i made a photoset for one hug


Here’s the Fitzsimmons Secret Santa Exchange gift for @hawwkgirl (Surprise! I’m your Secret Santa!) Lots of hugs and Christmas cheer, I hope you’ll like it :D

Double Olives and Chocolate Sprinkle

Jemma Simmons goes to the same restaurant at least twice every week and if you ask her, it has everything to do with the delicious, healthy food; her waiter is just a (very) nice addition. But today she made a promise to a kid and now she must ask her waiter a very important question. One that’s not about food at all. 

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[Huge thanks to @amandajoyce118 for beta reading ;)]


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now let’s all agree to never be creative again

*throws crappy made-in-a-day-cosplay at you then runs away* Everyone else was joining the DHMIS bandwagon so I had to hop on to^^ Here’s my cosplay of Nancy the Notebook very roughly based off of this design. It was incredibly fun to do! even though the video scared the living crap out of me

P.S. the last ones so small and not in the photoset because tumblr wouldn’t let me upload it normally :/ sorry about that

HELLO HELLO EXCUSE ME WHAT ARE YOU DOING TONIGHT?  Just kidding, nobody cares.  Stop doing it immediately, it’s probably boring and useless.  Take your hands out of your pants and put them on this link to this AO3 masterpiece nonfiction where Derek Hale is a shepherd

Fuck the future.  Fuck jetpacks and flying cars.  Nothing can save us.  Nothing can help us.  We are living the dream, the life, the unbelievable fortune of knowing that above this paragraph is a link to a story where Derek Hale lives in a cave and has sheep friends and respects them and their bodily autonomy.  

The world is large, complex and beautiful.  Made of stars and iron, alternately horrible and breathtaking in equal strokes.  I like looking at photosets of trees and of dogs in pools as well as the deep bottom of the sea where hellbeasts and demonfish live.  The world has more than we will ever know.  But what we do know is that llassah wrote a story where Derek Hale, Shepherd, teaches Runaway Omega Prince Stiles Stilinski to feed an orphan lamb.  We know that, and we can hold that in our hearts forever, secure that we can never forget.  

Hug your loved ones.  Tell your mother she looks beautiful in that hat.  Fill out the survey saying that ihop waiter did a good job.  Add more beauty into the world.  That’s what llassah did when she wrote a beautiful lovestory about Derek Hale, Lamb Whisperer.

Bless you, amen.