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Cabana, by Tumblr
Hang out, watch stuff.

iOS and Android 

Hey! We made a new iPhone app. It’s called Cabana and it’s for hanging out with friends and watching videos.

Wait, a whole new app?

Yup, a whole new app.


Yeah! It’s good. You just open it, video chat with up to five friends, and watch stuff together.

Hey, neat. Anything else I should know?

Nah, it’s pretty simple. It looks like that👇 . We’ve got some ideas about where to go with it, but hey, all in good time. 

<3 Tumblr

Oh, p.s., the Android version should be out in a few weeks. Enjoy. 

Imagine Chris helping you take care of your little sister.

A/N: I know it’s been a while, I’ve been suffering from good old writer’s block. Anyway, here’s a piece. I think there may be a part 2 to this, but don’t quote me. We’ll see how the response for this one is. X

Your little sister, Olive, watched cartoons in your living room with your boyfriend, Chris, while you stood in your kitchen on the phone with your mom. The two of you were in the argument of your life thanks to the actions of the youngest member in your family. Your eight year old sister had managed to ditch school after her nanny dropped her off, and somehow found her way to your apartment which was two hours away. As upset as the two of you were at her, you couldn’t help but be amazed by her; she’d only ever been to your apartment with the company of another adult, how she remembered the directions and the address was beyond you.

“Do you think you can watch Olive for a few hours?” Your mom asked and you sighed. “I know you’ve got a big meeting later, but I’ve got a client coming in in about fifteen minutes and your dad’s still operating. I’d send Zoe, but she’s clearly fired after today.” You tried to get a word in but she interrupted, “it’s just a few hours, Y/N.”

“Mom, I can’t risk missing today’s meeting,” you argued. “It’s down to me and-”

“I know, sweetheart,” she said then sighed, “look. I promise I’ll be there before you have to go, I just have to take this client and I’ll cancel the rest of my day. Just give me a few hours,” she told you and you sighed again. “It’s too bad Chris is in Houston, otherwise he could help babysit Olive. He lives for that stuff,” she chuckled softly and you did the same; that was true, he loved her.

“Actually-” you began then winced when you remembered both of you had wanted to keep his return a secret. He had come back a week early to surprise you and he had told no one so he could spend the week with you with no interruptions, but desperate times. “Chris got back early to surprise me, his plane landed at like four in the morning.”

“Great, do you-”

“Mom,” you frowned, “did you not hear what I just said? His plane landed at like four in the morning, he’s exhausted and he needs some sleep. Just-” you ran a hand through your hair; your stress levels were starting to build up. “Finish-” Chris snatched your phone out of your hand before you could say anymore.

“Hi Mom,” Chris greeted your mom, smiling at you even though you were frowning at him. “Thank you, it’s really good to be home. Can’t say I miss your daughter’s angry face though,” he poked your side and your lips quirked slightly. “Don’t worry, I’m more than happy to watch Olive. No, it’s fine. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to take a nap with me,” he joked then chuckled at something your mom said. “Sure, we’ll talk to you later.” With a smile, he hung up.

“You didn’t have to do that,” you told him as he put the phone down on the kitchen counter. “I know you’re exhausted.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “She’s not your responsibility, Chris. She’s my sister and-” He cut you off with a quick peck on your lips.

“She’s going to be my sister when I marry you,” he whispered, pressing his forehead against yours; you smiled at the thought of him proposing after being together for four years. “Relax, okay? I know I said I was going to sleep while you were at your meeting, but I can sleep when I’m dead.” You chuckled at that. “C'mon,” he took your hand and led you out of the kitchen and into the living room. “She thinks you’re mad at her and I know you’re not, so go tell her that.”

Olive was still sitting on the couch with her eyes glue to the television, but you could tell from the guilty look on her face that she hadn’t been watching Tom&Jerry. You and Chris stood in the archway and watched her; you were yet to decide if you were upset with her. It didn’t take you long to decide because this was your baby sister, no matter what she did or said- there wouldn’t be a day where you wouldn’t have a soft spot for her.

“Are you mad at me?” Olive sheepishly asked, looking over at you. You sighed with a small smile as you made your way over to her. “I’m really sorry, Sissy. I know you had a big meeting today, I just didn’t-” You knelt down in front of her as her pretty brown eyes welled with tears. “I’m so sorry,” she started to cry.

“Don’t be, sweet pea.” You took her small hands in yours. “It’s only a meeting, okay?” You lied to her, “I can always reschedule.” You pulled one hand away and lifted her chin with your index finger. “Don’t cry, sweetheart. It’s not important, it’s just a meeting. You’re okay,” you brushed her tears away with your hand.

“But Mom and Dad both said that it’s important,” she sniffled. “They said it’s about big movie deal and that if you miss it, you’re going to lose the job and get into big trouble with your agent. I knew that and I still came, I’m so sorry. I’m going to ruin your career,” she wept and your heart ached.

“She’s not going to miss her meeting, bug.” Chris walked over and sat down next to Olive, wrapping a comforting arm around her small frame. “Don’t worry, she’s going to go to her meeting and you’re going to hang out with me. It’s okay,” he gently rubbed her arm. “Hey,” he said and she looked up at him, sniffling. “Your sister’s career is not that easy to ruin, she’s dating a dumb dork and she’s still one of the highest ranking actresses in Hollywood.” He joked, drawing soft giggles from Olive, and a chuckle from you. “There’s that smile,” he poked her cheek and her giggles became louder.

“Why don’t you tell us why you ditched school?” You asked and saw her facials contorted with angst. “We can’t help you if you don’t tell us, Olive.” You told her when she looked hesitant to tell you and Chris; she glanced between the both of you, chewing on the inside of her cheek.

“You’re friends with Captain America for a reason, bug.” Chris whispered in her ear and she managed a small smile. “Whatever it is, I promise you that I will do everything in my power to protect you. Just tell us what happened,” he gently urged.

Her head dropped and she whispered softly, “everybody thinks I’m weird.” She looked up and continued, “they all think it’s impossible that I’m your sister. Nobody believes me when I tell them, they say that we are nothing alike and that I’m lying when I say I know you and Chris. But I’m not lying, Sissy.” She lowered her gaze and mumbled to herself, “I’m not lying.”

“I know you’re not,” you chuckled softly, lifting her chin so you could meet her gaze. “How can it be a lie when we’re right in front of you?” She smiled when you booped her nose. “Baby, people are going to say what they’re going to say. You can’t stop that, but you can stop letting it affect you. It doesn’t matter what they think because you are my sister and you do know us.”

“Yeah,” Chris nodded. “You’re the one that gets to come to our premieres, you’re the one that gets to hang out on our sets, you’re the one I carry on my shoulders at football games and have tickle fights with.” He reminded her, playfully tickling her sides and making her laugh. “Not your school mates,” he told her, smiling. “So who cares what they think? They’re just jealous they don’t have the same opportunities you do. Just keep your head up, play it cool, and it’ll blow over soon.”

“Yeah,” you agreed. “And if it doesn’t, I think Captain America and I can drop by and pick you up after school one day.” You suggested and she looked between the two of you with a wide grin. “Can’t we, Cap?” You winked at him and he winked back, nodding. “That’ll show them, won’t it?” You asked Olive and she nodded excitedly. “But you have to promise me something if you want that to happen.”

“Anything,” she nodded.

“Don’t ever do something like this again,” you told her with slightly narrowed eyes and she lowered her gaze sheepishly. “What if something happened to you on your way here, Olive? You’re eight years old, someone could’ve just grabbed you off the street.” You scolded. “This was a very stupid thing to do, you know that right?”

“I know, but-” she looked up, trying to argue but was cut off by your glare; Chris pressed his lips together, suppressing his smile because it seemed like that glare of yours worked on anyone. “I know,” she mumbled, lowering her gaze once more. “I won’t do it again, Sissy.”

“Good,” you softened your facials. “To be honest, I’m more impressed than upset. How on earth did you find your way here by yourself?” You asked as you rose to your feet; your eyes narrowed when you saw your boyfriend and your sister share a knowing smile. “Is that why your bagel run took so long, because you drove two hours to pick her up?”

“No, it took so long because the line was ridiculously long,” he stuck with his story and you shot him a weary look. “And I had to wait for Scott to drop her off,” he added then pressed his lips together. “What?” He chuckled when you scoffed. “She texted me and told me she didn’t want to go to school, I mean- have you ever seen me say no to you Y/L/N ladies? Scott was in that area so I asked if he could pick her up and drop her off.”

“How did you know Chris was coming back?” You asked Olive.

“Because he told me he was coming home early to surprise you,” she giggled. “He’s also-”

“Uh uh,” Chris cut her off, laughing, his hand over her mouth. “You’ve said too much already.”

“What are you talking about?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Nothing,” Chris smiled. “You should go get ready for your meeting, don’t you also have some emails and whatnots to attend to?” He quizzed and you nodded, narrowing your eyes at his odd behavior. “Go on,” he beckoned his head towards your home office. “We’ll be fine, we’re just going to watch some Tom&Jerry. Right, Olive?” He asked her and she nodded, noising agreement into his hand.

“Whatever,” you chuckled softly and made your way into the home office.

