i made a remake of my old one

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Do you know the real story of Pocahontas ? If you did I'm sure you would want to remove her from every post including her, its ironic and contradicting that you are advocating for women of colour while also promoting colonialism

Okay this message is super patronizing but I’m going to answer it openly and honestly.

Yes, of course we all know the real story of Pocahontas. We’ve talked about it numerous times, reblogged critiques of it and had open discussions with followers about it. Our focus on this blog is looking critically at Disney films while also celebrating the film characters for what they are and the effect they have on people. We’ve also openly stated that the film should remain a one time mistake—that Disney should learn from it, and that they should leave it in the past and not attempt to drag it into the future with the this trend of live action remakes and shows like Once Upon a Time

THAT BEING SAID, I was an NDN girl growing up in the 90s with literally no access to natives in pop culture beyond the toxic portrayals in old westerns and whatever my dad could find in bookstores and video rental stores in a time before the Internet made it possible to find things instantaneously. When Pocahontas came out, I freaked out. I remember my dad freaking out. He took me opening weekend to the theater to see it. He was so excited that, at last, there was a mainstream native american character he could show me. And she was strong and she was brave and she was beautiful and she was resilient. And she meant a lot to me growing up.

But I was also lucky enough to not only have a father that knew his history, but to be surrounded by family on our reservation who were hell bent on my cousins and I learning, from a young age, Indigenous history. And it’s something I continued into my education. I took 6 semesters of Indigenous History courses so I’d say I have a better grasp than most people on the subject.

But that’s why this blog exists–to educate and inform, to highlight both the good and the bad effects of not just Pocahontas, but all the characters of color in Disney’s history. And frankly, if we banished every character because of the way their white creators mishandled them–either through ignorance or indifference–we’d be left with nothing and nobody to talk about.

Russell Means, one of the most prolific and important indigenous civil rights revolutionaries, was an actor in the film. He thought that the overall effects of the film outweighed the historical inaccuracies, as long as those inaccuracies were talked about. He said,

It’s so revolutionary, it shocked me when they showed it to me. The first thing that shocked me was the truth. The Eurocentric males are admitting why they came here–to kill Indians and to rob and pillage. That’s never been done before. This is also the first time, other than on “Northern Exposure,” that a human face has been put on an Indian female. Here’s this young woman who’s wiser than her father or any man in the village, and she causes peace to reign. It’s beautiful. (x)

So do I have conflicting feelings about the film? Absolutely I do. As I’m sure everyone reading this blog does. And we’re never gonna shove the movie down anybody’s throats or yell at them for not watching it. People are allowed to have their own feelings about stuff. And as long as people acknowledge the truth behind the movie and not try to divorce it from the real history, I don’t have a problem with someone loving the movie.

This blog focuses primarily on how pop culture and media representation affects children, for better or worse. And the fact remains that not only is this movie already a step above most Hollywood depictions of Natives in that the Natives are actually played by Natives, but it remains the ONLY source of indigenous representation that is accessible to children. Bluntly, right now, it’s all we’ve got. If you don’t think that has some significance, that’s your opinion. 

So we’ll continue to showcase Pocahontas on this blog because to not to would be to erase her from Disney’s legacy–both the good parts and the bad.


I usually dislike my old drawings because they’re bland and boring like they still are
but this one has a special place in my heart
I drew this to celebrate gay marriage gettin legal and it’s one of my first gay™ drawings and I mean,,,,,,, just look at it being so pure
also I made a quick remake of it

spoiler alert they don’t get married


here she is….the love of my life…….afsdjklg i meant to make this YEARS ago and today i thought about it again like “OH MY GOD I NEVER…..I NEVER UPDATED MY DOLOROSA SPRITE……ITS BEEN YEARS!!! so yeah i owe it to 16-17 year old me to make this

here you go you gay teenage fuck. sincerely, future ashley. now all my dreams have been realized and i can finally die 

everyone i was talking to today wanted to be SURE i had not forgotten about this one, so don’t worry, i didn’t:

this is a remake of my old dolorosa sprite (which i made before act 6!! back when we had to make our OWN ancestors sprites like cave men):

(the original porrim sprite is by @chazzerpan of course)

pretty sure listening to female led metal while i slept last night made me want to do this so yeah i basically made this because of my lesbian astral visions. which, ironically, is also why i suddenly care about hs ancestors again, but i think i already told that story? 


With Needles Rebuild gaining hype and resale prices trending up, it’s about time I mention some smaller Japanese brands that do similar remake work but can be found for much lower prices, assuming you can even find them at all. There’s a lot of flavors of patchwork, from punk and crust inspired clothes to boro patchwork and unconventional stitching. I’ve collected as many as I could think of here, though I ignored some labels like Kapital and Remi Relief because they’re already pretty well known.

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“Why are you still alive?” “You saved me.” “I saved Gallifrey.” “Yes, Gallifrey too, I suppose. There’s always collateral damage with you and me. It’s our Paris.”


Well damn the lighting shit but I have been harping on for MONTHS about how I wanted to remake my Knight of Camelot cape and this weekend I did! My old one was fine, but I wanted one with more swoosh and perhaps a closer colour to the ones on the show.

I made it with the wine red linen look fabric from Minerva Crafts (joined their craft club, £20 a year and you get 10% off your orders). Those series 5 promo pics of Arthur with his cloak all billowed out were incredibly helpful because through that I found out it looked like they used French seams (definitely the best way to go, they look really good).

The Pendragon emblem and fastening were purged from the old cape (RIP old buddy) and I’m just really proud of this!


