i made a mini game

Zanzara, played by Oolongearlgrey

Mojo, played by TheDigital-Devil

Suzy, played by my gf

Patchy Zagg, played by incrediblebeard

Curtis Benevo, played by Pep.

these are a bunch of minis I made for the open legends game I’m DMing. I made these over the course of a week, so I figured I’d post them now since I might not be able to get too much else drawn in the next few days.

I also discovered that these minis make for great roll20 tokens.

I'm dead lol

So I was playing Town of Salem as Bryce and someone named Ohm joined and was like,“Brycie,work with me."And then he ended up dying,which was no problem because I was the medium.And that night he goes,"hey Bryce,you want a squeezed wiener?"So I made a new friend that night XD

Bonus:we played a game as Mini and Tyler.As Mini,he kept saying,"congratulations,ya played yourself!”

PLL 7/18 theory.

Spoilers for this weeks PLL..

So, everything that went down this episode, I think was Mona, and not AD.

They were saved in the phone as AD. AD always shows up as a blocked number .

They were voice calls ; not the Avataria face times .

When the girls ask Mona who called; she got this sheepish look before saying AD. Chances are she’s lying.

The game at the end; still has the phone. So the phone the girls assumed was from the game, probably wasn’t.

From the promo- they’re still playing next ep.

So obviously, the game isn’t over.

I think Mona got addicted and made her own little mini game. Independently. of AD . (Or with permission. Idk.)


I made a mass effect memory game + mini poster for a con last month.
I was so proud of everything and loved my little space babies but the con was awful and I didn’t sell a much. On the bright side my favourite client came to say hello and literally bought one of everything I had and omg she’s such a ray of sunshine.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I've been following you for less than a year, so today was the first time I heard about your Phil dress up game? Where can I find it??

Hello!=) I made Dan, Phil dress up games and other DnP mini games! You can find them either by tag “flash-games” on my blog (http://vicemir.tumblr.com/tagged/flash-games) or on my deviantart profile.(https://thetarielwhitesinger.deviantart.com/gallery/30393969/Flash-Games-and-Animations

The link to the Amazing Dress Up itself: http://fav.me/d930rrz
Have a fun time playing!^ ^


The Gambling House from A Link to the Past.

I made my own replica of A Link to the Past’s gambling mini-game using an Armos Knight that I made myself, and a set of Treasure Chest Cards that you can find here at Etsy. I probably should make a figure of the gambling house owner though.. wouldn’t that be fun? I plan on using this mini-game as a chance game with my brothers.