i made a remake of my old one

Redraw uwu

 Redraw one of my very old arts uwu

She is an old oc of mine and her name is Kara the cat animatronic!! I totally forgot about her and when i saw her after 3 years i kind of cringed and i thought hey lets remake this!! So yeah enjoy my bb! Also she was made when i was in the fnaf fandom xd


Old art:


my blog turns one year old today, so i made some icon remakes of my first post, including v for the new route to celebrate 🎉 (and ray and mc i wanted to make one for them too)

feel free to use these if you want, credit would be appreciated

Some artists friends  over there are making an activity  called #RetroCoverRemake where you must redraw the cover from an old videogame in your style (from consoles below the gamecube, xbox, ps2…) So I have done the remake of my favorite #1 videogame that is Klonoa from Playstation One. 

I have said Megaman is my favorite, but Klonoa made a huge impact on me. It’s a good game if  you’re interested to play it :’3

she-shakes-the-pine  asked:

Do you know the real story of Pocahontas ? If you did I'm sure you would want to remove her from every post including her, its ironic and contradicting that you are advocating for women of colour while also promoting colonialism

Okay this message is super patronizing but I’m going to answer it openly and honestly.

Yes, of course we all know the real story of Pocahontas. We’ve talked about it numerous times, reblogged critiques of it and had open discussions with followers about it. Our focus on this blog is looking critically at Disney films while also celebrating the film characters for what they are and the effect they have on people. We’ve also openly stated that the film should remain a one time mistake—that Disney should learn from it, and that they should leave it in the past and not attempt to drag it into the future with the this trend of live action remakes and shows like Once Upon a Time

THAT BEING SAID, I was an NDN girl growing up in the 90s with literally no access to natives in pop culture beyond the toxic portrayals in old westerns and whatever my dad could find in bookstores and video rental stores in a time before the Internet made it possible to find things instantaneously. When Pocahontas came out, I freaked out. I remember my dad freaking out. He took me opening weekend to the theater to see it. He was so excited that, at last, there was a mainstream native american character he could show me. And she was strong and she was brave and she was beautiful and she was resilient. And she meant a lot to me growing up.

But I was also lucky enough to not only have a father that knew his history, but to be surrounded by family on our reservation who were hell bent on my cousins and I learning, from a young age, Indigenous history. And it’s something I continued into my education. I took 6 semesters of Indigenous History courses so I’d say I have a better grasp than most people on the subject.

But that’s why this blog exists–to educate and inform, to highlight both the good and the bad effects of not just Pocahontas, but all the characters of color in Disney’s history. And frankly, if we banished every character because of the way their white creators mishandled them–either through ignorance or indifference–we’d be left with nothing and nobody to talk about.

Russell Means, one of the most prolific and important indigenous civil rights revolutionaries, was an actor in the film. He thought that the overall effects of the film outweighed the historical inaccuracies, as long as those inaccuracies were talked about. He said,

It’s so revolutionary, it shocked me when they showed it to me. The first thing that shocked me was the truth. The Eurocentric males are admitting why they came here–to kill Indians and to rob and pillage. That’s never been done before. This is also the first time, other than on “Northern Exposure,” that a human face has been put on an Indian female. Here’s this young woman who’s wiser than her father or any man in the village, and she causes peace to reign. It’s beautiful. (x)

So do I have conflicting feelings about the film? Absolutely I do. As I’m sure everyone reading this blog does. And we’re never gonna shove the movie down anybody’s throats or yell at them for not watching it. People are allowed to have their own feelings about stuff. And as long as people acknowledge the truth behind the movie and not try to divorce it from the real history, I don’t have a problem with someone loving the movie.

This blog focuses primarily on how pop culture and media representation affects children, for better or worse. And the fact remains that not only is this movie already a step above most Hollywood depictions of Natives in that the Natives are actually played by Natives, but it remains the ONLY source of indigenous representation that is accessible to children. Bluntly, right now, it’s all we’ve got. If you don’t think that has some significance, that’s your opinion. 

So we’ll continue to showcase Pocahontas on this blog because to not to would be to erase her from Disney’s legacy–both the good parts and the bad.



“Why are you still alive?” “You saved me.” “I saved Gallifrey.” “Yes, Gallifrey too, I suppose. There’s always collateral damage with you and me. It’s our Paris.”

