i made a remake of my old one


here she is….the love of my life…….afsdjklg i meant to make this YEARS ago and today i thought about it again like “OH MY GOD I NEVER…..I NEVER UPDATED MY DOLOROSA SPRITE……ITS BEEN YEARS!!! so yeah i owe it to 16-17 year old me to make this

here you go you gay teenage fuck. sincerely, future ashley. now all my dreams have been realized and i can finally die 

everyone i was talking to today wanted to be SURE i had not forgotten about this one, so don’t worry, i didn’t:

this is a remake of my old dolorosa sprite (which i made before act 6!! back when we had to make our OWN ancestors sprites like cave men):

(the original porrim sprite is by @chazzerpan of course)

pretty sure listening to female led metal while i slept last night made me want to do this so yeah i basically made this because of my lesbian astral visions. which, ironically, is also why i suddenly care about hs ancestors again, but i think i already told that story? 


Happy N7 Day guys! I’ve decided to make a remake of my 1st tarot card (which I shown up on the 7th of november too). And there are some reasons for it. It was my first-ever-made tarot so it had a terrible coloring on low-res psd so I wasn’t able to draw many details, the second reason is that EDI is actually one of my favorite cards I made and I still like it. Hope u’ll love new version.
An old version here

If people are sending in there ocs I don’t see any harm in sending in mine

There a oc I made for my own comic idea with them being the main virus

They are a mix of mainly two other beings but as you can tell that’s not it…I love them, feel free to criticize them (ps this is old art and old photo I’m gonna remake it one day)


New compared to the old one of CoverArtist I made in 2014, which was like 3 years ago owo…
I’ve wanted to remake her icon for a long time and finally got around to doing it, and I’m proud with how it turned out :) I like how the eyes got bigger and the neck thinner XD

anonymous asked:

So we've seen Kenneth take the place of Kaa in the original cartoon and in the live action remake (stunning artwork btw) so what about Kenneth sidling his way into the Jungle Book 2? Getting to Shanti before the pesky python can and hypnotizing her to sooth her fears. I for one would LOVE to see the bit where she stands on tiptoe on a rock staring upwards but instead of Kaa's open mouth above her, dear old Kenny pouting for a kiss! Hope we get to see this, you're my favourite artist online.

OOC: Ah wow, this ask made me realize that Kenny’s never had an interaction with Shanti before! Maybe I will do that :) And gosh thanks, I’m so happy you like my art, haha! ;v; <3


I was looking through my oldest Sprites (from back when I used to edit Sprites and not make them entirely from scratch). I challenged myself to remake Team 7, from Naruto, with my current skills.

The top row consists of the newly made Sprites. The bottom consists of the old ones which I made around 7 years ago.

SASUSAKU Family Portrait Sprite

NARUHINA Family Portrait Sprite 

A serious message from a not-so-serious blog

Alright, real quick. I was looking through my old drawings from a few years ago and found an old JSE drawing I made when I was 12, right when I discovered his channel. I decided to remake it and wanted to use that opportunity to tell artists to never give up on your art. Ever. Because, you are guaranteed to improve.

I draw nearly every day, and I made the first one a year and a half ago. No matter how long it takes, you will improve. I promise!

Why I Need Feminism

So last weekend I was over at my in laws house and we were all playing Clue. Every time I would go into the kitchen to make a guess my father in law would make some snide remake about me “being where women should be” or that I was “in my proper place”. It got the the point where I was visibly seething and finally snapped at hims saying “if he made one more remark then he could kiss any future pecan pies goodbye”. It shut him up for a time but he still ribbed his wife the same as he did with me. Also we were playing this because his 9 year old daughter wanted to play. Let me say that again his 9 year old daughter was playing with us and he was making these comments in front of her. What sort of message does that send her? Does he think that she isn’t listening to what he says? So yeah I don’t need feminism for just myself but my 9 year old sister in law who is forming her own opinions of the world and shouldn’t have to listen to this sexist bullshit in her house. 

Halo On A Pale Horse (Soundtrack Remake)
Martin O'Donnel, Michael Salvatori, Dylan Thompson
Halo On A Pale Horse (Soundtrack Remake)

Since my last cover, the first one I added to this new blog got so much positive feedback, I thought I’d upload another one to here. This was one I made a couple weeks ago and had on my old blog, but was one of the many that I spent months, upon months actually transcribing and creating. :) 

Enjoy.  :D

Made with FL Studio 11.