In the living room, Chris and Olive discussed out of your earshot. “She has no clue you’re going to propose, does she?” Olive asked her soon-to-be brother-in-law, giggling. “I am so excited!” She squealed, hopping off the couch. “When are you going to do it? Can I see the ring? Please, Chris? Can I see it?” She jumped up and down; Chris laughed and rose to his feet, picking her up with one arm and spinning her.

“How about you quiet down before you ruin the surprise?”

Here’s Part 2 and Part 3

Imagine visiting Boston with Chris.

A/N: Epilogue time! Yes, this is the end to Chapter One of my next Chris Evans Mini Series. I guess you can call this a spin off. So glad you all joined me on this incredible journey ❤️ (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/Part 5A/5B)

Chris’ lips rested against the mouth of his beer bottle. He couldn’t help his smile as he watched you with his niece, Stella. You were both on your hands and knees searching for a four leafed clover in a patch of what seemed like mostly three leafed clovers. She’d asked if you’d help her find one after she’d saw your clover pendant resting between your collarbones and you’d told her it brought good luck. Chris was about to go over and help when he saw you’d found one; you held it up with great triumph and passed it to an excitable Stella, who threw her arms around you to give you a great big hug as a thank you. You hugged her back, looking over at Chris. You smiled when you saw that he was already smiling at you, then chuckled when he winked at you. Your eyes fell to his lips when he deliberately drank his beer in slow motion, the smugness on his face told you that he knew exactly what he was doing to you. You shook your head at him with a bit back smile as Stella ran off and you rose to your feet.

“Stop it, Chris,” you instructed him when you joined his side.

“Stop what?” He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you into him.

“You know what,” you chuckled and he bit back his cheeky smile. “So stop it.”

Chris just laughed and pressed a kiss against the side of your head. In return, you smiled and wrapped your arm around his waist and leaned your head against him. It’d only been a few days since you officially became a couple, but everything was going swimmingly. It was apparently because you were still going through the honeymoon phase, but you and Chris didn’t believe in that. If you were with the right person, it wouldn’t matter how short of how long you’d been together- things were always going to stay in the honeymoon phase. It was hard to predict the future, but you and Chris were pretty freaking sure the both of you were going to stay in that phase for a very, very long time.

You felt your phone buzz in your back pocket and you took your arm off Chris to check it. You’d taken a week off school to spend the week in Boston with Chris and his family before he had to leave for Atlanta. You’d promised your professors you’d do your studies via distance education so every buzz was either another lecture in MP4, or assignment notes in PDF. Chris felt terrible about making you miss your classes, but you assured him that it was fine. You were a staff favorite and you were on good terms with majority of your classmates; they were all more than happy to help while you pursue a love that was clearly going to bring you a lot of joy.

You knew missing class to be with a boy was dumb, that past you would’ve berated present you for putting a boy over your own education and budding career. But you also knew future you would thank you, she would thank you because the boy you were with wasn’t just any boy. He was a man that was going to give you the entire universe when you thought you only deserved a single star; a man that was going to love you unconditionally and eternally; a man that was going to take care of you and put your needs above his; a man that was going to do anything to help you make your dreams come true. Now making you miss class to spend time with him before he left for his job seemed to contradict that point, but he had something up his sleeve. But that was something he was going to keep aside until you graduated, as not just a graduation present but also an act of incredible love and faith.

“Do you need to get to your laptop?” He asked when he saw that you’d received another lecture. “Are you sure?” He asked when you shook your head with a reassuring smile, slipping your phone back into your pocket because you wanted to be present. “I can take you back, we can grab a plate and head back to the house. Ma wouldn’t mind, she actually yelled at me for making you miss school,” he admitted with a sheepish smile.

“It’s fine, it’s only Professor Killian’s lecture,” you told him and he felt slightly better. “Relax,” you chuckled because he only felt slightly better; his eyes displayed his extreme guilt. “I’m a good student, I can manage missing a week. Plus- it’s not like I’m not working while I’m here, I am. I’m fine, Chris,” you pressed your hand against his face as you assured him.

“Okay,” he kissed your palm; you smiled and pulled your hand away. You heard Chris chuckle as you wrapped your arm back around Chris’ waist. “Incoming,” he whispered into your ear and you smiled at Scott, his brother, who was walking over to join you. He had a frown on his face which worried you until Chris explained, “he’s pissed about your hat.” You laughed, because of course he was; you were wearing a Yankees cap in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. “I told you not to wear it, but you didn’t listen.”

“Navy blue looks good on me,” you pouted.

“Yeah it does,” he nodded, laughing as he kissed your head again.

“You really are smitten with her, aren’t you?” Scott teased Chris, smiling at you because he liked you; he’d made it pretty clear to you and Chris and the rest of his family. “I still remember you arguing with your director because you didn’t want to wear a Yankees cap for The Nanny Diaries, and now you’re actually kissing the uniform of the enemy?” Chris rolled his eyes and you laughed along with Scott. “Wow, the girl’s got you whipped.”

“Fuck off, Scott,” Chris chuckled, playfully shoving his brother. “This is not whipped, this is love.” He said to him, smiling at you; you smiled back. “Yes, I hate the Yankees but- my love for Y/N trumps that hate, so-” he took his ‘Natural Addiction’ cap off his head and swapped it with your Yankees cap; the one that he’d jokingly said would burn his skin if he touched it. “Boom, I’ve put on the uniform of the enemy.”

“Traitor,” Scott pretended to shoot Chris a death stare, but he was secretly happy to see how serious his brother was about a girl. In Chris’ defense, you were a pretty freaking amazing girl; his whole family thought so and didn’t even flinch at the fact that you wore a Yankees hat. “We’re going to have to disown you after this barbecue, you know that right?” You and Chris laughed. “You are a bad influence, Miss Y/L/N. What’s wrong with the Boston Red Sox?”

“Nothing,” you chuckled, “I just like wearing the hat ‘cause I like how I look in navy blue.”

“And if she likes wearing this hat ‘cause she likes how she looks in navy blue,” he swapped your hats back around, “she can go right ahead.” You felt your smile widen; it was a small act, but also huge if you knew what Chris was like when it came to sports and his Boston teams. “I’ll even defend her from fanatics like you,” he told him, squeezing you tightly.

“Aw,” Scott cooed mockingly, even though he found the two of you incredibly cute together. “Okay,” he held his hands up in surrender. “I’ll back off before he pulls another terrible prank on me. Did you hear about the time he made-”

“You pee your pants?” You laughed when Scott shot a laughing Chris a weary look. “Yup, I know all the embarrassing stories. I’m not only a fan, but I’ve been friends with Chris for a while now. It’s okay, Scott,” you called as he walked away, pretending to pout. “I thought it was mean on Chris’ part.” He glanced over his shoulder and smiled at you, winking; you definitely had his approval. “I’m nailing this whole family meeting, aren’t I?”

“Mm hm,” Chris nodded, placing both hands on your waist to turn you towards him. “I mean- I did do the hard yards for you, so don’t get too cocky.” He teased you and you smiled, tugging at his hat before wrapping your arms around his neck. “But come on, did you expect anything less from your amazing self? You had me at 'thanks for the input I didn’t ask for’.” He continued to tease you and you laughed, feeling your cheeks heat up as you buried your face in his chest. He laughed and hugged you tightly, mumbling into your hat, “you know I love you, Y/N.”

“Yeah,” you grinned, looking up to meet his gaze. “And you know I love you too.”

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Can you do an imagine where the reader is invited at the Mikaelsons ball and she talks about her feelings for Klaus with Rebekah and he overhears and then he asks her about it and she says something like “It’s not true it’s just your imagination.” but they end up together?:)

    I don’t know why I’m here, I don’t fit in with any of the people here. I saw my sister Elena and she waved to me but I didn’t want to talk to her. She’s the reason that Aunt Jenna is dead. I began to walk over to Caroline but was stopped by Rebekah Mikaelson. Of course she would be here, it was her ball after all. I didn’t necessarily have anything against Rebekah, other than her brother ruining my life.

    “Hello Y/N, you look amazing” She pulled me into a hug, which was a little strange considering we really only talked when her asshole of a brother made one of my best friends a hybrid.

    ‘Hi Rebekah, as do you” I decided to be civil because she hadn’t done anything wrong to me. She seemed like she would be a good friend.

    We talked for about an hour more and became pretty good friends in such a short period of time. We started to ask pretty deep questions, it would probably turn out to come back at me latter but it felt good to get information out of my system.

    “So… You and matt?” I said with a teasing wink and smirk, she visibly blushed and looked away toward Matt for a second. I knew there was something between them, anyone could see that.

    “Yeah, I like him. He makes me feel human” Rebekah had a very obvious blush on her face. She smiled just at the thought of him, it was cute and I shipped it. “Anyways, enough about me. You and my brother seem to have a certain connection” She wiggled her eyebrows. “I mean, he talks about you all the time”  

    At this point and time I knew I was as red as a tomato. “There’s nothing to say. He ruined my life.” I said with a shrug and tried to stay as nonchalant as I could.

    “But you still find yourself attacted to him?” Bekah asked with one eyebrow raised. I nodded at this and looked up to see Klaus staring at me from across the room.

    “I need a drink.” I stated as I walked towards the bar, it was true if I was getting through tonight I would need to be at least a little tipsy. I finally made it to the bar and swallowed a glass of champagne down in what seemed to be record time.

