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I spoke to you with words I no longer dare to use, words you no longer give a damn about, because I love you was just a shot of whisky. two shots, four, six, eleven. you said, you fucking said that I made you sick, words aside, skin, blood aside, I didn’t pour anything down your throat. I tried to save you, as silly as it sounds, I tried to pull you out, but you just kicked and screamed, and left bruises on my cheeks.
—  About the x part 3 - Knight
Hot Damn (Pietro Maximoff AOU X Reader) Part 6

Hello~ I’m so sorry for the delay… but hey, I needed it, so I guess it was inevitable. Anyway, enjoy!

Part 5: http://supernaturalsapphire.tumblr.com/post/118835052909/hot-damn-pietro-maximoff-aou-x-reader-part-5


The little group of four were now back at the ‘base’, and the conversing between Pietro and (Y/N) hasn’t stopped nor dulled a bit. It was honestly getting a little annoying to Wanda; it wasn’t really that she was jealous or anything. In fact, the chattering duo had tried to include her various times, but what she saw in The Huntresses mind made her more than happy to decline.

Steve and Wanda were leading, walking along in comfortable silence, with the only sound Quicksilver and our little (H/C)’s relentless yapping behind them. Steve didn’t really mind it, he was happy that they were bonding; Wanda was happy to, and found herself surprisingly okay with it.

“So you… you just flipped him into the air?” (Y/N) inquired, a few more uncharacteristic giggles escaping her.

“Yes, and he flew for a good few seconds too, living up to his name I guess,” The sokovian laughed. 

That sent the poor girl into another laughing fit. Hell, it wasn’t even that funny, but because he said it, it was hilarious; to her, at least.

Over that little time that they talked, which wasn’t really little, the girls original physical attraction to him grew into something more. Something like a schoolgirl crush, almost, though a little stronger. 

“And then-,” she broke into another fit of giggles, “And then you said what, again?”

“Well, I said, ‘You didn’t see that coming?’ You know, because he’s Hawkeye and all.”

The two had just entered the lab and really weren’t paying attention to anything except each other, and therefore were completely oblivious to what was going on. 

“I’m going to say this once,” Cap suddenly barked, making the two laughing lovebirds go silent.Their attention snapped to the solider, both going on defensive mode. Another thing they’d found out; being with each other makes their walls drop, their guard just naturally goes down. How strange.

“How about nunce!” Tony growled back. Confusion washed over our little Huntress. What was going on?

The girls eyes roamed the lab before them and she concentrated on trying to piece it together; the capsule-thingy was there, everyone except birdbrain and Natasha was here… so what’s wrong? I mean, obviously Tony was doing something again, but what?

Finally giving up the girl turned back to ask what was going on, but was only met with a gust of wind to the face as Pietro whipped past her, and began zooming around the lab and breaking things. or, that’s how she saw it, at least.

“Pietro, what are you doing?!” She practically shrieked. He stopped, sending a glance at her before turning back to Tony and Bruce. 

“You were saying?” He smirked. That expression quickly faded, though, as a bullet sprang up from the floor, breaking the floor beneath the boys feet. In seconds The Huntress was sprinting to the spot, and jumping down into the newly made entrance. 

“Pietro, are you okay?!” She inquired, turning a blind eye to the certain birdbrain who’d shot the floor out in the first place.

“Ow,” he moaned in reply, shifting in the broken glass he was on. (Y/N) grunted, helping him up as gently as possible.

“You don’t think you got hurt too bad-,” 


The sound of breaking glass infiltrated the girls ears again, causing her to duck, pushing Pietro down with her. When nothing immediately happened she looked up, only to have her (E/C) orbs burn slightly at the bright electricity that was suddenly flying in from all directions. 

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” She shrieked, pulling Pietro away slightly in case the floor were to give out the rest of the way.

The sound of more breaking crossed her again as a figure went flying back, and something red jumped out of the capsule. 

‘The fuck is that thing?!’

Made My Decision (Dangerous Woman-10)

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Word count: 2329

Warnings: Short description of sexy times, language, blood.

A/N: This starts as a flashback. Remember when Dean showed up covered in blood? Yes, Great!  No, then you may need/want to refer back to part 8.   part 9   or check out my master list      This is also the last part, but I may possibly have an epilogue planned if there is a good response.

​Thanks to @helvonasche and @maraisabellegrey for the beta, you guys are the bestest.

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Made My Decision:

Twenty four days ago, somewhere in Mississippi…..

Sam and Dean had finally found out where the nest was holed up, took ‘em damn near two weeks, but they had managed to run across a solid lead. Dean was the first one in, Sam right behind him. Immediately his eyes found her, the vamp latched onto her neck, she was already slumped into his arms. Her hair was Y/H/C, maybe a little shorter than yours, she was wearing jeans, a solid tee, and had dark rimmed glasses, the resemblance uncanny.  

The vamp let go, her lifeless body falling to the floor. He charged Dean, teeth bared, almost growling as he lunged forward. Less than five seconds was all it took for Dean to put him down, one precise swing of the machete, then he was by her side. His fingers grazed across her neck, opposite the bite, to feel for a pulse  -nothing.

There was a ferocity in Dean, one he hadn’t experienced since the mark. He picked up the machete, rose from his knees, and went to work. He sliced through spinal cords like hot butter, heads rolling in every direction. He only stopped swinging when Sam was the only other person, or thing, left alive in the entire house.

A blood soaked Dean tossed the machete into Baby’s trunk, Sam placing his weapon in alongside then pulling his long legs into the passenger seat. Dean was silent the entire way back, just white knuckling the steering wheel, trying his best not to break any further. When they pulled up in front of the motel room door he didn’t kill her engine, didn’t bother to put her in park. Sam was already out of the car, door closed behind him before he noticed.

Sam leaned in the open window, “Dean?” he asks, concerned about his big brother.

“Just goin’ for a drive Sammy, don’t wait up.” His expression was flat, never looking at Sam, only turning around when he raised the shifter to reverse and backed out of the parking spot.

Tires squealed on the pavement when Dean let out of the lot and onto the main highway. Sam stood and watched him go, hoping he was still himself enough to get to where he was going in one piece -it was a long drive to Tennessee.


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