i made a mini game


I made a mass effect memory game + mini poster for a con last month.
I was so proud of everything and loved my little space babies but the con was awful and I didn’t sell a much. On the bright side my favourite client came to say hello and literally bought one of everything I had and omg she’s such a ray of sunshine.

Okay but...

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that we’ve already had two episodes of Gravity Falls with a strong “cheating is wrong” message…

And then in this last episode the day is saved by cheating a die roll.

I’m the one who made the handmade cartoon minis of the Critical Role cast that were on Critmas Thursday. I’ve always made my own cartoon minis for everyone in the games I’ve DMed and played. They were a real treat to make and I hope you can see all the little details I put on these. Enjoy, and thank you again to the cast and crew of Critical Role for making my Thursdays so wonderful!