    “Careful love, someone might take advantage of you if you are in a drunk state.” Klaus showed up behind me and sat in the seat next to me. I rolled my eyes.

    “I can handle myself thanks.” I could feel the Salvatore’s stares on me, them protecting Elena also means they protect me. But I can protect myself.

    “I don’t know. You are attracted to the man that ‘ruined your life’” he had his signature smirk on his face. He was using his stupid vampire hearing and listening into my conversation.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You must be imagining things big bad wolf.” I tried to pull it off by standing up and walking away but he followed me.

    “Well love, if you are not attracted to me than one dance wouldn’t hurt would it?” Klaus knew he was getting to me and it bothered me so much.

    “Fine.” I said with a sigh, “one dance wouldn’t hurt anything.” Yes it would.

    “Perfect” as if on cue a slow song began to play and Klaus put his hand on the small of my back and the other in my hand. Which forced me to place mine on his shoulder. His touched made me jump, making him chuckle. He knew what he was doing to me. Soon one dance turned into dancing the whole night with neither of us noticing.  

Imagine browsing through your keepsake box with Chris.

A/N: Part 2 of Memory Lane, yay! It’s a little longer than usual so get comfy. Here are the links to the previous parts: (‘Memory Lane - Part 1’, ‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist’)

You sat on the bed, browsing through your keepsake box filled with your life’s memorabilia. You couldn’t really call it your life’s memorabilia as it mostly consisted of mementos from your relationship with Chris; from the moment the two of you met until- well, now. There were other- some important, mostly trivial- bits and bobs: baby photos, old birthday and holiday cards, concert tickets, out dated passports filled with travel stamps, the key to your first apartment, etcetera; basically anything that reminded you of the best times of your life went into that box.

You enjoyed collecting things; you’d been collecting little mementos since you were a little kid. You’d been called a hoarder numerous times by several members of your family and friends, but you didn’t care. It was nice to be able to look back at different times of your life and reminisce; it also helped you feel less alone when Chris was away, and vice versa. It had also become tradition for the two of you to bring something back for each other, to add to the box after being away for work. Your last trip to London had you bring back a sweet postcard and a miniature black cab, whereas Chris added to the collection his air ticket- the one that brought him home to you a week early- and a miniature Captain America shield; a token from the cast and crew congratulating the two of you on your son.

“I’m curious.” You looked up as Chris exited the bathroom, wiping his hands with a towel. “Why didn’t you just call a plumber about the sink?” He raised an eyebrow and you shrugged. “So you’ve just been living with a leaky sink for five months? That’s very unlike you, Miss Perfectionist.” He teased and you chuckled.

“It only broke the other night,” you defended your perfectionist trait. “I was going to call a plumber, but then Captain America popped up on my doorstep.” You smiled when he chuckled, draping the hand towel on the back of a chair. “God,” you leaned into him and rested your head on his chest when he sat down and wrapped an arm around you. “I’ve missed you so much that I don’t even care that you’re all dirty from fixing the sink.”

“I’m not that dirty,” he chuckled, pressing his lips to your hair.

“Dirty enough,” you retorted playfully and he chuckled again. “Did the Russo brothers really let you go early, or did you lie and sneak off?” You looked up at him and asked. “I mean- Infinity War’s a huge movie, there is no way they could afford giving you pre-leave.”

“I may have told them you were going into labour early,” he said with a wince. You laughed because you knew he was joking. “No,” he chuckled. “They really let me go early. Remember when I FaceTimed you the other week? Seb came in because they were looking for me?” You nodded. “Well, they wanted to move my scenes forward so I could film them all and get home to you. Seb wasn’t lying when he said everyone was working double time,” he told you and you smiled. “The code word on set was Baby Cap. Whenever anyone got distracted, we used that to remind everyone that I had a pregnant wife waiting on me at home.”

“You work with some amazing people.”

“Yes I do,” he nodded. “I think it helps that you know Kevin Feigi and are friends with most of the cast, I feel like they were doing it more for you than me.” He admitted and you chuckled. “You know, if think about it-” he chuckled, “Marvel’s played a huge part in making our relationship what it is. I mean- we wouldn’t have even met if it weren’t for Captain America.”

“Remember how we met?” You asked and he nodded, chuckling. You sat up straight, leaned forward and reached for the Starbucks paper coaster that you’d scribbled your award winning screenplay ideas almost seven years ago.

“I remember how grateful you were when I gave you your coaster back,” he chuckled, taking the coaster from you. “I can’t believe that I was the reason you got that Oscar. You really should be more careful with your ideas,” he bopped your head with the coaster and you giggled.

“Can you believe it’s only been seven years?” You asked as you took the coaster back from him, smiling at your mini mind map that probably made no sense to anyone else who looked at it. “It seems like a lifetime ago.”

“Really?” He rested his chin on your shoulder. “'Cause I can remember it like it was yesterday.”
• • • • • • • •
Chris smiled as he watched the pretty girl in the red knitted scarf from the counter; you were furiously scribbling away on a paper coaster. The more he watched you, the more adorable he found you. You were clearly in the zone, working on something important, yet somehow you still had the time to pause to scrunch your face at the orange Gummi Bears and pick them out from the bag. He chuckled when he saw you pinch a red one from the bag, squishing it between your thumb and index while smiling to yourself.

“You’re definitely going to win me an Oscar.” You whispered to your coaster then smiled, drawing a small doodle of yourself holding an Oscar at the bottom of the square. “So cute,” you giggled to yourself then stopped when your phone buzzed.

Chris raised an eyebrow when he saw your eyes widen. You scrambled to your feet and frantically gathered your things, pushing them off the table into your open bag. You were in such a rush that you didn’t notice your coaster had not made it into your bag, but onto the floor instead. As you rushed out of the door, Chris saw the scribbled coaster on the floor. He picked it up and rushed out to look for you but you were gone, he sighed and glanced down at the tightly filled square. He smiled when he saw what you were working on, it wasn’t because he understood what you were writing- it was because your notes were visually appealing; your handwriting was cute and neatly printed, and everything was color coded. The best part about that small card was your doodles, the girl with the Oscar catching his eye. He didn’t know if he’d ever see you again or if he’d ever have the chance to return it to you, but he was definitely going to hold onto it just in case.
• • • • • • • •
You poked at your salad and sighed; your appetite completely gone after realizing you’d lost the coaster you’d scribbled your ideas on. You could probably remember some of what you wrote but it wasn’t going to be as good as it was the first time. You sighed again and heard Kevin chuckle; you looked up and winced when you realized you were being a total bummer.

“Sorry Kevin,” you chuckled softly. “I’m not being good company, am I?” He chuckled and shrugged, not wanting to agree with you because he didn’t want to hurt your feelings. “I just-” you huffed. “There were some really good ideas on that coaster and-” You cut yourself off, groaning. “I should’ve just written it in my phone like I usually do but I just bought these really cool pens and- You know what,” you cut yourself off. “It’s fine, I’ll come up with something else.”

“I’m sure you will, and I’m certain it’ll be better.” Kevin tried to comfort you. “Your parents called me the other day,” he began and you rolled your eyes, biting back your knowing smile. “Hence why we’re having lunch,” he continued with a light chuckle. “They’re worried about you, Y/N.”

“Of course they did,” you chuckled. “Why else would a busy man like you schedule a lunch with me when you’ve got a Captain America movie to make?” You quizzed and he chuckled. “I’m perfectly fine, Kevin. I’ve just been too busy with work to call or fly home.”

“Or socialize in any way,” he added and you sighed because you’ve heard it all before. “Y/N, you’re a successful twenty-four year old screen wright in Hollywood. You are constantly being invited to red carpet events and after parties with actors and directors and producers who could be perfect for you. Just pull yourself away from your laptop, put on a dress and go meet a guy.”

“My parents seriously called you to tell me to get a boyfriend?”

“I was the only one in the neighborhood,” he shrugged then smiled when you chuckled. “I care about you, kid. I want to see you happy, and though I know your work makes you happy- you need more than work. You’re twenty-four but you won’t be forever, it’s time you start thinking about your future.” You opened your mouth to protest but he cut you off, “personal life wise, not career wise.”

“Fine,” you chuckled. “If it’ll make all of you feel better, I’ll start looking for the love-” You were cut off when a oddly familiar male voice called out. You and Kevin looked up and you realized why you found the voice so familiar, it was Chris Evans; otherwise known as the actor who dawned the role of Captain America.

“It’s you,” Chris smiled at you- much to your confusion- as he strolled over with Robert Downey Jr.; he and Kevin looked about as confused as you because you’d never met Chris Evans before. “Who would’ve thought I’d run into you here.”

“You know him, Y/N?” Robert asked you with narrowed eyes.

“I know he’s Captain America but- I’ve never met him before,” you answered. “I’m sorry, have we met?” You asked Chris; he shook his head, chuckling. “But you know me?” You asked, the confusion increased in your voice.

“Yeah,” Chris nodded. “And I think this belongs to you.” He passed the coaster over to you and you face lit up, making Chris smile. “I didn’t fold it ‘cause you look like the kind of person who would find a crease annoying.” You looked up at him and chuckled. “I didn’t think I was going to run into you so soon though.”

