i made a puppet


I may have gone a bit over board with this animation, heh. Every time I watched a video by you with your personalities, I get such a fulfilling vibe by the end of it, almost like in a Steven Universe episode where a problem was addressed, solved, and the character was developed. That led me to thinking, what if these guys were their own cartoons? So, I made a little test animation with some puppets I built, and a couple days of work later, boom! I really hope Thomas enjoys my take on these guys, and I’d love to do future animations with them on my Youtube! It’s about time you got your own “Thomas Sanders Animated”, right? 

Thomas: I LOVE THIS. SO MUCH!! It’s a dream to be animated and this was so well done!!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!!!!

I can’t watch Good Boy by GD & Taeyang because all I can see is the puppet from hi5 


jotroublee We definitely had a little something…

❝ Miles has an ability to make me laugh. Like no one else I know, really. And that was something that I realized very quickly. Like, he makes me laugh from a place that I didn’t realize was there. I know some pretty funny people, I’m lucky like that. But Miles has the ability, with one syllable, to make an entire room lose it.❞  +