I usually dislike my old drawings because they’re bland and boring like they still are
but this one has a special place in my heart
I drew this to celebrate gay marriage gettin legal and it’s one of my first gay™ drawings and I mean,,,,,,, just look at it being so pure
also I made a quick remake of it

spoiler alert they don’t get married


here she is….the love of my life…….afsdjklg i meant to make this YEARS ago and today i thought about it again like “OH MY GOD I NEVER…..I NEVER UPDATED MY DOLOROSA SPRITE……ITS BEEN YEARS!!! so yeah i owe it to 16-17 year old me to make this

here you go you gay teenage fuck. sincerely, future ashley. now all my dreams have been realized and i can finally die 

everyone i was talking to today wanted to be SURE i had not forgotten about this one, so don’t worry, i didn’t:

this is a remake of my old dolorosa sprite (which i made before act 6!! back when we had to make our OWN ancestors sprites like cave men):

(the original porrim sprite is by @chazzerpan of course)

pretty sure listening to female led metal while i slept last night made me want to do this so yeah i basically made this because of my lesbian astral visions. which, ironically, is also why i suddenly care about hs ancestors again, but i think i already told that story? 



Last year I made LEGO Fanged Iboga from Nightfall and few days ago I was pleasantly surprised by seeing it in Soulbeast preview vid. Of course I had to remake my old Iboga into a new one. It was much harder and I’m not that happy with the effect (especially the head) but Lego Digital Designer doesn’t allow doing crazy things. Anyway, it is done and I can sleep now.


Well heres the sketch of the day, this time is Beatriz with her bikini, so PP Beatriz and a little bonus for me, these two sketches are old but i already made some try to do them in PP mode so, i just remake them and i like the new one way better, well time to return to do some of peoples request and some things for my me, also try to get the last mission of the star guardian event because i need to get S Rank or higher and it gives me a bit trouble

it is so. funny. that my high school crush was 43-year-old matthew broderick in the producers remake. you don’t understand. it was awful. i made a fake matthew broderick facebook profile so that i could make my relationship status on facebook “married to matthew broderick" and i posted mean sarah jessica parker memes all the time. one day i found a video of matthew broderick giving a speech at a human rights campaign gala so i looked up the human rights campaign on wikipedia and then i fell down a wikipedia rabbit hole and started reading about stonewall and harvey milk and the kinsey scale. and the whole entire time i was like, “i am doing this because i am straight and i am in love with middle-aged matthew broderick. i am going to go watch the 2005 movie musical ‘the producers’ seventeen more times. i am very straight.” 

Okay, so this is the only really *good* picture I have of my old Minotaur plush right now. He’s hanging out at my friend’s place (that’s their daughter in the pic) due to limited room at my current place.
I’m hoping to have a few more pics to post before much longer, but this was the one I had. And y’all REALLY wanted an example!
He’s well over 10 years old at this point; I made him at some point before 2007, but I can’t remember when. He was my first big plush project, and I’m planning to remake him at a later date. My sewing and designing skills have improved by a LOT, so I’m pretty sure both the remake and the monster plushies will look a bit nicer overall.


Oh look, another remake of an old gif I made back in the Spring.
This one has a little more work and effort into it, I used my own, in need of work, art style and finally had the time to finish this!!
A little note, those colors for Jessie’s buddies aren’t canon (of course) so I played around with Sai to see what colors would fit them the best imo.

With Needles Rebuild gaining hype and resale prices trending up, it’s about time I mention some smaller Japanese brands that do similar remake work but can be found for much lower prices, assuming you can even find them at all. There’s a lot of flavors of patchwork, from punk and crust inspired clothes to boro patchwork and unconventional stitching. I’ve collected as many as I could think of here, though I ignored some labels like Kapital and Remi Relief because they’re already pretty well known.

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MBTI Webcomic is 1 year old!

I honestly didn’t think I would get this far :D. The comic itself was basically an impulsive decision like half the things in my life but it has probably been one of the best choices I have ever made. I mean, it makes me feel productive and it satisfies my need for a creative outlet, so that’s a double win!

I had planned much more for this date (a 12 part short story in comic form that I have storyboarded but still haven’t gotten to making it; remake of some old comics, wallpapers, etc.), but I’m a lazy bitch  life and school have been hard lately.

I’m really proud of how far we’ve come. I mean, we started from this:

and now we are here!

So, that being said, thank you all for sticking with me and stay tuned for much more in the future!

Lovestruck VS Choices VS Episodes VS Chapters VS the Arcana

I’m a big fan of otome games; I’ve played the ones made by Pacthesis, I played Remember Me, the original voltage apps, and I’ve come with an honest review for the five main romance-themed apps I’ve seen floating around tumblr and otherwise. 


So, I’ve been a Voltage since before Lovestruck was a thing; I was there for the original apps for To Love and Protect, Queen’s Gambit, My Killer Romance (my personal favorite), and Speakeasy Tonight (I also played Kisses & Curses). 