“And I didn’t think I was ever going to see my coaster again, let alone have Captain America bring it to me,” you told him with a light laugh. “I was a little lost without this, it’s kind of my next project. So thank you,” you nodded gratefully at him.

“Save the thank you for your Oscar speech,” Chris responded and you were slightly taken aback by his vote of confidence considering he didn’t know anything about you. “I don’t know what you’re writing but- I have a feeling it’s going to be a winner.”

“Just like this pairing,” Kevin mumbled under his breath, smiling at you and Chris; Robert had the same knowing smile on his face as he glanced between the two of you. The two of you would’ve noticed if you weren’t so busy smiling at each other. “Why don’t you two join us for lunch?”
• • • • • • • •
“Who would’ve thought that one lunch would change our whole lives?” You asked Chris as he rested his hand on the swell of your belly, smiling. “And add another life to this world.” You rested your hand on top of his, both your wedding rings glistening in the sunlight.

“Me,” he said softly. “I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that you were going to change my entire life,” he told you and you felt your eyes well with tears. “I was going to hunt you down with that coaster, like Prince Charming hunted Cinderella down with the glass slipper. You were something special, Y/N. I didn’t have to know you to know that, I could feel it.”

“You know I’m meant to be the writer in the relationship, right?” You quipped and he laughed. “I love you,” you told him as you leaned in, your lips inches away from his. “More than I’ll ever love another being.”

“Remember that when our son comes along,” he whispered then kissed you.

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The Maid : Part Eight

Summary : Lucy was a 24 years old lone survivor, in her path of survival and escaping death , she stumbled across The Saviors who took her to The Sanctuary, where she found shelter and food. But what she didn’t know was that the girl who always hated and bullied her at school, is one of Negan’s wives (Frankie ) and is about to turn her life into a living hell all over again!

Pairings : Negan x Lucy

Type : slowburn

Warnings : language

Dedicated to @negansmainwife


“Fuck my life!!”
Lucy muttered under her breath as she sat on the cold ground of her cell staring at the dirty wall , hugging her knees. Her breath hitched in her throat and a tear escaped her blue eyes.

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Cool Momma.

Chibs imagine

The first time I met Chibs was while he was picking up Abel at the kindergarten. I had my little brother Daniel in one hand and a pile of books in the other yet I tried my best to get his attention as I passed next to him, I thanked my brother on the inside for screaming at Abel goodbye. Gaining the Scottish man’s attention for a few seconds and getting a small smile.

Encounters like that started being the usual since Daniel and Abel were really good friends, and a couple times was Chibs the one picking up Abel from our home instead of Gemma or Tara, the latest invited us to Abel’s fifth birthday party and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about spending time next to the famous outlaw. The party came and I don’t know who was more excited Daniel for being able to spend time running around with his friends or me, we arrived a bit earlier and I helped Tara finish organizing all the things in the backyard, Gemma was carrying Thomas around and Daniel and Abel were playing around the backyard with a soccer ball, while we were finishing up all the last touches the guest started arriving but still no sight of the Scottish man or even one of the Samcro men.

“YN” screamed little Daniel and I looked at him immediately “Abel said I can go ride with him and his dad and uncles. SO COOL” he screamed and ran back to his friend.

“Like hell he’ll be riding on the back of a motorcycle, my mom would kill me” I said and Tara laughed while nodding. Not long after that I heard the familiar sound of the motorcycles arriving and with that the loud yell of Abel wanting to see his dad and Tara running after him while he took off to the entrance.

I heard the men talk to the boy and slowly approach the garden while I picked up my thoughts and try to keep myself together. I was 22 and still acting like a teenager with a crush but I couldn’t help myself, I saw a few moms laugh nervously when the man approached but I keep serving some drinks for a few kids lining up.

“Hey lass” said a thick voice behind me that made me almost drop the bottle in my hands. “Sorry I scared ya” he said and I just laughed nervously.

“Oh no, I’m just clumsy” I said fixing a lose strand of hair behind my ear. After the awkward how are you’s we had a pretty good conversation going on. I looked at the way certain mom’s looked at the Samcro boys and I felt really bad about I, they knew to whose party they were coming after all and people who acted all uptight but were assholes annoyed me.

“Don’t worry about them, it doesn’t affect us. We are used to it and all we want is to spend time with the little man” he said and I looked at him, drifting my eyes from the judgmental mom’s.

“It’s just that….they do the same to us. To me and Daniel”

“Aye, but you are cool momma. Don’t worry” he said and I laughed while he looked at me clueless.

“He’s my baby brother” I said before sipping on my drink “My mom is a single mom and she’s always working that’s why I take care of him most of the time, it’s easier for me since I only go to class a couple times a week. People don’t understand that my mom is only trying to give us a good life and she wants me to finish my education before anything else”

“Lass, your momma is doing an amazing job. Don’t worry about what those ugly women have to say.” I looked at him and smiled, and nodded slowly. We continued talking about different topics and he even offered me a ride on his motorcycle one day, not long after that Jax called all the guys outside. “I gotta go, but let me know when your momma is free so I can take you on that ride alright?” he said with a wink and I just felt my legs like jelly.

“I’ll let you know” I said with a small smile creeping and he just waved me goodbye.

Oh what an adventure was about to start.

Hello, I know they’re kind of short but I just wanted you to see my writing style, I have lots of ideas and I’m up to writing anything you request. My name is Cat <3

Thank you so much for reading.

10K WAT?! o.O

I don’t really look at the amount of followers this blog has often, but I came to see that my blog has reached over 10K followers. Like whateven??!
This came as abit of a shock to me hence the gif because I only ever made this blog to meet some of the lovely people and to express my inner Phangirl ^-^ This is a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has liked or reblogged anything. I appreciate you guys so much you have no idea and this blog has really helped me just get out there as I was pretty scared to upload stuff on Tumblr in the beginning. 
I can’t wait to see what other thing this blog will get up to, hopefully I keep it alive and still active even if I’m currently on a semi hiatus

Again thank you so much, ALL OF YOU; My blogs is for you, DnP and ofc THE Dan to my Phil (I love you so much)

Much love,Claudia ❤️

I’ve been listening to Bjork recently, and whenever I listen to new artists, I kind of like to watch their interviews and capture a glimpse of their public personas, their mannerisms, and whatnot

I watched a film a couple of months ago where Bjork was the main actress (Dancer In The Dark) and I could not decide whether I thought she was cute/attractive or if she wasn’t. Sometimes she looked adorable and other times she didn’t. And even when I watched her interviews, I thought she looked really pretty at times but she didn’t look like that all the time. Then I looked at her chart and it all made sense

She has Neptune in the 1st House, which totally explains why I feel that her appearance is so hazy and I can’t quite put my finger on what I think of the way she looks, I don’t know what it is about her, but her appearance is elusive and it’s unclear. She has an unusual type of beauty and it almost can’t even be defined, it’s never constant, it’s not absolute, it’s blurred. Neptune can have that effect on whichever house it’s in. And since the 1st House rules the appearance of an individual (among other things!), I began to understand why I perceive Bjork’s appearance to be enigmatic

And, as a bonus, I also found out that she has Uranus in the 10th House! The public thinks Bjork is a huge weirdo, and she’s rather eccentric. She is so different, innovative, and she has a really strange style

Im pretty sure it was a Cat Grant scene that made me like Supergirl.

Just the way Cat spoke and gave good advice, I think.

I started watching Supergirl on a weekend when I was really bored. My friend, Annie watched it and I had made her a Supergirl vine. It looked interesting. I needed a new show.

I ended up enthralled by the end of episode 1. Kara was so earnest and eager to help. She was so like and unlike her cousin. She had that natural sense of duty but at the same time, she had actually had some years on krypton and it showed in her behaviors in subtle ways.

It was different enough to make me see her as separate from Clark Kent who I’ve always had an appreciation for. I grew up a bit of a Superman fan, I wont lie.

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 19

Summary: You’re back in Alexandria with Negan.


“It gives me strength to have someone to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.” - Emilie Autumn -

You walked down the empty streets of Alexandria by Negan’s side.
The rest of Saviors that had followed spread out around the town.
You and Arat gave nods to eachother as you passed

Negan ocassionally glanced over to you with his trademark smirk, making you melt a little more each time he did.
Carl looked less that happy that the both of you were both back in town.

“Where is everyone, kid?” Negan asked as you made your way over to Rick’s house.

“I don’t know.” Carl answered back, brushing his hair over his eyesocket to keep it out of sight.

You approached Rick’s house and hoped that Michonne wasn’t here.
You weren’t in a mood to deal with any of her shit right now.
Negan banged hard on the door with Lucille.

The door opened as Olivia stood there, she had a grave expression as she saw Negan standing in front of her.
Negan smiled big, opening his arms as she moved out of the way.
As you walked inside, you could hear Olivia whispering to Carl as you passed by them.

“Where’s Enid?” She said in a panicked tone.

“She’s fine.” Carl answered back, following behind you.

Olivia turned to you and Negan as she shut the door.

“Great. Great. Fuckin’ great look at this fuckin’ place.” Negan said, setting Lucille down on the kitchen table as he fiddled around with some plastic fruit in a bowl.

Sometimes he did simple things like this that made you see the adorable side of him.

“Where’s Rick? I need to have a little fuckin’ talk with him.” Negan asked, tossing a fake apple onto the floor.

