i made a graphic anyway


#BAPNetColourChallenge: vert/green

day 3: harmony

mock-up [5/?] magazine interview with B.A.P:

“I’m happy about being able to promote together after a long time. Standing on stage is our true selves so being able to stand there as six makes me happy.” - Bang Yongguk (x)   


we’re the lords of the sea (just not of the actual sea)


In Greek mythology, Niobe, queen of Thebes, boasted of her superiority to the goddess Leto because she had fourteen children while Leto had only two. Because she was more beautiful and had more children, Niobe believed herself more deserving of worship than Leto. As punishment for her hubris, the goddess sent her two children, Apollo and Artemis, to kill the Niobids. Using poisoned arrows, Apollo killed Niobe’s seven sons, and Artemis the seven daughters. The grieving mother Niobe eventually turned to stone as she wept for her slain children. 


there is so much more inside me now.