I was looking through my oldest Sprites (from back when I used to edit Sprites and not make them entirely from scratch). I challenged myself to remake Team 7, from Naruto, with my current skills.

The top row consists of the newly made Sprites. The bottom consists of the old ones which I made around 7 years ago.

SASUSAKU Family Portrait Sprite

NARUHINA Family Portrait Sprite 

JRPGs 2016

There’s a lot more than I thought.

Definitely 2016 

In approximate order of bigness

Final Fantasy XV

Definitely 2016. Definitely a big deal. It’s been a long time coming. 

Persona 5

While not as big of a deal as FFXV generally speaking, within communities of people who really care about the genre, there is just as much hype for persona 5. 

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness 

If its anything like its four predecessors, it should be a great adventure.While I think some poor choices were made in the character designs - the male costumes are boring and on the other side of the spectrum Fiore has godawful chequered tits - the game should more than make up for this.  And who knows, if were lucky/unlucky we might get a SO3 level plot twist. 

Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue

A compilation of three things. The exciting part is Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage. This is a short game serving as prologue and tech demo for Kingdom Hearts 3

The bulk of the product is  Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, the remaster of  Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS. But will they fix the infinite wall jump?

The bit people forget is Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, a set of cinematics to tell a story that very few people realise is of any importance, based on a browser/mobile game that people outside of japan have yet to play.

One disk, four terrible names, what a bargain!

Would place this higher, but I am aware of my own bias’s.

World of Final Fantasy

Also known as the adventures of FakeRoxas and Girl.

From what I’ve seen it looks very pretty and cute and like it could be fun, appealing to those who miss traditional turn based systems. But no one really asked for it. 

Valkyria Chronicles HD

Another HD remaster. Critically acclaimed tactical war based rpg. 

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir 

Another HD remake of a critically acclaimed game. This ones a 2D side-scrolling action game. 

Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna

Tailor made to appeal to fans of the super old school, while also being very pretty. However no one has really heard of it, and it will probably need a new title for the western release. 

God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2

Popular in Japan, apparently. 

Nights of Azure 

Already released in Japan and I’ve not heard anything good about this game. I have a general rule which is that I watch the trailer and if it looks like there has been more effort put into boob jiggle than environments I pass. This failed hard. 

Maybe 2016

Tales of Beseria

While the original trailer killed my hype - Velvets design is horrible and everything is trying so hard to be dark- the recent reveals have picked up my spirit and at the end of the day it’s still a tales game.I will buy it and enjoy it and so will a great many others. Confirmed for 2016 for Japan, but no word on a western release window. 

Here is the latest trailer and my analysis

Nier Automata 

Very little is known and there has been talk of a 2016 Japanese release, but all we can know for certain is that it looks extremely cool.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

TBH, I’m really not qualified to discuss this franchise. People are running into a gunfight with swords for some reason. Oh, and this ones real-time as opposed to turn based like the original series. 


Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Do I need to say anything?

Kingdom Hearts 3

Back to sensible naming conventions. Why does Kingdom Hearts get double the number of pictures of the other games? Because its Kingdom Hearts.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom 

What did we do to deserve something as pure and sweet and wonderful as Ni No Kuni? We’ll never know. 


Really only included for completions sake. Is it a JRPG? Its an action RPG by a Japanese developer, and looking at it in motion it does seen rather JRPGish (just look at the environments). The Characters buzzcut seems to be a deliberate subversion of tropes. But since its a Xbone exclusive, do any JRPG fans really care. There’s a fair likelihood of it being ported to PC however.


That was a very long list, wasn’t it?  And that’s not even including portable games.Even if only half of these turn out to be good it will still mean one of the best times for JRPG’s in a very long time, and I think this list stands as a wonderful testament to breadth of variety in my favourite genre. 

If I missed anything, feel free to add!                                                                

Happy N7 Day guys! I’ve decided to make a remake of my 1st tarot card (which I shown up on the 7th of november too). And there are some reasons for it. It was my first-ever-made tarot so it had a terrible coloring on low-res psd so I wasn’t able to draw many details, the second reason is that EDI is actually one of my favorite cards I made and I still like it. Hope u’ll love new version.
An old version here


so, i didn’t draw a single thing today, don’t really have any ideas, maybe you guys could send some requests? idk, i just…. i feel kinda meh right now (watever the hell that means)
anyways, as i was looking for ideas i got to some of my old drawings and i found my VERY old drawing(i guess it was… two years ago?)  and a remake of it i made a couple of months ago, i kinda did it to see how much i’ve improved since then
and yeah, when i first drew the remake i thought it was flawless, just like i thought about the first one as well, but now i see a bunch of major flaws, i just glad i have some improvments
by the way, this is my old character i made ages ago, Diana the vampire (she actually had a whole back story which was totally stupid, my originality sucked back then)

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I'M SORRY! I did play black for a while but for some reason i just didnt like it. I really like the story and the professor was my favorite until sycamore and some of the pokemon designs were really cool but I just couldn't get into it. I did try again later but I just got bored with it. If they remake it in like 10 years I promise I'll play it again.

nah it’s alright! its just my favorite gen and i get a little defensive about it. but it was one if my first games that I got serious about. tbh i dont like the professor that much either. but I just really likes the character designs, they made it seem like the pc was an older teen rather than a 10 year old. and the colors were a lot nicer, since the 3d versions make the pokemon look desaturated.


So in my art class we were making some scratch art and then after finishing mine, i decided to make another one just for kicks 

i ended up remaking the one i made last year 

really wanted to refrain from drawing cat-things but i guess it doesnt hurt to just remake an old drawing haha 

one on the left hand side is the new one, the other is the one from last year

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