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I was listening to the song “Oh It Is Love” by Hellogoodbye while I drew this AND I JUST. IT’S SO CUTE AND HAPPY ////////. Also! Somebody made a Connverse mix on 8tracks, WHICH MAKES ME FEEL SO HAPPY AND MELTY INSIDE, pls listen to it, it’s rly cute. (✿ ◕ᗜ◕)━♫.*・。゚

Edit: I uploaded a slightly smaller version to replace the original size one, tumblr made it look super shitty, hopefully this makes it look a little better?

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A quick sheith animatic I threw together for Valentine’s Day ♥

this is supposed to be kind of a warm up before I start working on my bigger sheith project~

Sometimes the song “let it go” by Kyle Coglitore plays while I’m driving or doing school work. That song was always on Leafy’s old outro and fuck listening to it now makes me sad? Like I miss those days were it was so fun to go through this tag and see all the really cool edits and fanart.

Ever since the content cop and all the exposed videos things never picked up where they were left off. It might sound stupid but it was really a little thing that made my shitty days a bit better.

It’s tough to see how things will never be the same, for this fandom or Calvin himself.

a thing about fic writing

Okay, so I want to say a thing and I hope it comes across right. 

This is in regards to Codename: Cupcake but it really could be said about all fic. I’ve been thinking about how we as writers love interaction with our readers, and for most of us, it’s really what keeps us going. First, of course, there’s the love for the source and the fandom, but the thing that keeps you going is the knowledge that what you’re writing means something to someone, and I’ve had the AMAZING fortune of having people read and sometimes love my fics and for the most part, the comments and interaction is amazing. Obviously, I’ve met some amazing people because of fic, like my fellow author of Cupcake and lover of sweet papanasi (Romanian doughnuts), @leftylain

Thing is, sometimes writing just comes in these waves. One week you might find that the stars are aligned just right and you find yourself with lots of time and inspiration and the muse is practically writing the chapters for you, but then other times you can barely churn out a word. 

And so when it’s been awhile between updates, and I mean, a good long while, it could be for so many reasons. I haven’t abandoned any of my fics, for example, even though For the Laughs remains woefully unfinished, I still plan on finishing it, because it is like my child. Loki is just lost to me right now, and hopefully I’ll find him with the first Ragnarok trailer I see. But if I finished it right now, somehow Darcy would end up with Bucky Barnes, and that is just not meant to happen, so … 

I remember reading Tori Amos’ autobiography a few years ago, and in it her husband was talking about how she’s always working on songs. He’s seen her write a song in an hour, practically pulling it out of thin air … and he’s also seen her work on a song for years. It’s the same thing here. 

With Cupcake, it’s really just a matter of circumstances. There’s two authors and we both have lives and muses and different shit going on. I know that there was at least several weeks when I couldn’t write due to the political climate, and I know how stupid that sounds, but it’s true. I just could not concentrate long enough or let my mind get into a zone where I was able to transport myself into that world. All I could do was read the news. And then a few weeks ago, everyone I worked with got sick except me, so work was crazy and I had zero energy to create coherent thoughts or to make any sense of writing. 

My Ivar fic was lucky because I had written so much of it in a fit of creativity and broke it up into a few chapters, and was able to coast for a little while just doing some editing. He’s also lucky because I haven’t made his plot super-complicated, but I digress. 

See, when us fic authors get comments like “RIP Codename: Cupcake, it was nice knowing you”, like we got yesterday … it feels shitty. Because we honestly feel bad about not updating. We really do. There’s this constant nagging thing in the back of our minds at all times saying HEY REMEMBER YOUR BABY? You’re neglecting your baby! 

You don’t need to remind us. I promise. 

I never want to discourage commenters, but trying to be deliberately hurtful? To get us to write? Not cool, man. 

Let me tell you a thing that happens. When we start getting these kinds of comments, we DO really want to update, I promise. But we start feeling like we have to, it becomes an obligation, it becomes less fun. It starts to feel like pressure … it starts to feel like a job

And then it starts to feel like a job that you’re not getting paid for, and that will kill a muse faster than … well, really fast. 

Here’s the thing. We love writing, we live for it. It brings us so much joy, you don’t even know. And interacting with readers and being able to talk about these things that WE LOVE SO MUCH and these characters that WE LOVE SO MUCH is such a gift. Seriously, such a gift. 

But it can’t feel like a job. Comments can’t start making us feel like we have 20 bosses coming up to us and asking for TPS reports. We start getting all glassy eyed and would rather go fishing. 

And I mean, hey, if someone want to donate to my paypal account, I’ll write ya some words, otherwise I have to give my full attention to paid gigs that keeps my cable package going and a roof over my head. And the moments left over before I fall into bed, exhausted from running a marathon all day through my life, those are mine, and I get to do what I want with those because they are precious, and a lot of that time, it does involve writing fic, because it brings me so much joy and fulfillment, but sometimes … life man. 

Anyway. TL;DR … don’t be a dick in a comments section. Come at me about the story, come at me with critique, come at me about character development, I can handle it, but don’t come at me with passive aggressive bullshit about us not updating fast enough to your liking, unless you’re actually the one signing our checks. 


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CRACK VIDS! YAY! We have a bunch of awesome people like @lafiametta and @leopoldfitz writing fic, we have amazing edits served up hot by @veronagifs and @dailystillstarcrossed but I haven’t seen any crack vids yet! :O

I thought I’d give it a shot but this is the first one I’ve ever actually made to completion and uploaded, be gentle, haha. Hope it’s okay.

