i made a really shitty edit

Okay but one time I fell asleep in class and had a dream that there was another episode similar to On the Run but Jasper was the one that goes after Amethyst and they have a talk about who they are, what they could be, and then Amethyst calls her Sis and hugs her leg because she’s so short and Jasper gets all flustered because she actually succeeded in making someone feel good and it makes her feel better about herself



as 2016 comes to and end, i would like to thank you all for your kindness and patience with me. this year was extremely challenging yet rewarding in regard to my personal growth. aside from that, it was really shitty but we can make it through 2017 together ♥ ♥ ♥

btw i reached 700 followers! i’m really grateful that so many people appreciate my work (especially since photoshop is so stressful). i haven’t made anything in 9 months, but hopefully i can post some edits soon!

here’s a shoutout to the people who fill my dash with beautiful, fun and inspiring content. thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!

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A quick sheith animatic I threw together for Valentine’s Day ♥

this is supposed to be kind of a warm up before I start working on my bigger sheith project~


Hey my pals, I put together a quick video of me applying my Trill spots for my Jadzia Dax closet cosplay that I did awhile back! Nothing really special!

I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW™ Pomade in Medium Brown for the spots (that’s all I had laying around at the time lol)

And my wig is a IMLADRIS CLASSIC in Spanish Brown from Arda Wigs

happy friday the 13th! i know it’s after new years but shut up that’s why (also forgive the shitty edit, this was a quick decision thing). so i never really do these because i always worry i leave someone out/people get their feelings hurt/general favoritism, but! clearly i’m doing one right now lmao. 

i made this blog on november 18, 2016, and in less than three months i’ve gained 160+ followers and that just blows my mind! i had been out of the roleplay community for over a year, so to be welcomed back this way has been really, really nice, especially because selina is a new muse for me. i’m so grateful that people like my portrayal enough to follow me, it genuinely boggles my mind and i’m incredibly thankful. this list by no means encompasses everyone i admire, it’s just a quick run through of people i really appreciate being here. 

                                                      P U R R F E C T   P E T S 


                     mccall - okay so you’re my irl partner, but that’s not why you’re on this list (well, i guess it sort of is?​​ shut up). i love you so so so much–not just because you’re you, but you’re the one who encouraged me to make selina in the first place, and you’ve been so patient with my questions about insignificant details (do you like this border, or this border that’s just 1 pixel different? what do you mean you can’t tell the difference?). you mean so much to me and i’m so happy to be able to go through this experience with you. plus, you’re the best jon crane that’s ever graced this website (but you knew that already). ❤


                    fae & co. - i knew you a bit from mccall talking about you, but getting to know you has been such an amazing experience. i truly consider you a close friend and i’m really greatful for how supportive and understanding you’ve been. you personally (all of you) are amazing, and i look forward to going on as your friend. i love the interactions between lindsay and selina and i can’t wait to do more; selina’s dying to take this kid under her wing. will lindsay let her? probably not, but it’ll still be fun to figure out. ❤


                    rosa - just. gosh. i’ve told you a million times how enraptured i am with your stephen, just from a few interactions, but let me tell you again. tbh i didn’t give a shit about him before i saw your portrayal. i didn’t read the comics, i didn’t watch the movie, i just wasn’t interested. but your stephen has made me interested. i know there’s canon divergence in your portrayal, but you’ve made me want to learn what the original canon is (well, as much as one can with comics, anyway). i also never planned to ship selina but here we are in hell. you’ve also been very patient and understanding when i’ve talked to you about my insecurities about my selina. i really appreciate you being here and really hope to continue writing with you soon. ❤

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thank you all once again for being here with me. here’s to a great 2017!


Who are you? Alex. From? Sheffield. From? Eng… Shef… Arctic Monkeys!


It’s four am. My internet is shit here. But I did these edits just now :U

I should’ve just used marks video from case animatronics instead of the park but my mind is tired so i made this

An edit where Mark and Jack switch places?? idk man here you go im tired

EDIT : The chair has been bugging me so i changed it. let me know what else I should change if necessary. Man Im really bad at photoshop XD please recommend me more edits i should do so I can practice.


when the evening shadows and the stars appear
and there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
to make you feel my love.

Parent-Teacher Interview


I love these two, and I’m really sorry for putting them through this (I’m not)

Summary: It’s parent-teacher interviews night, and Nagisa is the first one to go. With Korosensei as a teacher, and Hiromi Shiota being… who she is, it goes exactly how well you think it goes.

Pairing(s): Karma x Nagisa

Word count: 3093

Warnings: Abusive mum stuff, not edited at all, everyone’s suuuper OOC, one f-bomb and I made everything a little extreme I think

Disclaimer: Why the hell would I write these shitty oneshots about my own characters??



Parent-teacher interviews were today, and there was nothing Nagisa was dreading more.

“What are your parents like, Nagisa-kun?” Kurahashi chirped “You’ve never mentioned them before.”

“I-um,” Nagisa gulped uncomfortably, “my father left when I was small, so it’s just me and my mother…”

The smile fell off her face. “Oh, I’m sorry,” Kurahashi apologised as the mood grew sombre.

Nagisa shook his head, forcing a smile. “Don’t worry about it,” he told her, “what are your parents like, Kurahashi-san?”

“My dad’s the CEO of this small-scale insurance company, so he’s really busy a lot but he still tries to make time for me,” she gushed, “and my mum’s a manager in a bank, I’m not exactly sure what she does but she says it’s a good job. They’re both really nice people and I love them very much.”

“They sound like good parents,” Nagisa agreed, a shaky wistfulness to his tone..

“They are,” Kurahashi nodded, “and I’m glad they opted to send an email this year, I always loose the note.”

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So, as you guys know, I made an edit of Mo Guan Shan not long ago.

It wasn’t really good but hey, looks like you liked it~

But today I found my edit

And it wasn’t a reblog

Someone had reposted it without asking nor giving credits.

I asked that person not to repost it and, hey, my comment was deleted and I can no longer comment there.

So now, the only hope I have is that tumblr erase it. ( I obviously reported it)

What I wanna say with this post is that it doesn’t matter how shitty the post is, please don’t repost my things.

It’s rude c:

anonymous asked:

hey, what emulator do you use? I checked online but there seem to be so many options... I'd love to play this game again! your blog's made me really miss it.

I use ePSXe! I made a post about how to set it up and where to find roms and stuff here (it’s a little clunky and some of the images are kinda shitty but you get the idea for the most part)

edit: here it is!


To me,  Björn Andrésen is like a real Wolfram. At least in this picture, because his expression and hair and eyes really suits Wolf. Here’s the original portrait:

I decided to use this idea for a couple of shitty edits, I know it’s not the best quality but at least I had fun with it xD Also, I’ve been always amazed by Takarazuka costumes, and I was dying to use these clothes mixed with the pics. 

In these photos Björn is playing as Tadzio from Death in Venice, the movie that made him famous. The curious side about all this is the character was a hit on japan, and the looks of “beautiful boy” inspired what we know today as bishounens in manga and anime. So, maybe I’m not that crazy and T-sense was thinking about this guy when she wrote about Wolfram the first time :B The movie is from 1971 so she could be one of the teenager fanatics of the pretty boy looks of Tadzio.

And I’ll use this for the MA-Event anyway, I’ll add it as an entry for past month xDDDD