“Uhh, he’s out scavenging for you.” She said nervously.

Negan smiled and leaned back a little, “Cool. We’ll fuckin’ wait right here for him.”

“He went out pretty far. They might not be back, we’re running low on everything and we’re practically starving here.”

“You.. Starving? By ‘practically’ you mean not fuckin’ really, right?” He said using air quotes.

Olivia stood there looking to him as her lip quivered, you could see the hurt on her face at what he said to her.
She dropped her head, placing her hands over her eyes as she began to cry, turning away from both of you.

Negan turned around and shook his head in your direction, “These people do not know how to take a fuckin’ joke, do they? Seriously, no sense of goddamn humor.”

Negan ran a hand over his beard and sighed as he walked back over to Olivia.

“Excuse me.. What’s your fuckin’ name again?” He said, trying to be apologetic.

“Olivia.” She said letting out an exhausted breathe as she turned back to him.

“Right, Olivia, I am fuckin’ sorry about being rude to you just then. And it looks like we are going to be here for a good fuckin’ minute, awaiting your fearless leader’s return. So until then, I’m thinking it would be enjoyable to screw you.. Or if you’re into some kinky shit, maybe you’d like to watch me fuck (Y/N)’s brains out.” He said, placing a hand on your shoulder, keeping his eyes on her.

You placed a hand over your face, “Jesus.” You whispered.

She scrunched her face at him and narrowed her eyes.
You heard the hard SMACK as her hand landed across Negan’s face.
He was taken aback by it and kept his head to the side for a moment before looking back to her.
You suddenly took a big step closer as you were face to face with her, as you pushed her back and she gasped as you did.

“That’s okay, darlin’.” Negan said chuckling as he pulled you back behind him.

Olivia looked frightened as Negan leaned down with his face inches from hers.

“Just so you know, I’m about 50 percent more into this kinky fuckin’ scenario now.” He said giving her a wicked smirk.

“Why dont you leave her alone.” Carl said, beginning to get annoyed.

“Kid, pipe the fuck down.” Negan smiled as he grabbed onto your arm, making you walk away from Olivia.
She looked at you, wiping the tears from her eyes.
You shook your head and looked up to Negan.

“What makes you think I’d be agreeable to it?” You said in a low tone.

Negan rolled his eyes, “Then it won’t happen, darlin’. Jesus, you girls are fuckin’ sensitive.”

He let go of your arm and turned back to Carl, “We’ll just put our damn feet up and wait for my shit to arrive. It’s your turn to give us the grand fuckin’ tour kid.”

“A tour of what?” Carl threw his arms to the side.

“You’re fuckin’ house. I showed you mine, now I wanna see yours.”

Carl stared at the both of you and nodded reluctantly.

“Olivia, would you be a doll and make us some lemonade? I know that I left you some of that good powdered shit. And when you get back maybe you could make us some fuckin’ food too.” Negan said looking back to her.

Olivia stammered for a moment. “But I’m supp-”

“Make it!” Negan cut in an intimidating voice, “Take your time and make it fuckin’ good.”

She nodded and quickly left the house, slamming the door behind her.

“Well kid, show us what you’ve got.” Negan said, smiling at Carl as he picked Lucille back up.

“Okay.” Carl said as he began to walk into another room of the house.
He brought you both into a small room, the sun was shinning in through the window and it had a book self in the corner with hardly any books on it.
There was a palet on the floor with pillows.
It was obviously a bedroom before the mattresses were removed.

“Very nice. Who’s room is this?” Negan said as he walked over to the bookshelf.
He grabbed a book and looked over it.

“Dad’s.” Carl said softly.

Negan chuckled and held the book out, “Makes sense. If he’s fuckin’ reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, no wonder he’s such a pussy.”

Carl’s cheeks flared out as he gritted his teeth hearing Negan talk about Rick.

“The book was already here.” Carl snapped at him.

Negan dropped the book to the floor and turned to Carl.
“Fuckin’ relax, kid. I’m busting your balls. Remember, we had that talk about how fuckin’ men like to joke around?”

Negan rolled his eyes and walked to the next room, not waiting for Carl to show him around
You entered a room which looked like it was another bedroom, it had carpet and a couple posters on the wall and a dart board.

“Now, I already fuckin’ know this is your room.” Negan said to Carl as he kicked his boots off.
He ran his feet over the carpet and held Lucille out like she was a cane and drug her along the carpet too.

“This is some nice fuckin’ carpet. And I think Lucille is enjoying it too. You know, I should have you cut it up and take it back with me.” He said, biting his lip.
He looked over to you, “Come on, darlin’. Run your toes through this shit.”

You kicked off your boots as well and ran your foot over the carpet along with him.

“Isn’t that fuckin’ nice?” Negan chuckled.

You nodded and glanced over to Carl who was grimaced as he watched.

“It is pretty nice.” You said looking back over to Negan.

“It’s like we’re a real fuckin’ couple. Here we are trying out goddamn carpet. It feels comfortable enough to fuck on, right?” He said seriously as he looked towards you. You blushed and shook your head playfully, “I guess it would be one of those try before you buy things, Negan.”

He smiled at you with a wink and slipped his feet back into his boots.
You bit your lip as you both locked onto eachother’s eyes for a moment.

He walked over to the dart board and grabbed the dart that was stuck into it and backed up and handed Lucille to you. You took her from his hands and watched as he carefully looked at the board to line up his shot and threw the dart as in landed into he middle of the board.
He let out a grunt and brought his hand up at his victory, looking back to Carl in a ‘I dare you to do better’ way.
But Carl didn’t say anything, of course.

“Well kid, what’s next?”

Carl sighed and motioned you both to follow him again and he led you both back into the kitchen.

Negan looked around and whistled, “Your dad must have got the fuckin’ fancy house because he’s the leader, huh?”

Carl shrugged to him.

Negan smiled and bent down over the sink, turning on the water on, “Must be nice to have a fuckin’ house again. No more living like goddamn cavemen.”

He ran his hand under the water before he turned it off.
Negan turned to you, flicking the excess water on you.
You rolled your eyes playfully at him and gave him a small push.
He cut his eyes to you and biting his lip as he grabbed you by the abdomen and pulled you to him.
That sexual tension was rising up in the both of you again.
It never left, but got stronger as time progressed.
You placed your hands on his chest as you looked up at him.
But you remembered Carl in the room and snapped out of it, backing up from his embrace.

Negan bit his tongue, realizing it too, “Yeah, not in front of the fuckin’ kid.”

Negan looked around until his eye caught another door to the house, he pointed to it.

“What’s in there?” Negan walked towards it.

Carl’s good eye widened and he tried to steer Negan from the door.

“Nothing. It’s just a laundry-”

But before Carl could do anything, Negan had already opened the door to reveal a crib where a toddler was standing in it.
You knew that it was Rick’s other child; Judith.

Negan’s eyes widened and he grinned big at her, “Oh my, who is this little fuckin’ angel?”

He reached out and picked up the little girl and she whined in protest at being taken out of her crib.
Negan held her in his arms, rocking her as he looked back over to Carl.
It was as if the blood had drained out of Carl’s face completely.
He was now a pale white and you could see the sweat dripping down his face as Negan held his sister.

But you looked at Negan in awe as he was holding her in his arms, and if you hadn’t already known you were in love with him before, there was no denying that you loved him now.
Seeing him hold her tugged at your heart strings in a such a way that it was undeniable.
It made your mind wonder and you thought what it would be like if you and he had a kid together.
You bit your lip at the thought as you continued to watch him hold her and make cute faces at her.
She began to giggle as he held her.

Negan exited the house with Carl following closely behind him.
You walked up beside him and he handed Judith to you, “Hold her for a moment, darlin’.”

Carl looked over to you, but seemed to be just a bit relieved that you were the one holding her instead.
You gave him a small nod letting him know that Judith would be okay as he sat down in a rocking chair.
You knew he hated you along with the rest of them and you didn’t care, but they needed to know you nor Negan would hurt a child.

Negan slipped his jacket off and threw it onto the back of one of he chairs, he reached back out and took Judith again as he sat down.

You leaned against the banister of the porch, just watching Negan be so kind to Judith.
He sat her on his knees she smiled up at him reaching out to his face with her hands.

“She is just fuckin’ precious.” Negan said looking at Judith.

Carl gripped the arms of the chair, watching Negan nervously.

“I like it here. Shit, I might just have to stay here. And I thought about what you said earlier Carl.” Negan said while he bounced Judith on his knee.

“Thinking about what?” Carl asked.

“That it’s fuckin’ stupid to keep you and your dad alive. Why the fuck should I try so hard, I mean, maybe I should just bury you both and move into these suburbs myself.” He said in a cooing voice as he kept looking at Judith, giving her a kiss on the forhead.

Carl grimaced and stood up, “Then do it. Just leave my sister alone.”

“Do you really fuckin’ think I would hurt this little lamb?” Negan said, shooting his eyes angrily toward Carl.

“I don’t know. I’ve seen what you’ve done before.”

“Yeah, you have, kid. But I wouldn’t lay a fuckin’ hand on a child.” Negan growled back.

Negan stood up and handed Judith back to you.
She began to get fussy at the voices rising and you rocked her in your arms to calm her down and she clung to your neck.