PSA: Audio for the first and third bits is pretty shitty but I don’t live in the US and clips with their real audio are hard to come by for new shows and, well, anything really. Anyway!


Who are you? Alex. From? Sheffield. From? Eng… Shef… Arctic Monkeys!


☕️🌺 Floral Shardo Lockscreens 🌷😎

↳3.11 Lockscreens, because canon Shardo deserves to be what stares at you when you open your phone. Like or reblog if you download.

Requested by and made for  @pansexual-link-larkin. (I hope you like them)

Credit and my sanity to Ngozi for webcomic.

Now these upload fine for iphones (thanks to @ftchocoholic for helping me figure that out) but I am android trash and they will not work on my phone. But never fear! If you are like me i have a solution. (under the cut)

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anonymous asked:

hey may i ask what made you feel that way about trc?

of course!! uhhh, this got longer than intended, and also this sounds really aggressive, i’m sorry, i needed to rant. but. here you go. this is full of trk spoilers btw. 

actual problems with the series:

  • the ~~feminism~~ or lack thereof tbh “aren’t feminists supposed to have big muscles?” get stuffed dick gansey please shove a camaro up ur ass
  • orla!! blue resents her. the whole ~~gansey found blue’s calves far more tantalising than orla’s cubic metres of skin blah blah blah~~ or whatever and also that look he exchanges with adam when she’s in that orange bikini like….get out you gross white boys let her do her thing i guarantee she’ll look better than u while doing it you dicks
  • less of a big deal, i suppose, but blue is compared to a table and helen is compared to a computer whereas the boys are like….magic forests and dreamers and kings yikes
  • everyone is white!! i am sick to death of white people in books jfc can i be represented in popular ya lit, like, once? i know fandom likes to fancast them as poc, and that is wonderful, but they were written as a bunch of white people and that makes me very :/
  • it’s racist as hell. all of that stuff about orla’s nose, ugh, go away.
  • more racism: henry cheng!! ugh!! i can’t believe the boys being racist little shits got turned into a cutesy pynch scene i mean i like pynch but…..ew
  • “He did a vaguely offensive version of Henry’s voice”
  • also the whole “why do u insult urself?” “i do it before other people can” you know what? i did that when i was eleven?? when i hated myself for not being white??? i loathed myself i loathed my skin and you know what, including that was not fucking necessary why did you feel the need to include that hmm 
  • in summary: uggghhh fuck off why did you include racism 
  • fucking white authors i cannot 
  • some posts about racism in trc which are better phrased than this: one, two
  • it’s just really problematic and gross and i’m sick of pretending it’s not 

things i personally don’t like:

  • the writing is kind of patronising rip the storyline is good but i don’t like the writing. the only book i genuinely enjoyed, pace and character wise, is the dream thieves
  • imo kavinsky was the only decent antagonist in the series
  • the raven king was…..really weak ngl 
  • why were there 500000 new antagonists in trk
  • gansey!! kill off gansey!!! please!!!! he was dead for all of five pages
  • maybe glendower was the friends we made along the way :) :) :) :) :) 

in summary, trk was just too racist and gross, as well as just plain boring, for me to keep ignoring all the shitty stuff. and so i am officially Over these books. i’m still going to reblog pretty edits and i will always love some of the characters but…..yeah.

Parent-Teacher Interview


I love these two, and I’m really sorry for putting them through this (I’m not)

Summary: It’s parent-teacher interviews night, and Nagisa is the first one to go. With Korosensei as a teacher, and Hiromi Shiota being… who she is, it goes exactly how well you think it goes.

Pairing(s): Karma x Nagisa

Word count: 3093

Warnings: Abusive mum stuff, not edited at all, everyone’s suuuper OOC, one f-bomb and I made everything a little extreme I think

Disclaimer: Why the hell would I write these shitty oneshots about my own characters??



Parent-teacher interviews were today, and there was nothing Nagisa was dreading more.

“What are your parents like, Nagisa-kun?” Kurahashi chirped “You’ve never mentioned them before.”

“I-um,” Nagisa gulped uncomfortably, “my father left when I was small, so it’s just me and my mother…”

The smile fell off her face. “Oh, I’m sorry,” Kurahashi apologised as the mood grew sombre.

Nagisa shook his head, forcing a smile. “Don’t worry about it,” he told her, “what are your parents like, Kurahashi-san?”

“My dad’s the CEO of this small-scale insurance company, so he’s really busy a lot but he still tries to make time for me,” she gushed, “and my mum’s a manager in a bank, I’m not exactly sure what she does but she says it’s a good job. They’re both really nice people and I love them very much.”

“They sound like good parents,” Nagisa agreed, a shaky wistfulness to his tone..

“They are,” Kurahashi nodded, “and I’m glad they opted to send an email this year, I always loose the note.”

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Okay but one time I fell asleep in class and had a dream that there was another episode similar to On the Run but Jasper was the one that goes after Amethyst and they have a talk about who they are, what they could be, and then Amethyst calls her Sis and hugs her leg because she’s so short and Jasper gets all flustered because she actually succeeded in making someone feel good and it makes her feel better about herself



when the evening shadows and the stars appear
and there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
to make you feel my love.