The first thing I noticed was in the remakes of the old games so far and in its new ones, they started including LGBT romances, like adding Sophia to Speakeasy Tonight, and Madison to Love and Protect. This was something I greatly appreciated, because I got to replay the old games with new love interests (though I’m bitter than they took out Maxwell, but they also revamped Ellis and added Madison). I also noticed the improved art style on a lot of them (especially Speakeasy Tonight), and while they’ve changed some of the writing, it’s mostly stayed the same (or improved, in Ellis’ case).

Except the new app doesn’t have a couple of things the old, singular apps did. One thing I really enjoyed was the emails; whoever you were romancing would send you a personal email at the end of every chapter, and I thought it was very cute and a nice touch (I’ve actually saved a bunch of them).

I also don’t like having to use tickets, instead of previously being able to just buy the acts and replay them whenever I want, and I wish there was an option to just buy the book so I could reread it whenever I want, with including heart options.

I’m also not crazy about the hearts function; I can appreciate that they did make their games free to play (and unlike Choices, gives you ways to earn a fair amount of hearts), but I hate having to use hearts when I’m just trying to either comfort someone, or agree to go public with my boyfriend, Elliot, though it’s not as severe as Choices is with diamonds.

I’ve also never found any of the MCs to particularly compelling, except for the Speakeasy MC.

Overall, I give it a B+, or 89/100. Would definitely recommend.


I’ve actually only been playing Choices for the past month, and it’s been a wonderful way to occupy the time.

I think Choices might have it in terms of variety of types of books, because they’re got mystery, thriller, fantasy, slice of life, and horror (I personally very much recommend It Lives in the Woods). Plus, you can play through the stories without actually romancing anybody.

The art and the writing tend to be mixed; some books are better than others (Book three of the Freshman had a lot better writing and a more coherent plot than Book 1 of the Sophomore). And each series has a different art style (Endless Summer’s art is a little silly, but I would recommend it because I think it has one of the most interesting storylines). 

However, be prepared to throw money at this game. I’m not the first to bring this up, but I wish there were more ways to earn diamonds; you get one for completing a new chapter, and I wish you either got more, got a lot for completing a book, or had something like a daily reward system, because you need a lot of diamonds to make really good choices (the latest chapter of It Lives in the Woods hit me with three diamond options).

While there are occasional good uses of diamonds (like The Crown and the Flame lets you use your prestige/power score for the same choice instead of diamonds), or keeping the NSFW scenes behind a paywall, most of them make me out to be a bad person or friend, or just grossly under-prepared for a situation, and I don’t like having my choices being blocked by money.

Overall, I rate Choices A- (mainly for the frustration of diamonds), or 91/100. Would greatly recommend. 


I used to play Episodes quite extensively, though I don’t think I ever threw many diamonds at it. Now, to be perfectly honest, I find the art style kind of ugly; I think it’s flat and unremarkable except for how cringey it is. 

And the writing, seeing as how people make their own books, definitely tended to vary. I didn’t mind the Demi Lovato books (and it did have the option to play as a boy or girl and have LGBT options). 

However, I will give it this: it does allow for ACTUAL character customization; you can pick your facial features/hair/etc, instead of the rigid options Pixelberry presents you with, or Lovestruck, where you don’t get to decide anything AT ALL, or Arcana, where your Apprentice doesn’t make a physical appearance at all. 

Overall, I give it a C-, or 60/100. Might recommend.


I’ll be totally honest with you guys; I only played a couple of chapters with this one, because it just seems like a crappier version of Choices. The writing was pretty shoddy, the art was a C-, or 45/100 at best, and I really wasn’t motivated to continue just reading it, let alone spending any money on it. Would not recommend.

The Arcana

Okay, so I love the Arcana. I think it tops Choices in terms of art, and I’m pretty interested in tarot cards and otome games, so this was an appealing mix for me. 

The art is amazing; and they provide images that are very detailed and lovingly crafted, and the lighting is often warm, eerie, but always effective.

I’ve played through Julian’s route, and a little bit of Nadia’s, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next update. The writers made a really interesting lore with a fair amount of worldbuilding in just a few chapters, and gives you a pretty clear idea of what the characters are like without really introducing them (especially in the case of Lucio).

What I do like about the Arcana, is that you play the play-for-free version, or you can choose to buy certain options, or just buy the entire book and have all the options unlocked for you. 

What I do NOT like is that most of the really good romance scenes are blocked behind paywalls; which means you either shell out for them individually, or fork over ten dollars for a three chapter book, because if you don’t choose the paid options, it doesn’t really seem like you and your LI are actually dating.

It’s the same situation with the diamonds in Choices; I understand that the writers need to make money, but I can’t help but feel a little ripped off, especially since the Wheel of Fortune gives 1,000 coins at most, but I’ve never gotten more than 40, and it takes 500 to purchase a book.

But overall, I rate The Arcana at a B+, or 87/100. Would recommend.