Olivia came walking up, carrying the lemonade, she looked shocked when she saw you holding Judith.
You smirked and thought if only she had been her a few minutes earlier, then she’d really be surprised.

Negan clapped his hands together, “Olivia, my dear. You are just in goddamn time. I thought I was gonna have to go fuckin’ looking for you.”

“Why is Judith out here?” She asked Carl nervously.

Carl shook his head and walked back into the house.
Oliva set the tray on the table, Negan took his glass and pulled out a chair in the dining room and sat down, propping his feet onto it.

Olivia approached you cautiously, “I can take her now.”

You nodded and handed Judith to her.

“(Y/N) is fuckin’ excellent with her. I didn’t hear the kid cry fuckin’ once when she was holding her.” Negan said taking a sip of his lemonade.

You smiled and could feel yourself blushing at that compliment.

Olivia ended up making food as Negan stood over her closely making sure she didn’t try to poison it. When it was all done, everyone sat down and there was silence at the table for a while as everyone ate, Olivia and Carl mainly picking over the spaghetti.
Carl just stared off into space and Olivia held Judith, facing away from all of you.
Negan ran his hand over his bearded face again and looked to Carl.

Negan sighed, “Does your dad have a fuckin’ razor? Since we’re gonna be fuckin’ waiting I’d like to shave this shit.”

Carl nodded silently, “In the cabinet in the bathroom.”

Negan turned his head to you as he stood up and motioned you to follow him as he walked to the bathroom down the hall.
You could see Carl staring at Lucille from across the table, she was propped onto the chair in front of him.
You quickly made a grab for her.

“Don’t even go there.” You said to Carl.

He looked surprised and narrowed his good eye at you, “Go ahead, take his side.. He’ll probably kill you once he’s done with you too.”

“I am, and he wants me around for the time being, so that’s good enough. Besides, we’re all living on borrowed fucking time anyway. I’ll live it how I want.” You said in a seriosuly tone.

You went into the bathroom where Negan was, he was filling the sink with hot water and had a straight razor on his hand.

“You left Lucille in there. He was eyeing her pretty fucking hard.” You said laying her on the back of the toilet tank.
Negan smirked as he dipped the razor into the water.

“Yeah, I kinda figured. That’s half the reason that I left her in there.”

“You wanted him to take her?” You said, giving him a confused look.

“Darlin’, I wanted to see if he was badass enough to actually try to fuckin’ come at me with her.”

You squinted your eyes at him, “I don’t want that to happen.”

He chuckled and brought the razor up to his face, you could hear the scraping noise it made against his skin.

“You’ve got the fuckin’ gun here, babydoll. Would have been pretty goddamn easy to stop him.”

“I know. But, I don’t want it to have to come to that.”

“You’ve gotta get over this shit, (Y/N).”

You sighed, “Yeah, I know. It’s easy to shoot someone when you or I are being threatened.. Or when you offer other women the chance to be a wife.” You crossed your arms.

Negan smiled as he ran the razor down his face, “I should probably fuckin’ offer everyone that. Then you’d knock them off faster that I could fuckin’ ask.”

When Negan was done he wiped his face off with a towel and threw it back down onto the sink.
You stared at him for a moment, you hadn’t seen him with a clean shaven face before.

“Whoa. It’s different seeing you shaved.” You said still staring at him.

He raised an eyebrow and looked back at you, “What? Don’t fuckin’ like it?”

You shook your head, “No. That’s not what I mean, I do like it.”

“Really now?” He said in a seductive tone as he backed you up into the wall, placing his hands on either side of you, blocking you in.

“Yes, sir.” You smirked back.

“Sir? I fuckin’ like that.”

He leaned down and grabbed your face, placing a kiss on your lips.
You raised your hands up to run them over his shaven face.
His skin was smooth and you could feel it under your fingertips, but you also missed the way his beard felt against your skin.
As you were beginning to get deeper into the kiss you could hear voices in the house other than Carl or Olivia’s.
You both pulled back, looking at eachother curiously.

“Sounds like we have some fuckin’ company.” He said, smacking the wall in annoyance as he turned quickly to grab Lucille.

Rosita standing in the kitchen, talking to Olivia and Carl, neither of you needed to hear what she was saying though.
You knew she was grilling them about why the saviors were here again.
Sheglared at you and Negan as she saw you both entering the room.

“Well thanks for fuckin’ coming by neighbor. Here to give me a fuckin’ house warming party.. Or a goddamn lap dance maybe?” He said, looking at Rosita’s attire a little too hard.

You looked away as to not have to see the way he was staring at her.
You were under the impression that you’d never get used to his lustful eye for other women.

“What are you doing here?” Rosita growled to him, crossing her arms.

“I came to have a fuckin’ talk with Rick.”

“A talk about what? You were just here, we don’t have enough shit to give you right now, you took everything last time.”

Negan smiled as he licked his bottom lip and walked a little closer to her.

“I’m sorry. I don’t think I ever learned your fuckin’ name.” He asked pointing to her with Lucille.

She looked at Lucille with a grimace and looked back at Negan, “It’s Rosita.”

“Rosita.. Sweetheart, it isn’t any of your fuckin’ business why I’m here. I’ll take whatever the fuck I want.” Negan said as his tone rose.

Rosita gritted her teeth, “Rick isn’t here.”

Negan nodded, “And that’s exactly why the fuck I’m waiting for him, darlin’. Now, why don’t you fuck off and go find some shit for me.”

Rosita gave him one last look before she left the house.

“Where the fuck is your dad, Carl? Because I’m pretty goddamn tired of waiting.” Negan said as he sat back down at the table.

“I don’t know when he’s gonna be back.” Carl shook his head.

You glanced out the window to see Arat standing outside, you walked over to the door to go outside with her.

“Where are you fuckin’ going, darlin’?” Negan asked, looking over to you.

You opened the door and turned back, “Going out to get some air.”

“Whatever the fuck makes you happy darlin’.” He said, taking another drink of the lemonade.

You walked out onto the porch where Arat was.

“Hey.” She said as she turned back to you.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Just guarding the area, you never know when these fucks might plan to ambush us.” She had a cigarette in her hand and took a drag out off of it.

You pursed your lips, “Yeah, that’s not far from the truth.”

“So, I heard we’re here because Randy got guns from this place.”

You shook your head, “It’s fucking crazy.”

“Their inventory showed we had all of their guns after we got the hidden ones back.” Arat said, taking another drag.

You crossed your arms, “Well, shit can always be taken out of inventories.”

She nodded, with the cigarette poking out of her lips, “You’ve got a point there.”

Minutes later a man came walking up to the house with a bottle of liquor in his hand, dressed like he was going to a job interview.
You raised an eyebrow as he approached the porch.
It was Spencer, you had never really talked to him much when you were here, because you never really liked him.

“Can I help you?” Arat said, raising an eyebrow at him.

“I’d like to speak to Negan.” The man said with a soft smile.

“Well, that’s not gonna happen.” Arat snapped back.

You stood firmly beside her, “What the fuck do you want, Spencer?”

“I just wanna talk to him.” He protested.

“Well, it’s not gonna fuc-”

“Ladies, don’t be assholes now. Let him come up.” Negan cut in.

He was standing in the doorway, holding Lucille in his hand.

You both moved to the side of the stairs, not really wanting to, but obeying Negan’s word.

Spencer climbed the steps slowly towards him, while Negan eyed the bottle in his hand.

“Shit, is that for me?”

Spencer chuckled, holding it out, “Hi, we haven’t officially met yet. My name is Spencer Monroe.”

Negan smiled and took the bottle from him, “Well Spencer. You are the first neighbor to bring me a goddamn gift. Why don’t we have a fuckin’ seat?”

They both sat on the porch, drinking the burbon that Spencer had brought over as some sort of peace offering, but you weren’t buying it.
you were sitting on the railing of the porch in front of them, just listening to them talk.
But you and Negan kept your eyes on eachother most of the time.
He must have known that you didn’t trust Spencer, because after Spencer said anything, Negan looked at you to see your reaction.

“You know what would make this better? Some fuckin’ eight ball.” Negan breathed as he leaned into the chair.

“There’s a pool table in the garage across the street.” Spencer said smiling as he pointed to an adjacent house.

“Shit, Spencer. You might be my new bestfriend.” Negan chuckled.

You rolled your eyes as Spencer smiled and ate up what Negan was saying to him.

Negan saw that too, but it wasn’t you rolling your eyes at him, so he didn’t mind. He found your eye rolling sexy, even when you were doing other towards him.

“But it’s too nice of a fuckin’ day to be inside.” Negan said, taking a drink, then he stood up and grabbed his jacket, “I have a fuckin’ idea though.”

Spencer looked at him curiously as Negan motioned him to follow. He got up from the chair and followed Negan out into the street.
You walked out with them and Negan was ordering some of his men to drag out the pool table and they did.
When everything was done there was a pool table now out in the middle of the street.

The Saviors and some of the residents began to gather around Negan and Spencer watching them play the game.

“I could never do this kinda shit with Rick. He would just stand there and give me that fuckin’ side eye like he always does.” Negan shook his head as he leaned on his pool stick.

“I actually wanted to talk to you about him.”

Negan leaned over the table, lining up his shot, “Go ahead then. Talk to me about Rick.”