All credit goes to Martin O’Donnel and Michael Salvatori for the original Halo trilogy’s soundtrack. :) Halo is owned by Microsoft and 343 Industries.

//no filter selfie for once, I think I look aight//also, look at my dimple//

Alright, I’m going to try to do this post again. I made one a while ago, but because I don’t want to look for it, I’m remaking it—hopefully better, and less..awkward..sounding.

Hey, followers, my name is Sarah (this is helpful info if you’ve not read my bio/description thing). I am fourteen years old, there’s just so much I can’t do, and I can’t wait to move out some day and call my own shots. In three months (and nine days, exactly (September 22nd)), I will be fifteen and I won’t know who I’m supposed to be. Some general information about me is: I’m 5'7, maybe 5'8, I don’t remember anymore, I just know I’m sort of tall for my age. I am blonde and I have blue eyes (if you can’t tell from my photo). I’m not the skinniest person, but I’m not..too overweight, either.
I was born in Louisiana, and spent the first seven years and three months there. I was seven weeks premature, as my mom started having certain issues that would have killed her if I was left inside her—so I wasn’t exactly ‘birthed,’ I was technically removed. I’m an only child. I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run. I went to a public school that required a uniform. A uniform that I actually didn’t mind. Maybe it was the plaid (fun fact about me: I am in love with anything plaid, usually). Anyways, I had good friends, I had A+ grades. I didn’t have any issues in school, really.
My mom worked at Walmart, some days were long hours. My dad was a truck driver. I was with the babysitter often enough to remember her. I hardly saw my dad, and when I did, he was watching NASCAR, or drinking.. Some days we’d go out in our boat, just chill in the water, and sometimes we’d fish. I loved it, I loved anything outside. My dad made me a homemade swing on a branch on a tree in our yard. He also made me a homemade now and some arrows… When I was little, I liked my dad. I only liked him, because I didn’t know half of his story..he was an alcoholic. He was in jail on and off… He wasn’t the only alcoholic in my family though… My mom’s twin sister and brother (I don’t refer to them as 'aunt’ and 'uncle’ unless I absolutely need to) were and are alcoholics as well. My mom’s brother was in a car accident, and was sent to jail for DUI. My mom’s sister would drink and call us. We never answered the phone, and she would leave nasty messages..threatening things.. My mom and I would have to leave because I was afraid in case her sister came over…
In October, I believe, of 2006, my dad found out he had cancer, lung cancer. I don’t know much about it, I was six. But I do remember something about it spreading a little bit. February 24th, 2007, my mom and I wanted to take a break, she had been busy, busy, busy, taking care of my dad, so she called some family members, and my mom and I went out to eat, to treat ourselves. We ate, and came back home to find out my dad had just died/was dying (I don’t remember). I did not cry. My mom had to go through my dad’s car when he died, and a few years later, I found out that he had been having affairs with my babysitter, with random 20-something’s in bars. My mom and I know that, because he had them pose for photos. I’ve hated my dad and my ex-babysitter since. If my dad were alive today, I know I would want nothing to do with him.
In December of 2007, my mom and I moved to Michigan—home of the rest of my family. In Michigan, I started a new school. I started the second half of second grade after Christmas break. I made friends, but not many. Only a select few liked me, I didn’t know why most of my class hates me.. My grandmother passed, and then my other grandmother passed. I started hearing Our Song and Teardrops On My Guitar on the radio, and I fell in love with them. In third grade at this same school, I was talking to one of my friends about my clothing.. My mom only had one job here, and it wasn’t..much. We sometimes could hardly afford paper plates—we reused our paper plates until the end of the day. So, I was bigger than the average child, I’ve never been an athletic person, either, so I was chubby. I didn’t have “cute” clothing, and I was talking to one of my friends and said something along the lines of “I don’t care what I wear..” And these two popular girls turned around, gave me a onceover, laughed, and said “Clearly.” I had heard snarky comments about me, ugly, fat, etc., but I never understood them until I was older. They stuck in my mind, but I never.. The words never clicked. In my class, we also had a silly recess game of “American Idol,” and two of my friends cornered me in the bathroom, and said “Hey, I’m gonna be part of the game, wanna help me decide on a song?” One of them had Taylor Swift’s (the album) lyric booklet and the other had Fearless’s lyric booklet in their hands. I don’t remember what songs they sang, but that’s what made me realize that the songs I’d heard on the radio, were by this curly-haired, blonde teenage girl.
