i made a mini game


I made a mass effect memory game + mini poster for a con last month.
I was so proud of everything and loved my little space babies but the con was awful and I didn’t sell a much. On the bright side my favourite client came to say hello and literally bought one of everything I had and omg she’s such a ray of sunshine.


So, because I am absolute trash, I made mini Liars using the “Lady Popular” online fashion game (stone me)


The Gambling House from A Link to the Past.

I made my own replica of A Link to the Past’s gambling mini-game using an Armos Knight that I made myself, and a set of Treasure Chest Cards that you can find here at Etsy. I probably should make a figure of the gambling house owner though.. wouldn’t that be fun? I plan on using this mini-game as a chance game with my brothers.