“I get what you’re trying to do. I won’t say that I completely agree with everything, but I know that you’re trying to rebuild and make people contribute for the greater good. But Rick Grimes does not have a good history of working well with others.” Spencer said in a seriosuly tone as he spoke to Negan.

Negan hit the ball, making a loud CLACK and you could see Spencer flinch just a little at the sudden noise.

“Is that so?” Negan said in an uninterested tone as he took another shot.

Spencer walked around the table, “He wasn’t the original leader here. My mother was, but she died not long after he showed up. Same with my brother and father.”

Negan leaned against the pool table and looked at Spencer, “So, you’re saying everything was fuckin’ peachy until Rick showed up and made you an orphan? That’s the saddest shit I’ve heard, but lucky for you, he’s not in charge.”

Spencer breathed, “It doesn’t matter. He has a terrible ego and he will find a way to screw all of it up. That’s what he did to my mom.”

You could see the familiar dangerous look begin to spread on Negan’s face as he took a drink from his glass and walked closer to Spencer. It was the look any kind of predator makes when it’s getting ready to bite into the throat of its prey.

“And what exactly do you think should be done about it?” Negan said, shifting his eyes to Spencer.

“I’m like my mother. I know I could be the leader that she wanted, that’s what this place, and you, need to make things work smoothly.”

“So, you’re saying that I should fuckin’ put you in charge?” Negan smiled.

“We would be much better off.” Spencer said, smiling back at him.

Negan set his glass down, “I’m thinking Spencer.. I’m thinking about how Rick threatened me and he clearly fuckin’ hates me. But the fact is, he’s out there right now gathering up shit for me, that way I don’t hurt anyone that lives here. He’s swallowing his goddamn hate and getting shit done. It takes guts. But then there’s you.” He said as he leaned back over the table to take another shot.

Spencer swallowed and you could see he looked confused, “I’m not sure I understand.”

“How could you fuckin’ not? You’re the guy that waited for Rick to be gone, so you could fuckin’ sneak up here and get me to do you’re fuckin’ dirty work for you, because you wanna take Rick’s place. So, I have to ask, Spencer. Why not just fuckin’ kill Rick yourself and just take over?”

“Wha- No- I-” Spencer stammered in nervousness as Negan got closer to him.

“Do you know what I’m thinking, because I have a pretty goddamn good guess. It’s because..” Negan gave an evil smile to him, “You don’t have the fuckin’ guts.” He whispered.

And before anyone could react or move, Negan brandished a large hunting knife and stabbed Spencer in the abdomen and cut him deeply from one side to the other.
Everyone including you gasped as the blood squirted onto Negan and the ground and as Negan backed up, Spencer’s intestines spilled to the ground.

Negan smiled and looked at Spencer as he fell to the ground bleeding out.

You covered your mouth and looked away briefly.

“How goddamn embarrassing is that? Looks like you had the goddamn guts after all. I’ve never been so fuckin’ wrong in my life.” Negan yelled to everyone as they looked at him, terrified that he would do that to the rest of them.

Negan held out Lucille, “Someone clean this shit up, it’s fuckin’ up my shot, it’s laying in the goddamn way here. Does anyone wanna finish this fuckin’ game?” Negan glanced to you, “You wanna play babydoll?”

You were still in a bit of shock, but you shook it off and nodded as you walked over to him. As you were making your way towards him there was a loud gunshot.
For a moment you thought you had been shot, because of how close it sounded, for a moment you thought Randy had made his way back and shot you.
Everything seemed to be in slow motion as you saw Negan’s face twist into the extreme anger you had rarely seen.
There was a bullet hole in Lucille.
Negan’s voice sounded far away, but you could still hear it as he screamed, “What the fuck!? What the fuckin’ fuck! You tried to goddamn kill me!?”
As you saw it, the rage grew inside you as you suddenly understood.
You turned around to see Rosita behind you holding out a gun, and you instinctually lunged for her and grabbed the gun and pried it from her hand as you kicked her hard in the shin, making her go down to the ground.

Arat came up behind you, holding out a knife.

“No!” You screeched to her, pulling out your gun, holding it to Rosita’s head.

She backed up from you and your rage was growing as your eyes burned into hers, you pressed the barrel into her temple wanting desperately to pulling the trigger.

Negan paced back and forth before he stopped to look down at Rosita, “You fuckin’ shot Lucille!”

“She got in the way.” Rosita said with a straight face.

Negan leaned down to pick up the bullet casing from the ground, “Look at this. This motherfucker is homemade. I wanna know who fuckin’ made this little baby.”

You continued to press the gun into her head, your anger only growing. You were shaking with rage at the thought of Negan actually being shot.

Negan breathed angrily, “(Y/N), babydoll, take that gun away from her face.”

You didn’t move thought, it was almost as if you didn’t hear him, you were still firm in your position and you didn’t want her getting away from you.

“Fuckin’ do it now, darlin’!” Negan said, his voice growing louder again.

You shook even more now and slowly lifted the gun from her head, you leaned up a little, but still had the gun pointed to her.

Negan leaned down to Rosita, “Lucille’s beautiful motherfuckin’ goddamn fuckin’ smooth surface is never gonna be the goddamn same again, so why should yours!?” He bellowed. He leaned back and took a deep breathe and held up the bullet, “Unless you tell me who fuckin’ made this shit.”

“It was me.” Rosita said calmly, looking back up to him.

“You see.” Negan said as he leaned back again, “Now I just think that you’re lying. You’re really gonna fuckin’ lie to me right now?! It’s a shame that (Y/N)’s gonna have to blow off your pretty head.”

“It was me.” Rosita said again as she leaned up and pressed her head hard into the barrel of the gun.

Your trigger finger itched more violently now, just wanting to pull it.

“Oh, look- at- you! You’re such a goddamn badass!” Negan said in a mocking tone.

He breathed and waited for her to say something else, but she didnt.

He smiled, “Have it your way. (Y/N), do your fuckin’ thing, baby.”

You smirked back to him and turned back to her.
She looked at you without even flinching, you had to give her credit for that. You cocked you head at her and she glared back. “Do it.” You pulled the trigger quickly and the blood went flying as most of it landed back onto you. You closed your eyes hard to protect your eye from the shattered pieces of skull that went flying.
You let out a hard breathe and you slumped back into the pavement.
Your breathe was still heavy and you were shaking more than ever, the adrenaline had completely overtaken your body and it felt like it would never stop.

All of the residents went wide eyed again and gasped as they saw what had just happened.
You could hear the sobs from Olivia as she stood on the porch with Carl, but she didn’t know how lucky she was, because it was almost her.
You could hear Rick’s screams as you all turned to see him running up the street carrying an injured man by his side, he passed him off to one of the other residents and ran up to you.

“We had a deal!” Rick shouted in his raspy tone.

“Rick! Look everybody it’s Rick, he finally fuckin’ made it back!” Negan said cheerfully as he looked at Rick.

Rick breathed shaking as he looked at the two dead bodies on the ground and saw you covered in blood next to Rosita’s body.

“Rick, how about a thank you? I know we started this relationship with me beating the fuck out of two of your friends. And we’ve never fuckin’ sat around and braided eachother’s hair and told stories, but how about some goddamn credit? Because I bent over backwards to show you how reasonable I am. Your kid snuck to my place on one of my trucks and proceeded to kill some of my men and I brought him the fuck back home without one goddamn scratch.” Negan said as he threw his arms out.

Rick suddenly looked back to Carl on the porch and narrowed his eyes at him.
Carl cowered back somewhat at the glare Rick was giving him.

“Oh!” Negan still looking at Rick, “And I fed the little fucker some spaghetti! ..And I also took out someone in your community who wanted me to kill you and put him in fuckin’ charge and the one (Y/N) just shot tried to kill me just a minute ago, but only ended up hurting poor Lucille here, so she fuckin’ deserved that shit.”

Rick turned back to Negan and didn’t say anything, he blinked at looked at Negan almost as if he was confused. He dropped his head momentarily and nodded before he looked back up.

“Your shit’s waiting for you at the gate. Just go.” Rick growled to him.

Negan smiled, “Of course, I’d fuckin’ love to take my shit and go, but I need to have a goddamn talk with you first and now I also need to know who the maker of this bullet is.”

Rick hesitated for a moment.

Negan rolled his eyes, “(Y/N), I think another needs to be taken out, babydoll.”

You held out your gun to a random man and he flinched and begged you not to.

“It was me!” A man called out.

Eugene began walking up from the back of the crowd, “I made it.”

Negan walked up to him, “You?”

“It required a casing and some powder-”

“Shut- the- fuck- up.” Negan said as he emphasized every word, “I believe you.”

Negan walked back into the middle of the crowd and you dropped your gun from the man you were holding it on.
You wiped some of the stray blood off of your face.

Negan held Lucille up to his face and took in a deep breathe, “Lucille, give me the goddamn strength.” He dropped her back to his side and turned back to Rick, “I will be relieving you of your bullet maker. So, now that that’s one fuckin’ problem solved, maybe we can figure out this goddamn gun issue.”

“What gun issue, you have the guns.” Rick said back, approaching Negan.

“Apparently not, Ricky. You see, the guy that attacked (Y/N) is still out there and it’s come to my fuckin’ attention that he was here. And he got some of your fuckin’ guns too.” Negan growled back to him.

“There are times when people are passing by and they stay here. If someone got some-” Rick protested.

