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Everyone??? Has??? Eyelashes??? Why do people think that eyelashes=female??????

as an actual serious answer, it’s because eyelashes have been used to denote femaleness in cartoons since forever. animal characters especially are usually given long eyelashes and bows so that there can be NO DOUBT about whether the character is male or female.

of course, eyelashes and accessories are neither male- nor female-exclusive! in a twist of irony, our frisk has the shortest eyelashes of the bunch here.


Still practising Illustrator…this time…paths! It`s a pain in the a** but I must say I`m pretty okay with the results….

So I made these posters from my old favorite kids-shows…or at least some of them…I could do so many more but I need to move on and learn new stuff….oh well.

Enjoy some nostalgia feelings!


“C’mon Zoro we can’t have you getting lost every time we go for a walk” Mama!Killer probably.

AESTHETIC: Modern!Teenage Riven  

                             that girl thinks she’s the queen of the neighborhood,
                                     well i got news for you

                                                     SHE IS !


I ship Beronica too but I love these pairings! Pretty much how I made them on The Sims 4 XD

What I hate about the Freeform’s promo team is the way they release promotional photos. And I talk mainly about Shadowhunters. I lost my interest in Pretty Little Liars and I have no idea what they are doing with the promotion there and other shows I don’t watch.

Mates, if you want good promotion, make sure the pictures you release are of scenes that are actually going to be in the episode and try to not exaggerate. If a character (very much loved by the fandom) is not in the episode more than 3 minutes, DO NOT promote the episode using him/her.

Obviously, I am referring to the Malec fuck up. I am very aware that negativity will not help them getting a new season, but I am pretty sure the decision was already made and we are just waiting for a confirmation.

But not addressing the problem is not an option. We SHOULD be vocal about it. Respectful, but we have to voice our issues so that they know how to handle things later on. We HELP them to get positive reviews in the future, so that means more seasons.

I love the show and I want it to last a few years, but not like this. At first I refused to watch it because it looked weak but I did it anyway because of Harry. Now I see the potential and I would be so disappointed to have it canceled because they made a mistake.

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☂ & ⚌ !

   the hella sweet munday meme   /   ACCEPTING.   /   @hlccup

                 ☂     What’s     your    best    RP  experience?

AWWWW ,      thank  for  sending  this  to  me !     My    best    RP  experience ?    Well ,   that’s    actually    a  pretty  recent  one.   When  I  made  Shinichi  because  of  my  wife  we  didn’t  intend  to  ship  romantically  from  the  beginning  tbh  but  we    discovered    that  we  both  love  KaiShin  to  death  because  of  it’s  chemistry  and  the  pain     &     how  good  they  are  for  each  other ,  etc.   (    I  could  write  you  a  book  about  them  tbh     )   &    most    importantly  ,      it  just  fit.   Our  writing    flowed    together ,   our  ideas  are working    great     together ,   our  muses  flow  together  with  such    grace  and  ease    that  makes  me  want  to  cry  and  we  really  spend  hours  writing  about  them / imagining  situations.   We    work     on  little  headcanons ,  AU’s  and  talk  about  stuff  that  somehow  seems  unimportant  to  others  but    important  to  us    and     I  fucking love  each  second  of  it.      The  moment  when  we  both  decided  to  turn  singleship  with  each  other  was  a  magical  one.    Trust  me  when  I  say  that  I  cried  a  bit.    Grim  made  me  fall  so  hard  and  fast  for  Shinichi  as  a  muse  and  gave  me  so  much  with  this.  

                       ⚌      Who     inspires   you ?

I’LL  NAME  YOU  A  FEW !    I’m    inspired    by  @kairoba / @shootballin / @nekurooma / @kokuyous / @ryuure   &     @kiddo–sama     &     @whiteliesredeyes      &      @puritybled     &     @luckdraw     &    @itaidoshin    &     @dvtto      &      @frystsnow      &      @uselessreptiile     &     @faithtale   &     @groomgore       &        others  from  previous  muses  like  zimnj ,  @caerula-parma ,    @cardgamez ,     @kaizcku ,   @alabasti ,    @batzoku   and  just  super  amazing  people  like  @forzia ,   @centuryslept ,    @eyecursed / @maquiavillain / @mistlovd / @northernblade ,  @oncforall ,  @conbustio ,   @gamespat ,   @wingaced  !  !  !   They  always  make  me  work  more   and  harder     &      keep  going.   I  feel  deeply  inspired  by  their  love  for  their  muse /  muses  and  the  effort  and  passion  they  put  into  each  one.   

I’ve gotten interested in modding The Sims 4. Originally, it was just a desire to re-tune some of the things in the game that I found annoying. I think I’m starting to see some of the larger possibilities, though.

Something I’m working on right now is implementing something akin to the celebrity system from The Sims 3, and I think I’ve made pretty good progress. 

The picture above shows one of the effects of becoming even a D-List celebrity–other Sims will start snapping photos of you with their smartphones.

(I’ve tweaked things a bit since I took this screenshot, so they actually have to be facing you, and some other requirements.)

I mean, I’ll probably never have it perfect, because I made a rule for myself that I wouldn’t touch any of the game’s original tuning files. I handle everything through the injection of a single trait that gets applied across the board, and the rest of the magic happens largely through proximity buffs and broadcasters, as well as three new statistical commodities that get attached through the trait.

It has been fun. I guess I’d probably like to make it available through modthesims someday if anybody turns out to be interested. I don’t know if anybody will be. Maybe it’s just a me thing.

networkdrift replied to your post “i love when i finally get inspired and make somethinnnnnnnggggg…”

where do you find your vhs tapes?

everywhere! usually i nab whatever home dubbed stuff i can find at flea markets and thrift stores. Now i have a whole box i’ve barely gone through. occasionally there is decent stuff at goodwill. like some random really religious wedding footage that i made some rad gifs of last year. my friend @xuriahharbaugh gave me pretty much all the tapes he had left (a whole box load), truthfully i’ve mostly been taping over the crummier movies with glitchy footage or glitched videos i make on the computer. but i recently watched cube and they live (which I got from xuriah’s collection!) and decided to mash them up because why not. so maybe i’ll start digging into the original tapes again and making random messy gifs.

i think it’s really weird when people are like “lol vcrs and vhs tapes, omg where do you even find those??”. maybe people don’t go to a lot of second hand stores but i feel like i’m always tripping over used vcrs (and taking them home) and digging through boxes of tapes. 

i should hit the flea markets this weekend. it’s been a while.

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♨ : Does your muse have good table manners? How do they feel about bad table manners?

We haven’t seen much in TAG to support this but I’d like to think Scott would have pretty good table manners. He’s the eldest and I like to think that Lucy and Jeff would’ve set out with good intentions. They would’ve made an effort with him because he was the Precious Perfect First Born and their son wasn’t going to be like those other children.

But then by the time Alan comes along, it’s a free for all in the mornings because there’s seven breakfasts and three schools and NASA and hopefully amongst the noise and the chaos, Scott’s there teaching his youngest brother how to eat peas with a fork.

And twenty years down the line, there’s nothing Scott likes more than a sharp suit and a restaurant he’d have to book three months in advance if he wasn’t a Tracy. Excellent table manners would be expected and I think he’d be pretty embarrassed if someone made a major faux pas. Not like, eating with the wrong fork or anything, but I think if he took you to the finest restaurant in town, he’d expect you to recognise the waiter as a human being.


I only have a short window before my body changes…

…Yeah I’ll say.

My version of Older!Yurio dump.


i decided to participate in at least one day of the Victuuri Week

(illustration to the fic that was originally based on @beanpots AU)