like making fun of our pathetic fandom
3) Please just mind your own business and stop taking this all so serious. This is just an animated show. People shipping your notp won’t have any impact on your everyday life.

Finally; let’s all just enjoy the show and every character on its own, love our precious VA’s and stop behaving like children who are in need of attention thank you. If you need to reply to this or want to say/add anything else, talk to me personally or whatever go on anon I don’t care but hate will be ignored.


This is actually quite thrilling.
Good, I’m glad.


So,I know a certain ship is my fav and all,but you see,I’m what the kids call A Multi-Shipper; so I made a Wander x Beeza thing! Based off @woyprompts

Wander reached down, gathering the tired Beeza in his arms. She felt light as a feather, and he smiled fondly as he carried her off to her bed for rest.

Rebuilding an entire galaxy,was hard.

There was so much to recover from alone,everyone had to spread around to pitch in;

everyone was just thankful Hater and the Watchdogs helped rebuild,not a lot of choice,plus Hater was awfully stubborn.

Even Wander and Sylvia had to split up temporarily to help in the damage control,at the moment Wander was with the queen of the flea community herself, Beeza.

Having traveled many galaxies in his lifetime, Wander had a bit of knowledge on rebuilding and such.

Though it’s been a while since he and Beeza had started making the new building plans, a few days in fact.

Unfortunately,it left very little time for rest.

“Perhaps we should…have a stronger-stronger metal on..on the base of the pil…pillars..” the pale green alien drowsily suggested.

Wander rubbed his eye,plenty tired himself,but replied “Beeza,it’s awfully late,ya wanna turn in, all this coffee can’t be good for ya..”

Beeza shook her head tiredly “I am alright. This is quite vital to our survival,after all..”

The taller sighed “At least let me make us somethin’ to munch on,ah haven’t eaten since yesterday..”

The small queen gave a slight nod “Very well… I’ll just…continue the plan not to get us killed..”

The Nomad grunted as he got up from his seat and made his way to Beeza’s kitchen.

He found himself thankful Ballzarians’ diets consisted mostly of fruits and veggies,he perked up at seeing just what he was looking for.

Only an hour later did Wander come back with two warm bowls of vegetable soup with apple pie at its side.

“Ya really stocked up,Beeza! I got just th-” he looked up to see the small woman half asleep, her small antenna twitching slightly.

Wander gave a light chuckle “Ah had a feeling you’d tire yer self out..” he set the food to the side for a moment.

Wander reached down, gathering the tired Beeza in his arms. She felt light as a feather, and he smiled fondly as he carried her off to her bed for rest.

The taller alien tucked Beeza into her soft bed,with all its silk sheets.

The orange Nomad smiled and made a move to walk away,that is until he felt a small hand grab onto his palm,soft like flower petals.

In her sleep,Beeza held onto Wander’s hand as she churned,with a kind smile,he sat by her side, rubbing his thumb gently against her hand.

Beeza’s hand was so small compared to his, Wander chuckled at the thought,he was so used to being the smaller one.

The small flea queen clung to him,small,gentle snores escaped her tiny chest,Wander couldn’t help but smile as her antennae twitched slightly.

Wander could practically feel his fur glow,he supposed she wouldn’t mind anyway…

He bent down and gave the snoozing flea woman a small peck on her forehead, and let himself yawn.

What he didn’t notice,was Beeza’s lips curve into a small smile.


“You know, when you and I were together, every single atom in my body told me that it was the right thing. That we were the perfect fit. And that kind of love, it can change your whole life. And then when somebody who made you feel that way suddenly stops… the vacuum is just…

All I’ve heard you say is that you have no hope, and that this is your hell, so if it’s so bad then why don’t you just end it?