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I’ll answer what I can ♥

a- age: 24

b - biggest fear: Giving up/Giving in.

c - current time: 11:00am

d - drink you last had: energy drink

e - every day starts with: Hmm… coffee? Though I’m trying to stop that. Probably waking up for a few minutes checking the internet.

f - favorite song: God knows. Song stuck in my head a lot at the moment is Burn from the Hamilton Soundtrack though. And Vegas Lights by Panic always makes me feel a bit more alive.

g - ghosts, are they real: Who knows. All I know is I apparently scared my mum as a kid cause I had an imaginary friend that I spoke to but they only lived in one room of the house and I have no recollection of it. Bonus - I still dislike one of the rooms in the house because of nightmares as a kid/waking up and something being in the room with me.
But heh, probs just my brain being it’s usual awful self.

h - hometown: Seaside tourist town. Comes alive in summer but that’s about it. Also known locally as ‘God’s Waiting Room’.

i - i love: Family. Friends. Spring time flowers. Writing. Video games.

j - jealous of: uhm… You know I don’t know. I’d rather wish people luck and be happy they’re doing well? I guess people who have good time management, but mostly I’m just in awe than anything else.

k - killed someone: I mean, I’ve been told I have by writing angst or cavity inducing fluff ;p (I think the most memorable is still ‘soul crushing’)

l - last time you cried: Last night when I was meant to be sleeping. Before I finish writing this while at work? Who knows, maybe.

m - middle name: Dawn

n - number of siblings: One

o - one wish: Heh. At the moment this is far too personal. I just wish I could fix everything.

p - person you last called/texted: A friend, probably rambling about the d&d campaign we’re meant to be starting soon. The irritation of a creative mind that can’t share anything because they’re the DM and you’re gonna be in the campaign… honestly I need to know so it’s not fair at all that she can’t share.

q - questions you’re always asked: Hmm. Family it’s usually “How’s the motorbike doing?” or “When are you going to get a job in archaeology?” As if you can just … do that. Or something along the lines of “Why do you write so much when you don’t get paid for it?” one way or another whenever I’m excitedly rambling about stories.

r - reasons to smile: The ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ Tag. Good friends and family all over the world. Stories falling into place. Shenanigans.

s - song last sang: Uhhhhh either Burn or Everything’s Alright from To The Moon. Probably Burn because I needed to belt out some excess emotion.

t - time you woke up: 6:30am. Which is actually kind of nice considering the 4:30am start on Wednesday and the 15 hour shift from that point onwards.

u - underwear color: …yeah that ain’t happening.

v - vacation destination: I wanna travel lots of places! But as we’re going to Gran Canaria some point this year I’m gonna say there ^o^

w - worst habit: Hmmmmm. Probably doing anything possible to not think about the things i should be doing? No, tell a lie- forgetting to eat or drink if I get in the zone/busy. One time at uni the only reason I noticed I hadn’t eaten was because I stood up too fast in the library after a days work on my dissertation.
I’m trying my best though! Trying to make habit trackers and everything to get enough food/water/sleep a day if I can.

x - x-rays you’ve had: Jaw, Hip/pelvis, Arm, Foot… Chest? Can’t remember, had lots of tests Chest/Abdomen wise last two years. But that’s still more than I thought.

y - your favorite food: I have such a sweet tooth I can’t even.

z - zodiac sign: Taurus- I’m a stubborn bull >8/ (Or I think I’m right on the cusp so it’s always amusing to think ‘Cusp of Power’ ♥)

Tagging - whoever wants to do this. This was just a good distraction for me ♥

If I’m feeling headachy and can’t really focus is now a bad time to watch Suicide Squad or the worst time to watch?

Oh, and for people who were saying that bendycourse was aspec, when I reblogged that post the first time it was not in her about or description. Then she changed both her about and description and now by the looks of it her description doesn’t have either again. There is really no way I could’ve known and I think its better to be cautious of non-aspec people trying to police our community.

why do people actively hate on other people

how can yalls lives be so miserable that it’s fueled by hate

i just don’t understand


Hayden Christensen on his lightsaber training