“I don’t give a shit. He was here and he got guns, now that’s a very big fuckin’ problem for me, Rick. His name is Randy. Now, do you fuckin’ know him?“ Negan cut him off suddenly.

Rick looked at the ground for a moment again before he slowly nodded his head.

“Yeah, I fuckin’ figured that you did.” Negan said, sucking his teeth.

“But we didn’t give him guns. If anyone did it must have been Spencer. He was the one that hid the guns last time. He must have taken them from the inventory” Rick said slowly, brushing his hair back in distress.

You had called it about the inventory deal. Spencer had erased the guns Randy got from the inventory and gave them to him. So, Spencer must have been in deal with Randy about taking out The Saviors

Negan chuckled, “Well fuck, look at that. I took care of two fuckin’ problem children, didn’t I? Where the fuck is Randy now?”

Rick shook his head, “I- I don’t know. He was here for a day, then he just disappered.”

Negan took in a breathe and propped Lucille on his shoulder, “You know what, Rick? I’m gonna take your fuckin’ word for it, because I’m a reasonable fuckin’ man. But I’ve got the feeling that this is far from over. Now, you all have yourselves a good goddamn evening, because who knows when I’ll have to come back and kill more of you.”

He turned and walked away from Rick, ordering everyone to pack up and move out.
Everyone began leaving and Arat drug Eugene off.
Negan came over to you as you stood still, waiting for him.
The both of you were bloody.

“C'mon, darlin’. Let’s go get cleaned up.” He said to you softly.

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Title: By Choice (Part One)
Word Count: 5.5K+
Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Female Reader
Summary: Kurt meets someone that makes him realize he’s the only one who can be in charge of his own life, and [Y/N] meets someone that makes her feel she’s the most special person in the world.  
Warnings: None except the tiniest mention of the origin of Kurt’s scars.
A/N: Oh man… this was supposed to be a 2K words story at most but I went overboard, like… really bad, and now I had to split it up in parts. It’s my first story here and I’m freaking out, because it’s a little all over the place. So, if you can tell me what you think about it it would be awesome! Also, English is my second language, so forgive me if I make mistakes (and point them out if you want to, I love learning). As the story progresses, it will include some headcanons [x x x] (or variations of them) that I sent to @shayara. Also, the summary isn’t just for Part One, it’s for the whole story.

It was no secret that Kurt Wagner’s life hadn’t been an easy one. As a child– even though there were many things he just couldn’t remember anymore– he had been despised by the community he should’ve been a part of, who believed him to be a demon that was supposed to be to feared. It hadn’t been easy to spend so much time hiding, terrified of what people would do to him if they ever found out where he was.

But hard as it had been– and by what he swore was the will of God– his life had been blessed by the circus. The circus was the biggest, most important part of Kurt’s life. In there, he found a family: people who accepted him and treated him as their equal. In the circus, he shone. He was The Incredible Nightcrawler, the best acrobat they had ever seen. People admired him and his unbelievable talent for acrobatics– even if they didn’t know that the way he looked on every performance wasn’t a costume, but his own flesh. And yet it didn’t matter, because to Kurt, hiding his true self was worth it when he saw the excited faces of the audience every time he performed.

However, it hadn’t been all good moments that would turn into happy memories. The scars he had inflicted on his own skin were a testament of that. 

One for every sin.

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[SUMMARY: Small Jesus Fan fiction

NOTE: I usually only write Negan/Daryl cause those are my fav but this was a one time special request. Not sure if it’s good just because it’s hard writing about something that’s not your thing lol. I do like Jesus though! And I hope the anon who requested this enjoys it!]

Jesus and Lauren.

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A few days ago, I hit 500 followers, and I had you guys vote on what you’d like to see me make! It was a close tie between this manip tutorial and a FC directory, and while that’s still in the works for the future, this is something I’ve been wanting to post for a while. I’m excited to show you guys the deep dark secrets of gif manip making.

These are the gifs I’m starting with:

And here’s what I’m ending with:

note: for the sake of this tutorial, I am using two gifs that I made myself, but I often just find ones to use from gif hunts.

Instructions under the cut!

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(Duff reassuring you after catching him staring at other girls backstage)
It was 1988 and Guns N’ Roses just finished up their show at The Ritz. You were lucky enough to go backstage, reason being was you were Duff’s girlfriend. There were several people who continued to yell out “Great job!” at all of the guys, but the one person you wanted to compliment was your boyfriend.
Finding Duff, he wrapped his arm around your shoulder as you walked back to the room where the rest of the band had gone to relax. Duff went and grabbed his usual, a glass of vodka in a red plastic cup. Sitting down on the couch he patted his lap. “Commere, Y/N, I wanna see my pretty girl.”
You happily went to go sit on your boyfriends lap, you couldn’t wait to finally be near him after watching how good he looked and sounded on stage. “You did really great tonight, baby. You do great every night” You kissed his forehead as he smiled; he knew how proud you were of him.
A heavier traffic flow of girls made their way into the room, more girls than usual after a show. Beginning to feel extremely self conscious as you saw how these girls looked compared to you, you didn’t understand why they would present themselves like that. At the same time you thought “It works for them if they ended up back here with the guys.” Snapping out of your thoughts you looked down at Duff, who was now staring at the girls roaming the room deciding which of the four guys they’d wanted.
Completely disgusted by the fact Duff was even looking at them the way he was, you pushed yourself off his lap and ran out of the smoky room making your way to Duff’s dressing room. All of the guys stared at Duff confused at why you left in such a hurry. “Y/N, where are you going?! Come back!” Duff pleaded before running after you.
Upon reaching his dressing room you slammed the door and began to cry. Duff finally made it to his dressing room, slowly opening the door and walking in. You felt his eyes on you but you didn’t want to make eye contact with him. Not knowing whether you were more angry or upset with him, you had to tell him what you thought of what happened. “I saw you staring at those sluts.”
Duff continued to stare at you for a few seconds before he made his way over to where you were sitting. Approaching you he tried putting his hand on your leg, not wanting to be touched by him you brushed it away from you. “Baby, I didn’t like what I saw.”
Not convinced from what he said, you became more angry than upset. “I saw you, Duff! You looked like you were in a trance; you were captivated by them, practically drooling!” You snapped at him, surprising him at how much anger he heard in your tone.
“No, there’s only one girl who could captivate me and make me drool. That’s you, Y/N. Before I met you, I used to be with girls like that every night after shows. I didn’t see beauty when I looked at them, I saw a drunk, one night stand.”
You could have chosen to be offended by the fact he brought up his previous encounters with women, but you saw the point he was trying to make. “Why’d you stare at them then? I just don’t get it, I was starting to feel self conscious as it was seeing them in the same room as me. Then once I saw you staring I just couldn’t take it, I had to get out of there.” Tears began to well in your eyes again as you thought of what had just happened.
Duff looked you in the eyes to make sure you knew he was sincere. “Y/N, you’re breath taking. You are the only girl I want to be with, the only girl I want to remind how beautiful she is. No matter who comes back stage for Axl, Slash, Izzy, or Steven I will only think about you. I will wish you were there to stare at.”
Feeling completely ridiculous you were so intimidated by the girls and that you doubted your boyfriend, you began to smile and placed your hand in Duff’s. “Let’s go back in there with them, you deserve to celebrate after tonight’s show!”

Walking back to the room where the rest of the band was, Duff placed his hand on your bottom and gave it a squeeze. “We’re gonna go in there and I’m gonna show you off, hot stuff.”

She glanced up quickly at me from across the table. Why was she always glancing at me? I went back to my parchment. Oh. It seems that I’ve run out of room on this scroll. I reached my hand into the middle of table where I kept extras for us.

And there it is again! I could barely see her face from the amount of books piled in front of her, but her eyes were quite clear.

“(Y/N)… Why are you always looking at me?” I made sure to smile at her. She always seemed so frightfully nervous. She shrugged and hid behind her stack of books, where I could only see the top of her head.

“What’s wrong?” She lifted her head up and rested it on top of her arms, on top of her books.

“I just really… I think you’re just really pretty.” She hid her face behind her books once again and I smiled. Someone thought that I, Hermione Granger, was pretty. That they could see past my mess of a hair and my constant studying patterns. And it felt spectacular.

“How about we put away the quills and go grab a butterbeer, ok?” She looked up and I’d reckon that she was blushing even more than I was.

AN: For some reason, I really like to think of Steve in his Stealth Suit (in the beginning of Winter Soldier) for Hydra!Steve… its darker and more angular, I suppose. Anyway, here is part two! Enjoy dears! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Part One: ( XXXX )

WARNINGS: Swearing, violence, threatening, seduction (???). (Dark!Steve can get a little…well, “dark” for lack of a better word. He’s twisted, and at times, disturbing. He is, after all, a part of Hydra now so please keep that in mind while reading— it isn’t called “American Psycho” for nothing.)

((Just FYI I’m starting this part with Pyro’s POV (yes, ya’ll can roll your eyes at me), his backstory isn’t all that important for this imagine. Just know that he is from X-Men, and he has joined the Avengers—Just putting this in here in case you are new to my imagines, most of my followers already know of my absolute love for the kid.  If you don’t know who he is I’d recommend looking up his powers. Enjoy!))


“American Psycho” (Part Two)


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