In fourth grade, I started getting left out, I started getting insulted more… Soon, I became a person who would break down crying in a corner of the classroom…
Fifth grade started a new chapter for me—I transferred schools, again. This time, I was at a public charter school. I was back to a uniform. Fifth grade was a blur of a year, I was quiet and befriended my classmates… I didn’t have a computer for school projects, so I would borrow my neighbors computer. While working on schoolwork, I would go to YouTube and listen to Taylor Swift’s music. I would watch any of her music videos. Soon, I got Taylor Swift and Fearless, and then Speak Now when it was released. Sixth grade, was also a blur, it was just me getting through and making more friends. My mom then got a second job, she was working two jobs to support us.
Seventh grade…hah, seventh grade was hell. This story will be for another day, but it was..it was middle school drama, amped up. It was horrible, I broke down so many times, I started hating myself, I never told anyone but a few people. The only highlight of that year was Red being released. Even then, I was picked on because I always had one of Taylor’s lyric booklets with me. Eighth grade went by better, I was down to about three friends, and way less drama. Little did I know, it would be the last year at that school.
Ninth grade started last September. I went to the public charter school for the first two weeks, and I ended up transferring to an online school. I was SO much happier, I was tired of being surrounded by people who started to hate me. I was tired of being called a snob, a brat, a bitch, etc., I’m not mean, I only defend myself.
I was beyond stoked to hear about 1989 being released. I had my birthday happen, and I got some money. I managed to keep 20 dollars for a month and six days (which is actually a bit surprising) and I begged my mom to take me to Target for the deluxe version (we never shop at Target). I was so happy, I am so happy.
Taylor’s music has always been here for me. From Tied Together With A Smile when I hated myself, to Fearless when I felt good about myself. I went from crying to All Too Well, to screaming the lyrics to Long Live. I fell in love with 1989 when I first heard it, and I entered myself into that original sweepstake that came with the deluxe CD (I’m not sure if it came with the normal versions) and I didn’t win, of course, haha. I’ve never been to any of Taylor’s shows and I don’t see myself going to any anytime soon, tickets are too expensive; plus, Taylor has already been in Michigan and the closest show is Chicago, but even if tickets were affordable, I would be skipping my best friend’s birthday. I don’t even have any merchandise…aside from a red Red bracelet.
In March of this year, I felt lonely and decided to join tumblr. I didn’t have ANY friends who liked Taylor’s music, not even my mom likes her music, so I decided “hey, you know what, I’ll do this, maybe I’ll make some friends,” so I followed Taylor, and started following fans’ blogs. On April 15th, Taylor made my year, she followed me. I’ve been told it’s almost like a record—getting a follow from her in a little over a month. I don’t think I actually tried very much to get her attention, I think I tagged her for a few things and that’s it. On May fifth, Taylor liked two of my posts—well, reblogs, and I didn’t even find out until three days later (Taylor Swiftie is Shifty). So, in total, Taylor has noticed me three times, and I am beyond ecstatic that she actually..has acknowledged who I am.
Taylor Alison Swift, if you are reading this, I just want to say, I love you to the moon and back. You’re probably so used to these posts, but I honestly just.. You’re my idol. You’re my hero. I aspire to be like you, kind to everyone, and caring and funny and amazing and I want to have the confidence you have. I want you to know that I will stand by you forever, I will proudly be a Swiftie. I will support you and stand up for you. As long as you are happy, I will be happy. I wish I could meet you, but I can only hope at the moment. It could happen in the future, and if it does, I will be so happy. My mom still works two jobs, and I plan on graduating a semester early. Instead of June of 2018, I will be graduating in January of 2018, and for once I’m sort of proud of myself.
I don’t hate myself anymore, I don’t find myself as ugly as I found myself before. I’m still “fat” but not.. I’m not fat-fat, if that makes sense. I should be able to accept myself for myself, and I am. Taylor Swift loves me..not specifically me, but she loves her fans and that’s enough for me.
From Taylor Swift to Fearless to Speak Now to Red, and now to 1989, I will always be here. I will always love you.